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195 – Soft skin and tender flesh!

Chapter 195: Soft skin and tender flesh!

Li Muyang turned to look at Lu Qiji, asking with a smile: “Qiji classmate, what do you want to say?”


“Don’t worry. What you said to me under the lake, will be kept a secret and never be told to anyone.” Li Muyang winked at Lu Qiji, as though telling her to believe in him.

“What did Qiji say to you?” Chu Xun shot a fierce stare at Li Muyang as he asked.

Li Muyang cast a meaningful glance over Chu Xun. “You did not hear me? I just said I would keep it a secret for her. I’m not a backstabbing little human who goes back on his words.”


Lu Qiji could tell that Li Muyang’s words were full of resentment.

Who is the backstabbing little human that went back on their words?

Yes, he said ‘little human’——that must mean the human race. If he wanted to scold himself, it should be little dragons.

It seems that, after he fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, his body had already begun to change. The Tear of the Dragon King was the world’s most powerful and strongest divine weapon, and with Li Muyang’s thin and frail physique, weak mind and superficial cultivation skills, it is impossible for him to use his own ability to change it. So it must be the Tear of the Dragon King that changed him.

At this time, was the Li Muyang in front of them still Li Muyang?

He most likely would soon turn into that stupid, arrogant, vengeful and frightening guy.

Lu Qiji was exhausted.

She did not want to fight with him till she rose from the ashes again, and then start over once again.

“Qiji classmate, you said you’ve not seen Li Muyang under the lake?” Lin Canghai stared wide-eyed at Lu Qiji, saying angrily: “How can you lie about this kind of thing? Qiandu classmate also begged you to go into the water to search again with her. Do you know how worried we were at that time? If the lake did not suddenly sink, and the entire earth’s crust changed hugely, maybe we’d have went down again——You knew Li Muyang was back, didn’t you?”

Lu Qiji coldly swept a glance at Lin Canghai, like she had no intention of speaking to him.

These mortals, these foolish human beings——The guy you think is your friend is silently saving his power to chop your heads off and massacre the human race.

Qiandu’s gaze rested on Lu Qiji’s face for a brief moment, before she angrily said: “We’re classmate, even if you don’t want to go into the water to save him, at least tell us the truth——It’s very dangerous every time someone dives into the lake, no one knows what kind of monster is hiding in the water. You clearly saw Muyang classmate at the lake bottom, you knew he came back, but you never said a single word to us, what is your motive behind all this?”

“Who let you guys ask her? Does Qiji have the responsibility to answer your question.” Chu Xun couldn’t stand watching Lu Qiji attacked by two people, hurriedly chimed in.

Seeing both sides were about to break into a fight at the entrance of his own small courtyard, Li Muyang hurriedly interrupted, smiling as he did so. “We can’t blame Qiji classmate. The earth’s crust suddenly changed, me and Qiji were both focused on escaping, maybe she could not determine whether or not I’ve come out from under the cold lake.”

Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang with a sceptical expression for a moment, before he said: “Then when did you come out? We have been guarding the exit of the lake, how come we never saw you?”

“I accidently found another exit, but in order to escape, I was physically exhausted. My body was extremely tired and I was injured, so I had no strength to inform you guys——” Li Muyang explained with an apologetic smile. “After a hot bath, my body feels much better and I have regained some strength.”

“I see.” Lin Canghai said, nodding.

A broad smile suddenly spread over his face, and he patted Li Muyang on the shoulder and said: “Seeing you’re still alive, I’m very happy.”

“Thank you.” Li Muyang said, sincerely.

Qiandu surveyed up and down Li Muyang’s body, smiled and said: “I’m glad you’re fine. You must be tired, you should have a good rest. I’m also tired, I’ll go back to take a bath and have a good sleep. What happened today is a long and tortuous dream, when we wake, it would be a new and wonderful day.”

Qiandu left, Lin Canghai also followed and left

Lu Qiji looked straight into Li Muyang’s eyes, Li Muyang also stared right back at Lu Qiji’s eyes.

They were staring each other down, flashes of sabre and shadows of sword flickering in the air.

“Li Muyang, don’t do anything stupid.” Lu Qiji warned with a flash of her eyes.

“Lu Qiji, be responsible for your actions.” Li Muyang responded, his eyes narrowing.

“Li Muyang, I know everything about you. If you dare harm the people of the divine continent, the heaven will not allow you to do so, and I will not tolerate you——”

“Lu Qiji, I also know everything about you. I’ll do whatever I want, you’d better mind your own business, or I’ll pluck all your feathers——”

“I’ll shave your dragon scales——”

“The Dragon’s inverted scales, those who touch them will die——”

“The Phoenix’s feathers, those who touch them will perish——”

This worm and bird really talked a lot of nonsense.

Chu Xun finally could not stand it; he did not like Lu Qiji looking at other men with those eyes. Although they seemed to dislike each other, but——he still felt extremely uncomfortable.

It did not look like two people staring each other down but rather like flirting to him.

“Qiji, it’s not worth getting angry for someone like him.” Chu Xun advised.

Lu Qiji averted her glare, then looked at Li Muyang and said: “Be responsible for your actions.”

Li Muyang smiled, saying: “You took my line from me.”

Lu Qiji coldly swept her eyes over him before turning around and headed towards the small courtyard where she lived.

Chu Xun came to a stop in front of Li Muyang, saying: “No matter what Qiji said to you under the lake, I do not care. An insignificant person will always be an insignificant person, no matter how diligent or hardworking they are, would only be a pawn or a stepping stone of others. Don’t forget, the date of our battle is near, since you are destined to become someone else’s stepping stone, then let me take advantage of you. After all, we’re classmates.”

A mocking smile stretched across Chu Xun’s lips when he strode away in huge steps.

Li Muyang, with his left hand holding his right elbow, and his right hand gently stroking his the clean, flawless chin, watched Chu Xun’s valiant and spirited figure from behind, whispering: “A man needs to to return politeness for politeness, that old Dragon gifted me his Tear of the Dragon King, this peerless sacred weapon, I also have to do something to make him happy——Since I don’t have the ability to destroy the human race right now, then I’ll first destroy a human for him.”

“This boy has soft skin and tender flesh, that makes people happy looking at him——then let’s begin with him.”


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