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213 – Can we be friends?


No one would have thought that Ye Qingyu would go over and greet the two young girls of his own initiative.

But the words he just spoke seemed so reasonable that the entire restaurant also felt that the appearance of this white clothed youth was somewhat strange. Compared to the coarse and rough men, Ye Qingyu had a clean and fair face, his tall and muscular figure had a natural herioc quality that seemed like it should not appear in such a restaurant.

The previous white clothed youth had rolled up his sleeves and stood on the chair, playing drinking games with the men that spat saliva everywhere. It had made the others overlook such a point.

In the hearts of everyone, if there was anyone that would be able to successfully strike up a conversation, then it must be this white clothed youth.

Perhaps the scene where a poor boy picks up a beautiful, kind, and noble young lady before returning home with her was happening in front of them?

Everyone in the restaurant pretended to drink or play drinking games, but in reality they were all paying attention to the matters undergoing there.

Opposite the table.

“Who are you?” The young girl with the golden patterned mask asked calmly.

Her voice was so cold that it seemed like the astral wind blowing above a ten thousand tall icy mountain. It was as if it could cause someone’s soul to instantly shatter into ice shards in a moment time.

“He’s a baddie. Sister, this person is terrible.” The ponytailed girl glared, staring ferociously at Ye Qingyu, while about to draw the little dagger by her waist.

Ye Qingyu stuck out his tongue at her.

Then he turned, looking at the golden masked girl with a smile and said, “We’ve met before, in White Deer academy. I once helped you alter your clothes, do you still remember me?”

“Hmph, I knew from one glance you were a perverted fellow. To want to strike a conversation with my sister like that, bastard.” The ponytailed girl’s eyes widened, coldly laughing, “My sister has never went to that dog fart White Deer academy. Your method of picking up girls is really stupid.”

“You little girl scammer, you really speak too much.” Ye Qingyu was infuriated.

The young girl with the golden fretwork mask had an icy and empty gaze that halted slightly on Ye Qingyu’s face. There was not the slightest of emotions within in her pupils. She said disinterestedly, “I don’t remember.”

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly, then asked, “Fine, then do you recognise a girl called Song Xiaojun?”

“I don’t recognise that name.” The tone of this golden masked girl was still so cold that it completely caused one to distance themselves from her.

Ye Qingyu had been constantly paying attention to her expressions, but he did not discover the slightest change whatsoever.

He was just about to change the subject when the ponytailed girl finally could not bear it longer. She used the toy like dagger to fiercely rap Ye Qingyu’s forehead, angrily saying, “Stinky little brat, who are you pervertedly string at? To dare stare at my young lady, I’ll dig your eyes out……Hmph!”

Ye Qingyu covered his head as he grinned.

This little girl was really too violent.

No wonder she was so daring beforehand, using the skin of a Crepe Myrtle sect disciple to appear at the Breeze and Drizzle building and claim she came from the Unmoving city of Darkness. It was a pity at that time she left too quickly before Ye Qingyu could ask her anything.

But right now, there was no longer a need to ask.

Because the Song Xiaojun that Ye Qingyu thought constantly about, regardless of whether or not he was awake or asleep, had already appeared.

This first time she had appeared was when she had ambushed Lu Zhaoge.

The second time she appeared was before his very eyes.

In the moment these two girls had entered into the small restaurant, Ye Qingyu could already recognise them. This young girl wearing the golden fretwork mask, her aura had greatly changed. The her after assimilating with the bloodline of darkness had seemed to turn into a completely different person entirely. But Ye Qingyu was far too familiar with Song Xiaojun, even if he closed his eyes he would be able to sense her presence.

As for this ponytailed little girl, she called Song Xiaojun her sister. She should be a member of the Unmoving City of Darkness, and seemed to be a maidservant of Song Xiaojun.

These two people, using some kind of method, concealed their aura of darkness. From their outer appearances, they seemed to be no different from an ordinary person, and one could not even sense any fluctuation of energy on them. No one would have been able to guess that such a pretty, cute, and mysterious noble girl would be one of the main perpetrators who had attempted to assassinate the War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge.

Ye Qingyu’s teeth clattered as he was smacked on the head by the dagger of the little girl.

Everyone began laughing within the restaurant.

Seeing Ye Qingyu being turned away again and again, the men and the female owner of the store let out well-intentioned laughter.

“You scammer, you are too rough…….” Ye Qingyu angrily lifted his head and with a clang, flicked his finger on the forehead of the pony tailed girl. Infuriatingly he spat, “I’m speaking with your master, can you not be so ill-mannered, and stop interrupting.”

“Ai, you dare hit me…..” this pony tailed girl seemed to be about to go berserk.

The golden masked young girl gave her a glance.

The rage of the little loli retreated and said resentfully, “But sister, this bastard hit me….

The masked girl did not say anything.

Ye Qingyu provoked this ponytailed girl with a funny face, causing her little teeth to bare out, but she could only sit by a side helplessly and resentfully.

“I’m called Ye Qingyu……can we be friends?” Ye Qingyu extended his hand.

