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196 – Have you seen my little bear?


After Yan Buhui had finished saying such words, he did not say anything more.

He originally had a cold stance high up in the air, distantly surveying the entire mortal world. But he could not maintain this posture any longer. This cold posture transformed into an unsuppressed rage, and the ocean like demonic qi that completely covered the skies behind his back, began violently surging. This roar of yuan qi was like a tsunami, emitting a sound of rage.

It seemed Yan Buhui had decided to act.

“My vast will like the ocean, Sky demon judges the world…..Lu Zhaoge, prepare to die!”

The skies filled with hatred transformed into a bellow of rage. In but a moment’s time, Yan Buhui consecutively struck out six times.

Demon waves surged over the demonic qi ocean that floated above his head. There were six massive palms that coalesced, that rumbled crushingly towards Lu Zhaoge.

Between Heaven and earth, there was instantly a vortex of turbulent airstreams.

The air currents madly rotated within the air, causing a hurricane to form, as if a vicious dragon was slicing apart heaven andn earth.

Under the pressure of such a terrifying force, it was as if Youyan Pass was about to be crushed apart by this frightening power.

Previously when Yan Buhui had acted, he had only used one gigantic demonic qi palm. That was already like the apocalypse. Right now, he instantly used six demonic palms all at once. The power of this could not be imagined. Both Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen were overwhelmed with horror; if they faced such power, wouldn’t they instantly be crushed into pieces?

Previously, Yan Buhui did not even exhibit his true strength.

In this instant, within a thousand metres, countless experts were blown backwards by the residual forces of the hurricane in the air. They found it very difficult to open their eyes, struggling to breathe and could not even emit a single sound.

There was only Lu Zhaoge left that still stood silently in the air alone.

There was a hurricane wind around him, but his robe had never been affected by the wind.

“A power that does not belong to you, has no way of ever hurting me.” The old head of the God of Youyan Army shook. He slowly lifted his left hand, his fingers slightly bending, as if it was the claw of a divine dragon that slowly extended inch by inch.

This movement looked to be extremely simple.

But Lu Zhaoge’s palm was like a claw, and the rhythm in which he extended his hand out was particularly special. Every part of his movement was extremely gradual, as if this hand was causing the entire world to rotate.

It was extreemly slow, but also extremely fast.

After stretching out an inch, the palm suddenly fiercely swiped through the air.


Lu Zhaoge lightly spoke a word into the air.

There was not the slightest energy fluctuation.

But at that moment, the six gigantic demonic qi palms that were only ten metres away from Lu Zhaoge and was about to crush him seemed to be seized by some sort of power and crushed apart. Like an invisible divine wind had blown it apart, this apocalyptic demonic palm dispersed like an illusion in the fog, turning into wisps of smoke with a rumble……….

The pressure disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

The hurricane dispersed.

And the six demonic Fiendgod palms were as if it was just an illusion that had disappeared.

Everything, returned to normal.

Far off.

“The fourth word of the seven true words?”

From far away, there was a hint of surprise on Yan Buhui’s face.

But very quickly, he recovered back to normal. He laughed in an arrogant manner: “Fate comes, fate scatters, fate is water……The seven true words of the [Emotionless Heart Sutra]. For you to have cultivated to the fourth word [Scatter]. Haha, old man Lu, if you want to cut off all your emotions, why don’t you just die early, what’s the point of living? As long as one is alive, can one truly cut apart their seven emotions and six desires?”

Lu Zhaoge sighed again and shook his head. “One cannot.”

“Hahaha, so even you know it’s impossible.” Yan Buhui sneered in disdain. “Since even you know it’s impossible, then your [Emotionless Heart Sutra] will never be cultivated to a perfect state. Your martial way, will forever have a flaw. Even if your martial power is peerless, in the end you will suffer the heart demon of your emotionless sutra. You will fall into hell, eternally suffering.”

