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204 – Dragon face!

Chapter 204: Dragon Face!

At the gate of the main entrance of Imperial View High, were carriages after carriages waiting to collect young masters.

In a dark carriage, Yan Xiangma was leisurely humming a tune with his eyes closed.

“My eyes are hungry as I stare through space, swallowing my saliva. Lovesickness piercing through my bones, like autumn ripples passing through me. Even a metal and stone my, would be entangled by emotions——Old Lu, what time is it?”

As the curtain was uncovered, Li Dalu’s pandering face was seen right outside the window of the carriage.

Li Dalu was Yan Xiangma’s former subordinate in Jiangnan. When Yan Xiangma accompanied Cui Xiaoxin back to Tiandu, he also brought along his several powerful confidants with him. Therefore, they also stayed with Yan Xiangma in Tiandu and continued to listen to his orders.

“Young master, I’ve asked the time, Miss Li should be coming out soon.” Li Dalu happily answered.

“I asked you what time it is now, why did you ask about Miss Li? What Miss Li? Which Miss Li?”

“Master, I didn’t mean that——now it is——“

“Fine, fine. Go and see when Miss Li comes out. The moment you see her come tell me. Young master, I, will coincidently run into her.”


“Coincidentally.” Yan Xiangma said firmly. “Each person will brush past someone countless times in their life. However, Li Shinian happens to come out of that door and I just happen to wait at the door——Is that not a coincidence?”

“Yes, yes. It’s a coincidence. Li Dalu repeatedly nodded.

There was a sudden commotion at the school gate, and then students dressed in school uniforms began to come out in twos and threes.

One wave after another, one group after another.

From the start till the end, and until no one came out of the school, Li Dalu still saw no signs of Li Shinian.
Impatient, Yan Xiangma, jumped out from inside the carriage, yelling: “What’s going on? Why isn’t she out yet?”

“Master, Miss Li——Could she have ran away through other places?”

“Run away? Why would she run away? Am I a demon that eats people?”

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that——”

“Besides, the other places where she can escape are also guarded by our people, where could she have gone?.”

“Maybe she’s still inside.” Li Dalu said comfortingly. “Young master don’t be anxious, we’ll wait a little longer.”

“Why would I be anxious?” Yan Xiangma said coldly. “Just a woman. I am a young master of Jiangnan, a senior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division, why would I care about a woman?”

“Yes. What kind of person is Young Master, Miss Li is such a common woman——”


Yan Xiangma whacked Li Dalu with his fan again as he scolded: “What qualifications do you have to say Li Shinian is a common woman, see if I’ll break your dog head——”

“Young Master, forgive me. I said something wrong, Miss Li is beautiful like an angel——” Li Dalu said in a panic.

They anxiously waited another while, yet still no signs of Li Shinian coming out of the school gate.

Yan Xiangma waited another moment, and then hastily trotted towards the school gate.

He grabbed Xiao Huan by the arm and asked: “Xiao Huan, where’s Li Shinian? Why isn’t she out yet?”

“Yan Young master——” Xiao Huan looked at Yan Xiangma, her eyes sparkling like stars, as she said: “Big sister Shinian did not come to school today, she asked for leave of absence.”

“Leave of absence?” Yan Xiangma’s face suddenly clouded over. “When?”



“Yan Young Master, are you going home? We were also on our way——”

“Xiao Huan, you go back home first. I may not come back for a few months.”


“Go. Don’t miss me. A sad person——is currently sad.”

After seeing Xiao Huan off, who turned to look back at every step, Yan Xiangma had a disappointed blank look on his face.

“Young Master, we’ll come back tomorrow. I don’t believe Miss Li will be off school again tomorrow.” Li Dalu tried to comfort him.

“Tomorrow, I’m leaving.” Yan Xiangma let out a long sigh—— “


The breeze was gentle and the sun was bright, illuminating thousands of miles.

After a bath Lu Qiji changed into Starry Sky Academy’s White Cloud uniform, when knocking sounds came from the door.

Knock, Knock——
It was two gentle knocks and then it quieted down.

It did not sound like knocking, rather a little reminder: reminding the owner of the house that someone was waiting at the door.

Lu Qiji pulled open the door, where Chu Xun, dressed in a black outfit, was patiently waiting at the door.

His long hair was tied up and a sword was hanging at his waist. He looked charming, determined and full of energy.

Lu Qiji’s brow scrunched up, asking: “What for?”

“Today is the day of the battle between me and Li Muyang, so I have to dress more appropriately and to move freely.” Chu Xun said with a smile. He bowed slightly, waved his hand in front and said with a smile: “Please go ahead.”

Although he was a little prince, but he had always treated and took care of Lu Qiji like a princess.

As Lu Qiji walked past him, Chu Xun did not forgot to help her close the courtyard door behind him and then quickly followed after Lu Qiji.

“You really have to do battle with him?”

