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199 – A familiar face


From the moment the fresh blood touched his hand, Ye Qingyu felt a scorching burning intent that stabbed into his bones from the centre of his palm.

This drop of fresh blood was like it was boiling. It constantly changed between a myriad of weird and wonderful forms, as if there was an incomparably frightful thing that was about to jump out from this drop of fresh blood. There were a ray of white light, a dim scorching red heat and a strange scarlet red power within this drop of fresh blood, as if they were three forces fighting for dominance, violently battling against each other.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head.

Just who did this drop of fresh blood belong to?

The next instant, Ye Qingyu felt as if his own palm had completely dissolved. This acute and fierce pain, along with a shred of numbness constantly came from his palm. This type of numbness, very quickly began travelling through his entire body, causing him to be like a stone statue, not able to move in the slightest.

“Ai? Shit……..just what is this?” Ye Qingyu was frightened by these turn of events. “I only lay on the floor to spectate a fight, why has the fire at the city gates affected the fish in the pond? The people who were fighting have ran away, who would have thought I would be killed by this inexplicable drop of blood?”

In only a few breaths time, Ye Qingyu felt that his entire person was about to be dissolved.

Just what should he do?

Ye Qingyu’s scalp, was also beginning to go numb.

If he was killed by a drop of blood, then it was far too tragic.

This was really a disaster that came out of the blue.

He could only rely on the [Supreme Ice flame].

Ye Qingyu focused his energies, using his full power to activate the [Supreme Ice Flame] floating within his dantian. It transformed into a surging flow that instantly arrived at his palm, and completely wrappped the around the fresh blood that had immersed into his palm.

The [Supreme ice flame] was known as the coldest flame. It could not only kill opponents, it could also destroy all materials in this world including the strange power of the cold poison.

Previously, Ye Qingyu had used the [Supreme ice flame] to solve the poison of the Snow White demon lizard.

As expected, once this chilling sensation travelled to his palm, he gradually recovered his senses.

Ye Qingyu moved his body about and could not help but feel apprehension after the event.

Just who did this drop of blood belong to?

Why was it so terrifying?

Ye Qingyu looked at his own palm.

He was able to sense that after the [Supreme ice flame] had wrapped the droplet of blood, this droplet had different kinds of strange powers contained within. It did not dissolve like he had imagined, but instead was forced into the centre of his palm, turning into a round birthmark. What was even more strange, was that this perfectly round birthmark was neatly and tidily split into three equal parts – a scarlet red, a snow white and a dim red.

Three kinds of power.

There were three different kinds of power within the blood.

Ye Qingyu frowned.

He did not think that the [Supreme ice flame] was unable to disintegrate the drop of blood at the first instant, but instead it forced the drop of blood into the centre of palm. It seemed to not be able to destroy it directly and planned to fight a war of attrition.

Ye Qingyu crisply divided half of the [Supreme ice flame] burning within his palm, completely trapping and confining this mark.

“I can only expend this blood little by little. I can only grind it down little by little to dissolve this drop of blood……just what is this, a drop of blood fell from the sky that nearly killed me……this is really unfortunate.”

At the same time, there were formation airships travelling through the sky.

These were not the battle flying airships, but it was the patrolling airships for treatment and aid. Everywhere a thousand metres away from the [Breeze and Drizzle building] had already turned into a swathe of rubble. There were countless buildings that had fallen apart, and the death and injuries of the normal citizens were hard to quantify at this moment. This was the first time since Youyan Pass was created, the first time that the demon race had invaded in such large scale and caused such great destruction……

Thankfully the [Breeze and Drizzle building] was near the great camp of the Vanguard, so the response of the army was very rapid. With the counterstrike of the experts of the army, on some level they had prevented this catastrophe from becoming any larger than it already was……

Youyan Pass was not like any other city of the Empire. The Great army of Youyan had ran here for tens of years, and the internal functions was known as a steel board. Their effectiveness of doing things were extremely high. After the battle had ended, all sorts of aid and recovery programs began rapidly.

Two rays of light descended beside Ye Qingyu.

It was Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan.

“Brother Ye, why are you here, are you okay?” Liu Zongyuan looked at Ye Qingyu, asking in concern.

“Good people do not live long, but villains live for thousands of years. How can this little bastard die, your worries are needless.” Wen Wan said while rubbing his nose.

Ye Qingyu looked at Wen Wan, sighing and shaking his head. “In truth, I really envy you.”

“Eh? Why is that?” Wen Wan’s eyes brightened.“

Ye Qingyu gritted his teeth, saying word by word. “I really envy you that you were once my teacher in the past. Since you were my teacher, I have to give you face. Otherwise, I would long have broken your jaw because your words are so aggravating.”

Wen Wan instantly froze from shock.

Liu Zongyuan could not suppress his chuckle.

“Let’s first leave then speak. Today the matter was grave, the battle just now…..” When Liu Zongyuan spoke the next words, he suppressed his voice: “The Pass Lord seems to have been injured and his injuries are not light.”

As he spoke of this key point, the atmosphere solidified.

This was definitely a grave matter that could affect the situation of the entire battlefield.

If the God of the Youyan army, Lu Zhaoge was really injured, then for the Youyan army that regarded him as a deity, would definitely suffer a huge blow in terms of morale.