After the two probing questions, Ye Qingyu realised that Song Xiaojun had already forgotten everything. And Wang Jiangru seemed not to have told her or reminded her of anything, and did not even mention at all the matters of Song Xiaojun at White Deer academy. Perhaps this was out of consideration for Song Xiaojun’s safety. Since she had already changed her identity, why not let her forget everything.

The Song Xiaojun wearing a golden mask finally stared seriously at Ye Qingyu, her pure and perfect eyes without the slightest of emotions. She looked at the hand extended by Ye Qingyu, then shook her head, “We cannot.”

Everyone began laughing uproariously again in the little restaurant.

There were even people whistling, and someone was banging on tables, mocking without mercy that this white clothed youth had once again failed in his attempt to pick up a girl.

The pony tailed little loli also made faces in a huff, with a provocative expression saying, “you deserve it.”

Ye Qingyu was still about to say something, but he suddenly saw that in the eyes under the mask of Song Xiaojun, there was already a faint shred of impatience concealed within. He abruptly realised that their exchange was about to end.

After all, this newly born Song Xiaojun was no longer the little loli who liked to stick close to him. She was a top level expert with a strength enough to injure Lu Zhaoge. She possesses an icy personality, on that day, she did not even care about the questions of an expert like Lu Zhaoge. Today answering three of his questions was already something unprecedented and was her limit.

If he continued to struggle on like this, he would only leave a bad impression behind. To come into contact with her in the future would only become more difficult.

“Fine, I won’t bother you any longer.” Ye Qingyu had a disappointed smile, turning to leave. After walking several steps, he turned back, adding another sentence:,”These days the Pass is somewhat chaotic. You two must be more careful and don’t go running everywhere.”

Saying this, he returned to his original seat.

What he received was the merciless mocking laughter of the group of men that he was drinking with. After all, they had also failed to strike up a conversation, so they would therefore not give mercy to the white clothed youth who was similarly defeated. There was someone that fiercely punched Ye Qingyu on the shoulder, throwing over a large jar filled with strong alcohol…..

“You bunch of people…..” Ye Qingyu smiled bitterly at them, shaking his head before slapping the table, shouting, “Come, let us drink! Who dares to compete with me?”

Instantly there were several men who stood up, not wanting to show any weakness.

The entire liquor place began to become rowdy.

The female owner with a bucket like figure was so happy that her lips could not be loosened.

The business today was completely explosive. Just alcohol money alone was enough to compare with tens of days of profit. It was all thanks to this white cloth youthed that seemed neat and orderly. One originally thought he was someone inexperienced, who would have guessed that his capacity for alcohol was stunning. And, he did not distance himself at all, being familiar with everyone while drinking like an ox……

“If this handsome white clothed youth could come every day, that would be great.”

The female proprietor stood there, wishfully thinking, while the waiter constantly carried alcohol to them.

Without knowing when, Song Xiaojun and the pony tailed girl had already turned and left.

Ye Qingyu did not follow.

He and the group of men showed off their tolerances, drinking till the skies were dim.

Two hours later, when Ye Qingyu left this establishment known as the [Common Liquor House] carrying an earthen jar the thickness of his chest, behind him there were already seven or eight burly men that lay on the floor completely drunk. There was someone who had vomited on a table, with a strange smell wafting through the air…..

The waiter did not find this strange at all and was currently happily tidying the mess beside.。

“Handsome brother come often…..I’ll give you twenty percent off!” Behind the tables, the female proprietor was also similarly happy. She was currently busy biting a tael of silver to verify its authenticity, this was the alcohol money Ye Qingyu had left behind. He had said that he would devour and eat as he pleased, to enjoy this fortunate feeling. When he finished the alcohol, naturally it was him that had paid. The entire bill of the establishment, this tael of silver was enough to pay for it all.

For the Marquis Ye that was of a noble status with wealth, he naturally did not mind this kind of money.

Because of his profound martial cultivation, he had a powerful body, such that even after gulping down tens of jars of strong alcohol into his stomach, Ye Qingyu still remained clear headed. He was not drunk in the slightest, but he had the odour of alcohol all around him. He hugged the jar of wine, a satisfied smile on his face, heading towards towards the direction of White Horse tower…..

it was time to go back.

Her could occasionally do as he pleased but bitterly training his yuan qi cultivation was still the most important part of his life.

It was very unexpected that Song Xiaojun still remained in the Pass.

Ye Qingyu originally imagined that she had left along with Yan Buhui and the others, but who would have imagined that she had remained behind.

Perhaps the most dangerous place was the safest?

The guts of this little loli were really ridiculously large. It was false if Ye Qingyu said he was not worried for her safety at all. But, Ye Qingyu knew very clearly that his worry would not change anything. On that day, when the Unmoving City of Darkness descended, Song Xiaojun and Yan Buhui had come and go as they pleased from the heavily defended Youyan Pass. This meant that she had methods to keep herself hidden…..

But, just what did the little loli remain within the city for?

Ye Qingyu could not understand.

However, seeing her today and speaking three phrases to her had already caused him to feel extremely satisfied.

Since Xiaojun was within the city, perhaps they would have a chance to meet again.

If he intentionally chased after their whereabouts, or continued to bother them, perhaps this would achieve the opposite effect.

Before the night fell, Ye Qingyu returned to the White Horse tower.


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