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195 – Perhaps it was I who was wrong

But it was such a seemingly normal and ordinary sword light, that cut apart the gigantic demonic qi palm of Yan Buhui that had completely shook the heavens.

Once this sword light appeared, the eyes of everyone in Youyan Pass immediately became bright and beautiful.

And the formation airships that had been shaken to disorder from the leftover vibrations of the demonic palm, gradually began to steady their footing. Under the orders of some officers, they rapidly retreated in order…………

And those formation airships that had fallen, was able to receive assistance of others at the first instant.

Within the air.

Yan Buhui did not strike out towards the weaklings again.

He looked at the far off Residence of the Pass Lord, a strange smile appearing on his face: “Haha, Old man Lu, you’ve finally acted? I thought you were so scared that you had pissed your pants, haha…….”

Within his words, there was a heavy mocking and provocative tone.

This was the first time in eleven years, that there was someone who used such a tone to speak to the War God of Youyan Pass above the air of Youyan Pass.

At this instant, from top to bottom, it was unknown how many people went to a berserk state at Youyan Pass. They hated they could not rush over, and bite this lunatic who had insulted the deity of Youyan Pass to death, bite by bite, crushing him into smithereens.

At this moment, everyone awaited the arrival of the Deity of Youyan, for him to slaughter this villain.

But only a long sigh sounded between Heaven and Earth.



“Is this the power of the military of Youyan?”

Approximately five or six thousand metres away from the main battlefield, atop a collapsed rubble of a high building, the Crepe Myrtle sect disciple Wei Tianming had large and wide eyes.

The junior and senior brothers behind him were similarly dumbfounded.

The Shishu Liang Quan who had lost one of his limbs, sat on a boulder with a pale yellow face.

He had already bandaged his wounds.

For a expert at the Spirit stage, losing an arm was rather serious. Only experts of the Bitter Sea stage could regrow their limbs, while experts at the Spirit spring stage can only at the most reconnect their limbs. But the arm that Liang quan had cut off himself, had already turned into pus by the the venom of the Snow White Demon lizard. It was impossible to retrieve.

The best result, was to find a formation metal master, and ask him to construct a metallic arm.

But a metallic arm would never be as nimble and as flexible as flesh and blood.

An incomplete body was a very misfortunate issue for martial artists. This represented that it would become extremely difficult for them to take a further step forwards, their martial path would become greatly obstructed. To want to pry into the heavenly way with an incomplete body was far more difficult than with a completely body.

Therefore at this time, LIang Quan’s mood was not that good.

But he was still attracted by the battle in the skies that was like a legendary battle between a God and a Devil.

The Crepe Myrtle sect was the top sect within Snow Empire, and there were many top level experts with the sect. But after reaching such a realm, these experts would focus on cultivating their mental state, and would not normally act. Therefore, even as the elder of the outer sect, and being in the Crepe Myrtle sect for over thirty years, Liang Quan had never seen a battle at this level before.

“In these years, it is not for no reason that the sects are suppressed and controlled by the Empire. Not mentioning others, just solely the two commanders of the two great camps, is in reality extremely terrifying existences. Within the Crepe Myrtle sect, perhaps there are only core elders or perhaps several exceptional of the young generation that would be their opponents. At this time, they are only suppressed utterly by the demonic villain, so they did not demonstrate their strength fully…..“

Liang Quan speculated in his heart.

And as for the realm the Military god of Youyan Pass had demonstrated with that sword strike just now, it was already not something that he could estimate at.

Within the tens of thousands people in the Crepe Myrtle sect, there were barely anyone at all who had reached such a realm.

“The machine of the Empire really is the machine of the Empire. Once it begins to move, it is intricate and terrifying……The foundations of the sects is older than the Empire, but comparing efficiency, organisational power, human and financial resources, there is still too large a gap.” Liang Quan pondered. Looking at the dumbfounded disciples far off, he lightly shook his head.

This generation of disciples, had been nearly completely spoiled by the sects.

They had never experienced any great suffering. Normally, all they heard were the praises concerning the Crepe Myrtle sect. When they travelled around the Jianghu, as long as they announced the name of the Crepe Myrtle sect, everyone would compliment them. They would absolutely not go against these disciples in an obvious fashion. As time passed on, they really began to believe that the Crepe Myrtle was invincible. Adding to this, the allowances made by the Empire towards the sects, caused the disciples of the sects to really think of themselves as the favoured children of heaven.

If it were a peaceful era, there was not anything bad with such an attitude.

But Liang Quan could already faintly sense, that tempestuous times were about to descend upon them.

With his status and power, he already had such a premonition. As for the high elders and the sect master of the Crepe Myrtle sect, they were known to be able to pry into Heaven’s will, surveying the entire world. Naturally, they should have long noticed this, and made their own arrangements.

This time, the sect ordered him to bring these little fellows to answer the summons of the Empire and reinforce Youyan Pass. Perhaps this was one of their strategies.


Liang Quan shook his head.

To rely on these little fellows, these flower buds in the greenhouse, just what use could they be?

Liang Quan’s mind flash back to the meaningful words said by the disciplinary hall elder before leaving the sect. He still could not grasp the meaning behind these words.
As he was about to close his eyes and treat his injuries, he suddenly felt a heat at his chest.

Liang Quan was surprised, flipping his palm over. From his chest, he uncovered a dim red jade annulus.

The were five distinct brilliant patterns on the jade annulus, but a line of clustered character flashed by and disappeared.

“En? Li Qiushiu is coming to Youyan Pass?”

Seeing the contents, Liang Quan was greatly shocked.

