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205 – Winning and losing comes second!

Chapter 205: Winning and losing comes second!

A real man draws his sword, helps the weak for the sake of justice and kills whoever provokes them, how can you give up your own love, hate and views because of other people’s likes and dislikes, which would make you unhappy and uncomfortable——

Li Muyang was disappointed in Tie Muxin.

“Hahaha, no need to thank me.” Seeing Li Muyang stared wide-eyed at him, Tie Muxin thought he was touched by his kindness. Clapping his hand loudly upon Li Muyang’s shoulder, he said with loud laugh: “Friends are about caring. We should make sacrifices for our friends. What big deal is that? We are men of the desert nation, ‘loyalty’ is very important to us. Climbing a mountain of swords or plunging into a sea of flames for a friend is like eating rice and drinking water——”

Because Tie Muxin slapped Li Muyang on the shoulder too hard, Li Muyang nearly could not bear the pain and almost drew out his sword and stabbed him.

“Actually you can fight.” Li Muyang looked at Tie Muxin as he said seriously.

“Look, I told you to not be moved by me. How can I beat up the man you chose first? That’s disloyal.” Tie Muxin shook his head and then shot a vicious glance at Chu Xun, hissing: “I hate that kind of sissy small, white face, I will always have a chance to beat him up later——”

After a pause, he looked embarrassed at Li Muyang, saying: “Sorry, I was not talking about you. Your face is white, but——but your face is not as small as his.”

“——” For the sake of his white face, Li Muyang did not think he could be friends with this person.

Tie Muxin was unwilling to fight, and Li Muyang also could not force him. Fighting and love are the same, in that feelings should be mutual.

However, Li Muyang seriously thought about it, did he want to fight with Chu Xun? There was no ‘mutual’ feeling.

Yang Xiaohu came over carrying many books, his triangular-shaped eyes scanning the audience, like a farmer looking at his own crops full of love. The fact that these students choose Dragon Slayer, was a sign of recognition and respect for Yang Xiaohu. In the same way, as a professional teacher of Dragon Slayer, he also has to love and respect his students in every way possible.

“Everyone came early today.” Yang Xiaohu said, grinning from ear to ear.
“Teacher is also very early.” Lin Canghai responded with a smile. This boy was not only cute, but has a very good personality. Approachable, good-looking but not arrogant and much more likeable than Chu Xun and Lu Qiji.

“Haha, Canghai classmate grew a little taller.” Yang Xiaohu was very pleased with Lin Canghai’s ‘interaction’. His line of sight then shifted to Li Muyang, asking: “Muyang classmate, you alright?”

“I’m alright.” Li Muyang smiled. “What’s the matter with me?”

“I heard you came into some danger when you went out to play, so I went over to ask about you. But you were not home and I couldn’t find you anywhere——I’m glad to see you’re okay now.” Yang Xiaohu said with a smile.

He gaze panned across the crowd, gravely reminding all the students present: “Broken mountain is high and large, and the paths are steep and dangerous. Because of some special origins, ancient prohibition spells have been set up in a lot of places and many dangerous places have not even been discovered. So when you go out to play, try to walk in places with many people, don’t search for remote and mysterious places.”

“Teacher Yang, we are students of Starry Sky Academy. If we’re not allowed to go to remote places, how can we find rare treasures, strange animals and unique flowers and fruits? Besides, if we don’t go to those places, where can we find dragons to slaughter? It is said that the dragons like to live in dark and deep caves; we have to dive into such a dragon cave to be able to find dragons to slaughter. Otherwise, we wasted our study?” Tie Muxin did not agree with Yang Xiaohu’s point of view. “The strongest man should go drink the strongest wine, chase the most beautiful girl and kill the most ferocious dragon——Don’t you guys think so?”

After Tie Muxin finished talking, he threw back his head and laughed heartily, while everyone stared at him weirdly.

“Hahaha——” The more he laughed the more guilty he looked, until he finally timidly looked to the crowd, asking: “Why are you looking at me?”

“Idiot.” Cai Pa coldly swept a glance at him and said aloud.

Given Tie Muxin’s fiery temper, when he heard Cai Pa’s insult, he surprisingly did not immediately slam the table, instead embarrassingly rubbed the back of his head, while everyone looked at him even more suspiciously.

Yang Xiaohu walked over to in front of Tie Muxin and said: “Starry Sky Academy encourage students to go out to explore. The old saying goes: reading thousand scrolls can’t be compared to walking a thousand mile road. However, at least do what you can do. Broken Mountain is a strange place that is surrounded by dangerous areas. When you guys become a strong person of Starry Sky, then you can freely roam the big world. But before then, you need to be cautious and careful. Throwing away your life for nothing, is something that nobody wants to see.”

The crowd also agreed.

Especially Li Muyang, Lu Qiji, Chu Xun and others who had experienced the crisis of the cold pond. At that time, the slightest carelessness would have cost their life. And they only encountered a thousand-year-old toad. If they had encountered a more ferocious, dangerous and evil beast, or the most savage beast, would they still have the chance of escaping?

