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200 – Senior investigating censorate official!

Chapter 200: Senior investigating censorate official!


Fresh red blood spattered.

Yan Botao already possessed unfathomable strength, and this time he was really angered, so he mercilessly slapped across without holding back.

With one slap, there was immediately a purple red handprint that emerged on Yan Xiangma’s face and the skin at the corner of his mouth split and blood spattered.

“Darn thing.” Yan Botao lashed out. “What nonsense are you talking about? Those who protect the Cui family are people driven by greed? What about our Yan family? Do you know what is a clique? Do you know what is alliance? Do you know what is to join forces to defend one another? All these years, did you know that if it wasn’t for the Cui family, our Yan family would have long been swallowed by others that not even our bones remain? If there wasn’t so many family forces behind the Cui family, the Cui family would have long been overthrow by their political opponents, the Lu and Song family—— Can the eggs remain unbroken when the nest is overturned?”

Yan Xiangma rummaged in his sleeve for his spotlessly white silk handkerchief and carefully dabbed at the blood around his mouth, as he said with a smiling face: “Uncle, you wanted to slap me before, right? I know it, and you also can’t deny it. You wanted to slap me the second day I came to Tiandu.”


“You’re my uncle, my elder. If you want to scold or hit me, I won’t say anything——but after that, it’s time to make sense. You have to be reasonable now. See if you can convince me. Otherwise, I still want to protect the girl; those who want to hurt her, I have to stop them.” Yan Xiangma grinned foolishly. “A person must have integrity, once one starts something, they have to carry things through, right?”

“If the Cui family was not here, neither would the Yan family. Would you, Yan Xiangma live the happy days where you just eat and play around? With what you’ve done, your everyday conduct, your head would have been taken away a long time ago——You want to protect her? What are you going to protect her with? Yan Xiangma, the reason why you’re still alive and no one gives you a hard time is because they know you’re from the Yan family, a part of the Cui family. It’s because the two big families, the Yan and Cui family, are protecting you. Otherwise, you think that with your unmastered martial skills, you can protect that Li Shinian? You would have been chopped into bits and thrown into the river.”

“Uncle, I admit it, you are right.” Yan Xiangma repeatedly nodded: “If the Yan family isn’t protecting me and without the Cui family’s support, I, Yan Xiangma, would not live to the present and sit here to listen to you, an important person of the kingdom, and your reasoning——However, it’s my life. Who made me the son of Yan Bolai? Who let me be the nephew of Yan Botao? If I’m not a little bit shameful, rude and unreasonable, and did not do a few wicked and outrageous things, how can I be worthy of this identity the heavens have given me? So, this time I’m going to be outrageous, rude and unreasonable, and protect that girl with this tiger skin you guys have given me. I also have one request. If you want to deal with Li Muyang, kill him or cut off his flesh, I will pretend I didn’t see. And if there’s the need, I can also help hand you the knife or something——”

Yan Xiangma stared Yan Botao in the eyes, his smile faded, as he stated in very serious tone: “But this girl, no one can hurt her.”

Yan Botao surveyed his nephew, asking: “You care about her that much?”

“Yes.” Yan Xiangma nodded.

“Do you know that it’s impossible for you two. Besides the difference between status, there is also the hatred between the two family, which won’t be resolved so easily——”

“Uncle, you don’t need to persuade me. I know all this. I know more than anyone.”

“If you know it, then why protect her?”

“Uncle, have you ever loved anyone?”

“What?” Yan Botao’s brow scrunched up further. A junior suddenly asked him a question like that, made him surprised and confused.

“I asked, have you loved anyone? Have you ever been moved by a woman?”

“——” Veins bulged on Yan Botao’s massive arms, suppressing his urge to hit Yan Xiangma again.

“If you have felt that way before, you will understand. You don’t want to receive anything from her——Of course, you want to marry her and have kids with her, live harmoniously with her till old age and death. See the world’s scenery and eat the world’s culinary delicacy with her. But if you really love her, you don’t need all these. You just want to see that she’s happy, and live without worries, hapily and healthily.”


“Uncle, are you persuaded by me?”

