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205 – Within the Pass Lord’s Residence


Pass Lord residence.

As one of the greatest buildings in Youyan Pass, this residence was not only intricately beautiful, but the walls were also the sturdiest. Although the lighting around there was not the most resplendent, but it was the most sacred place that countless people of Youyan Pass worshipped.

Because this place, was that person’s home.

Ever since twenty years ago, when Lu Zhaoge had arrived in Youyan Pass and settled within this residence, he had never departed from this place – apart from when setting out to do battle.

To the tens of thousands of humans in Youyan Pass, the worlds strongest city walls, the most perfect formation arrays, the most powerful army, the sense of security these things brought could not even be compared to the emotions they felt when the figure of this person had appeared before them.

Lu Zhaoge, the War God of Youyan Pass.

The protection deity of Youyan Pass.

His power, had never even been questioned by anyone.

But the battle on that day, had caused a haze to cover many peoples hearts.

Yan Buhui’s arrogant and exaggerated laughter, as well as that girl of flames that was said to come from the Unmoving city of Darkness. The words they left behind when they departed, made the entire army feel worry and anxiousness.

Perhaps this was a mistaken sensation, but when everyone regarded the Pass Lord’s residence, they felt that compared to in the past, the security was even tighter and stricter.

And before the breaking of dawn, the figures leaving and departing from the Pass Lord’s residence were tens of times greater.

But because of the nightly curfew, the large majority of people were not aware of this fact.

There was a bamboo fenced courtyard in the rear courtyard of the Pass Lord’s residence.

In this courtyard, there were five or six yellow wooden houses side by side.

The strategists of the military council pavilion, would appear before the wooden houses with grave expressions. They would converse and discuss in small voices, but they dared not raise their voices.

And in the platform of the largest wooden house at the centre, there were four middle aged men with coarse robes and roughly woven shoes. They all had brown short hair, the hair so stiff that it was like steel needles emitting a black light. Their facial expressions were as if it was carved with a blade, extremely firm and upright. Only the higher ups of the Youyan army were aware, that these were the strongest guards beside Lu Zhaoge, with unfathomable strength. If they were in the army, they had the martial strength to assume the role of a commander.

It was said that these four people were once the geniuses of the sects, but were recruited by Lu Zhaoge, bringing them at his side.

These four people had already not fought or acted for a very long time. And they would not speak with other people, as if they were natural born mutes. It was rumoured that these four, were completely immersed into the martial path, not wishing to be disturbed by outside matters, so they therefore closed off their senses to cultivate. Even the higher ups of the army, when facing these four people, would feel a pressure that was hard to describe using words.

Normally, these four people appeared very rarely, hiding within the Pass Lord’s residence. Even if Lu Zhaoge set of for war, he would not bring them.

But today, for the four people to appear and protect the wooden house, made the originally tense atmosphere even more unsettling for the other people.


The little door of the wooden house opened.

Liu Yuqing walked out from within, his expression calm, standing on the platform.

Looking at the neat and orderly gazes cast at him, he let out a cough. “Commander Lu is fine, please, everyone return. The most pressing matter right now is for every department and section to maintain the functions of Youyan Pass. Commander Lu told me to tell everyone that he thanks everyone for their care. Three days later, Commander Lu will attend personally the first meeting for the planning of the Spring time offence. At that time, he hopes there will not be any oversights.”
The people below, hearing such words, their expressions gradually settled.

“If it is like this, then we will first return.”

“That’s right, Commander Lu is fine, this is the fortune of the heavens…..”

“Brother Liu is right. My comrades, there must not be any oversights. This is the greatest support we can give to commander Lu.”

The surrounding people said these words with suppressed voices, then all gradually turned to leave.

There were some people still with questions in their heart. Liu Yuqing ‘s position in the military council pavilion, was only a person who would evaluate and pass on the scrolls. This was not important position. In many of the strategies, he did not even play an evident role. Why was it this time, after Commander Lu had suffered a little injury, someone who would normally not be seen, would suddenly stand out?

At this time, many of the experienced people in the Pass Lord’s residence, discovered with shock, that they had underestimated this [Painting saint].

After seeing everyone leave, there was a trace of weariness that flashed by Liu Yuqing’s face.

He turned to head back into the wooden house.

There were not any spatial formations within the house, and the furniture was somewhat sparse and tidy. Simple chairs, table, bed, and through the years of use had become somewhat yellow. In this sparse painting, there was a natural scent that floated through the air, causing one’s spirit to feel at ease.

On the grass woven mat in the wooden house, Lu Zhaoge was currently sitting in a meditative position. His ten fingers formed seals, three blossom of invisible yuan qi flowers floated up and down. There was a pale smoke that constantly emitted from his body.

On his normally ordinary face, there was a strange red colour that constantly flickered, sometimes able to be seen but sometimes not.

If one stood at the door to look, it seemed as if this wooden house was incomparably calm.

But Liu Yuqing knew, that this was only an illusion.