“And what about you?” In the eyes of Lu Zhaoge, there was pity and sorrow. He asked a question instead. “Your [Sky Demon Passion Sutra], can it ever be cultivated to a perfect state? Although you have not cut apart all your emotions, but you have been completely enveloped by hatred. In reality, you have even cut apart your emotions even more fully than me. Only hatred remains from your seven emotions and six desires; how can you have a myriad of emotions?”

Yan Buhui laughed loudly upon hearing this. “Who says I only have hate? Old man Lu, a cold blooded animal like you, will never understand, just where does hatred originate from. There is no benefits to talking. Die!”

Before he’d finished.

He took a step forward, the demonic qi around his body surging.

The ocean of demon qi floating behind him, once again began violently bubbling.

This time, what appeared was not a palm conjured from demonic qi. But there was a sky demon figure that was thousands of metres tall conjured. First it was the head, then it was the shoulders and arms, then the torso and ankle and foot……..A time and space demon spirit that seemed to have escaped from the desolate era, this unbelievable towering figure, appeared between Heaven and Earth.

This space and time demon spirit was behind Yan Buhui.

Both its legs towered in mid air, with mist curling around its abdomen. Its head was nearly higher than the ninth heaven.

This was a true gigantic space time sky demon spirit.

It caused one to feel fear just from looking at it.

“Hahaha……although it has been said that being passionate will lead to hate. But those who cut off their emotions are even lower than dogs and pigs. Only dead people, can be emotionless. Let’s decide the victor, and end everything here today.” Yan Buhui’s figure, amidst his laughter, slowly floated.

In the blink of an eye, he had soared thousands of metres, coming to the head of the space time demon spirit.

Then his body gradually retreated backwards, opening up both his arms, a bizarre smile on his face. His person seemed to dissolve into the ice and snow, immersing himself into the head of the space time sky demon spirit.


The originally silent sky demon spirit, suddenly seemed as if it was alive.

The two red vicious light suddenly emitted from its pupils, like bolts of lightning from a thunderstorm. It pierced through layer after layer of air, directly striking to kill towards Lu Zhaoge, bringing with it a hard to describe killing intent. Death and bloodiness, as if these were two blood spirit arrows that had shot out from hell itself.

The killing strike arrived.

Lu Zhaoge lifted his head to look.

In front of the space time sky demon spirit, it was as if everything were ants.

But he did not make the slightest movement.

When these two blood red death light entered ten metres away from his body, it was suddenly blocked by an invisible energy. The red rays of the light scattered everywhere, but ultimately were not able to press forward any longer.

“Let me see just how long you can block this for.”

The space time sky demon spirit opened its mouth, but it was Yan Buhui’s voice that came out.

This gigantic figure descended, punching out. There were sparks caused in the air through the friction, demonic qi and flames intersecting with each other. Half the sky was engulfed in a calamity, and a punch like a mountain burning with a black flame crushed downwards.

Lu Zhaoge still did not move in the least.


This flaming demonic fist came to ten metres before the god of the Youyan army and was once again blocked by the invisible energy.

This space time sky demon spirit was as if it was a shattered boulder. With a bang it cracked into pieces, the fingres, joints and bone scattering everywhere into the sky.

In this instant, it was unknown whether it was just a mistaken sensation, but everyone including Ye Qingyu, felt as if this world was acutely shaking. Everything in their vision was quaking, but there was no energy fluctuation whatsoever…….

“The turtle shell is really hard….let’s see just how long you can withstand?”

Yan Buhui’s voice once again sounded from within the mouth of the Space time demon spirit

The shattered pieces of the fist spread throughout the air transformed into strand after strand of yuan qi, once again reforming. Unexpectedly, it did not seem to weaken in the least. It was as good as new and once against reattached itself on the arm of the space time sky demon spirit.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The space time sky demon spirit once again punched out.

This time, it was no longer a slow punch.

The fist of the space time sky demon spirit was like lightning.

