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210 – Spread these words


“I really did not imagine there would be someone unafraid to die, to stand out here and spout such nonsense. Little brat, what is your name.” The muscular violet seven stars sect disciple’s facial expression emitted an ominous aura, pushing apart the crowd and striding out. He evaluated Ye Qingyu up and down, then said, “Someone from the sects? Or someone within the army?”

Ye Qingyu let out a faint smile. “What if I’m of the sects? What if I’m of the army?”

“If you are someone from within the sects, then I will cripple your yuan qi cultivation, and notify your masters to come collect you. If you are someone from within the army, then I will cripple your yuan qi cultivation, and notify your superiors to come collect you.” This muscular violet seven stars sect disciple had an attitude as if he was giving judgement, as if the right to decide life and death was within his hands. In a matter of fact tone: “Collaborating with the demon race, death must be the punishment. No matter what, you cannot bear the consequences of your action today.”

“What if I can bear the consequences?” Ye Qingyu seemingly grinned at everyone around him. “Your name was Qi Yong of the Violet Seven Stars sect?”

This Violet Seven stars sect was slightly taken aback “You know of my name?”

Ye Qingyu shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly while saying, “I guessed it. In these days, I heard there was a trash called the [Breaking Intestines Palm] that was injured by the demon race. So that trash was you?”

“You’re looking for your own death.” Qi Yong’s rage shot to the heavens. “Do you dare say it again?”

“Say it again? Haha, this is really rare, there’s someone who want to be insulted a second time.” Ye Qingyu smiled slightly. “But I am very happy to fulfill your wishes. That’s right, you want me repeat my entire words right now, or do you just want me to repeat the part saying ‘so that trash was you’?”


There was someone who could not help but spurt with laughter from the side.

These bunch of Jianghu people, entered with a unfriendly and vicious attitude. They had the entire mindset of not paying any heed to anyone. There were many people who could not bear to watch this, rage arising in their hearts. But they did not dare say anything against them. Adding to this, the Jianghu strangers has caused chaos and turbulence within Youyan Pass, breaking apart the orderly lifestyle of the citizens of Youyan Pass. There were many people already dissatisfied with these outsiders.

Although many people did not know Ye Qingyu’s identity, but seeing him ridicule this bunch of Jianghu people, they felt their resentment being vented by these words.

But for the people of the Violet Seven stars sect, Ye Qingyu’s words were a provocation that they could not endure no matter what.

“You want to die? I’ll help you make your wishes come true.” Qi Yong grounded his teeth in anger, a flash of killing intent flashed across his eyes. He took a step forward, his figure like the movements of a ghost. Coming before Ye Qingyu in an instant, a moving black radiance appeared in his massive hands that headed like lightning towards ye Qingyu’s chest.

An acute bloody and poisonous odour began emanating from this strange palm.

This was a killing move that he struck out with.

He wanted to kill for sure.

“Ahhhhh…..” There was someone so shocked they sharply screeched.

There were also people shutting their eyes.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hands.

HIs palm met that massive palm of Qi yong


There was a sound of an explosion within the air.。

There was a faint bizarre smile on Qi Yong’s face while he said, “Using your palm to meet my Breaking Intestines directly?” I really don’t know if you are mentally retarded or brave. The Breaking Intestine poison has already been injected to you through your palm. In less than two hours, your palm will turn into pus…….Little brat, do you realise the consequences of not minding your own business now?”

“Retard.” Ye Qingyu shook his head.

“You……” Qi Yong viciously smiled. he was about to say something, when he felt that something was not right. Examining closely, a white layer of frost was encroaching up his arms. In the blink of an eye, it had already completely covered his right arm. The chilling coldness flashed by, then he could not feel the existence of his right arm anymore.

Ye Qingyu stared at him calmly.

“Ah, this ……you…….” The vicious smile on Qi Yong’s face turned into a fearful screech.

The Violet Seven Stars sect disciples near him, also felt a chill and fear they could hardly disguise.

Qi Yong’s fear and screech made them completely stunned. Especially that junior brother Lin; in the instant Ye Qingyu appeared, he seemed to have realised something, not speaking out of his own initiative. At this time, he was taking step by step backwards.

“You like to cripple’s someone yuan qi cultivation? You like to break off someone’s arm?” Ye Qingyu suddenly stretched out his finger, lighting tapping against the frozen right arm of Qi Yong. A metallic clang was heard, as if this arm was no longer flesh and blood.

There was a look of desperation and fear on Qi Yong’s face.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu’s face instantly turned cold, his fingers flicking out.

Kacha! Kacha!

Qi Yong’s entire right arm, began to shatter apart.

His flesh and blood was like a shattered ice sculpture, turning into countless pieces of ice that fell to the floor with a clatter. Even the open wound at his right shoulder did not drip with a drop of blood; the wound had already been sealed with ice.

In that moment, there were only cold exclamations in the entire great hall.

Ye Qingyu spread his hands open with a smile “The last time in the efforts to help the affected survivors, you directed someone to capture the military doctor. At that time, I already felt you were someone of a dubious nature. Today you came to cause a ruckus. You dare touch the wife and son of a martyred soldier? Since you so like to break someone’s arm, then you can have a taste of it yourself today.”

Qi Yong’s expression was dumbfounded, as if he could not believe in the scene he was witnessing.

