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208 – Thirty percent off

“I was fortunate enough to receive the invitation to the Pass Lord’s residence. I was able to see the face of Marquis Ye at the bestowal ceremony when you were presented with your title.” The shopkeeper replied with a smile. “Marquis Ye is a young genius, you have always been in the spotlight in these recent days in the entire Youyan Pass. Those people with status and identity, if they do not recognise Marquis Ye, they really have eyes but no pupils.”

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly, but did not say anything in response.

This shopper was a person extremely skilled with his words. At the very least, the words he said just now, apart from complimenting him, was evidently indicating that he was a very important figure within Youyan Pass. He was able to come and go from the Pass Lord’s residence, this could not help but make people raise their estimation of him.

“I wonder what the Marquis wants?” The shopkeeper enthusiastically grinned at him. “If you really have a need, you don’t need to come personally. As long as you send someone to give me a notice, I will definitely deliver what you want at the first instant. For those who have contributed greatly towards the army, they can receive a twenty percent off in the Hundred herb hall.”

“Oh? There is such a rule?” Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised.

“This is how it is. The Hundred herb hall was founded when the Empire was founded. It was once the specified merchant companies for the procurement of herbs for the Empire. The earliest president of the business once said, that Hundred herb hall was only able to reach the state it is today, by relying on the support of the Empire. In these years, the Hundred herb hall has always cooperated with the Empire, with ten percent off given to people from the army. Those who have greatly contributed to the armies of the Empire, can get twenty percent off.” The shopkeeper seriously explained. “For Marquis Ye being so exceptional and talented, and having such great contributions, becoming the youngest Marquis of the Empire, can be counted as a miracle. Your name, has long appeared in the list of the most noble guests of the Empire of Hundred herb hall. If you want to procure any herbs or medicine, then it will be thirty percent off.”

Ye Qingyu hearing this, his heart was shaken yet again.

Thirty percent off?

This really was outside of his expectations.

If it was a large sect that came to procure supplies, thirty percent off was really a great amount of wealth they could save.

This Hundred herb hall, had really given greatly this time.

Since it was like so, then of course he had to accept.

Demon King Ye was not a pedantic version.

Far off.

The little worker that had previously received Ye Qingyu, seeing this scene, was incomparably stunned in his heart. He licked his lips, somewhat curious.

This white robed young man, just who was he?

For the shopkeeper to receive him personally – Normally, even if it was those glorious military warfare officers that arrived, the manager would not be so enthusiastic. Just where had this great character popped up from?

Thinking back, that he had just chatted with such a great character, the mood of this little worker, apart from feeling a little bit of fear, felt largely excited.

It seems like these great figures were not as hard to deal with as what his senior brothers had said.

It was as if there was a ray of sunlight that had entered into the heart of the little worker; there was a type of warm feeling.

The other side.

Hearing the shopkeeper constantly introducing the glorious history of the hundred herb hall, Ye Qingyu halted in front of one of the copper medicinal boxes. Turning back with a smile: “Then thank you very much, shopkeeper Sui, I want to purchase some iron seven coloured herb, do you have it in stock?”

The iron seven coloured herb was namely one of the ingredients of the pill formula.

Shopkeeper Sui smiled as he heard this: “Marquis you have came to the right place today. Iron herbs are typically made of five colours, and six colours are rarely able to see. Seven coloured herbs are extremely uncommon, there are very little people who have ever seen one before. If you went somewhere else, they would think you were having a joke with them. But within the hundred herb hall, there really is such a herb.”

Ye Qingyu was delighted in his heart.

There were a total of eighteen different kinds of ingredients on the pill formula. There were eight ingredients that Ye Qingyu had heard of before but ten were completely unknown to him. In these days within White Horse tower, he had researched the attributes of these differents gerbs, He understood very well that the iron seven coloured herb was really rare, he had not imagined that the hundred herb hall would really have it in stock.

But his expression did not show any change, asking again: “Do you have the mysterious voice three ringed wood?”

As shopkeeper Sui heard this, he let out a faint smile: “So marquis Ye was a person with great knowledge and understanding of herbs. The two herbs you just mentioned is extremely rare, but not only have I heard of them before, coincidentally the hundred herb hall also has it in shock.

He had it in stock too?

Ye Qingyu’s heart could not help but be overjoyed.

He once again spat out tens of names of the other different herbs.

Shopkeeper Sui attentively verified every name said by Ye Qingyu, his expression becoming more and more serious. After pondering for a while, he said: “All these herbs, are extremely rare. In a normal herbal store, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find such herbs. Some of the names, are what they are known by at the upper age, far ancient age and even the God and devil age. By today, their names have long changed. A normal herbal expert would most likley not even have heard of these names before. I did not think that Marquis Ye would have such in depth knowledge towards these herbs and medicines.”

“How about it?” Ye Qingyu asked.

All the herbs and ingredients in the pill formula had been read out by him. If it were herbs in the God and Devil age, then they most likely have gone extinct by now. Who would have thought this [Medicine man] really had such ability, to be able to discern the names and what they were known by in the ancient ages. It seems like he had really found the right person today.

Ye Qingyu was not afraid that this Shopkeeper Sui would be able to figure out anything from these ingredients. Different kinds of ingredients had different quantities, sequence and composition. Only by doing a process in a certain way, could a pill be refined. Refining a pill was an extremely complicated process that took a long amount of time. The amount of heat, control etc had to be precise. It was not something that one was able to figure out just from the ingredients.

