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206 – Chaotic signs

Liu Yuqing nodded his head. “The [Dragon Whip] Jing Qiming of the Violet Seven Stars sect, the Li Qiushui of the Crepe Myrtle sect, the Quan Zhendong of the Setting Sun and Great River sect, the Wang Yifeng of the Deer Cauldron sect already came to Youyan Pass last night. Zhao Shanhe of the Dragon Tiger sect, the Qin Zhishui of the Matchless Blade city should arrive approximately of this afternoon. These are the top level expert of the new generation in the top six sects. Their arrival, will signify that Youyan Pass is about to be busy.”

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head. “The people of the sects, think of themselves highly. Their strength and talent is exceptional, but the more this is so, the more that they will not be so obedient when they arrive here. If there are none in the army that can suppress them, there will be many troubles…… Siufeng and the others cannot disregard their status to suppress them…. If we cannot make do, then I will have to trouble the person beside you.”

“You mean….. fine, it seems from the current situation, we can only do this.” Liu Yuqing nodded his head.

“After so many years, we still cannot produce a young genius in the Youyan army. Could it be that only the sects can produce a young top level expert?” Lu Zhaoge sighed for a while. “In the past, they could not even accommodate Yan Buhui, leading to such a painful consequence today….. Yuqing, do you think I still have a chance to make things right for the things that happened in the past?”

Liu Yuqing did not say anything.

The Lu Zhaoge today, was different from other days. The him that cultivated in the emotionless heart sutra, should not have such regrets and worries.

The matters in the past, many people were able to guess as to just what has happened. Yan Buhui was originally fated to die, but ultimately was able to live on. The reverse occurred instead of destroying him root and branch. This originally was the greatest humiliation ever since the Youyan army was founded, but very many people knew, that this humiliation should not be borne by the Youyan army. In the sure kill plan, just how was Yan Buhui able to live on, became the greatest mystery of the core forces that had participated in this matter in the past.

But hearing the words of Yan Buhui and Lu Zhaoge today, it was very likely that some people could already find the answer.

Even though Liu Yuqing did not know why Lu Zhaoge said such words, but with Lu Zhaoge’s wisdom, there must be a very deep meaning contained within.

As to why they Youyan army still could not produce true young top level experts, and still relied on these old people to support the Pass, this matter was far too complicated. Lu Zhaoge may not know the true reason behind this, so he only just sighed. There were some matters that even if you know the truth behind it, it was still very hard to change……

However, it was untrue that there was not a true genius that had appeared.

Liu Yuqing suddenly thought of a name.

He was about to speak, when he heard Lu Zhaoge continue on “Oh, that’s right, that Ye Qingyu… do you feel about him?”

Liu Yuqing let out a faint smile, he was just about to mention this name. He instantly nodded his head: “Great potential.”

“Great potential?” Lu Zhaoge glanced at Liu Yuqing, saying with a smile “Mister Liu rarely gives such a straightforward evaluation of a person. It sems like this Ye Qingyu suits your appetite really well. At the beginning, the military department let out a direct order for this youth to come to the army, without any input from the Youyan army to assume the role of the patrolling sword envoy. I orignally thought, this matter would be very complicated, but I did not think…..“

“That’s right, I originally also assumed that was so. But after the investigation of the experts of the [Shadow Camp], I’ve found out that his background is completely clean. There is also the news, that this order, came directly from within the Imperial palace…..” Liu Yuqing said “Perhaps it is us that turned a simple matter into something complicated. This youth possesses a heroic military badge, he originally is someone that deserves trust.”

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head “Your words are right, I feel that he is an excellent talent. It is only his temperament that is somewhat rash and straightforward. His strength and temperament somewhat does not match. I originally wanted to give him great responsibility, but I fear that his personality is too forceful, and will provoke too many people. This will conversely be bad for him, and cause his path to end early and cause harm to him instead. The example of Yan Buhui, is evident.”

Liu Yuqing did not say anything.

Lu Zhaoge’s evaluation was reasonable. The way Ye Qingyu did things did not allow for any bend in it. Even facing Zhang San, this huge figure, he chose to fight hard with hard. Although the end result was something that was outsude of everyone’s expectations, but the way he did things, made Liu Yuqing sweat for this young hero.

“If his strength can take a step forward, then right now he can assume more responsibility.” Lu Zhaoge smiled. “In truth, my expectations for him is still high. This little fellow, is a sharp sword, as long as we grind and polish it, his future will arrive soon.”

“But the time given to us, is becoming less and less. A pity. If Ye Qingyu appeared ten years before….. no, five years, or even three, he can bear even more……time does not wait for us.” Liu Yuqing sighed.

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head, and was about to say something when he let out a shocked exclamation.

The colour of his face changed, turning to look at the window outside.

“What is it?” Liu Yuqing’s expression was perplexed.

