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211 – Defeated opponent

Chapter 211: Defeated opponent!


The ups and downs of life came too fast, too sudden; it was too exciting.


Li Muyang, who could not stop Chu Xun’s sword attack before, with some unknown new moves, erupted his small universe suddenly. His fist broke Chu Xun’s more powerful and imposing ‘one sword destroys cities’ and also injured and sent Chu Xun hurtling through the air and slamming into the ground——


Everyone stared wide-eyed at Li Muyang. If not witnessed with their own eyes, they would definitely not have believed it.


“Frighten Dragon Fist.” Lu Qiji exclaimed. “He learned how to use Frighten Dragon Fist——”


Hearing Lu Qiji’s voice, Yang Xiaohu finally awakened from his astonished state, turned to look at Lu Qiji and asked: “What did you say? The Frighten Dragon Fist?”


It was only then that Lu Qiji realised she blurted out something she shouldn’t. Frighten Dragon Fist was a secret technique of the Dragon Clan, which uses the dragon clan’s lightning as training partner and opponent. It first uses the Dragon Clan’s ‘Summon Thunder and Lightning’, to attract thunder and lightning, then store up qi and throw out a punch to smash or even directly swallow the lightning for own usage.


Frighten Dragon Fist, as the name implies, used thunder and lightning to frighten Dragons, then bring out the powerful energy of Dragons, unleashing the infinite potential within Dragons. Frighten Dragon also has another meaning: the invincible lightning can only frighten dragons, but not injure the divine dragons.


Although the secret texts were lost tens of thousands of years ago, but that does not mean it was not impossible for anyone to know of its existence.


Perhaps other people would not know, but the Teacher Yang in front was one of the people most likely to know——Since his field of research was Dragon Slayer?


“Frighten Dragon Fist? What kind of technique is that?” Lu Qiji gave a puzzled glance at Yang Xiaohu, saying: “I felt this fist technique was a little familiar, but wasn’t sure what it was.”


“You said that is the Frighten Dragon Fist——” Yang Xiaohu looked suspiciously at Lu Qiji. “Qiji classmate, have you seen this kind of technique before?”


“No.” Lu Qiji shook her head. “I think I have read it in an ancient book somewhere before, so I have a little knowledge in it. But maybe I’m wrong——”


Yang Xiaohu nodded. “I have read about Frighten Dragon Fist in ‘The origin of the dragon clan’, but, the fighting technique has been lost tens of thousands of years ago, and it is said that only the Dragon clan can use it. To use the strength and energy of the body to combat thunder and lightning, most likely only the Dragon clan, with their abnormal talent, could think of it——”


“——” Lu Qiji thought to herself, “Li Muyang is really abnormal, but the more abnormal one is the people who wants to slay dragons.”


“Li Muyang’s punch was similar to the Frighten Dragon Fist; however, with the Frighten Dragon Fist technique, a roaring dragon will rush forth, whereas Li Muyang unleashed a beam of white light, an elongated long snake, there is an essential difference between the two.”


“Teacher Yang is right.” Lu Qiji said in a low voice. Since Yang Xiaohu denied her own conjecture, she also did not need to dwell on this problem.


Otherwise, Lu Qiji would not be able to free herself from this problem.


If Li Muyang was a dragon, who are you?


“But where did Li Muyang learn this kind of technique? What’s the name of this punch?” Yang Xiaohu asked aloud.


“——” Lu Qiji did not attempt to answer, as though pretending she did not hear Yang Xiaohu’s question.


Yang Xiaohu raised his right hand and swiftly swung down as a signal to stop, shouting: “The duel is over.”


Tie Muxin was the first to rush to the battlefield. He grabbed Li Muyang and hugged him excitedly: “Too handsome, really too handsome, Li Muyang, you beat Chu Xun, you beat that conceited guy——”


“Thank you.”  Li Muyang also patted Tie Muxin back on the shoulder, smiling as he did so.


He was also inwardly thrilled.


During the first time Chu Xun sent him flying across the air, a scene of a man clad in white throwing out his fist into a lightning arose in his mind.


The scene was so shocking that it sent his blood racing around his body.


There was a strong desire in his heart, he wanted to do the same thing as the man in white, he felt he was capable of doing so.


Originally, he had this experimental mentality to continue the fight, but did not truly believe he could really succeed.


Lin Canghai also walked over, smiling at Li Muyang: “Brother Muyang, congratulations. I don’t know what was that punch you used called. Why have I never heard you talk about it before?”


“I just started to learn it——” Li Muyang urgently tried to think of a replied. “Teacher Xiahou gave me some books and I learnt this move from one of those books. Just that I’m not that skilled yet and thought I couldn’t throw out a powerful punch. So, I did not have the courage to use it at first. Later, I had no other choice but to give it a try. I didn’t think I’d win the fight.”


“This is a powerful move, not only did it engulfed the majestic qi of Chu Xun’s ‘one sword destroy cities’, but also used the sword qi to impact the body of the sword wielder——Perhaps your strength was not enough to injure Chu Xun, but after you swallowed the sword Qi of Chu Xun, your power rose and he could not contend with it anymore.” Lin Canghai looked at Chu Xun with sympathy as he said: “Rather than say Chu Xun was sent flying by your punch, he was sent flying across the air by both you and his strength. I’m afraid he might have to lie in bed for a while.”


Li Muyang hastily explained: “I didn’t mean to do so.”


Qiandu walked over, a smile on her face, and her voice crisp and sweet when she said: “Chu Xun classmate also said that, sword has no eye. If you accidentally cut off an arm or a leg, you can also be forgiven.”


“——” Lying on the ground, Chu Xun felt like he was about to die. I’ve already been hurt like this, don’t stab me a few more times, okay?


“Li Muyang, congratulations.” Qiandu looked at the black pupils of Li Muyang, where a familiar reflection was seen inside.


“Thank you.” Li Muyang said sincerely. Seeing that so many friends genuinely cared for him, Li Muyang was truly touched.


Li Muyang walked over to Chu Xun, squatted down, his face filled with concern as he asked: “Chu Xun classmate, you all right?”




“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. That was the first time I used that move, I didn’t have the strength to control it——”


“——” Chu Xun felt an urge to slash people. You can beat people like that when you’re not in control of your technique. Do I still have a chance to live when you’ve finally mastered controlling your technique?


“Thank you for giving me a second chance.” Li Muyang said, his face filled with sincerity. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the chance to put it to use.”




Li Muyang’s clenched fist stretched out, gently pressing on Chu Xun’s chest.


“You’re dead already.” Li Muyang said.




The corner of his mouth curved slightly upwards, revealing an extremely bright smile that Chu Xun hated to see, as he said aloud: “But, you spared me once, so, now I also want to spare you once. Then we’re even.”


“I will not admit defeat.” Blood filled Chu Xun’s mouth and trickled from the corners of his mouth, his eyes viciously glared at Li Muyang, as he said in hoarse indignation: “Next time, we will have another duel.”


“Don’t be silly.” Li Muyang said: “You are my defeated opponent. I won’t fight a second battle with a defeated opponent. Winning is an embellishment, losing is a burden.”


“——” Chu Xun wanted to stab himself with a sword. Why the hell did he just do such a retarded thing to agree to fight again?


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