“We have all these ingredients, in hundred herb hall.” Shopkeeper Sui let out an affirmative reply.

Ye Qingyu let out a breath of relief.

“But…..” Shopkeeper Sui hesitated for a bit, observing the expression on Ye Qingyu’s face: “Of the lion worm heart powder, the flying cloud vine and the violet jade gold radish, we do not have it in the stock in the branch within Youyan Pass. We need to request they allocate it to us. If there is a hurry for these ingredients, we can approximately obtain it within six days. ”

Six days?

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh of relief.

He could easily wait for six days.

In reality, before setting out today, he had already set his expectations that he could not obtain all the ingredients, or perhaps that he could not even obtain even one ingredient. After all, this was a very ancient pil formula. After the long years had passed, there was absolutely the possibility that some of the Spirit herbs and medicines had gone extinct. Compared to this, this was already an extremely great news.

“Of these herbs, I wonder what quantities Marquis Ye needs it in?” Shopkeeper Sui brought Ye Qingyu to the noble guest area of the great hall in the first floor. There was a female servant who presented him with tea as he carefully asked his question.

Ye Qingyu glanced over the list of prices, his heart faintly shocked. The prices were far higher than he had imagined. If he procured all the ingredients available, it could roughly only sustain him refining this pill ten times over.

But this pill had too great a significance for him. Ye Qingyu thought it over, biting his teeth, then stated the quantities he needed it in.

Then the matter afterwards, became much simpler.

According to the discount of thirty percent off, he gave a deposit over. Signing a formation contract, this transaction officially became effective.

“Six days later, I will personally deliver the herbs to your residence. For Marquis Ye to come and procure herbs from our hundred herb hall, this has really brought us too great a glory. I thank you for your trust. If you have any need at all, then please direct me as you will . We will give you the best and quickest service.”
Shopkeeper Sui said very happily.

For the hundred herb jhal, it did not matter too much just how much money they made.

The branches of the hundred herb hall were spread throughout snow empire. The profit and loss they sustained everyday was something a normal person could not even imagined. And for every shopkeeper of every region, profit was one of the criterias were they would compete against each other on. But the great harvest for Shopkeeper Sui today, was that he was able to network with Ye Qingyu, this was the most important matter.

One must know that in the most recent scroll of the hundred herb hall passed down internally, it had an extremely high evaluation of this Ye Qingyu. The elders of the hall all agreed that if there was enough time, this new noble of the army would perhaps become one of the representative of the Youyan army. To keep a positive relation with such a character, was much more valuable than making money from a single transaction.

As for Ye Qingyu, he also greatly admired the way hundred herb hall handled matters.

This was a transaction that made both parties satisfied.

And when Ye Qingyu prepared to turn and leave, there was suddenly a clamour that came from outside the great hall. What followed after was a flurry of footsteps, with the faint hints of shouts, as if some kind of conflict had occurred.

What had happened?

The colour of shopkeeper Sui faintly changed, smiling slightly:”This is a small matter. Recently, there has been many Jianghu people in the city….”

Ye Qingyu smiled, indicating that he understood.

But after a while, this clamour did not end, but rather became louder and louder. If one strained, one could hear the distressed cries of a woman, and someone cursing loudly.
A little worker rushed in, in a panicked state, saying something beside the ear of Shopkeeper Sui

There was a trace of rage that appeared on Shopkeeper Sui’s face. Standing up and clasping his hands, he quickly said: “Marquis, excuse me. I’ll go and have a look, I’m afraid I have to interrupt our conversation….”

Ye Qingyu also stood up. “I’ll also accompany Shopkeeeper Sui to have a look.”

Shopkeeper Sui was somewhat surprised: “Exactly what I was looking for.”

Under the lead of two of the workers, they came to the front of the great hall of the first floor. They saw a crowd of people pointing at someplace and discussing. Splitting part the crowd, they saw a crowd of Jianghu people wearing purple robes standing like wolves or tigers at the entrance to the hall. They blocked everyone inside, emitting a killing intent. There was a delicate face yellow dressed young married woman as well as a child four or five years old, that was under steel shackles. They were about to be dragged away……

“Shopkeeper Sui, you’ve finally arrived….””

“This bunch of people wants to take away senior sister Huang and Ling’er!”

“Shopkeeper Sui, quickly save them.”

Once shopkeeper Sui appeared, all the workers of the store quickly rushed over with panic in their face.

“What is happening?” There was a hint of rage between the tightly locked brows of Shopkeepr Sui.

This young married woman in a yellow dress that was held in steel shackles, her name was Huang Zhen. She was one of the herbal masters of hundred herb hall, and had profound medical skills. Shopkeeper Sui admired her knowledge in terms of herbs and medicines. Her husband was a military warfare officer within Youyan Pass, and had misfortunately perished two years ago in two battle. Huang Zhen had endured the pain, and raised her son Ling’er alone. She possessed an extremely stubborn personality. She received much respect and protection from the workers of the store.

The people of the Jianghu, dared to cause trouble and come to the hundred herb hall to capture someone?

The fires of rage of Shopkeeper Sui was currently burning.

“Who are you people? Why have you come to capture people of my hundred herb hall?”


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