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198 – A drop of fresh blood

Ye Qingyu laid on the ground, lifting his head to stare at the skies.

What Song Xiaojun was holding, was namely the little toy bear he had gifted her in their last parting meeting.

When Song Xiaojun had performed her ability, Ye Qingyu had saw the explosion of the flame bear. But it was only until the flame bear was struck into pieces by the palm strike of Lu Zhaoge, did he understand, that the flame bear that could instantly suppress Lu Zhaoge, Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen, these three great experts, was the little toy bear he had gifted to Song Xiaojun.

“It seems like Xiaojun has really completely assimilated with the legendary bloodline of darkness. Wang Jianru was right. Once she has completely assimilated with the bloodline of darkness, Xiaojun’s strength will grow explosively. She will grasp many unbelievable divine abilities. Spirit spring stage, Bitter Sea stage, Immortal stage…..these stages that martial artists need to bitterly cultivate and need fate for them to enter these martial realms, for Song Xiaojun, these are only the issue of time. She can easily break into these realms……”

There was a faint smile that appeared on the corner of Ye Qingyu’s lips.

The little loli that liked to follow behind him in the past like a tail that could not be shaken off, right now was more beautiful and noble. She was already a top expert with a strength that far exceeded his.

“Who would have thought, that I would fall behind on the path of martial cultivation.”

Ye Qingyu originally thought, that the growth in his strength was already a miracle after encountering such a chain of fortuitous events. But the growth of Song Xiaojun’s strength, was even more universally shocking than his. It was most likely to have surpassed all others before and since.

The power of the inherited bloodline, was really terrifying.

“It seems like I will have to work even harder. Otherwise, how can I make Xiaojun recover her memories?”

A shred of responsibility was involuntarily invoked in Ye Qingyu’s heart, his spirit being violently aroused.


In the air.

Lu Zhaoge suppressed the bizarre energy within his body. His gaze fell on the dainty and lithe figure of the little girl, the spirit of darkness and flames.

After the god of Youyan Pass had evaluated his opponent, a trace of surprise flashed by between his eyebrows. He seemed to have thought of something “It was rumoured that half a year ago, there was a young girl that appeared with the bloodline of darkness running in her body in the White Deer academy of the Deer mountain range. She was chased and hunted by all parties, but was saved by a mysterious female sword immortal…..I did not think that the rumoured girl, would appear in front of me today…….”

Song Xiaojun stood crisply in the air.

Both her arms were hugging the little toy bear. Her eyes were indifferent and cold, her gaze not even lingering in the least on the body of the god of Youyan army, whose might shook the entire Empire.

Yan Buhui’s figure gradually floated beside Song Xiaojun. His gaze had with it mockery and contempt as he looked at Lu Zhaoge. The bone dagger in his hands was dripping with blood, blood trapped in the rivulet. The red liquid inside was automatically flowing, as if it had its own consciousness, wanting to escape from the white bone dagger. But it was firmly restrained upon the white bone dagger.

“It seems like the rumours are wrong. For you to have grown to such a stage in the time of half a year, this is not the normal bloodline of darkness. It is evidently the bloodline of the King of Darkness……” Lu Zhaoge’s eyebrows moved, nodding his head: “I have been careless. I did not think you would grow up so quickly. Even more, I did not imagine the Unmoving City of Darkness, who would not interfere in mortal affairs, would stand on the side of the Demon race, fighting for the demon race.”

“It is only a transaction.“ Song Xiaojun finally opened her mouth.

But it was five simple words.

She evidently did not like to speak.

In her voice, there was an iciness that seeped into ones bones.

Just by hearing the voice, one could sense her stance that wanted to distance herself from them by ten thousand miles.

“Mm, so it was like this.” Lu Zhaoge nodded his head “What sort of transaction? Could it be that the Unmoving City of Darkness has a request for the Demon race.”

Song Xiaojun hugged her little toy bear: “I don’t want to say.”

Lu Zhaoge fell silent.

The little girl in front of him, gave off an extremely strange sensation.

This strange sensation did not come from her icy attitude. It was just that, Lu Zhaoge sensed there was a conflicting aura on the body of the little girl. She seemed to be a demonic girl possessing the power of darkness that caused countless experts to shiver in fear. But she was also like a pure and innocent spirit without the slightest plan or machination.

Lu Zhaoge had once seen experts who had assimilated with the bloodline of darkness, the experts of the Unmoving City of Darkness. He had also experienced the power of flames of darkness.

But the sensation the young girl in front of him gave off, seemed as if she had not completely assimilated truly with the bloodline of darkness. There seemed to be something extra.

“Old man Lu, why are you still so curious when you are at your death’s bed. Haha, do you have any last words?” Yan Buhui chuckled loudly.

On his face, there was wildness, arrogance and glee. This villain that normally was incomparably calm and indifferent, when facing Lu Zhaoge, seemed to always be in an abnormal state of agitation.

“We still do not know who is dying.” On the face of Lu Zhaoge, there was another round of red light flickering, seeming extraordinarily bizarre.“

“Hahah, old thing, let’s see just how long you can suppress it for. The curse of the [Killing God dagger] as well as the burn of the true flames of darkness, is right now completely inside your body. Let me see just how long you can endure. Wahahahaah……” Yan Buhui began laughing loudly, lightly waving his hand. “Bye, this time next year, I will burn an incense for you, hahahah…..”

As he said these words.

His figure, suddenly became gradually paler.

