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214 – Did you went to have a secret love affair?


“Woof, master, why are you smiling like that……” the silly little dog was lying on the prayer mat napping. Seeing that Ye Qingyu returned, he asked in a strange tone, “Hmm, how do you describe it……it seems, it seems like as if you have just returned from a secret love affair.


Ye Qingyu lifted his hand and gave him a flick on the head.

Love affair?

Did this damn dog really knew what love affair meant?

He had completely learnt the wrong things.

Ye Qingyu was infuriated in his heart. This stupid dog was becoming less and less cute recently. When he could not speak, although he was silly, but at least he was very cute and adorable. But right now when he could speak, but what came out of his mouth were things of a completely dubious nature. His adorable face seemed to have transformed into a mocking expression, no matter how you looked at him, you wanted to beat him up.

“Woof, woof, it hurts. Little silver, quickly spit at him.” The silly little dog Little Nine teared up, barking with tears in his eyes.

The little silver dragon floated in the air, turning to look at Little Nine, then turned to look at Ye Qingyu. He let out an low excited and lively cry, flashing to the side of Ye Qingyu. He used his little horns to lightly rub against Ye Qingyu’s head, nimbly twisting his tail and acting coquettishly. He completely ignored Little Nine.

“Woof, traitor…..” The silly dog Little Nine was dumbfounded, struck deeply. ” You said you would listen to whatever I said? From now on, I won’t bring you out to eat delicious things.”

Delicious things?

As he mentioned this, Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of something.

He lifted his head to give the silly dog another flick on his forehead, angrily saying, “Be honest, where have you ran to in these days? Why has the people of the Breeze and Drizzle building say that a white dog carrying a silver snake that can fly was stealing stuff from the restaurant? Could it be that you are bring Little Silver to do bad things?”

“Errr……..woof, woof, bad things? How can this be possible…..Oh, that’s right, Master, I suddenly thought that I have something to do. You should first slowly discuss this with Little Silver, I’ll come back in a while…..” Little Nine instantly diverted the subject left and right, his manner panicked. Like a bolt of lighting, he shot towards the window.

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly, arching his finger.


The originally open window, was without knowing when, suddenly sealed by a layer of ice. Little Nine struck on this layer of thin ice, and was rebounded backwards, golden stars appearing in his vision. He stumbled and spun, as if he was drunk.

Ye Qingyu lifted him up by the neck, and said in both a laughing and angry manner: “Speak truthfully, did you really go steal things? Did you bring back any stolen items, and stored it here?”

“Woof, woof, how could I? Master, I’m so cute, saying things like this, is insulting the honour of a dog. I would definitely not go steal things…..” Little Nine righteously refuted this accusation, four of his little paws scrabbling about in the air, struggling but also trying to please Ye Qingyu with a smile at the same time.

Before he finished.


Little Silver waved his tail, shooting through the air, indicating that Ye Qingyu should follow him.

“Woof?” Little Nine had a bad premonition.

Then Little Silver really lead Ye Qingyu along the way. Ye Qingyu followed him to one of the storage rooms behind the quiet area of the fourth floor.

The originally completely empty room, without knowing when, had already been completely filled with all sorts of assorted items. Most of them were food or alcohol. There was a strange smell that came over one when the door was opened. There were also some faint and indistinct rare herbs as well as some glimmering metals…..

“Fuck……” Ye Qingyu’s face was completely dark, already without the energy to swear.

There was no need to ask anymore.

These items, must have been stolen by the glutton Little Nine.

This is completely going against the heavens. Stealing so many items, and secretly storing them here, if the owners of these lost items came to find him, then it was completely like yellow soil smeared on Ye Qingyu’s trousers; even if it was not shit, it would be called shit. He could not completely explain what had happened. At this time, he could only butcher this glutton as reparation for those lost owners.

Little Silver produly cried about his achievement of revealing this crime. His tail pointed at the items, then pointed at Little Nine, completely pointing at the original perpetrator

“You little fellow, you want to change as an eyewitness.”

Ye Qingyu remembered, that the shopkeeper of the Breeze and Drizzle building had once mentioned, that it was a white little dog carrying a little silver snake that can fly. The so called little silver snake that can fly, must be Little Silver.

After Little Silver was glared at by Ye Qingyu, it obediently flew to his head, burying himself into his head. It pretended it was a silver coloured hairpin, not daring to move in the slightest.

The silly dog Little Nine was so infuriated that he was gnashing his teeth. “Woof, woof. Little Silver, today I will say these words; our friendship is finished, completely and utterly finished.”

Little Silver pretended to be dead in Ye Qingyu’s hair, not even emitting a sound.

Ye Qingyu could not even laugh or cry.

All the pets that he raised were complete lunatics.

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes to completely clear out the items here. From now on you’re not allowed to bring these things back. If you are captured by someone, then you can just wait to be skinned for dog meat for the pot.” Ye Qingyu threw Little Nine in to the heap of miscellaneous items, turning and leaving.



