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201 – Advance gradually and consolidate at every step!

Chapter 201: Advance gradually and consolidate at every step!

Yangxin Palace Hall.

Chu Xianda, the Emperor of West Wind Kingdom, was meeting with his courtiers. The head of Cui family, Cui Xichen, respectfully stood in front of Chu Xianda. The minister that had been three era of rulers gave the young emperor the highest respect.

“Duke, sit down and speak. We are known as the emperor and minister but we’re more like father and son. On my father’s deathbed, he took my hand and said to see you as a father, take advice from and not disobey you. Over the years, Xianda has achieved great success, thanks to the support of Duke. Otherwise, power would have fallen into the hands of treacherous court officials and the nation will be in peril. I, the emperor, will also be unhappy.” Chu Xianda pointed to the stool in front, motioned Chu Xianda to sit down and talk.

“Emperor and minister, father and son. Propriety must not be abolished.” Cui Xichen, with his back bend, said stubbornly. “Because I received the late emperor’s generosity, I have the high position and great wealth I have today. Xichen always gratefully remembered the kindness I received. To be able to serve the royal family is the honour of our Cui family. As for the name ‘father’, your Majesty must not mention again——Xichen don’t deserve it, I fear I won’t live long.”

“Hahaha, you old chap, still worried your life isn’t long enough.” Chu Xianda laughed heartily, even more satisfied with Cui Xichen this old minister. “I shouldn’t disturb Duke at this time, but I asked Duke to come see me to reassure you. I remember Zhaoren’s matter perfectly. I can guarantee that, I will definitely redress Zhaoren’s injustice. Let the lawless men pay a disastrous price.”

When Chu Xianda said this, he could not restrain his indignation. No matter how the Cui family feel about it, he could never accept his face reaching rock bottom.

“Thank you, your Majesty.” Cui Xichen shed tears of gratitude, and was about to kneel down and kowtow.

But Chu Xiandu was quicker, clutched Cui Xichen’s arm, preventing him from kneeling, and said: “Duke, no need to be so polite. I am deeply grieved that Zhaoren was killed when he was handling affairs for me. That Li Muyang not only killed Cui Zhaoren, but my good courtier. No matter what, must make him pay with his blood.”

“With your Majesty’s words, Zhaoren won’t die with any remaining grievances.” Tears once again sprang to Cui Xichen’s eyes.
“Just that, because that old man of the Lu family has been endlessly weeping and sobbing in front of me, Xhaoren’s matter could not be handle neatly, and also evidence that can be used against him has fallen into the hands of the opponent——Duke please endure a little longer.”

“Old Minister understands. The country is the most important, your Majesty must not, in order to take revenge for Zhaoren, tarnish the honour of the country.” Cui Xichen consoled him in a low voice.

“Duke understands me the most.” Chu Xianda sighed. “I have one more thing that needs to be discussed with Duke. After Zhaoren left, I feel deaf and blind, a deep sense of powerlessness. Therefore, I think it’s time to re-establish the Monitoring Division. Zhaoren was in charge of the former Monitoring Division, who I trusted the most. Therefore, I wanted to see if Duke could recommend me a good candidate, a courtier that would be loyal to me.”

“The compensation is here.” Cui Xichen thought to himself.

Appearing calm and collected, as though he seriously thought about it, he replied: “Cui Jian can take this important responsibility.”

“Cui Jian?” Chu Xianda thought for a moment and said: “The one known as the head of the Cui family’s seven sons?”

“Your Majesty, he is not the first of the seven sons of the Cui family, but the first of the seven sons of the West Wind Kingdom. He is the son of my Cui family, but also the son of the kingdom; he is your Majesty’s people. When the Kingdom needs him, he would not hesitate to stand up, shed his blood and lay down his life, defend the territory of the country, and share your Majesty’s burden and worries.”

“Good.” A smile of delight lit Chu Xianda’s face. “Defend the territory of the country, share my burden and worries. If everyone had such thought, wouldn’t that be great for our West Wind Kingdom? I am familiar with the name Cui Jian; he achieved the Kingdom martial arts champion for three consecutive years, and is a talented youngster of Tiandu. I heard he went travelling and had not received news of him for years. He should have made great progress, right?”

“Whether or not there any progress, will need your Majesty’s personal assessment. Old minister dared not to praise him rashly, I’m afraid that he’s not pleasing to your majesty.” Cui Xichen said with a serious face.

“Hahaha, you’re too cautious.” Chu Xianda laughed heartily. “Bring Cui Jiang to see me. If he’s suitable, I will put him in charge of the Monitoring Division, and trust him like Zhaoren——”

“Thank you, your majesty.” Cui Xichen bowed to express his gratitude.

The emperor and his minister were in deep conversation, when Chamberlain Li Fu came to report to him. “Your Majesty, the Defence Minister is here. He said he has something urgent to discuss with your Majesty.”

“Lu Xingkong that old——” The instant Chu Xianda heard this name, he boiled with anger. His men were killed but that old man still come to him every day crying and asking for justice. If the emperor gives him justice, who would give the emperor justice? “What’s he doing here?”

“He didn’t say.”

“I won’t see him.”

