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215 – Stab each other whenever they meet!

Chapter 215: Stab each other whenever they meet!


The guests were a group of young people dressed in luxury silk clothing, with an incredibly imposing demeanour.

Lu Qiji knew these people; Mu En also knew these people.

They are all part of the royal family of West Wind Kingdom, the same as Chu Xun. The blood of the Chu Clan runs through their body.

At the beginning of the establishment of Starry Sky Academy, the nine nations jointly helped with the construction and financing of the Academy. In return, Starry Sky Academy offers twenty places per year for each of the nine nations, most of which were for the children of the royal family or the children of some Generals and important ministers.

So don’t be surprised if you see some important people like Prince or Princesses at Starry Sky Academy. Because it was inevitable. They are the continuation of a nation and the foundation of a country.

Generations after generations, no one could shake their dominance and status.

Except for themselves!

The leader is the first prince of West Wind Kingdom, Chu Kai; since he was named Kai[TN Note: Meaning of open/excavate], obviously has the meaning of hoping he opens up new territory and expand current ground. Thus, it’s obvious that the Emperor Chu Xianda has high hopes for his first son.

Empress Huairen, the mother of the first Prince, obviously was very pleased and satisfied.

However, when the second prince was named Chu Jiang [TN Note: Territory], and the third prince Chu Tuo [TN Note: Expand], the people on the first prince’s side did not look too good.

Is the emperor playing the idiom solitaire[TN Note: a word game]?

According to the habit of name giving by the emperor, the fourth prince should be called Chu Tu [TN Note: Ground]——perhaps he felt that this was unsuitable, and the name Chu Tu is really very unsophisticated.

So, the fourth prince was named Chu Li.  The pronunciation of ‘Li’[TN note: Courtesy]  and ‘Li’[TN note: Appoint] are very similar, so many people conjectured that, the emperor named his fourth son ‘Chu Li’, because he wants to ‘appoint’ the fourth prince as the Crown prince, placing him first-in line to the throne and then inherit the throne of great treasure?

As a result, the imperial inner palace resorted to all bloody schemes and underhand methods.

Luckily, the sons were all still alive, and had not been played to death by their irresponsible father yet.

The first prince Chu Kai came to Starry Sky three years ago, if things goes smoothly, after two more years of study he will graduate and return to Tiandu and be crowned. The Second Prince did not come to Starry Sky Academy, instead chose Tiandu’s West Wind University, it seems that he wants to be on the waterfront to be the first to see the rising moon. As for the Third Prince Chu Tuo, he is a new student this year like Lu Qiji and Chu Xun, and still have several years to spend here. The Fourth Prince is still young, when Lu Qiji and others came to Starry Sky to study, he was still learning the basic knowledge of sword skills in Tiandu’s Still Water Sword School. And probably won’t be sent to Starry Sky Academy any time soon.

However, after years of accumulation, currently several members of the royal family are in Starry Sky Academy——

Lu Qiji and Mu En stood respectfully to one side and simultaneously bowed and greeted the first prince and others.

Chu Kai came to a stop in front of Lu Qiji and said in a gentle voice: “Qiji no need to be so polite, this is Starry Sky Academy, only classmates and friends are here, there is no status and inferiority.”

Lu Qiji nodded, saying: “Understand.”

Even if the other person was a prince, she remained calm and indifferent. Perhaps in her mind, nothing in the world deserves her attention——except that dragon.

Chu Kai already knew of Lu Qiji’s title of ‘Cold Beauty’ and did not seem to care. He simply marvelled at the beauty of this woman, who was said to have caused an extraordinary scene in the sky the day she was born, and when she was a little older, her hair was found to be purple, which is completely different from the black hair of the people of West Wind Kingdom.

Moreover, at a young age Lu Qiji was a stunning beauty. After several years, she has grown more beautiful, that makes people gasp with wonder.

“If I become the emperor, and take this woman as my queen, it would be a story passed on with approval.” Chu Kai secretly thought.

With this thought on his mind, he could not help but take another look at the cold as frost Lu Qiji, until he was captivated by her that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“First Prince——” Mu En raised his head and bowed again to the First Prince.

It was only then that Chu Kai responded, patted Mu En on the shoulder, smiled and said: “I knew you guys have came a long while ago, I’ve been thinking about meeting up with you guys. I only recently came out of Water Mirror——Master, is he well?”

“My father is in good health, thank you for First Prince’s concern.” Mu En bowed to him again. Mu En’s father, Mu Yubai, was the first teacher of the First Prince who enlightened him. Chu Kai also had to bow respectfully to Mu Yubai like other disciples. Because of this relationship, Chu Kai was also especially kind to Mu En.

“Look, you’re too polite to me again. I just said to Qiji, that this is Starry Sky Academy, there is no difference in status, you can call me Senior——Back then at Still Water Sword School I was your Senior, now I’m still your senior.”

“Yes, Senior.” Mu En rubbed his head and answered with a straightforward smile.

The sight of the First Prince shifted back to Lu Qiji as he smiled, asking: “What’s going on? Heard that someone broke Chu Xun’s bones. Who is so fearless? So vicious, did the school do anything? What’s more, Chu Xun is a member of the royal family of West Wind Kingdom——”

Lu Qiji shot a glance at him, saying: “Senior why don’t you ask Chu Xun directly.”

First Prince nodded, smiled and said: “You also know about Chu Xun’s temper? He suffers mental agony in order to keep up his appearance and reputation. You two don’t leave until I understand the situation first.”

Lu Qiji hesitated, but in the end followed Chu Kai and the others back into Chu Xun’s bedroom.

Chu Xun had already heard a noisy clamour in the courtyard outside, but could not get up.

When his upper body moved a little, Xiaoxing pushed him back down, blushing red as she whispered: “I’ll go.”

Xiaxin stood at the door, giving a respectful bow at the first prince and others.

“Miss Xiaoxing.” The First Prince’s manners made everyone feel comfortable like bathing in the spring breeze. “Miss Xiaxin is becoming more and more beautiful, and looks a perfect match with Chu Xun.”

When Xiaoxing heard the remark, her face flushed crimson red even to her neck.

“First Prince, don’t joke with Xiaoxing.”

Chu Xun looked away, avoiding eye contact, and said aloud: “Brother, don’t joke with me.”

“What? You don’t like Xiaoxing? Chu Kai walked to the bedside, said grinning and looking at him thoughtfully: “I can tell that, Miss Xiaoxing really likes you. When she was a kid, she always followed behind you, crying: ‘Big brother Chu Xun, big brother Chu Xun——”

“——” Chu Xun felt an urge to stab the bastard with a knife. We come from the same root, same family, is there a need to embarrass your brother like that?

Stabbing each other whenever they met; was this the gene the royal Chu Clan was born with?


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  1. lu qiji really can’t pay any particular attention other than to that dragon XD i like her character more now that i know what she is 😮

    thanks for the chapter!

  2. Frozen Necromancer

    August 25, 2017 at 2:20 am

    For me Lu Qiji is just like a tsundere, yandere, and a stalker, all in one pacakage. Damn, Li Muyang sure is a lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you see it) man.

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