Deep into the night, it was quit.

In a normal and common little inn.

“Sister, why are you so well mannered towards that bastard today?” Under the light of the dim old lamp, the ponytailed little girl said grumpily.

The Song Xiaojun who had her mask taken off, was wearing a short dress with bare feet. She was hugging the little toy white bear, silently sitting on the bed, seeming to be in a daze thinking of something. Hearing the words of the ponytailed girl, she had a face of confusion as she lifted her head, “Ah?”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa.” The pigtailed little girl pulled at her own braid letting out a quiet sharp scream. Then she said helplessly, “Sister, what’s up with you today? Ever since you came from the Common Liquor House, you’ve been in a completely daze, as if you have lost your soul. Hey, are you still thinking about that bad person?”

“What bad person?” Song Xiaojun lazily laid back on the bed.

The pony tailed girl jumped up and said secretively, “That little person that came over to try and strike a conversation. You must not be fooled by him, I’ve seen that person’s cruel and vicious methods. In the Breeze and Drizzle building, I saw with my own eyes him poisonously killing blood flame and white lizard. He’s a butcher, a mad killer.”

“Oh, him……” Song Xiaojun kneaded the little bear in her embrace, stretching her delicate little legs straight. This emitted a snow white glow in the light, placing her feet under the duvet. “That person, he’s strange.”

“Strange? Ai, this is finished. You would think such things, curiosity is the most obvious and first signs that a woman is about to fall……” The ponytailed girl sighed tragically, a complete picture of grief and inconsolable sadness.

“What foolish things are you saying?” Song Xiaojun used the little toy bear to hit the ponytailed girl.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch……..” The ponytailed girl evaded these strikes with a smile, saying with a laugh, “I was joking. But sister, why did you say so many things with him. You spoke to him three times. Do you know, you have never ever spoken more than two times with any male before……”

Song Xiaojun sat by the side, leaning against the pillow, her face against the little toy bear, while she said, “That person, is somewhat strange?”

“Strange? Just where is he strange?” The ponytailed girl was taken aback.

“En, on his body, there is the aura of the power of darkness.” Song Xiaojun said thoughtfully.

“Eh? How is this possible?” the pony tailed girl sharply screeched. “Could it be that bad person, is someone of our Unmoving City of Darkness?”

“I don’t know.” Song Xiaojun comfortably stretched her back. “Therefore I thought, if he really is someone of the Unmoving City of Darkness, then he should recognise me. But the Song Xiaojun he mentioned….Xiaoxian, have you heard of the name Song Xiaojun before?”

The name of this pony tailed girl was called Xiaoxian. “I haven’t, this fellow must be spouting nonsense.

Song Xiaojun did not say anything more.

She did not know why, but when she looked at this white clothed youth, there was an extremely peculiar sensation. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, as if she had once met such a person before at someplace. It was hard to say just what it was. When she saw a stranger, she would instinctively put them at arms left. But when she looked at him, there was an inexplicable closeness……..

Why was this white robed outh special?

She was not sure.

Looking at the little bear in her embrace, she once again thought of the mystery that had plagued her.

Just where had this little toy bear come from. Why was it that she did not have the slightest of memory of it. But in her subconsciousness, she felt that it was incomparably important, as if it was the second part of her life. Every time she felt agitated, as long as she held this little bear and slept, she would have a sweet dream.

She felt that she had overlooked something.

Or as if she had forgotten something.

But the ancient memories that came from the bloodline in her body, that she had not lost anything, or abandoned anything. She was the King of the Unmoving City of Darkness, a ruler that controlled the darkness of the Past, the Present, and the Future. She awaited the day that the glory of the past would once again be recovered.

She was called Darkness

The ruler of the power of darkness.

Who was Song Xiaojun?


The morning of the second day.

Huang Zhen really brought Jin Ling’er to White Horse tower.

Bai Yuanxing did not know why his master would recruit an immature and young little fellow as the first person recruited by the White Horse tower. However he still very passionately received Jin Ling’er. After all, in the days following Ye Qingyu, he had seen too many strange things, Bai Yuanxing had already gotten somewhat used to it.

After introducing the rules of the White Horse tower in detail to Jin Ling’er, Bai Yuanxing said with a smile, “Little brother, Jin, after coming to the White Horse tower, all the things you say and do must first consider the face of our Marquis. You cannot be as free as you were before. There are three days of holidays in a month, you can return and visit your family. The large majority of the time, you have to stay here and cultivate….”

As he was saying these things, Ye Qingyu came down from upstairs.=

“Uncle, I’ve come.” Jin Ling’er came over excitedly.“

Ye Qingyu felt black lines on his forehead. “Call me brother, I’m only sixteen.”

“Okay, Uncle.” Jin Ling’er obediently answered.

This little brat.。

After a conversation, Huang Zhen expressed her thanks to Ye Qingyu once again. Only then could she rest assured and leave. As one of the most popular herbal masters of Hundred herb hall, she needed to quickly return and handle business.


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