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215 – Could it be he was Marquis Ye?

“Yuanxing, you bring Ling’er to the Vanguard to test his martial heart, meridians and talent. Come back and report back to me.” For Ye Qingyu to teach this little brat, he first needed to investigate clearly the talent and foundations of Ling’er. There were no testing implements or formations within the White Horse tower, so he needed to borrow the power of the Vanguard.

Ye Qingyu directed.

Right now Ye Qingyu could already be counted as someone belonging to the Vanguard. Bai Yuanxing had went many times to the Vanguard, so he was extremely familiar with the people in the Vanguard.

Bai Yuanxing prepared a little, then brought Jin Ling’er out.

After Ye Qingyu had finished the breakfast Mother Wu prepared and finished his cultivation training in the early morning, he changed into a fresh set of clothes. He also departed.

He did not have any particular aim, two hands behind his back, strolling on the streets and merging with the flow of people.



Four hours later.


Common Liquor house.

Ye Qingyu, while laughing, pushed open the short door. A hot and bustling atmosphere came surging out.

“You little kid, you dare to come again?” A large man seeing Ye Qingyu, instantly slapped the table and stood up, shouting. “Brother, come out. This little brat has come again, yesterday matters were far too shameful. How is that so many people would have fallen to this little kid, today we must not lose………….. Little kid, let’s compete in drinking alcohol, do you dare?”

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously. “Come, come, come. Whoever doesn’t dare is a grandson.”

Everyone chuckled greatly within the Liquor House.

The female proprietor with the figure of a bucket rushed over as she heard the news. When she saw Ye Qingyu, her smile and eyes was so great that they formed narrow cracks.

Very quickly, the loud sounds of drinking games began exploding madly within this little Liquor house. With Ye Qingyu at its centre, a group of large and burly men surrounded him with red faces, their fists madly moving, spit and saliva flying anywhere. Ye Qingyu did not reject anyone, lifting one of his legs on the table, unrolling his sleeves and sticking out his chest, yelling loudly as he played……..

There was clamorous laughter everywhere within the liquor store.

“Hey, have you heard, on the Yong’an Street, there has been someone who died. There were several that were beaten alive by the people of the sects.”

“I’ve heard about it already. I heard that the scum of the sects used the excuse to capture demons to obstruct the way of a young lady. They wanted to search her body no matter what, and the mother of this girl wanted to halt them, but both her legs were broken. This was just so tragic; they do this without regard for laws and heavens. The end result was that there were experts of the army who could not bear to watch this and wanted to punish these six scums of the sects. These scum were beaten alive on the streets……”

Within the liquor house, there were people loudly discussing.

Noon was namely the time of lunch. There were more and more people entering into the liquor house, and all sorts of assorted information from various channels passed through the mouths of the customers to this place.

The people who came after, familiarly and easily immersed themselves into such discussion.

“It is not only the Yong’an Street. On the main West Road, there were tens of experts from the sects that were also beaten to death…… It was said that it was because tens of these fellows accused the [Zhen Pavilion] store of hiding demon race within. They forced entry to search, breaking many things, and furthermore wanted to steal the treasures of that store. The consequence was that there was a bystander nearby that killed them all, punch by punch……”

“That ferocious? Why is the city so chaotic these days?”

“Do you still not know? Even the patriarch of the Xuan school was killed by someone. It was said that his entire body was sealed in ice, turning into an ice sculpture. Then, under the harsh glare of the sun, his body melted along with the ice, turning into a puddle of water……..”

“I’ve heard that, there were someone that began greatly killing in the morning, targeting those fellows of the sects that acted out of line.”

“You guys still do not know? It’s the heroic martial Marquis Ye Qingyu cleaning up the trash…….” There was someone who mysteriously said this phrase.

The people by the side, instantly became interested.

“Marquis Ye? You mean the Marquis Ye that directly fought against the Zhang San at White Horse tower previously?”

“If not him, then who else? Do you guys not even know this? That day in Hundred Herb Hall, Marquis Ye saw the people of the Violet Seven Stars sect making things difficult for the family of a fallen warrior of Youyan army. Under his rage, he told them to spread the word to all the sect in Youyan Pass, telling to be a little more honest. If they cause any more trouble, then he would show no mercy. It’s said that all the small and large sects that came to the city have been enraged by his words…….”

The previous young man who spoke, acted like if he was telling a story. He recounted the matters that had occurred in the Hundred Herb Hall all over again.

In these days, the military citizens of Youyan Pass had experienced the hardship caused by the sects. Hearing the young man saying such words, there was instantly people cheering around him.

The people of the liquor house, were slowly attracted by this topic of discussion, everyone conversing. The Ye Qingyu that was competing in drinking alcohol with the burly men was slowly overlooked.

The young man seeing that more and more people surrounded him, became more and more excited.

