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003 – Shinian too sweet!

For some people, they are angels with broken wings; for some people, heaven wants to break your wings and make you die.

According to his mother, when Li Muyang was born, he was struck by lightning. He almost didn’t get a chance to catch a glimpse of the beautiful world.

This made Li Muyang confused; what terrible things had he committed in his previous life to receive this sort of punishment?

Li Muyang was only able to open his eyes and see when he was three years old. At the age of seven he still walked unsteadily. At the age of ten, he was able to finally learn to talk, and up to the age of fourteen he did not have the strength to tie up a chicken; hence could not undergo sword training like other youths of a similar age.

It is said that when the heaven closes a door for you, he will leave a window open for you.

If you are have no talent in any arts then focus on studying, you might turn out to be a great scholar, drink a few bowls of liquor and write a few poems that will be passed down generations. However, every time Li Muyang opened a book he would feel groggy and when he looked at the blocks of words he would quickly fall into a deep sleep.

Classmates would shout at him, but he would not wake up.

The teacher would scold him, but it was no use.

Once a new teacher broke a board eraser because Li Muyang was sleeping in class–this was an eraser was made out of metal alloy.

However, Li Muyang remained unchanged.

Sleeping was his way of life!

As long as you let him sleep enough, everything was negotiable.

If he didn’t sleep well, he would easily lose his temper.

Just like today by the lake, the conflict between him and Zhang Chen resulted due to his lack of sleep and the disturbance of his sweet dreams.

At the least, this is what Li Muyang believed inside his heart.


Li Muyang head emerged from the bathtub, taking deep breath after deep breath.

He had settled down for a long time but there was still a feeling of excitement within his heart.

“I’m not a trash?” Li Muyang thought. “Back then, that punch—what happened?”

He carefully looked at his own arm, his skin was as delicate as always. Only that it was a fuchsia colour caused by immersing himself for so long in the hot water.


The shower door was being pushed with great force, a cute girl rushed in and anxiously asked: “Brother, did those assholes bully you again?”

Her eyes were large, like a natural contact lense effect. In addition to her eyes, which looked like ink-black pearls, it seemed like hardly any white could be seen within her eyes.

The tip of her nose was slightly pointing out, and her lip was small and red. Her skin was like snow that would melt from a gentle touch.

Her white shirt dazzled the eye and her black skirt swayed slightly from running too fast.

The girl has a sweet face. Even if she was in a state of anger, people would still have the urge to pinch her little face.

Li Shinian, Li Muyang’s younger sister by three years. Both of them are attending Renaissance High School, Li Muyang was in third year and Li Shinian was in second year.

Of course, compared to her ‘trash’ brother Li Muyang, Li Shinian was different. Ever since a young age, she had been very smart. From Kindergarten onwards she was the best at everything. Every year she would have the most outstanding scores and won the crown of first place at school.

She started studying three years later than Li Muyang who is only one year below him. This was due to her intelligence, which allowed her to skip years during primary and junior high school.

During high school, they also recommended her to skip more years but her parents rejected this. They believed that the three years of high school are the most important time; if you prepare and study hard during these three years you could be admitted to the best university in the kingdom.

Li Shinian was the little beauty of the school. She is also one of the famous flowers of the school. The fact that she was able to know in the first instance that Li Muyang was bullied was no surprise to Li Muyang.

Li Muyang used his hands to cover parts of his chest, smiling wryly he said: ” Li Shinian, how many times have I told you to knock before you come in–”

Li Shinian never developed the habit of knocking on the door; every time, she entered his room she would barge in. Because of this, Li Muyang did not know how many times he had to hide his secret stash of <<Playboy>>.

Every time Li Shinian caught Li Muyang reading these ‘bad books’, she would righteously snatch it off and turn it into their parents.

The strange thing is that their parents never had a discussion with Li Muyang about this problem.

“Oh.” Li Shinian’s pretty face turned slightly red. she swept her glance over Li Muyang and went back out again.

When she left, she did not forget to close the bathroom door.

Knock, knock, knock—

Knocking noises came from outside.

“Brother, can I come in?” Li Shinian shouted behind the door.

Li Muyang had a look of helplessness, then said: “Come in.”

Li Shinian once again pushed open the door and hurriedly asked: ” Big brother, which asshole was bullying you?”

“I was the one bullying people.” Li Muyang said. He wasn’t bragging to his sister, he did send Zhang Chen flying with one punch. Many people had witnessed this.

“Big brother which asshole did you bully?” Li Shinian face eased slightly and asked.

Li Muyang was touched. He thought to himself – as expected of my little sister.

He smiled at Li Shinian and said: “Zhang Chen tried to bully me, but I bullied him instead——but that’s in the past now.”