The Song Xiaojun hugging the little toy bear also began growing paler.
Within the air, a great shade covered everything.

Countless people lifted their heads to gaze at the gigantic black fortress that was like a towering mountain range that was high up in the air. It was unknown just when it had appeared, but the height it was in the sky had already greatly exceeded the control of the defensive formations of Youyan Pass. This fortress was as if it was casted from black steel, the ink black colour was as if it could absorb the lights of the sun. There was an eternally slumbering metallic aura spreading throughout the air……..

It floated within the air, as if it was the residence of a Fiendgod.

Two rays of pale black light shot out from within the Black fortress. When it passed through the defensive formations in the air of Youyan pass, there was not any reaction at all. This black light shone on Yan Buhui and Song Xiaojun’s body. The originally pale figure of the two, completely disappeared in the air with a swish……..

What also disappeared were the tens of titled demon warriors.

It was as if everything was a dream that was blown away by the wind, leaving no traces behind.

The Youyan Pass that was known as impenetrable, had let out a crowd of demon race easily.
Everything seemed to be fake.

But Lu Zhaoge did not act to stop them.

“The Unmoving City of Darkness?”

There finally was a trace of shock exposed on the always calm face of Lu Zhaoge.

His voice was somewhat hoarse, and when he opened his mouth, there were several drops of fresh blood that was spat out, heading towards all directions……..

“Great commander!”

“Brother Lu….”

Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen went completely pale upon seeing this, instantly rushing over to support Lu Zhaoge.

In these twenty years, this was the first time that the God of Youyan Pass had suffered an injury.

Lu Zhaoge’s figure wobbled, but he lightly waved his hands, indicating that he was fine.

His gaze, was still staring into space, seeing the gigantic black fortress that was gradually ascending higher and disappearing…….

The Unmoving city of Darkness.

There was nothing great to be surprised about Song Xiaojun’s background, and that she came from the Unmoving City of Darkness. Seeing an expert of the Unmoving city of Darkness appear was not that great an event. In these years, there were constantly experts that descended upon this world with the bloodline of darkness running in their veins. But legend had it, the Unmoving City of Darkness that existed in the abyss of darkness, the home of all the experts of darkness had never appeared.

There were countless legends regarding the Unmoving City of Darkness circulating in this world.

But the Unmoving City of Darkness had only appeared in this world several times.

According to the legends, only until the King of Darkness was born, could the demonic city situated in the abyss of darkness be controlled. Every time the Unmoving city of Darkness appeared, it represented the advent of a great disaster. The last time Lu Zhaoge had seen the Unmoving city of Darkness, was before he had gotten famous. At that time, the Snow Empire had not yet been founded, and the Heaven Wasteland domain had just been newly excavated and the rules and order were not yet set. The Unmoving City of Darkness had once brought this young domain, a period of time were they were enveloped in darkness and ruled over, a fearful era………

It was only until later, that the Devil Monarch of the Unmoving City of Darkness was killed by the experts not from Heaven Wasteland domain. Only until then did the era of darkness end.

The Unmoving city of Darkness once again returned to the dark, hiding within the abyss of darkness, waiting for an opportunity for them to come back once again.

This was also one of the reasons why all the lifeforms in the Heaven Wasteland domain would do their utmost to kill everyone from Unmoving City of Darkness – there was no one willing to return to the era where they were ruled by darkness and enveloped by death.

In the long passing of time, there were constantly leftover forces from the Unmoving city of Darkness appearing, but this would not affect the overall situation.

But today, for the true Unmoving City of Darkness to appear. The meaning behind this caused one to shake with a cold chill.

Did this represent that the new devil monarch of darkness, had already been born?
Could it be that young girl?

Lu Zhaoge once again spat out blood from his lips. There was an unprecedented tiredness that enveloped his body. Yan Buhui was not wrong; in the body of the god of Youyan army, there were two frightening powers that were currently madly destroying and harming him……

He stretched out his hand, sucking all the fresh blood that was falling to the ground in the air.

The mysterious power contained within the blood was different from normal people.

But this movement, seemed to have agitated the injuries in his body. There was another mouthful of fresh blood that spat out from Lu Zhaoge’s mouth.

He flicked his sleeve, once again sucking all the fresh blood he had spat out. His entire person transformed into a ray of light, heading towards the direction of the Pass Lord’s residence like wind or lighting. Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen next to him dared not tarry, following after him with serious expressions.

They also realised, the importance of the situation.

It was just that no one noticed, that within the air, there was still a droplet of fresh blood that had not been sucked back. It fell from high up in the sky, heading towards the ground……

According to the legends, a drop of fresh blood from the extreme experts could kill top level experts.

Within the sky, the great army of Youyan slowly dispersed.

The formation airships left ship after ship.

On the ground.

Without that frightening pressure, Ye Qingyu could finally sit up.

Seeing the direction that Song Xiaojun had disappeared in, his expression finally settled down.

This time, Ye Qingyu did not rush in the air to shout the name of Song Xiaojun. He did not attempt to awaken Song Xiaojun’s memories, because he knew that would not cause the slightest amount of change to the results today. Conversely, it would most likely make things worse……
There were some things that he must do, but at the opportune time and place.

Ye Qingyu stood up, patting away the soil on his back and buttocks, preparing to return.

But at this time, he seemed to have sense something.

He lifted his hand, stretching it out.


A drop of fresh blood, landed on the centre of his palm.


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