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210 – Frighten Dragon Fist!

Chapter 210: The Frighten Dragon Fist!

A strong sword has no sharp tip; great artwork needs no intricacies.

Chu Xun’s sword looked simple; he simply used some mysterious method to converge his genuine qi in his body toward his sword, and then wielded the sword to kill.

However, the body of the sword exhibited a steady and profound sword qi, and every part and corner of the sword burned with an unequalled sword motive, a hidden but frantic thunder-like murderous spirit. The performance of every detail could be said to be perfect.

“Wonderful, I’m lucky to meet such a sword master in Starry Sky.” Chu Xun’s sword skills excited Lin Canghai. A sword enthusiast encountering a good swordsman is the same as a connoisseur of good food seeing a banquet, satisfying in every respect.

He was put in a difficult position, although he supported Li Muyang, hoping that Li Muyang could defeat Chu Xun to become the winner of this match. However, he wished to see Chu Xun exert a more magical, more brilliant sword technique to satisfy his eyes and thirst for knowledge.

Qiandu nodded as she said: “At such an age, to achieve such a result on sword skills, is indeed a very great thing. With your eyesight, can you determine the level of cultivation of Chu Xun?”

Lin Canghai nodded, replying: “I don’t know whether he hid his strength or not. However, judging from the power of the two sword attacks he just shown, he is at least at the lower stages of the Free Clouds——possibly a little higher, to the middle stages.”

Qiandu gave a nod and said: “He just entered Starry Sky, yet is already at the middle stages of the Free Clouds Realm. With some guidance from a teacher, a few years of training, in time, he certainly will become a strong person of Starry Sky. Starry Sky Academy deserves its reputation, every student has their own unique features.”

“Hey, compared with Sister Wang——elder sister, what is so unique and extraordinary about them?” Lin Canghai knew he said something wrong, furtively glanced around, and it wasn’t until he confirmed that everyone’s eyes were fixed on Chu Xun’s sword, that he could finally relax a little. He gave Qiandu an embarrassed smile as he said: “Big sister Qiandu is the most powerful.”

Qiandu remained calm, as though she did not hear Lin Canghai’s mistake.

“What about Li Muyang?” Qiandu suddenly asked.

“Brother Muyang’s strength is sometimes deep and sometimes shallow that I can’t see through him——” Lin Canghai said in an embarrassed voice.

He had always thought that Li Muyang was a very peculiar man, as peculiar as the woman before him.

Lin Canghai could not see through Li Muyang, like he was trying to conceal countless secrets.

He was able to use a leaf to play the tune ‘Phoenix chasing Phoenix’ that had been lost for hundreds of years, and each note could transform into blazing flames.

He was able to soar into the air, attracting wind and thunder like the devil king had came.

He was able to dive into the cold lake for a long period of time, and in the end returned to the Academy from another exit——

However, he told them that he was just in the Empty Valley Realm.

“Empty Valley against Free Clouds, this battle, no matter from what perspective you view it from, Li Muyang has no chance of winning.” Lin Canghai said.

“Not necessarily.”

“Is there something you know?”

“It’s a secret.”


Chu Xun rose upwards, swinging down his sword, like a deity about to break a city with his sword.

A sword destroys cities, indeed has the destructive power of destroying a city.

Waves of burning flames were launched through the air toward Li Muyang’s head, but Li Muyang stood motionless.

If this sword really struck him, Li Muyang would definitely split into two halves.

No, incinerated into dust, with no residue left behind.

“Li Muyang, quickly hide——” Tie Muxin yelled, clenching his fists.

Everyone’s hands went into a clenched, tense fisted position as their unblinking gaze was fixed on Li Muyang.
Li Muyang did not evade, instead shut his eyes once again.

Because of the bitter and painful experience of last time, everyone did not think he was preparing a large move to counterattack.

But Chu Xun was filled with an inexhaustible anger, thinking that he was insulting him this way again.

He secretly made up his mind, that even if he can’t pierce through Li Muyang with his sword this time, he must cut off his arm or leg.

A scene surfaced on Li Muyang’s mind.

A steep cliff of an isolated mountain peak, where a man in white wielded his fist upward, making contact with the divine thunder.


A storm broke over and the sky was blazing with lightning. Then, the lightning struck the man’s head.

The man stood still, his right hand clenched tight, as a white dragon appeared on his arm. The little dragon was circling nonstop around his arms making threatening gestures.


The lightning struck his body.


The man in white punched out.

The little white dragon suddenly expanded infinitely, like a white light dragon darted toward the lightning.

The white light dragon opened its mouth, swallowing the lightning into his stomach in one mouthful.

The lightning split the white light dragon’s abdomen, and then its body formed the center of a vast explosion.


The dark night sky was set aflame by the power of the explosion of the Light Dragon and lightning, the entire world seemed frozen in a blazing white light.


The enraged gods unleashed a more powerful lightning.


The man in white slammed his fist forward, the giant white light dragon once again let out a loud roar, before engulfing the lightning——

Li Muyang simply felt his blood boiling, his body trembling, the top of his skull split open by a nameless gaseous substance.

Li Muyang’s right hand balled into a fist, a white stream of air forming on his arm. It looked like a little elongated snake, but with an unclear outline.

Li Muyang punched out——


The white mass of air was in an impertinent form, as though sweeping all obstacles in its way, charged toward Chu Xun hovering in the air with an invincible force.

The fireball in the sword of Chu Xun also shot out, hurtling toward Li Muyang.

It will once again envelop Li Muyang, and then turn him into minced flesh with a bang.


The big white constrictor opened its mouth, swallowing the fireball into his stomach.

Then, its huge body charged ahead. Straight into Chu Xun.


It was too late for Chu Xun to evade, he felt a sweet taste before a mouthful of blood spurted out.

The red blood splattered around and looked incomparably tragic.


Chu Xun crashed into the walls of the martial arts arena, slowly sliding down the smooth glossy wall.


Everyone could hear clearly, it was the sound of bones fractured and breaking in his body.

Chu Xun feebly and powerlessly laid in the corner, staring in horror at Li Muyang who stood in his original position and almost showed no movement.

He could not believe what he had just suffered. He felt like he was in an embarrassing nightmare.

“What the hell——what happened?” Chu Xun mumbled.

“Frighten Dragon Fist.” Lu Qiji exclaimed. “To think he would have learnt the Frighten Dragon Fist——”


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  1. The name is a bit odd, but based on the image that he saw. . it is an apt name
    The dragon frightened by the lightning but because of its pride as a dragon, even the heavens cannot suppress that white dragon, and so it struck with a fist towards the heaven.
    “Frighten. . Dragon. . . Fist”

  2. Thanks for the chapter <3

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