“Well—” Li Shinian looked up with her little face and coldly snorted out loud. Her short hair swayed along with her movements. “It’s Zhang Chen again, I won’t let this go.”

Li Muyang quickly tried to dissuade her: “Shinian, it’s in the past now, I didn’t get hurt, don’t go and find trouble–you’re a girl after all–”

Li Muyang was worry for Li Shinian’s safety. After all, Li Shianian is a fragile girl, if Zhang Chen was to take his anger out on her, that would definitely be the situation that Li Muyang does not want to see the most.

He would rather suffer by himself.

This was one of the main reasons why he would not have any conflict with anyone, and why he didn’t tell his family that he was bullied at school.

“No way.” Li Shinian said firmly: “No one can bully my big brother.”


“Big brother, I’ll give you a baked sweet potato” Li Shinian pulled out a box from her bag. Without opening the box, a rich aroma of sweet potato could be smelled. “Here, eat it while it’s still hot.”

Li Muyang was touched. He took the sweet potato and divided it between the two of them. “Here, we will each have a half.”

“You eat it, I won’t eat any.” Li Shinian shook her head. “Eating sweet potatoes will make me fart.”




At the school’s basketball gymnasium, an inter-school friendly match was taking place.

As the captain of Renaissance High School’s basketball club, playing basketball everyday was compulsory for Zhang Chen.

Furthermore, he liked hearing the sweet cheering voices of girls as he wipes his sweat.

“Zhang Chen”

“Zhang Chen, you’re the best—-”

“Zhang Chen, I love you, Mwha—-”


Zhang Chen could not help but look towards the spectators once again. There was a group of girls cheering for him. Among the group, the girl that was cheering most actively and the sweetest-looking girl was someone he had never seen before.

“What a pretty girl–”

“What a nice voice–”

“She looks so cute jumping up and down, just like a little angel.”

Since he frequently glanced over at the crowd, the ball that his teammates tried to pass to him was snatched off him several times.

The game paused; a group of players surrounded him and started winking.

“Captain, there’s new goods–”

“A fresh little cabbage, this time I give ninety points–”

“I give ninety-eight points, if you don’t want her then give her to me—–”

“When you’re tired of eating large meals, you have change and eat something lighter right?”

Zhang Chen joked around with his teammates for a while then headed towards the crowd.

The fans in the gallery immediately screamed, some people brought drinks, some brought towels and some people prepared a lunchbox filled with love.

“Thank you. Thank you everyone.” Zhang Chen smilingly thanked his fans for their care.

He saw the little maiden that cheered the loudest hiding behind the crowd, looking thrill to see him but was embarrassed to come too close.

A new fan, that’s understandable.

Zhang Chen left the crowd and headed towards the little cabbage.

“What’s your name?” Zhang Chen’s voice was mellow. His face was full of gentleness and smiles.

“I’m called Shinian.” The maiden lifted her head to take a glance at Zhang Chen, then like a frightened rabbit lowering her head quickly.

“Shinian, that’s good name–” Zhang Chen smiled more attractively.

What a great girl, the moments when she looked up and back down caused his heart to beat rapidly.

She reminded Zhang Chen of the poem written by the kingdom’s poet Xu Zhimo: ‘The bowing of her head is gentle, just like the cool shyness of a water lotus.’

“Thank you.” The maiden said with her cheeks in red.

“What are you holding in your arms?”

“It’s the soup that I made”

“Really? Nowadays not many girls know how to make soup, the guy that you’ve made the soup for really is someone to be jealous of.”

“This is for you—“The maiden lifted her head, with eyes like the starry sky, she looked firmly into Zhang Chen’s eyes.

“Really?” Zhang Chen chuckled. “So I’m the lucky guy?”

“My skills are not very good–”

“It’s already rare for a girl to make this.”

“It might not taste good–”

“It’s the thought that counts.”

“Will you really drink all of it?”

Zhang Chen smiled and said: “Of course. How can I let a beauty’s goodwill go to waste?”

The maiden handed over the thermos mug in her arms and said softly: “Careful it’s hot.”

“It won’t be.” Zhang Chen felt his heart is beginning to melt. He opened the thermos mug and said: “This is the best present I’ve ever received–”

He lifted his head and began to gulp it down.

While drinking, his eyebrow wrinkled.

Thinking about what the maiden had said: ‘My skills are not very good,’ he continued drinking.

As he continued to drink, he felt convulsions occurring in his stomach.

Thinking what the maiden had said- “It might not taste good”, he insisted on drinking.

As he continued to drink, his heart began to ache.

Remembering what he said to the maiden- “How can I let a beauty’s goodwill go to waste?” He wanted to endure till the end.


He turned around abruptly and vomited on the wooden floor behind him.

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