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207 – One sword defeats the enemy!

Chapter 207: One sword defeats the enemy!

At the very moment he looked up at the striking starlight, the starry sky suddenly exploded before his eyes.

Li Muyang, as if situated in the Milky Way, stretched out his hand and surprisingly touched every star in front of him.

He could not see the martial arts tournament ground, or the referee and spectators, only a city of stars——

“The more beautiful things are, the greater the lethality.”

This was what Li Muyang came to realise from Li Shinian. He thought that the lethality of Li Shinian’s attacks was tremendous.

However, he simply felt numb and unable to make his move.

He could not see the target or where Chu Xun was.

Adding to this, he could not determine which was the real sword blade that Chu Xun flashed out.

Could it be his target of attack is the starlight?

Even if he punched out, what is the significance for him and his opponent?

A move that can’t hurt people is not a good move.

Li Muyang had too little fighting experience, which could be counted with one’s fingers——and was also the times the old dragon manipulated his body to kill his opponents.

When he was small he also didn’t fight with his schoolmates, rather his schoolmates beat him up.

Whether it was combat experience or the cards in his hand, Li Muyang was far below that of Chu Xun.

Li Muyang felt a little nervous.

Despite the Qi in his dantian flowing rapidly, he did not know how to exert this strength.

Both his hands were balled into fists, but he did not know where to strike.
Of course, Li Muyang’s movement and action seemed like he was preparing a huge move——

He wanted to surrender.

He felt that he was currently no match for Chu Xun, and wanted to drag the date of battle to a point when he can beat him.

After all, for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late.


Just when Li Muyang still could not understand how to defeat this sword, each speck of stars suddenly exploded.

Countless stars exploded, bursting into a dense thick trail of sparks.

Each spark, like an arrow or sharp sword, shot toward Li Muyang’s body.

It wasn’t until this moment that the sword exhibited a killing intent, a strong murderous aura that engulfed everything.

“The essence of this sword is to hide the killing intent and the sword qi in the stars——” Lin Canghai said excitedly. “Once all the stars explode, the killing intent and the sword qi would release instantaneously. As the killing intent and sword qi fiercely collide, it will destroy the opponent inside into minced flesh or even a cloud of air——”

Lin Canghai clenched his fist tight, stating: “This move is extremely difficult to solve, afraid it does not bode well for Li Muyang at all.”

Qiandu lightly bit her lip, saying: “Li Muyang will be fine.”

“Exactly.” Tie Muxin’s heart nearly jumped out of his throat, his eyes bulged wide open, his face contorted by nervous tension. He could not help but think, if it were him, how would he avoid or counterattack this move?

He really couldn’t think of a better way.

“Starlight Sword is one of the special sword techniques of the Chu Clan of West Wind Kingdom, and only the royalty can practice this sword. It’s hard for ordinary people to pry into the mysteriousness of this sword.” Yang Xiaohu is knowledgeable and multi-talented, even at this moment he did not forgot to teach his students some basic sword knowledge. “The royal family possesses countless treasures and the rare books they have are enough to fill carts. However, all royal children learn ‘Starlight Sword’ as an introduction to the sword, which clearly shows how much the Chu Clan values this sword technique. And to let everyone know that ‘Starlight Sword’ has some exceptional points that we do not know about.”

“Chu Xun is proud, he naturally has reasons for his pride. This is the foundation of his pride..” Cai Pa said aloud.

Tie Muxin glanced over his shoulder and stared at Cai Pa: “How can you help that guy?”

“I just stated a fact.” Cai Pa said indifferently. The big girl seldom spoke and was always serious in speech and manner. Because of her ordinary appearance, she did not stand out——everyone’s eyes were always on Lu Qiji and Qiandu, who has time to pay attention to whether she smiles or not?

When the outer skin of the beautiful display was torn, exposing the real ferocious face, Li Muyang felt the tremendous pressure.

The earth-shattering pressure that pressed down like mountains toppling over and seas overturning made Li Muyang felt he was about to crumble.

Moreover, he felt his body began to expand, face began to change shape, and every one of his pore gushing out blood.

“Go to hell.” Li Muyang could not wait any longer.

He punched out.

To the exploding starlight, the flames and sparks covering the sky.


Breaking fist, can break the sun, moon, mountains and rivers.

Of course, it was the time of ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.

After Li Muyang threw out his explosive fist, the starlight in front of him dissipated vastly, like someone wiped off a part of the sky.

But the coming storm was even more dangerous.

Because the starlight and sparks around grew more furious and irritable, like a bull enraged by the waving of a cloth.

“Bad.” Lin Canghai cried out. “To break this sword technique, one must use skill, look for its eye and not use force to break its virtual body. Li Muyang’s strength and qi have infiltrated into the stars, and would only become an unstable factor inside the empty space, attracting them towards him, engulfing him and counterattacking——”

Before Lin Canghai’s voice died away, the expanding sparks of starlight above Li Muyang’s head began to gather like a block of magnet was pulling them together.

They expanded in an instant, like countless stars forming into a scorching sun.

A blazing ball of light shone brightly, unleashing dazzling rays of light.


The ball of light exploded.

As the golden light erupted, the whole arena was crammed with brightness, everyone’s eyes were dazzled and blinded the moment they saw the light.

Li Muyang’s body was propelled into the air, hurtling uncontrollably through the air.

Finally, Chu Xun appeared.

The sword that he swung down finally appeared.

His body surfaced in the midst of the light, fusing with the golden light. He became the brightest star among the countless stars, the most overbearing sword among the innumerable swords.

“Li Muyang, you idiot——” The corners of Chu Xun’s mouth twisted into mocking smile, as he said coldly: “I know you’re stupid, but I did not think you are this stupid. Today, let me give you a ride——”

His body swiftly soared, the long sword in his hand with a bluish aura lunged at Li Muyang’s chest.

As the sword in his hand streaked across the sky, all the stars that had come to self destruct evaded the sword by quickly stepping to either side, like they were fearful of a demon inside the sword.

“Li Muyang, hurry and escape——” Qiandu anxiously screamed. She did not expect Li Muyang to be so vulnerable, to the point that he can’t even take Chu Xun’s first sword attack.

“Chu Xun, show mercy——” Lin Canghai yelled. As he spoke, his sword flashed out, as though he may launch a fatal blow towards Chu Xun.

“No killing——” Yang Xiaohu shouted with a scowl on his face——

“One sword destroys the city.” Chu Xun, like the god of death arriving in the world, bellowed.


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  1. Thank you for the new chapters 🙂

  2. At the end of last release, I was afraid that the inheritance had changed Muyang. Nice to see he’s still the inexperienced, fearful boy we have come to know.

  3. Lame really dull. Where did all those memories go hes so weak, it was better when the dragon took over now hes just a shell, no skills or combat experience

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