“We’ve already agreed on the date, how can I break a promise?” Chu Xun said with a smile.

“Can’t you cancel?”

“If Li Muyang came to apologise and begged for forgiveness, then since we’re classmate, I will obviously agree to cancel the duel. But until now he hasn’t, so it seems that he is sufficiently prepared. If I proposed to cancel the battle, wouldn’t people think that I’m afraid of him? If he does not say yes, wouldn’t that be humiliating and embarrassing for me?”

Lu Qiji remained silent for a moment, then said: “If you agree, I can go talk to him. We can set aside this matter and no one will bring it up again.”
Chu Xun thoughtfully gazed at Lu Qiji, before he replied: “Are you worried about me? Or worried about him?”

“What do you think?”

“If you’re worried about me, I’d be really happy. However, I hope you can have some confidence in me. Other people I cannot guarantee, but Li Muyang, his cultivation level should be far below me, right? I have tested him before, he is nothing but in the Empty Valley realm, and his sea of qi is not filled yet. To fight with him, is fighting a one-sided battle.”

“Are you really——that sure?” Lu Qiji sighed. She could tell that Chu Xun was really confident. It seemed that he did not attach any importance to his rival.

However, she could not tell Chu Xun about Li Muyang’s true identity. Even she herself did not know of Li Muyang’s current state—-

She only knew that, the monster that merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, the bastard that inherited the Black Dragon’s mantle,is presumably——hard to handle?

Even herself, she did not have the certainty to say that she can kill Li Muyang.

The smile on Chu Xun’s face faded. “It seems you don’t believe me. What? Do you know of the true state of Li Muyang? Or has he recently mastered something I don’t know about?”

“I just don’t want to see you lose.” Lu Qiji said.

The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth curved into a smile as he said: “Don’t worry. You’re not going to see that.”

Lu Qiji’s face remained emotionless, unwilling to linger on this topic.

Today at noon was Teacher Yang Xiaohu’s Dragon Language class, so Li Muyang arrived early at the lecture place.

He first greeted Cai Pa, who came a little earlier than him, and immediately opened his ‘Language of Dragons’ book and began to work hard.

After fusing with the Tear of the Dragon King, the language of dragons was no longer a problem for him. Apart from some of the most obscure old spells or worship speech, others were no different to the Chinese Language.

The reason why he pretended to be so serious before was that he was worried that his outstanding ability in the Language of Dragons would arouse suspicion. Heavens rewards the diligent; he could tell others that his hard work and diligent practice led him to have such achievement.

Qiandu and Lin Canghai arrived; Lu Qiji and Chu Xun also came.

Seeing Chu Xun’s manner of dressing, Li Muyang’s eyes flashed, and then quickly returned to calm state.

He was still wearing the cloud robe and did not deliberately change his clothes for his battle.

He had not forgotten about the duel today, rather did not see it as particularly important. He felt it was a very insignificant thing, that it doesn’t matter whether he fight or not.

Doesn’t matter.

Chu Xun looked at Li Muyang in the eye, a cold sneer twisted his lips, before he turned to find his own seat.

Tie Muxin took a seat next to Li Muyang and nudged Li Muyang’s arm on the table, whispering: “There is murderous intent in that boy’s eyes. It seems it’s hard to avoid your battle today.”
Li Muyang smiled and said: “If others want to fight, then I have to play to the end. Escaping is not my style.”

“Are you confident of winning?”

“I’ve never fought before, and I also don’t know his level, how can I talk about the certainty of victory?” Li Muyang smiled as he continued. “I’ll just do my best.”

“Would you like me to talk to him first, and then——” He did not continue, but did a ‘snapping’ motion with his hands.

The last time he and Chu Xun clashed because of Lu Qiji. He didn’t expect this kid to hold grudges.

“Thank you, Brother Muxin.” Li Muyang likes people who are direct and straightforward. However, he still refused his offer, saying: “If you break his arm first, then wouldn’t I have an unfair advantage? Even if I win, I’d lose face, don’t you think?”

“Of course, if brother Muxin really wanted to, I won’t stop you, after all, everyone has a right to make their own decision. Just because I have a duel with Chu Xun, it doesn’t mean I don’t permit others to clash with him——this is not fair to Brother Muxin.”

Tie Muxin clapped on the shoulder of Li Muyang and said with a wide grin: “Brother Muyang, I like your personality. You say what you want to say, and never hide anything. You’re a real man.”

“Brother Muyang, don’t worry, if you want to fight with that kid, I absolutely will not spoil your good occasion. You fight with him first, and if you lose, I will help you. With us brothers working together, we absolutely will not let him off lightly.”

“——” Li Muyang stared wide-eyed at Tie Muxin. Is this guy lacking intelligence? Hurry fill it with gold. Did he not understand what he meant? Li Muyang had never thought about playing a fair game with Chu Xun, all right?

His victory was expected, because he’s a dragon.

But what if he loses? What about his dragon face?



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