“This, you’re like your mother.” Yan Botao said with a deep sigh. “Your mother——”

“The story of the silver spear boy? Hey, you guys never told me about him, just kept it a secret from me. One day I will find him, see what the silver spear boy looks like and why someone like my mother would do something so earth-shaking for him——”

“Fine, fine.” Yan Botao very impatiently interrupted his nephew nonsense, spoke with sternly: “Yan Xiangma, what you just said, you can only say it in front of me. You must not say it again. Cui Zhaoren was not only the object the Cui family has focused on cultivating, but was the important bridge the Cui family used to maintain relationship with the royal family to express their loyalty. Cui Zhaoren was killed by Li Muyang. The entire Cui family must be extremely furious and indignant. Moreover, he was killed by a nobody, the Cui family has lost its face and prestige——”

“That Li Muyang has no regard for the law. Not only did he hit the Cui family’s face, but the royal family’s. He didn’t even think about it. Who is Cui Zhaoren. He is the youngest head of the Monitoring Division, the most trusted confidant of the emperor. He dealt with many confidential affairs. Li Muyang killed him, how would the Cui family not be angry? How would not emperor not be enraged?”

“The reason that Li Muyang is still alive now, is because he went to Starry Sky Academy. Even with the power of the royal family, they also can’t do anything to him in Starry Sky Academy. However, the royal family will always do something; otherwise, where is the prestige of the royal family? And there is yet another reason. Cui Zhaoren did not clean up properly, so the Lu family held information that can be used against him. That old man, Lu Xingkong, is as cunning as a fox, as cruel as a tiger. With this opportunity, he immediately bit back, saying that the Cui family used unscrupulous methods to combat political opponents, framed and arrested a General of the frontier. This caused disorder in the military, caused the border to be unstable and highlighted the threat the surrounding army may invade at any time——Then, he did some dirty little tricks in the three areas Broken Dragon Pool, Sunset Dunes and Hate Mountain, and sent an urgent military letter to the emperor. Our King can only swallow his smashed teeth and not complain——”

“But, think about it, in all the history books, those courtiers who made the emperor suffer, who ever had a good ending?”

“What does uncle mean?”

“Sooner of later, the Lu family will die.” Yan Botao said firmly. “If the Lu family is dead, without the Lu family in front, do you think you can protect the little girl? Protect her family?”

“If the Lu family is dead, given the relationship between the Cui family and the royal family, they will naturally rise again. At that time, we will also benefit——people would be awarded according to their contribution. Those who worked hard for the Cui family or did something to help vent their anger, obviously takes a bigger portion. What about you? Not only did you not stand with the Cui family at this sensitive time, instead used you used the status of the Cui family and the Yan family to protect the murderer’s sister. What do you think the Cui family will think of you?”


“I was told that the lady with the title the three bright moon of the kingdom, Miss Xiaoxin, were close sisters with the girl you like when they were in Jiangnan. Their relationship is not shallow. However, look how she quickly understands the situation. Old friend came from afar but she hasn’t paid her a visit once——Look at yourself, how stupid do you look?”

“Uncle, Xiaoxin is not the kind of person you think she is.””

“I think Xiaoxin is a smart person.” Yan Botao grinned coldly. “I have seen more people than you, so don’t tell me how other people are. Now, there is a chance for you, let’s see if you can catch it.”

“What?” Yan Xiangma asked aloud.

“Monitoring Division.” Yan Botao said.

“Who wants to re-establish the Monitoring Division?” Yan Xiangma’s eyes flashed, as he asked in a low voice.

“Good. The Monitoring division is the West Wind Kingdom’s Monitoring Division and the Monitoring Division is directly responsible to the Emperor. Cui Zhaoren and the backbone of the Monitoring Division were all buried, so the emperor is very angry with this. Recently, that old man Lu have not complained tearfully to the Emperor or pestered the Emperor to make sure justice is served for the Lu family as often. Therefore, he now has the mood to look after this matter.

“What does uncle mean?”

“The Monitoring Division was personally established by the emperor and is directly responsible only to the emperor. Cui Zhaoren was in charge of the Monitoring Division; although his rank was not high, but he possessed heavy responsibility and power. He can be said to be below one but above tens of thousands of people. Since Cui Zhaoren is gone, the Cui family will definitely recommend a new Chief in charge of the Monitoring Division. Of course, other families are likely to compete, so we will have to wait to see how the emperor will decide——”

Yan Botao surveyed Yan Xiangma’s face when he said: “However, I have the intention to put you into the Monitoring Division to learn, become a senior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division——What do you say?” ”

“Senior investigating censorate official?” Yan Xiangma chewed on the words in deep thought. “I know that the Monitoring Division has three senior investigating officials and each are designated the heavy responsibility of supervising one region. There are also twelve major junior investigating censorate officials, usually distributed throughout the country——How confident are you in obtaining that position?”

“If the Yan family works hard and with the Cui family’s support, I have 90% certainty.” Yan Botao said confidently. “Look at your attitude now.”

“I would like to join the Monitoring Division.” Yan Xiangma remained silent for a long while, before replied in a serious tone.

He wants to become stronger. Only then he would have the power to do what he wants.


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