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206 – Studded with stars!

Chapter 206: Studded with stars!

Everybody would do their best. Everyone wanted to win a competition.

Just who likes the feeling of losing?

So, Li Muyang thought that frequently repeating the mantra ‘friendship first, competition second’ was really stupid and pointless.

After receiving confirmation by Li Muyang and Chu Xun once again, the duel officially begun.

“Other students please retreat to the safe area.” Yang Xiaohu stood on the referee’s seat and motioned them away from the battlefield.

As Lin Canghai walked passed Li Muyang, he patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Li Muyang, I support you.”

“Thank you.” Li Muyang beamed.

Lin Canghai patted Li Muyang again on the shoulder, before he strode away in large steps.

Tie Muxin walked directly over to Li Muyang and gave him a big hug, almost squeezing Li Muyang so hard that it was impossible to breathe, then clapped him on the back, saying: “Brother, I hope you win. If you can’t win against him, I’ll beat him up later.”

“I’ll do my best——you let go.” Li Muyang tried to pull himself free.

“My good brother, you must win.” Realising Li Muyang’s discomfort, Tie Muxin finally let go.

As Qiandu walked away, she smiled at Li Muyang, clenched her fist and said: “Do well.”

There were seven students in the class, and three of them had already publicly expressed their support for Li Muyang.

Not on the side of anyone, Cai Pa was the first to stand in the spectators’ stand at the safe area.

Chu Xun complexion did not look too good; it was completely different to what he was used to in Tiandu. Back then, everyone revolved around him and everyone was genuinely fond of him. He was also tolerant, confident and relaxed. Why did he feel that people disliked and ignored him at Starry Sky academy?

No, this was not a feeling, but a fact.

Chu Xun could tell that, although Li Muyang was not outstandingly good-looking, but has already became the core of the class.

Chu Xun could not accept this.

Just what was so good about him?

Chu Xun firmly fixed his gaze on Lu Qiji, the only one who could give him supporting strength.

Lu Qiji simply swept a glance over Li Muyang, before heading straight to the safety area.

“——” Chu Xun felt as if a basin of ice water was poured right over him in the winter. Where were his fans?

Standing between Li Muyang and Chu Xun, Yang Xiaohu asked: “You two have chosen your weapons?”

“I use a sword.” Chu Xun spoke with clenched teeth, looking at Li Muyang with fierce, piercing eyes. Only the guy in front of him could help vent the anger in his heart. No matter what, he had to knock him down to the ground.

Then, those idiots who supported Li Muyang would definitely be upset, right?

Li Muyang thought for a moment before he replied: “I don’t use weapons.”

The Understand Heaven sword was sitting in his room, but he dared not to show it to others. To avoid it being recognised, which would only bring trouble to himself.

He also did not know any sword techniques. The only thing he studied seriously was ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.

Li Muyang could not help but panic inside.

He has nothing, how can he fight Chu Xun?

He began to think deeply, whether he should first scream ‘Ahh’ and then drop to the ground to pretend his belly suddenly hurted, or to lie on the ground first and then scream’ Ahh’ to pretend his belly hurts——

He did not escape before, so if he escaped now it would be embarrassing.

“Seeking death.” Chu Xun sneered. He thought that the reason Li Muyang did not choose a weapon was to deliberately pretend to be strong, in order to express contempt for him. His anger rose again, as he decided to make the arrogant egomaniac receive a proper punishment later.

“If the duel was a contention of mouth and tongue, you would have won already.” Li Muyang retorted.

“Well said.” Tie Muxin applauded vigorously. “Muyang classmate, you definitely will win.”


Chu Xun drew the sword hanging at his waist, uttering: “Then let’s begin.”

“Wait.” Yang Xiaohu hurriedly interrupted. He looked at both Li Muyang and Chu Xun as he continued: “You have to wait for the referee’s command——Begin.”

As soon as his voice faded away, others had already moved to the safe area.

Chu Xun vanished from his original place, the sword in his hand transforming into thousands of images of sword.

Because of the countless images, even the shadow of the swords could not be seen clearly.

But in front of each shadow were flickering lights, shrouding Li Muyang with tens of thousand of starlight, while overhead was studded with stars, like a spectacular display.

There was neither sound of wind, nor the twisting and struggling of the images of sword cutting through space.

Complete silence.

The sword did not reveal any sword qi, nor exhibited any intent to kill.

How do you kill someone without sword qi or intent to kill?

It was extremely quiet, but a beautiful scene emerged.

From the tip of the blade to the top of the handle, it was extremely bizarre.

“Starlight Sword.” A smile of delight lit up Lin Canghai’s face. He was a sword enthusiast, who treats all kinds of rare swords as treasures. Although his heart and body was standing on Li Muyang’s side, but seeing that Li Muyang’s opponent Chu Xun’s first attack was Starlight Sword’s ‘studded with stars’, he felt an inexplicable excitement.

He already knew that this trip was worthwhile. The fight should be exciting.

“Bullshit studded with stars, is just some fancy but useless stuff——” Tie Muxin was a hardcore ‘Muyang supporter’. Before he finished speaking, he already began to shout to Li Muyang: “Kill him with one punch.”

Yang Xiaohu vanished from his seat, and then instantly reappeared at Tie Muxin’s side, whispering: “Tie Muxin classmate, quietly watch, don’t make so much noise.”

Tie Muxin angrily glared at Yang Xiaohu. Seeing Yang Xiaohu’s meaningful glance at him, he chuckled: “Teacher Yang is right.”

Qiandu remained calm, her long eyelashes fluttering and her beautiful big eyes unblinkingly staring at Li Muyang.

Although she was attracted by the brilliance of Starlight Sword, but her attention was still on Li Muyang.

She was waiting for Li Muyang’s counterattack.

Lu Qiji’s response was similar to that of Qiandu, but more extreme.

She did not watch Chu Xun’s sword skill. She has seen much more exquisite sword moves of ‘Starlight Sword’. Back when she practiced with Chu Xun, ‘studded with stars’ was one of the moves she had experienced countless times before. The ninety-one kinds of changes contained in it, she also thoroughly understood.

She more looked forward to Li Muyang’s counterattack; she wanted to know, the guy that had merged with the Tear of the Dragon King and inherited the mantle of the Dragon King, just how powerful was he.

Li Muyang slammed his eyes shut.

He stood with his breath quietly held and his fists clenched.

“He’s about to use a big move.” That was what everyone was thinking.

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on Li Muyang, as they anxiously anticipated for his attack.

As stars completely enveloped Li Muyang and his surrounding areas, only the shining starlight could be seen, while Li Muyang’s body disappeared from sight.


Once the starlight gathered together, there was a sudden explosion.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Couldn’t he borrow a sword

    • He could borrow a sword, but he couldn’t borrow someone else’s swordsmanship. Since he hadn’t practiced with the sword in his current life, unless he went full dragon soul, he’s better off using the techniques he’s most familiar with.

      And full dragon soul would get him killed, so…

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