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209 – One sword destroys the cities!

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Chapter 209: One sword destroys cities!

There was a moment when Chu Xun unexpectedly had this illusion: the person lying on the ground was himself and the person with a long sword inserted in his chest was also himself. He was the real loser of this battle.

Otherwise, how could Li Muyang talk to him in that disrespectful tone; how could he bargain with him with that kind of attitude like he could beat him and was not afraid of him at all——Was there something wrong with his head?

Li Muyang’s attitude that showed not the slightest sign of weakness irritated Chu Xun even more. Like he did not care about winning or losing, or did not even view Chu Xun as someone important.

At the very least, Chu Xun did not feel the proper respect and glory that a victor should receive, but rather an eerie atmosphere that his opponent deliberately created——this did not matter. If it was he, he could create such an atmosphere in minutes.

The sword in Chu Xun’s hand was still inserted in Li Muyang’s chest, his eyelids slightly closed together, preventing others seeing his real emotions through his eyes.

“Damn asshole.” He cursed in his mind.

His mind was very hesitant, very contradictory.

According to his own thoughts, as long he exert downward pressure with his sword, just as he had said, and pierced into Li Muyang’s heart, not even a deity could save him then.

Just a commoner of social stratum below the level of ordinary people, it’s not like he has not done something similar before.

However, they were at Starry Sky Academy, watched by teachers and students in the sideline. If he killed his classmate in public, can he still stay in Starry Sky Academy? If Starry Sky Academy blamed him, could the West Wind Kingdom’s royal family protect him?

Besides, he was just an idle little prince of an idle prince, who would really care? Those uncles and cousins will only gloat over his misfortune and make sarcastic remarks.

The sound of a sword pulling out of the flesh.

Chu Xun made a choice.

After all, there was no way he could pierce through the heart of Li Muyang in front of so many people and kill a classmate who everyone was familiar with.

He did not like Li Muyang, and at most he was a little annoying——but the consequences of killing him were not something he could bear.

Li Muyang gradually got up from the ground, stretching out his hand to cover the blood gushing out from his chest.

He looked at him with a grin on his face and said: “Let’s try again, I wasn’t ready.”

Chu Xun glared coldly at Li Muyang, saying: “Defeated opponent, you couldn’t even block my ‘one sword destroys cities’, you sure you want to continue to try? If you fail, but is still unwilling to give up, then does that mean I have to fight you forever? I also can’t really kill you.”

“No. I would never do something so embarrassing.” Li Muyang said, shaking his head. He looked down at his chest, to find that the blood dripping from his wound had stopped and the blood in his palms began to become sticky and dry.

It shocked him, to know that, although the sword did not pierce his heart, but it had indeed punctured into his flesh.

How did the wound heal so quickly after such a heavy injury?

“It must be the ability the dragon gave me.” Li Muyang said to himself. “A dragon’s body is strong and its flesh invincible. I merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, so I’m more or less influenced by it a little——An ordinary sword can’t do too much damage to me.”

Li Muyang did not know whether to remove his hand or continue to cover his wound, afraid of others noticing his abnormality.

In fact, some people had already discovered Li Muyang’s abnormality. The fact that he suffered so much injury yet still pulled himself up from the ground like a normal person had attracted two people’s attention.

The first was Chu Xun. Chu Xun was very confident of his ‘Starlight Sword’, and knew how powerful his sword was. But not only did Studded with Stars not injure him, but the crucial point was that——the stars of starlight sword should have completely enveloped him and triggered two massive burst of explosion.

However, even after this impact and the injury of his sword, he was fine?

Then, what was the point of his effort?

“What monster is he——” Chu Xun cursed endlessly in his mind.

The other was Lu Qiji. Lu Qiji and Chu Xun were both from Tiandu, and the two have trained with each other countless times before.

Given her present strength, if she did not sacrifice a fire bird or use the ability of the Heart of Phoenix, there was no way she could counterattack Chu Xun’s ‘Starlight sword’. Even more she dared not to let the stars of the Starlight Sword to envelop her like Li Muyang just now, and then throw out an explosive punch——

If so, her body wouldn’t be able to bear it.

However, not only did Li Muyang endure the power, and was not missing any arms or legs, he also did not seem to suffer any repercussion.