Originally, they had injured Yan Buhui. This could be counted as dealing a heavy strike on the [Southern Incline legion]. But they had not imagined that the power and forces of the Unmoving city of Darkness would interfere in this battle. The reemergence of the Unmoving City of Darkness, the ancient power of the dark abyss was enough to break past the heavy defences and formations of Youyan Pass. Without any warning, they were able to smuggle experts of the demon race into the city, as well as take them away…….

This made the Youyan Pass, instantly into a utterly disadvantageous situation in terms of overall battle strategy.

The situation of the forces in this instant, completely flipped aorund.

This time, tens of titled warriors of the demon race had appeared. If the next time, the Unmoving City of Darkness directly transfer the great army of the [Southern Incline legion] of the demon race to the city, just what sort of disastrous scene would this be?

The three conversed for a while, then Liu Zongyuan received a military order, heading back to the Vanguard.

Wen Wan also received a military order.

But he slightly delayed for a while. Waiting until Liu Zongyuan had left, he used his shoulder to nudge Ye Qingyu, his eyebrows lifting and his eyes winking. “Hey, that little girl that placed a bear’s bum on the head of Pass Lord Lu, why do I feel that she’s slightly familar?”

Ye Qingyu gave him a glare: “I know what you mean, you want to use this to make a run on me isn’t that right? I am only her classmate, but mad tiger Wen, don’t forget that you were also once her teacher. You’ve taught her martial arts before, if we were to bear responsibility, you as a past teacher will also hold part of the blame.”

“Look at you, we were just conversing, why are you so cynical?” Wen Wan said righteously.”Do you think I am that kind of person?”

“Haha……” Ye Qingyu laughed. “Of course you are.”

Wen Wan was enraged like thunder. “Ye Qingyu, you, I am only concerned about you. Song Xiaojun is a piece of your heart. That girl is really crazy, to dare use a bear and press it against the Pass Lord’s face, and to use fire to burn the Pass Lord. I feel that her days will be very splendid after this. At the very least, the experts in Youyan pass will absolutely not let this girl go. Could it be that you are not worried?”

“Worried about what?” Ye Qingyu smiled in satisfaction. “You’ve seen what she did to the Pass Lord. Do you feel that there is anyone that can threaten her? I feel like who I should be worried about, are the experts in Youyan army, they must not encounter her.”

Wen Wan halted for a bit.”That’s right…..Hey, just what did that little girl eat growing up? Why has her strength grown so fast?”

“You know yet you still ask.” Ye Qingyu cursed at him.

Wen Wan chuckled.

After all the information from various channels of the army had been gathered and organised, what they received information was that there was a female student appearing half a year go, a White Deer academy student with the bloodline of the Unmoving City of darkness inside her. Wen Wan had also heard this news, but he did not imagine that the girl would have been Song Xiaojun.

The power of an inherited bloodline, was really terrifying.

As they spoke, there were suddenly a serious of radiance light flickering, like shooting stars, that brightened the ash grey sky of Youyan Pass. A powerful yuan qi fluctuation began to be spread out…..

This ray of light landed on the ground.

Several thousand metres away.

“Eh? There’s an expert arriving?” Ye Qingyu was somewhat surprised.

It was the qi of another top level expert. And to so arrogantly fly through the air above Youyan Pass, it was likely that he possessed a great background.

Wen Wan pressed his lips together: “It doesn’t look like the experts from the military, there’s no such person within the army. Looking at the type of qi, it seems to be someone from the sects……interesting, a true expert of the Sect has arrived.”

A person from the sects?

Ye Qingyu subconsciously thought back to the Crepe Myrtle students.

After the previous interaction, he felt extremely disappointment towards the people of the sect. Especially the Crepe Myrtle Sect that was known as one of the six greatest sects. The students like Wei Tianming and the others were only a crowd of rabble. As for the middle age shishu Liang Qun, he seemed exceedingly average. This caused Ye Qingyu’s evaluation of the sect to not be high.

But the ray of light just now……..

It was a truly powerful expert.

It seemed like the power of the sects could not be underestimated.

After all, they were mysterious existences that had existed for countless years. The history of the sects were such that some were even present before the Snow Empire was founded.

“I’m leaving.” Wen Wan turned around and said his farewell. “Right now, you can already be counted as someone of the Vanguard. Quickly find a time to report as soon as possible, Commander Liu regards you with great importance. The situation within the city is still somewhat chaotic; there are many matters that you need to attend to in the city.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. ” I know.”

Wen Wan transformed into a stream of light, disappearing in the sky far off.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was.

There was continuously sounds of cries from the rubble near him. The survivors, when they saw their families lying there covered in blood, could not hold back their tears. Their homes had been ruined, their houses destroyed. The bitterness of life had descended in an instant, the happy little lives of those poor normal citizens had been destroyed in an instant.

Ye Qingyu was able to see a young girl tens of age, hugging the corpse of her mother as she cried. There was also a white haired old man, that had the now cold body of his son in his embrace, tears dripping down his face. He was able to see……tragedies, one after another.

There were many more citizens that had turned into the food inside the demon race’s belly.

Ye Qingyu was somewhat lost at this moment.

The world was vast. There were some things that you had no way of controlling nor any way of changing.

Ye Qingyu could not be sure, whether there was a day he would also cry without restraint just like this.

In this instant, his desire for strength, rose to an unsatiable need.

Only with true strength, could he change everything.

He stood silently where he was.

Until someone lightly tapped him on his shoulder.

Turning round.

He saw a familiar face.


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