Yang Xiaohu was quite satisfied with everyone’s attitude, flipped open the textbook and said: “Come, we will review the several dragon language pronunciations I taught in the last lesson——Li Muyang, please show us.”
“Teacher Yang, I have not learnt it yet this time——”

“Li Muyang, you shouldn’t be so modest. These pronunciations are very simple, everyone knows, how would you not know? At Starry Sky Academy, if you have talent to show, don’t hide it.”

Li Muyang stood up unwillingly and said aloud: “If I’m not good, please don’t laugh at me.”

Then, he read out the words in a more awkward tone.

Yang Xiaohu nodded, stating: “The mastery is pretty good, but the tone of ‘anger’ is not right, the sound should be lower and the tone sharper——”

“Thank you, teacher Yang.” Li Muyang bowed thanks.

Yang Xiaohu waved his hand dismissively, saying: “Sit down. Today we will continue to learn ‘Language of Dragons’, it is only when you master the language of the dragon clan, so that you can really understand them. Know your own strength and your enemy’s, then you can be victorious.”

Everyone opened the textbook and began to follow the pace of Yang Xiaohu to learn.

At the end of the lesson, just as Yang Xiaohu was preparing to leave, Chu Xun stood up and said with a smile: “Teacher Yang, wait a moment.”

Yang Xiaohu turned to Chu Xun, asking: “Chu Xun classmate, what is the matter?”
“Teacher Yang, the last time Li Muyang and I agreed to a date for our battle, we asked you to be our judge. “Do you remember?”

“Oh? That did happen.” Yang Xiaohu nodded, carefully counting the days with his fingers, before he continued: “That matter is not in the past? What? You still want to duel?”

Chu Xun smiled as he nodded. “Teacher Yang, a promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold. How can things be changed so easily? There isn’t any other intention, just a normal contest between students. It’s not against the school rules, is it?”

“A normal contest between students is normal, not only does it not violate the rules, but the school also vigorously encourage it. Thus, the school specifically built a Starry Sky Stage for students——However, you must not get angry because of the battle, that it would affect the feelings between classmates. In that case, it would be inconsistent with the original intention and outweighs the gains.” Yang Xiaohu said with a smile.

Chu Xun nodded, replying: “Teacher Yang is right, I obviously don’t have such an idea. Winning or losing is not important, the most important is to improve and grow during the competition. As for whether other people have such thoughts, I cannot decide.”

Yang Xiaohu’s gaze shifted to Li Muyang. Li Muyang simply smiled and said: “I don’t mind. Whether we fight or not, I don’t mind, how we fight, I also don’t mind.”

“Good. I believe that you two are both open-minded people, a duel between you guys will not hurt each other’s friendship.” Yang Xiaohu smiled. “This is also the first time that Dragon Slayer students compete in a formal contest. Let’s moved the venue to the Starry Sky Martial Arts practice grounds. I’ll go and judge for you guys.”

“Thank you, Teacher Yang.” Chu Xun bowed to express his thanks, before turning around to face the crowd: “Classmates are also invited to be witness.”

“Students let’s go together.” Yang Xiaohu said smiling happily.

The Starry Sky Martial Arts Practice Grounds, located in the northeast corner of Broken Mountain, was a martial arts building built entirely of huge granite. The building was divided into four areas, north, east, south and west, with many separate rooms within each where students could compete and practice with each other. This gives privacy and won’t affect other duelists.
Of course, if you want to be famous and were not afraid of your skills being leaked, the duel can be held in the public area of the martial arts building, where spectators can watch at the side. The strength and the winner and loser will be obvious at one glance.

The corners of the stones or the crevices between the stones could not be seen, which was something difficult to achieve even for the most skillful craftsmen.

The martial arts practice building has no roof and the scorching sun and clouds rolling across could be seen overhead.

However, inside the building, it did not feel exposed and not affected by the rain or wind. Because a protective shielding spell has been placed on the dome top by countless people of Starry Sky, that the wind or the rain could not penetrate.

Yang Xiaohu led Li Muyang and Chu Xun to the entrance of the Martial Arts Practice Building for registration, and after they signed their name, they were each allocated a wooden plate.

Then, Yang Xiaohu came with Li Muyang and Chu Xun to a relatively quiet stone building of the West side.

Yang Xiaohu looked at Li Muyang then at Chu Xun, and asked again: “Li Muyang, Chu Xun, you two are determined to fight today?”

“Yes.” Chu Xun said.

Li Muyang nodded and said: “Yes.”

“Well, friendship comes first, the competition comes second——”

The crowd looked helplessness; they did not know how many times they’ve heard these lines before. Every time their school held a literary contest or a sporting event, the teachers have said such lines over and over again.

In the end? Didn’t everybody fought fiercely as though it was a battle of life and death?


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