“Yes. Your Majesty.” Li Fu turned to leave.

“Wait.” Chu Xianda said after some thought. “Forget it, let him in.”

“Yes. Your Majesty.” Li Fu said respectfully.

Chu Xianda first turned to Cui Xichen, saying: “Duke, you go rest in the palace hall first, have some tea. Let me see what the old man wants to see me about.”

“Yes, your majesty.” Cui Xichen took a quick glimpse at the emperor, before headed to the inside of the palace under the guidance of the Chamberlains.

Lu Xingkong followed Li Fu into the palace hall and after he knelt down and bowed, Chu Xianda, sitting on the high chair, asked: “Defence minister, what is the reason for you to come see me today?”

With Lu Xingkong’s age and status, he did not have to kneel and bow. Moreover, after he bowed, he should be granted a seat.

But because Chu Xianda was angry with Lu Xingkong, he deliberately forgot and let him knelt before himself.

“Minister has a suggestion, that I want to ask your Majesty to accept.”

“Well? What suggestion?”

“I would like to ask your Majesty to rebuild the Monitoring Division.” Lu Xingkong said in a solemn tone.


Chu Xianda’s first reaction was that there must be spies around him; what he just planned to do was already sold to this old man.

But wasn’t it too fast?

Moreover, after finding out that he wants to re-establish the Monitoring Division, shouldn’t the old man Lu Xingkong oppose it? The last time he also tried to stop him in every ways possible, but he still handed the Monitoring Division into the hands of Cui Zhaoren. This time, why did Lu Xingkong do the very opposite?

Is it because he sensed his crisis and wanted to use this matter to ease his relationship with the emperor?

Or were there other motives that the emperor couldn’t understand?

“The Monitoring Division is the emperor’s eyes and ears, and has the duty of supervising the hundreds of officials and protect the country. In the face of a disaster, the dozens of strong army were killed in the river. I am also saddened by this fact. However, a country cannot live a day without an emperor, the emperor cannot live without the Monitoring Department. I ask your Majesty to overcome your sadness, make a decision soon, re-establish a stronger and more efficient Monitoring Division, that can solve problems for your majesty and discriminate between the faithful and the evil.” Lu Xingkong did not mind Chu Xianda’s attitude, continued to kneel before him as he stated the pros and cons.

“Defence minister’s suggestion is very good, it’s just that——I need to think about it a little more first.” Chu Xianda found himself having to speak cautiously to this old guy, or he would accidentally step into his trap. He had no idea that, as the emperor, he would be so pitiful like this, which made him detest this old man even more. The reconstruction of the Monitoring Division was originally his idea and was something hat must be done. But now that this old man has suggested it, he was a little unsure——Is there a loophole or crisis that he hasn’t considered yet? “

Chu Xianda’s mind was filled with complex thoughts, but he still tried to brush off the old man: “The reconstruction of the Monitoring Division is a major task, I need to discuss with other important ministers first before making a decision.”

“For your Majesty to be willing to listens to others’ view, is a blessing of our country.” Lu Xingkong smiled and said. “If your Majesty was to rebuild the Monitoring Division, old minister has a powerful candidate that I want to recommend. Iron Wall General Xu Da started of as a soldier and had fought hundreds of battles for the country. He was almost victorious every time and had few defeats. He defended Broken Dragon Pool for tens of years, which resulted in the stability of the border, and the soldiers respect him greatly and named him as the ‘iron-walled general’.”

“Last time because he was framed by Cui Zhaoren, General Xu Da was arrested to Tiandu, that even till now he is still without a job and can’t return to Broken Dragon Pool——So old minister suggests your Majesty to assign him in charge of the Monitoring Division in order to make up for General Xu Da’s humiliation. Additionally your Majesty can prove to the soldiers at the border region that you trust the soldiers at the borders and believe that General Xu Da is innocent by leaving General Xu Da at your side and placing him in an important position. I think, if General Xu Da receives such heavy responsibility, he will certainly be grateful and dedicated to your Majesty.”


Chu Xianda wanted to curse.

He just chose the candidate to be in charge of the Monitoring Division, but this old dog wants to assign his own trusted aide to this role.

If he really let Xu Da in charge of the Monitoring Division, he will be really grateful, dedicated, but the person of gratitude and dedication to is Lu Xingkong instead of Chu Xianda.

You think I’m an idiot?
“Defence Minister——” Chu Xianda forcibly suppressed the hostility in his heart and laughed heartily, “You always think for my sake and is more concerned than me, I’m really gratified. It’s just that this is an important matter of the country, and I need to discuss it with the other ministers first, and then think carefully about it——Can you give me some time?”

“Old minister awaits your Majesty’s sacred decision.” Lu Xingkong said respectfully.

Once Lu Xingkong left, Chu Xianda commanded his people to invite Chu Xichen to come out.

Having heard Lu Xingkong’s purpose of coming here, Cui Xichen said with a sigh: “Defence Minister played a good move. He advanced gradually and consolidated at every step, that neither spirit nor devil will know anything about it. I’m afraid Cui Jian can’t share your Majesty’s burden by being in charge of the Monitoring Division.”


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