If one approached one metre of Lu Zhaoge’s body, there would be instantly a destructive energy that surged out. Even if it was an expert of the Bitter Sea stage, if they were hit by such energy fluctuations, they would instantly be heavily injured.

The Lu Zhaoge at this time, had already completely and fullly activated his yuan power that was like that of a deity.

“Ever since the battle that year, I have never seen Lord Lu suffer such a serious injury.” Liu Yuqing was somewhat worried in his head, silently waiting while sitting on a wooden chair.

Time passed minute by second.

One hour passed by.

The three yuan qi flowers near the head of Lu Zhaoge gradually sunk down, entering into his temple. The white mist surrounding him, also slowly dispersed. The strange objects that could be seen in the clear illumination of the sunlight, also gradually sank on the grass woven mat on the floor.

The Youyan war god, slowly opened his eyes.

He lightly breathed out.

“Lord, how is it? There was happiness on Liu Yuqing’s face as he asked impatiently.

Lu Zhaoge lightly shook his head. He was about to say something, when he opened his mouth.—–


A jet of blood was spat out.

“Lord……..” Liu Yuqing was greatly shocked.

Lu Zhaoge waved his hands. “It doesn’t matter. The power of the curse of the demon race within the bone dagger of Yan Buhui cannot be erased so easily and quickly. And within the flames of the girl of darkness, there is the power of darkness. Through a moment’s lapse, these two types of powers have invaded inside my body. To want to get rid of it, I need to spend a great deal of effort…..Haha, this time, Yan Buhui has really nearly succeeded.”

As he said this, his palm faintly extended and drew back in the air.

The blood that he had just spat out, suddenly behaved as if it was alive. Drop by drop, it moved automatically, gathering from the floor, the woven mat, and the wooden table and chairs, finally rising in the air and forming a scarlet red ball of light like a pearl. Dripping and flowing, it once again returned to the palm of Lu Zhaoge.

The impurities tainted in the blood, were instantly forced out.

This globe of blood was translucent like a crystal, exceedingly pure, and emitted a shred of strange radiance.

But if one observed in detail, one would observe line after line of strange white patterns, that were coiled around it like poisonous cobras. There were also blotches of blackness that could faintly be seen.

“A terrifying curse like power. It should be an item that came from the royal court of the snow ground demon king.” Lu Zhaoge carefully observed the two strange powers within the blood, then let out a minute smile. “The curse of the snow ground demon court, is rumoured to have a terrible power that even deities fear. It’s rumours does indeed do it justice.”

The Liu Yuqing by the side did not know what to say.

Rumour does indeed do it justice?

The matter was already so grave. This Lord Lu really had a magnanimous attitude, with still such a mood to say such things. It was as if the person suffering from the curse was not himself but someone else.

“For two types of bizarre power to enter into my body, there is a certain degree of difficulty in getting rid of it. I need to spend a certain length of time.” Lu Zhaoge opened his mouth, swallowing the globe of blood.

The blood, flesh, bone and marrow of top level experts, were similar to the natural treasures of heaven and earth. They contained powerful energy within. If they lost skin and flesh, this would also damage their yuan power. Furthermore, this type of blood would not decay for a hundred years, and it contained the power of the curse as well as the flames of darkness. It could easily cause destruction, harming other living forms if it were left rampant.

“If I am ultimately unable to get rid of these two demonic powers in my body, then I’m afraid that…..” Lu Zhaoge thought it over. “I fear I will delay the Spring time offence of the army. If I cannot do this in time, I think there will be a need for a new commander for the Youyan army.”

Liu Yuqing hearing this, was utterly shocked. He stood up in an instant, his mouth wide open. He did not know what to say.

With Lu Zhaoge’s ability, to say such words, one could tell that he had no confidence this time of really passing this trial .The power of the curse as well as the flames of darkness, was it really terrifying to this degree?

“How could this be, great commander you…” Liu Yuqing did not know what he could say.

Lu Zhaoge smiled slightly, suppressing the strange power in his body. “Don’t worry for me. This time that demon race has formed an alliance with the Unmoving City of Darkness, it was greatly disadvantageous for us. On that day, I wanted to find out more, but it is a pity the new king of the Unmoving City of Darkness was not willing to speak. But she said the words ‘transaction’ – I hope that means the demon race and the Unmoving City of Darkness has not really allied together. They should not have a reason to join forces.”

As he spoke to here, he said again: “If the item that I need, the Imperial family can bring it in time, then perhaps I can solve the problem of my body before the Spring time offence. Otherwise…..”

Liu Yuqing hearing this, had a flicker of rage in his face “Could it be those fellows, would not care about the greater picture at all? They would dare make difficulties on this matter for commander Lu, you? Are they crazy?”

Lu Zhaoge smiled slightly “For those who dream about dismantling the Youyan army, is this not a great opportunity? I think they will not have such an easier chance ever again.”

Remaining silent for a moment, he then said: “That’s right, I’ve heard the six great sects have already sent their experts to within the Pass?”


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