He drank a cup of tea, then continued on. “Marquis Ye under his rage, spoke his words of warnings to all the large sects. But everyone knows, this crowd of Jianghu people are cucumbers, everyone of them needing a slap. Hearing the warning of Marquis Ye, they felt their dignity was challenged, and they had been insulted. There were some people that jumped out, deliberately going against Marquis Ye. This morning, there were some people of the sects that does not fear death that caused chaos intentionally, challenging Marquis Ye’s line……”

“This bunch of trash that deserves to die!”

“These people of the sects really are a laughing stock. Every one of them are known as experts, but they do not fight with the demon race. These years if not for the Youyan army defending the borders, it is most likely that more than half the region of the Empire would fall into the hands of the demon race. But these fellows still think they are so great, looking down on the warriors and soldiers of the Youyan army……..”

“That’s right. In these days, they caused trouble within the Pass, not doing anything right.”

The people around them involuntarily began cursing.

There was someone who asked impatiently. “Don’t interrupt. Continue to speak, did Marquis Ye act?”

The young man leisurely drank a mouthful of tea, taking a deliberate pause. Only then did he continue. “Of course, he acted. You guys already said previously. Yong’an Street, the main West road, as well as the incident in the Zhen pavilion. It was said that it was Marquis Ye who had taken action. Hehe, this Marquis Ye could be counted as ferocious, doing as he says. From this morning onwards, he spared no mercy at all. A punch after another, he killed the people of the sects who caused needless trouble …….”


There were cold inhalations of shock all around.

“How do you know it is Marquis Ye who did this?” Someone said suspiciously. “Could it not be someone else who had acted?”

The young man looked at this person in disdain. “This matter, has already spread out greatly outside. There are many people who personally witnessed Marquis Ye acting. You guys should not be aware that the entire Youyan Pass is boiling right now…….”

Everyone was mute and speechless.

Half a moment later, there was someone that asked a question in a low voice. “What do you guys think, just what does Marquis Ye looks like? He really did something that greatly pleases the heart of everyone. Previously, when the military had publicised the actions of Marquis Ye, I did not particularly believe it. But right now, I believe it entirely. I feel that we need more hard men like Marquis Ye in the army of Youyan Pass that will stand and speak out at the crucial time.”

“Does that even need to be said. For a hero like Marquis Ye, he must be eight feet tall, wearing golden armour, like a bronze giant……..”

“Nonsense, I’ve heard that Marquis Ye is still very young.”

“Even if he was any younger, he must be around thirty five years old. For his strength to be so great, he needs time to train and cultivate. But for an expert of that realm, he really can be counted as really young.”

The crowd began discussing excitedly.

The other side.

Ye Qingyu once again obtained victory in competing to drink alcohol.

The seven or eight burly men that came from an armed escort company, once again fell on the table, completely drunk.

“Just who is this little brat, he can drink so much.”

“He has a special constitution?”

“He really cannot be drunk even after a thousand cups.”

The gazes of the people, once again returned to this side.

At this moment—


The short door of the liquor house was heavily pushed open.

There were people charging in.

Tens of people, wearing white coloured morning garments and apparel rushed in. There was someone who held a mourning staff draped in white[1] held at a funeral to show filial piety. The person as the lead, had a muscular body, bristle like beard. He had a ferocious expression, eyes completely red, like a small giant. He came thudding over, killing intent emanating from him that instantly terrified people around him.

The other tens of people following him, also had vicious and furious expressions, their gazes as if they wanted to eat someone.

When these tens of people entered, the originally bustling atmosphere of the common liquor house was frozen. There was an icy atmosphere in the air, and the smiles on everyone’s face froze. It was as if there was a cold and chilling blade pressed against their throat.

“Those who are not related, scram outside.” The muscular man with a bristly beard ferociously shouted these words.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what this fellow meant.

“Who are you?” There was someone who did not accept his command, slapping his table and sneering. “What do you mean?”


A blade shot through the air onto that person’s table, constantly quivering.

“The Xuan school is seeking revenge. Those that has nothing to do with this, retreat. When we fight later, swords and spears have no eyes. If we kill anyone by mistake, don’t blame us.” Behind the burly man, a tall and slim person wearing coarse mourning garments roared in rage.

Xuan school?

The faces of everyone in the liquor house changed.

A person from the sects?

“What are you looking at. All scram out. I’ll count to three, if you don’t scram, I’ll slaughter you bunch of trash.” Another disciple of the Xuan school unsheathed the blade at his waist, killing intent boiling. He directly kicked a table nearby, sending a customer flying out.

There was instantly the sound of shock and curses in the room.

“Marquis Ye, Marquis Ye. Today you must give us your explanation. Why have you killed our master?” The muscular man at the lead, looked at the centre of the room.

Marquis Ye?

All the screams and curses halted abruptly.

Everyone followed the gazes of the muscular man, seeing a crowd of seven or eight men completely dazed on the floor drunk.

What did he mean?

Marquis Ye was one of the drunk men?

Hey, that’s not right. There was someone that was not drunk.

The white clothed youth with a shocking tolerance for alcohol.

He was sitting at the table with a calm expression, holding his chin as he coldly regarded this crowd of Xuan school people.

Could it be…..this white robed youth……

He was…..Ye Qingyu?



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