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196 – Grow scales and magic claw!

Chapter 196: Grow scales and magical claw!

After gently closing the gate behind him, Li Muyang returned to his bedroom and took out the book [Language of Dragons] from under his pillow.

“Born as a dragon, good fortune comes from all sides. Become an immortal being after death and be virtuous forever.”

“Born a dragon, destroying riotous countries. After becoming an immortal being after death, the divine continent would prosper forever.”

Li Muyang softly recited, venting his inward sorrow and sympathy.

After listened to the secret history of the Dragon Clan, then merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, Li Muyang could understand the Dragon Clan’s sorrow, sympathise and feel as though it happened to himself even more.

This time, when he read the [Language of Dragons], there was a completely different feeling than before.

The last time, he was full of curiosity and pleasantly surprised that he could understand dragon language.

He read with a curious mind, a desire to let everyone know that he has this area of expertise, and a sullen feeling when he came to realise he had to force to suppress this hidden talent. 他懷

Now, he came to know of the tragedy of the Dragon Clan, the suffering of dragons, as well as the difficult to conceal memory between the lines and the enormous sense of mission in becoming a King from a commoner—–

The Dragon Clan came for the peace of the divine continent, but also suffered the betrayal of human, which almost wiped out their entire clan.

Now the revival of the Dragon Clan has been entrusted to a human being——Is there anything more absurd?

The [Language of Dragon] just sounded, yet Nujiang surged, huge waves lifting to the sky.

“Come and see, Nujiang is angry again——”

“Nujiang is not hiding some monster, right? How else would it frequently create giant waves?”

“Wait until I have sufficient skills, I would definitely dive into Nujiang to thoroughly investigate——”
Students of Starry Sky Academy all rushed out, one after another, standing on the edge of the cliff looking into the distance and pointing at the surging waves of Nujiang.

Li Muyang already knew this passage is [The Worship of Dragon], so dared not to continuing reading anymore. He was afraid of summoning the dragon souls again, worried that others would figure out he was behind it. At that time, he could no longer think of destroying the human race, instead the human race would destroy him soon——

Although he merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, possessed the Dragon King’s memory, techniques and martial secrets, Li Muyang still needed time and energy to familiarise and make it himself——Now, he was still below the Empty Valley Realm. Even Yang Xiaohu could slap him to death.

Of course, it’s not that he looked down on Teacher Yang. Li Muyang was very fond of him from the bottom of his heart.

As Li Muyang stopped reciting out loud, the wind above Nujiang came to a stop, the waves resided, the river calmed, as if nothing happened.

The curious onlookers waited for a while, until nothing interesting was to see, they began to disperse.

Li Muyang hid away the [Language of Dragons], took off his robe and surveyed his strong body.
Nice body!

Which woman would be so lucky in the future!

He immersed his body in the bathtub in his room, and then followed the dragon clan’s training method on his own mind to practice [The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain].

Dragons are powerful from birth; they call themselves half divine beings. But travelling through clouds and summoning rain is not an innate ability. They needed practice and deep understanding to be able to do so.

People say that all dragons can travel through clouds and summon rain; this is not true.

Besides the dragon king and the three dragon commanders, those capable of travelling through the clouds and bringing rain in the dragon clan can be counted with one’s fingers. Only extremely outstanding dragons can master such skills. Some dragons have exhausted their lives and still cannot hover in the sky and make rain fall on earth.

The black dragon that had merged with Li Muyang obviously can exert this kind of supernatural powers, but for Li Muyang to grasp and know how to use this ability, he still needed further training——

In other words, he only knows the method and mnemonic chant, but whether or not he could master it, depended on Li Muyang’s talent and perseverance.

Li Muyang’ submerged his entire body into the water, including his head, then in accordance with his memory of the incantation, relaxed his body, entering into a turtle breathing state.

“Although the ox has ears, it breathes through the nose; although turtle has nose, it breathes through the ears.

This way of practice and Taoism’s [Turtle’s form of respiration] were similar. All methods of the world, once reach a certain level, all things return to oneness. Whether the human race or the dragon clan, the principles are the same.

Li Muyang’s entire body was submerged into the water. The water was calm and peaceful, only small ripples widening out.

Li Muyang’s emotional state was tranquil and empty, golden characters twinkling in his minds.

It was the incantation of [The Art of Travelling through Cloud and Summoning Rain]. As Li Muyang practiced this technique, words appeared in front of him.

The writing characters, unfamiliar and strange, were similar to the words in the [The Worship of Dragon]. However, it did not pose a problem for Li Muyang. If there was a dragon language test, he would at least pass level six——Although he wasn’t sure if there were such grading system. He must ask Teacher Yang later.

As Li Muyang was diligently practicing, clouds shifted direction, lowering toward the place he lived.

These white clouds were languid and did not look like they were here because of the divine dragon, rather more like they were accidentally blown over by the wind——They have a talent for acting and will not make anyone doubt their motives.

The wind blew, whipping up leaves in the yard and lifting dust that just fell. They forced their way into the house, spinning round Li Muyang’s bathtub.

The room was very quiet, as if time had ceased at this moment.

“Li Muyang——”

Knock knock knock——
Outside the courtyard, someone was banging loudly at the door and shouting Li Muyang’s name.

Abruptly, the ripples grew larger, forming into one violent ripple.

It wasn’t long before bubbles rose to the surface, and then the warm water inside looked as though it was boiling.
Droplets that hit the ground, turned to pale wisps of white smoke and instantly disappeared, leaving behind no water residual on the ground.

“Li Muyang——”

The voice was hurried, the rhythm of the knocking was rapid. It sounded louder and louder, as if something urgent.

The water temperature was rising, the bubbles began to become more rapid and larger. Like there was a huge pile of firewood burning under the bathtub.


Li Muyang flung his head out of the boiling water.

The skin on his face was undamaged and unscalded by the boiling water, but his eyes turned red.

The blood-red eyes were like the eyes of the black dragon when it was angry.

“Ahh——” Li Muyang breathed heavily, taking deep breaths after deep breaths, and spurting out big mouthfuls of hot air.

“Li Muyang, quickly open the door——” The voice still stubbornly shouting at the door.


Li Muyang raised his arm, resting his huge palm on the edge of the wood tub.

No, not a human’s hand, a dragon’s claw—–

Brown skin, solid scales and sharp nails——

When his claw rested on the wooden tub, the power of the dragon claw, with a loud ‘snap’, shattered the edge of the wooden tub——

“Li Muyang, I know you’re inside——open the door, or I will knock down the door——” The voice at the door, continued resounding throughout the whole house.

His blood-red eyes turned to the direction of the sound, burning with the desire to commit murder.


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