“A dragon’s body is tough, an ordinary blade can not break its armour. And their self-healing ability is the most powerful, the healing of a large body only requires a short amount a time——To treat such a small and weak body with the repair ability of a dragon, only takes a split second. Does that mean this guy may have obtained a flesh body as invicble as the Dragon clan?”

Thinking of this possibility, Lu Qiji began to envy Li Muyang a little.

“Why does he have such luck?”

Li Muyang, unaware of what other people were thinking, pointed at Chu Xun with his finger: “Once. Let’s try again. If I also lose this time, it proves I’m really inferior to you, and I’m willing to admit defeat.”

“Now?” Chu Xun was taken back by Li Muyang’s request, his thoughts immediately shifted. He sneered: “Do you think you have a chance to exceed me?”

“We wouldn’t know until I try. Who knows what will happen in the future?” Li Muyang said, smiling.

Since the battle was not over, Qiandu and others were not allowed to enter the battlefield.

However, they stood far away, showing their support and care from afar.

“Li Muyang, you’re seriously injured, why don’t you rest for a while first, then schedule another date of rematch?” Qiandu shouted from afar.

Lin Canghai also shouted in agreement: “Yes, yes. First sit down and drink a cup of water to moisten your throat first, I can also help bandage your wound and check your injuries——”

As Lin Canghai shouted, he constantly blinked his eyes at Li Muyang. He tried to signal him to come down, so that he can help him, explain some of the ways to break the ‘Starlight Sword’ move, and to tell him that fighting so hard and recklessly was not a wise choice.

Hearing that Lin Canghai said he would bandage his injuries for him, Li Muyang dared not to leave the battlefield even more.

He turned to Chu Xun, asking: “What do you say? Dare to fight me again?”

“Not just once, ten times or even one hundred times is fine with me——” Chu Xun said in a sarcastic tone: “It depends on whether I have the time and my mood.”

He turned to Yang Xiaohu, saying respectfully: “Teacher Yang, Li Muyang’s request——”

“Then fight again.” Yang Xiaohu waved his hand as he said: “Classmate and friendship first, wining and losing comes second. Don’t hurt yourself.”


Chu Xun felt as though he was abandoned by the world, I’m a prince, do you not have any respect for me?

Originally, he wanted to refuse.

He has won already, but was forced to battle with a trash again——What if, he accidentally lose? Isn’t that embarrassing?

Adding to this, Chu Xun always thought that this trash was a bit strange; from his nonchalant manner of speaking and indifferent attitude, if he did not have something up his sleeve, he really was a complete idiot.

Of course, through his contact with Li Muyang, he thought he was a treacherous and cunning guy. He should have a back-up plan?

Like when an arrow is fitted to the bow, he was at a point of no return.

The whole world wanted them to compete once more; he had no choice but to fight again.

Chu Xun’s sword lifted high up, blood trickling down from his blade as he lowered it to point at Li Muyang, saying: “I can play with you again. However, swords have no eyes, if I accidentally hurt you again——or cut off your arm or break your leg, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

Yang Xiaohu’s forehead tightened into a frown, but he ultimately did not say anything.

Li Muyang smiled and nodded: “I understand. If you really cut off one of my arm and break one of my legs, that’s what I deserved. I brought trouble to myself.”

As he finished speaking, he motioned to Chu Xun with an inviting gesture with his hand, saying: “Please.”

Chu Xun calmed, all sorts of thoughts on his mind instantly clearing away.

This was one of the necessary inner qualities of a master, being affected by all sorts of emotions during a fight, would easily cause him to lose his rhythm. If you lose your rhythm, you will be brought into the rhythm of others.

At that time, it’s only a path to death.

“Because you’re too weak, so my previous sword attack, one sword destroys cities, I did not exert my full power. You can try taking that attack again.”

Chu Xun displayed no movement, but the sword in the hand burst into flames.

First, they were subtle flames, then the flames grew larger and faster, into a huge fireball at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The air howled and shrieked, the shrill piercing strange sound flashed toward the red flame.

Space began to twist, booming sounds lingered in everyone’s ears, the hard slate floor sounded it might crack and split at any time, and then drag them into a bottomless abyss.

The flames around the sword spread to his palms, then his arms, head and finally enveloped his body.

The sword burned vividly, and so did Chu Xun’s body.

Chu Xun soared into the air, his body ignited with flames all over as he swung down his sword, also surrounded with fire, at Li Muyang.

Simple, graceful and without any showy movements.

One sword destroys cities!


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