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212 – Suspect and question closely

Chapter 212: Suspect and question closely


Lu Qiji gazed intently at Li Muyang for a good while, before striding toward Chu Xun.

Chu Xun’s face reddened from embarrassment as he said: “I let you down.”

“I’m not disappointed.” Lu Qiji said.

Chu Xun felt inwardly warmed, an urge to burst into tears.

At this time, only Lu Qiji still stood on his side. And only Lu Qiji still believed in him and was never disappointed in him.

“I told you before, you shouldn’t have fought with Li Muyang.” Lu Qiji said.


Chu Xun began to cough violently, vomiting mouthfuls of bright fresh blood out onto the stone floor.

“Why must you?” Lu Qiji sighed lightly.

“Why——didn’t you believe me at the start?”

“Before the duel, I told you how I felt.” Lu Qiji did not try to conceal her emotions. “I hoped that you would cancel the match. But you didn’t.”

“Why? Why do you know him so well? Why do you trust him so much? Why do you believe that he could beat me? How much do you know about him?” Chu Xun started to scream hysterically, almost yelling.

“A lot.” Lu Qiji continued to say.

“Lu Qiji——”

“Don’t talk, rest well and recover your injury.” Lu Qiji crouched down beside him and put her palm on Chu Xun’s shoulder, sending her essential qi into Chu Xun’s body to help him promote blood circulation to dispel any blood stasis and repair his internal organs.”

“——” Chu Xun stared at Lu Qiji come close to him in stunned silence, watching her fresh and bright face. He had always thought that, as long as he persisted, as long as he never gave up, he would be able to enter this proud woman’s heart.

For this reason, he put in a great amount of effort, but he got——the opposite result.

He sensed that the distance between him and Lu Qiji was only growing further and further.


Yang Xiaohu also walked over, reached out to examine Chu Xun’s pulse: “Nothing serious, take a good rest for a few days.”

He then comforted him: “Some battles you win; some battles you lose. Which cultivator always won and never lost before? Just a small defeat, student Chu Xun, don’t take it seriously. Having a sense of shame will lead you to have courage, work hard and practice in the future, you will definitely catch up——”


Chu Xun shot a glance at Yang Xiaohu, his eyes filled with bitterness, unwilling to converse with him. Are you comforting me? You might as well not say anything.

Yang Xiaohu gave Chu Xun a concerned look. “Try getting up, can you walk?”

Chu Xun did not move, he had examined himself just now, his hipbone has been broken. Even if Lu Qiji help him repair it, he also can’t get up for a while.

Yang Xiaohu understood the state of Chu Xun’s body, waved his hand and said: “Come, come give a hand, let’s help support Chu Xun classmate back to his dormitory——”


Tie Muxin and Lin Canghai came over, walked to either side of him and supported Chu Xun out to the little courtyard he resides at.

Yang Xiaohu continued to walked over to the front of Li Muyang as he said aloud: “I still remember you were the first to climb to the top of Broken Mountain.”

“Thank you Teacher Yang for valuing me. I’m still very weak, need a lot of guidance and support from Teacher Yang.” Li Muyang said humbly.

“I watched the entire course of you passing the four trials, wine, women, avarice and temper.” Yang Xiaohu felt the need to say something astonishing to shock people into paying attention.

Li Muyang stared wide-eyed at Yang Xiaohu, a feeling of ten thousand grass horses galloping frantically inside of him [TN Note: Basically saying f*** you in his heart to Yang Xiaohu].

“What four trials, wine, women, avarice and temper——it wasn’t a dream? Don’t tell me Teacher Yang can enter other people’s dreams?”

“It wasn’t a dream, it was an illusion.” Yang Xiaohu patiently explained. “There are prohibitions everywhere in Broken Mountain, and new students who step into Broken Mountain, will trigger those prohibitions. Boundless illusion that stretch beyond the horizon, constructs a real world based on the background and past history of each person and inner reaction——”

“What you experienced, really existed in illusion. Water Moon Mirror reflected the scene, which was also the main assessment prop we relied on——Li Muyang, we were all amazed by your performance in the illusion world.”

“Teacher Yang, I——” Li Muyang shuddered with fear and panic. If, as Teacher Yang had said, they witnessed everything that happened in the illusion world. Then, his perseverance and determination in the women obstacle, his courage and ferocity in the temper trial, were undoubtedly exposed?

The most important thing was that he used a lot of ability and skill that did not belong within the scope of his martial skills to kill those desert bandits, so, how did they view the him back then? Or what do they think about the him now?

“Wisdom, martial skills, no regrets for love, cherish friendship, the thunderous attack on those Desert Bandits——We all think you’re the talent of a century. So, everyone of us wanted to take you in——as our student” Yang Xiaohu looked seriously at Li Muyang. “But, Li Muyang, after you climbed the mountain, the you that we saw in the land of illusion and the real you were not like the same person.”

Yang Xiaohu stared at Li Muyang questioningly, asking: “What are you hiding?”

“Teacher Yang, I’m not hiding anything, what you see, is the truth.”

“Do you know why I agreed with your battle with Chu Xun? Because I know how you behaved in the desert, I know what kind of power you should have——I originally thought that Chu Xun wasn’t your opponent at all.”

“But, at the time of Chu Xun’s first attack, you behaved like a novice, like a baby without any combat experience. The shrewdness and ruthlessness when you killed the desert bandits, the lack of mercy and determination you showed to the elderly and young women and children——Li Muyang, what are you actually hiding?”

“Teacher Yang——” Li Muyang’s mind was agitated with various emotions, countless thoughts flashing in his head.

All along, he thought he hid his secrets very well, his secret was not known to anyone.

There was a dragon in his body, how could this be known to the guys who dreamed of slaying dragons all day long?

He pretended to be a fool, even could be said to be completely unscrupulous, in order to protect himself from the slaughter of these people.

However, he did not expect to have exposed so much already while he climbed the mountain. He killed all those desert bandits to avenge his friend and did not remember about hiding his secret.

Li Muyang felt that Teacher Yang began to suspect him. Suspect his origin, background and that he has other motives.

“Just now you have resorted to a technique similar to the Frighten Dragon Fist; of course, I’ve not seen the true Frighten Dragon Fist before, only know a little from reading some historical books. Moreover, Lu Qiji exclaimed the name Frighten Dragon Fist——”

“——” Li Muyang grinded his teeth in anger. Lu Qiji, that mentally deficient idiot.

Yang Xiaohu’s triangular eyes glistened with interest, as he stared at Li Muyang and asked: “Also, at the last Dragon Language class, you were the first to understand my pronunciation of the dragon language——Li Muyang, tell me, why are you particularly keen to anything related to the Dragon Clan?”


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    • Savage indeed xD she doesn’t even have him friend zoned; he just views him as one of the many many many many many tiny humans that are her hatchlings, and is somewhat close to her, but he has no way to understand that and she won’t be telling him that any time soon! XD

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