The speed of the punches could not be matched with the gigantic figure of the demon spirit. They were like shadows and mirages. The surrounding experts could not see clearly, just how many punches this massive figure threw.

Then the world in everyone eyes, like it was a painting, began quivering violently, as if this painting could be torn apart at any second.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu stood there dumbfounded at the scene in the sky.

He had already understood, that it was not this world that was shaking. It was also not Lu Zhaoge who was shaking —-from the beginning, Lu Zhaoge was as stable as a boulder. Not even a strand of hair of his had been shaken………

The reason that the scene in everyone’s eyes was shaking, was because their line of sight had been warped by an invisible energy.

This was an energy fluctuation that came when two great top experts exchanged blows.

It already could not be described as simple energy.

The realms of cultivation of these two great experts had already exceeded the limits and imagination a normal expert could touch.

In a moment, it was unknown just how many punches the space time sky demon spirit had thrown out.

Gradually, there were some people who could not see from their eyes anymore. Everything in their line of sight became murky, and there was an acute pain from their eyes, as if it had been stabbed with needles. Those with lower strength had tears streaming down and would most likely not recover without tens of days of rest……

Ye Qingyu also began to feel a sharp pain in his eyes.

He could not help but lower his head, avoiding staring directly at the battle.

At this time, between heaven and earth, the voice of Lu Zhaoge resounded —–


A strange fluctuation flashed by.

Then one could see the fist of the space time sky demon spirit that was madly swinging, inexplicably disperse like a hurricane blowing apart the mists. Then it was it arms, its shoulders, its neck, then its head……..

This space time sky demon spirit that was thousands of metres tall, like a fiendgod, was like a sand dune blown apart by the wind. Without sound, it scattered, unable to maintain its form any longer. Strand after strand of demonic qi streamed away like sand, transforming into nothing that disappeared from this world!


It had really scattered.

This mountain range like leviathan like object had really did according to the word of Lu Zhaoge:it had dispersed like mist or smoke.

From the dispersing demonic qi, there was the bellow of rage of Yan Buhui.

But it seemed like he could not prevent his defeat.

A shocking aura that shook the heavens, a demonic qi that shrouded the skies, a demonic spirit that travelled through time and space, the passionate sky demon power…….everything seemed not able to face the calm and unhurried ‘Scatter.’

It was as if the word was a law.

There was no other explanation.

In the blink of an eye, everything had scattered.

Yan Buhui’s figure gradually emerged from the demon qi cloud that was currently disappearing.

“A power that does not belong to you, does not belong to you in the end. Therefore, you are not my opponent.” Lu Zhaoge looked at the figure of Yan Buhui that gradually appeared from the demonic qi mist, and said lightly: “The way that you do things may be mad, but it is rarely impetuous and rash. This time to come to Youyan Pass of your own initiative to challenge me, apart from borrowing a power that does not belong to you, what other cards have you hidden up your sleeve?”

Yan Buhui remained silent and did not speak.

“The matters of the past, let us conclude it today.” Lu Zhaoge deeply breathed in a breath. Even until now, his emotions had only been shaken by a tiny amount. “Today, you cannot escape. Why don’t you surrender, I guarantee I will not kill you.”

“Not kill me?” Yan Buhui laughed in a mocking manner. “Are you going to do what you have done to me before, imprisoning me? Making my life not worth living anymore?”

“At least this way, you can save your life.” Lu Zhaoge said seriously. “Although you have hatred, but you have walked the wrong path. Last time, I heavily injured you, and thought that you would at least need to recover for three years, and would disappear for a period of time. Who would have thought……This time, I cannot allow you, to return and give succor to the enemy anymore.”

“Really?” Yan Buhui suddenly let out a strange smile.

And at nearly the same moment, an abnormal change occurred.

A melodious but cold voice like ice sounded slightly in the ears of everyone. It seemed to be a young girl that had lost her pet, and was currently anxiously asking——–

“Have you seen my little bear?”


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