Seeing his right arm falling apart bit by bit in front of him, yet he could not feel any pain whatsoever. This type of sensation was even more frightening than if he could feel the pain. A deathly fright and a humongous rage was wrapping around his heart…….

The disciples around him also began screaming in fear.

“Just who are you?” Qi Yong roared with age. “You dare to act against me? Do you even know what you are doing. I am under orders from the head of the military supply department Zhang San to arrest this slut……do you dare to state your name? Do you dare? And the Hundred herb hall, to shelter the demon race, you are all finished……”

Really foolish.

“Is Zhang San really that great?” Ye Qingyu was about to say something, but he lifted his head and saw that Junior brother Lin retreating constantly. It seemed as if he had already discerned his identity. Thinking that this person came from the nobility, and should have already heard something, he pointed at Junior brother Lin with a smile: “You, that’s right you. Stop hiding, come out.”

Junior brother LIn seeing that the person Ye Qingyu pointed towards was himself, his face turned deathly white.

He was clear in his heart, just how terrifying this calm white robed youth was. The information that came from his family, repeated time and time again, that there were several characters he could not provoke of his own initiative. Within, there was Ye Qingyu. When he arrived at Youyan pass and heard the countless rumours regarding this person. Junior brother Lin realised that this Ye Qingyu was a madman that he could not mess with.

His legs was somewhat frozen, shuffling several steps forward but could not say anything.

“The nobility of the ancients families of the Empire, are they all as spineless as you?” Ye Qingyu regarded with disdain those people who came out with a silver spoon, that had never experienced bloody wind and rain, those spineless with people. This Junior brother Lin, was evidently that kind of person. Looking at Junior brother Lin, “Tell your senior brothers, who I am.”

Everyone’s gaze, at this instant focused on junior brother Lin.

This junior brother Lin that normally had an exceptional status within the sects; at this time became incomparably not at ease.. Biting his teeth, “He is Ye Qingyu……”

When these words were not even finished, Qi Yong began barking and howling like a mad male dog. “Ye Qingyu? Just what kind of dog fart is Ye Qingyu. You are dead for sure, you wait……” In his knowledge, there was not such a person called ye Qingyu in the upper echelons of Youyan Pass.。

But when he reached halfway through his sentence, his words suddenly halted.

After anger had enveloped his head, a flash of clear headedness came to Qi Yong. He suddenly recalled something.

Everyone felt as if they had seen a ghost, their mouth opened wide. They could not say another word anymore.

“The fourth class heroic Marquis of the Empire. The youngest marquis in history that has gained this title through his contributions. The patrolling sword envoy of Youan Pass.” Junior brother Lin finished his introductions.

After this, there was no one who spoke anymore.

If after this words, these people still did not know the who this white robed youth was with such fierce methods, then they had completely lived their lives in this way. In these recent times, apart from the discussions regarding the injuries of the War God of Youyan pass Lu Zhaoge, all the discussions were concerned with the youngest Marquis in the history of the Empire.

For the entire people of Youyan Pass, the meaning behind the name Ye Qingyu, was already something they could not ignore.

Especially the battle between Ye Qingyu and Zhang San had already completely spread out. At this time, the entire Youyan Pass already understood; the wings of this patrolling sword envoy had already fully grown and had begun to spread. He was definitely one of the fierce characters of the Pass.

“Today, you did not use your noble status to scare people. It seemed like the slap on that day has made you remember.” Ye Qingyu looked at junior brother Lin, with really a expression of admiration, nodding his head. “The army is different from the Imperial court. Don’t’ keep using your identity to press down others, otherwise people will treat you are a spear, being used with you none the wise. Return now, don’t be the cause of any more trouble. If you enter any deeper into these troubled waters, it will be too late if you want to leave again.”

Junior brother Lin lowered his head without saying anything.

Ye Qingyu did not speak anymore.

His head swiveled around to look at Qi Yong. “Then for the me right now, am I able to bear the consequences of my own actions?”

The Violet Seven Stars sect disciple that was known as the [Breaking Intestine palm] shivered, not daring to utter a word.

“In these days, you so called Jianghu people has caused complete chaos in Youyan Pass, making everyone shiver with trepidation and fear. Have you really come to give assistance?” Ye Qingyu’s expression turned serious as he regarded these disciples of the sect. “If I do not recall wrongly, the summons of the Imperial family and the military department, is for you to enlist within the army, to give assistance to the Springtime Offensive of the Youyan army. It is not to come here and to pretend to be someone great.”

The disciples of the sects lowered their heads, not daring to look upon Ye Qingyu.

Their strength was not as great, their status was not higher, and their fame was even less. Apart from lowering their heads, what else could they do? This opponent, even a huge character like Zhang San within the army did not dare provoke directly. How could they do it themselves?

It was rumoured that this newly promoted military Marquis was a martial lunatic. When he went crazy, he dared to kill anyone. If disciples of the sects like them really provoked such a lunatic, then they most likely would die in vain.

“The commanders of the Youyan army is currently busy on official business, without spare time to manage you guys. You really imagine, that the sects can do whatever they want?” Ye Qingyu’s gaze became severe, smiling: “Since the other people of the army are busy, then let me manage you people…….today, you guys can help me spread these words to your Jianghu comrades.”


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