“Somewhat interesting.” There was a trace of curiosity on Lu Zhaoge’s face. “On the battle that day, I lost a drop of blood. Afterwards I sensed carefully, and discovered it was lost. I can faintly sense it’s existence, but if I examine in detail there are no traces at all. This is really too curious.”

“There’s such a thing?” Liu Yuqing was utterly shaken.

With Lu Zhaoge’s strength, even if a strand of his hair fell, he could be able to find it from hundreds of miles his way. His consciousness and senses were so strong that if he used his full strength, the entire Youyan Pass was an area within his control. Within his blood, there was his power and spirit held within. Even if it was taken by someone, he would be able to sense it. To think such a strange matter would occur?

“This is even more interesting. Just now, I can faintly sense, that the power of the curse and the flames of darkness in that droplet of blood, has been extinguished by a little.” There was a strange colour on Lu Zhaoge’s face. “Someone has obtained that drop of blood, and even resolved the cursed power within the blood. This matter, is really too perplexing.“

Liu Yuqing hearing this, fell into deep thought. “If we are able to find this person, if this person is someone of the human race, then does this not mean…. the injuries of great commander, can be fully healed?”

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head, then shook his head. “The problem is, this person is too hard to find. My senses unexpectedly cannot determine the position of his body. There is a mysterious power that has shrouded his aura from me. I can be sure that he is in the North East direction……. Yuqing, it seems we have made an oversight. That there is such an expert within Youyan Pass, but we were not able to discover him.”

Liu Yuqing’s expression had a graveness in his shock. Nodding his head, he said “I will go investigate.”



White Horse tower.

The sweat on Ye Qingyu’s face, fell drop by drop.

He looked at his own palm.

That bizarre droplet of blood, once again settled down.

Approximately an hour ago, when there was an acute pain in his palm, Ye Qingyu discovered that there was a bizarre energy fluctuation in the strange blood that had merged and immersed within his palm. It was as if there were poisonous vines growing everywhere, that was growing from within the blood and was madly invading into his own body.

Thankfully Ye Qingyu activated the Supreme ice flame at the first instant. Only by doing this, could he suppress this bizarre energy down.

There really was something strange with that droplet of blood.

“Thankfully a quarter of this strange power has already been extinguished by my [Supreme Ice flame]. The remainder has also become honest…..” Ye Qingyu looked at his palm, feeling somewhat depressed. Just what was this, if this blood suddenly acted up at a crucial moment, it was definitely life threatening.

But the problem was, when it was not acting up, Ye Qingyu had no way of utilising the Supreme Ice flame to extinguish and eradicate it.

“In this blood, there are in total three types of energy. One is the original power of the blood, it is comparatively pure and calm. The other is that with demonic power, and there is another scarlet scorching energy. The latter two energies are not too friendly, with an extremely destructive power……”

Ye Qingyu carefully recalled the sensations just now.

He faintly felt, that he had seen that dim red scorching power before.

“I must be careful in the future, and must quickly get rid of this drop of blood. Otherwise, there will be a great problem.” Ye Qingyu had trepidation in his heart.



In the next few days after this, the activities to scout out and kill the demon race within Youyan Pass became more and more intense.

The demon race had out of the blue invaded Youyan Pass. It was as if this incident had lit a flame that could not be controlled.

This flame began madly burning and raging throughout the entire Youyan Pass. The experts of the army searched for the demon race everywhere. Those citizens who had lost their families because of the demon race, as well as the Jinaghu people who became motivated by the monetary rewards, also participated in this mad operation to search and hunt the demon race out.

Those people who had lived for tens of years, felt that there was nothing they could do.

Because when they awoke, they would suddenly receive the notice, that their own neighbour, the people that they know, the people they had conversations with…… the people that were once very familiar with them, were demons in disguise.

There were many people that did not dare believe this. To think that the Pass that had been cultivated painstakingly by the Youyan army ,that there were so many spies of the demon race hidden within.

Everyday, there would be spies of the demon race that would be discovered. They would be placed on the beheading demon platforms to be killed, and the bloody head and corpse would be held in the steel cages as an example.

This blood smell, permeated throughout Youyan Pass.

If at the start, this operation was controlled normally within its area, then as time passed on, as the bloody smell spread throughout everywhere, with some people with particular motives began fanning the flames, this situation became madder and madder. It was as if everyone’s eyes were covered and smothered by fresh blood, there was only killing in their eyes……..

There were even some signs of robbery during a fire.

Within Youyan Pass, there was an unprecedented chaotic situation that appeared.

Although the army had arrested some people that were taking advantage of the situation, but the chaoticness of the Pass did not stop because of this.

Some of the Jianghu people, also began swaggering in the large roads. They had unfriendly expressions as they stared at the people passing by. Once they discovered something suspicious, they would instantly rush to interrogate them, as if they were a pack of rabid dogs. There were all sorts of posters and formation tools in their hands, with a scorching light burning in their eyes.


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