Li Qiushiu was one of the top three young talents of the Crepe Myrtle sect, known as the [Breaking heaven sword]. Ten years ago, he had long been recognised as one of peerless geniuses that could take over the position of the leader of the Crepe Myrtle sect. His strength was unfathomable; even in the world of sects within the Empire, he could be ranked in the top ten of prodigies. He had always remained in isolated training, for him to come to Youyan Pass now?

“The situation is becoming more and more splendid……….”

Liang Quan sighed in his heart.

Looking at the time, there was most likely only another four hours before the young leader of the Crepe Myrtle sect was going to arrive.




From the direction of the Pass Lord Residence, there was a long sign emitting.

The voice sounded.

The deity of the Youyan army, Lu Zhaoge, had already arrived before Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen.

No one was able to see clearly just how he had arrived.

It was as if he was there from the start to the beginning.

At this time, there were countless worshipping eyes that turned to look at the deity of the Youyan army. It was as if the most religious fanatics were regarding their religious leader. The yuan qi of Heaven and Earth, also began swirling and rotating around him.

Lu Zhaoge, a legend.

A legend that had created countless stories and fables.

There were countless versions about Lu Zhaoge’s appearance and manner. Some people said he was as muscular and as strong as a Heavenly God, some people said he was as elegant as jade, a dainty scholar. Some people said he had three heads and six arms, with the body of a god. Some even said he was a peerless beautiful woman…….

But in truth, he was only a very common and normal old man.

Coarse woven roben, ash grey white hair. He was not tall, his back somewhat bent with a common looking face.

This was Lu Zhaoge.

But it was such a face, that when he stood in front of Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen in the air, he was was like a mountain that could never be mounted. He gave off an indescribable sense of safety.

The Yan Buhui who’s qi surged throughout the skies, could not help but remain silent the moment he saw Lu Zhaoge.

When the sigh resounded throughout Heaven and Earth, it seemed to have made everyone immerse themselves into sorrow and regret. There was a power that affected everyone’s emotions. It caused this slice of the world, to remain silent for a brief moment.

The pupils of Lu Zhaoge were like the deep ocean. It had a power that sucked one’s souls in, flickering with an old and wise light.

“Why must you come?” Looking at Yan Buhui, Lu Zhaoge let out another long sigh.

Yan Buhui suddenly fiercely broke out of his daze, his mouth curling into a cold smile: “What do you think? Hahaha, of course I came…….to kill you.”

“You should not have come.” Lu Zhaoge said calmly. “You have only came here to die.”

“Haha, using such a tone, could I understand it as that you are worried about me?” Yan Buhui began laughing in disdain: “A month ago, the person who had painstakingly planned to kill me was you. And today, the person that tells me I should not have come is you. Old man Lu, after so many years are so passed, you are still so hypocritical. You’re so pitifuly artifical.”

As these words were said, there were faces of rage on the top level experts of Liu Siufeng, Peng Yizhen and the others.

There had never been anyone, who dared to be so disrespectful towards the deity of Youyan Pass.

Bt Lu Zhaoge’s expression did not have any major change: “You should know, that the only reason you were able to escape from the assassination last time, was because I showed mercy.”

Before had finished.

The expressions of everyone transformed.


Lord Lu, had showed mercy in the last encounter?

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu’s heart was surprised at hearing these words.

The painstaking plan that the army had spent countless days planning, expending the efforts of countless people, had been created so that they could kill Yan Buhui in one strike. But for Lu Zhaoge to personally admit, that the reason the plan failed last time, was not because a problem had occurred within the plan itself. It was only him, the person that was supposed to complete the mission, had showed mercy at the crucial moment……..

This, was completley somewhat ridiculous.

If this matter was placed on the body of anyone else, there would instantly be an accusation of a traitor of the county placed on them. An accusation that they could never overturn.

But after all, the person who said these words were Lu Zhaoge.

Although the facial expressions of everyone changed, there would absolutely be no one who would say anything.

Since Lu Zhaoge had the confidence to say these words, he utterly was not afraid that someone would utilise this matter to target him.

“Hmph, really? Showed mercy?” Yan Buhui sneered. “The cold blooded you, weren’t you always known for caring about the greater good? Only by killing me, could the greater good benefit. Then why did you show mercy? What, are you feeling guilty?”

Hearing these words, the face of Lu Zhaoge that had remained calm, finally showed a trace of suffering that flashed by.

He had evidently remembered something.

“That’s right, it’s guilt.” Lu Zhaoge nodded his head, honestly admitting. “The matters that happened in the past, perhaps I really was the one who was wrong.”

Yan Buhui was somewhat taken aback after hearing these words.

The expression of this villain of the generation seemed to soften somewhat. But immediately, it was replaced by a chilling and sinister colour. He madly chuckled: “Hahaha, really? Perhaps……although, you’ve added the words ‘perhaps’, but at least it sounds like something a human would say. But saying these words today, do you not feel like it is too late? When A’Heng had died, what did you say then? What’s the use of sayign such words now? Even until today, I still remember your cold blooded face. At that time, I swore, even if I expended my entire life, I would kill you……”

There was a hatred that was buried deeply into his marrows exhibited through these words.

Even though they were very far apart but Ye Qingyu could sense the rage and despair within Yan Buhui’s heart.

Just what had happened in the past?

The story of Yan Buhui seemed to be even more intricate and mysterious than what Mister Liu had described.

Could it be that Lu Zhaoge had wronged Yan Buhui in the past somehow?

Ye Qingyu could sense the incongruencies, but he was still completely clueless.


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