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216 – Drinking some alcohol and killing some people


Countless gazes gathered on Ye Qingyu’s figure.

The female proprietor that had a figure like a bucket exchanged a glance with her worker, completely not daring to believe in their guess.

The entire liquor house was in a state where they could not form a single thought.

This was apart from the mess of drunken men that had caused a complete mess by their vomiting. They were currently sweetly sleeping and snoring.

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth to let out a burp, a hand on the coarse jar of alcohol. “Just who are you people. First report your names, let me see, if I have killed your people. This morning, I’ve killed far too many, I can’t remember…… Hm, you’re asking for the reason I killed? Normally, there is only one, and that is that they should die.”



“You’re looking to die!”

The disciples of the Xuan sect, began roaring in rage.

“The person surnamed Ye, if you do not give us a satisfactory answer today, then the entire Xuan sect, even if we all die in battle, we will fight for justice,” The man with the needle like beard shouted in anger and then continued ranting, “I don’t care what kind of Marquis you are. A life for a life. Matters in Jianghu are decided by the blade and the sword.”

“Xuan sect? Your master? Oh, the shameless person that wanted to rob the treasure of the Zhen pavilion?” Ye Qingyu lightly tapped on the coarse jar of alcohol, and said while laughing, “I killed him. You want to take revenge for him?”

“Nonsense. Our master is someone with status, how could he do that sort of thing. It must be you, you deliberately framed him……….” The man with beard angrily contradicted this.

“There are too many people with status. Who says that people with status cannot do bad things? Just what kind of nonsensical logic is this……” Ye Qingyu lifted his hands to break apart their words, his tone becoming firm. “I’m too lazy to tell you much. So I’ll give you two choices; one is to scram out of Youyan Pass, and not to cause trouble here anymore. I won’t pursue things any further. The other is to continue misinterpreting the truth, making a deer out of a horse. I’ll make you and your master reunite if so.”

Ye Qingyu began a killing spree this morning. He wanted to use the force of thunder and lightning to suppress the people of the Jianghu.

Youyan Pass could not become chaotic.

This was the most important objective.

When he left in the morning, Ye Qingyu went to find the painting saint, Mr. Liu, at the Pass Lord’s residence.

Partly it was to find out some news about the current status of Lu Zhaoge. But he did not manage to obtain anything useful. The other part was to completely scout out the information of the sects that had entered into Youyan Pass. He believed that the military council pavilion would have investigations and information to do with this. For this point, Mr. Liu did not disappoint him. Very quickly, a jade scroll with the details of the large and small sects, the list of experts, as well as other information. It was exceedingly clear and extensive.

The machine of the army was far more powerful in this aspect than the imagination of the people of the sects.

Amidst the chaos, everything was tightly observed.

Within this jade piece, the background information on the Xuan sect was also mentioned.

The sect master, Tian Xuanzi, was an expert at the fifty springs. He was a false gentleman, and had done a fair number of atrocious deeds. This time, his personality had not changed. Casually finding an excuse, he went to the Zhen pavilion to rob them of the treasure of the store. Threatening and forcing them, he also injured two or three of the workers. Ye Qingyu encountered him, and he directly activated the Limitless Divine way, his battle power doubling and acted to kill him.

This Xuan sect, was originally founded by an expert of the older generation. It could be counted as a famous and righteous sect with decent strength. Although it was not part of the three schools and three sects, it could be counted as somewhat famous. It was a pity that the position of leader of the sect was passed onto the wrong person, and it gradually aided and abetted the wicked.

For this type of sect, it was reasonable for them to want to take advantage of a crisis.

From Ye Qingyu’s perspective, to remove the poisonous tumour, it was better off to just destroy such sects.

Therefore, when he had acted, he did not show the slightest hint of mercy.

As for the disciples of the Xuan sect in front of him, Ye Qingyu had prepared to let them go.

But the opposing party would not take his favour.

“Go, lets fight with this trash……. There’s no need to concern ourselves over the honour of the Jianghu when fighting with this killing demon. Let’s act together, and slaughter him up.” A Xuan sect disciple madly rushed up, his long sword waving about, his sword qi like frost. His strength was not weak, around twenty spirit springs. When he acted, he completely did not care about endangering the lives of the other customers.

The female proprietor with the figure like a bucket sharply screeched, worrying about her furniture, but she did not dare block.……

As for the other Xuan sect disciples, they also activated their yuan cultivation, blades and swords unsheathed. Kicking tables and breaking chairs, they advanced from all four sides.

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh.

“This is your own choice.”

Before he had finished.

The roar of dragons sounded out.

The twenty snow dragons mirage within his body shot out. The pressure of the dragons emanated, while his cold qi was surging. The temperature of the large hall sharply descended, and the ice crystal snow blossom exploded with Ye Qingyu at the centre. It was as if there was a snowstorm that had suddenly appeared, rushing towards those Xuan sect disciples. Their eyes could not even be opened, and they were halted in their tracks by the fierce winds, finding it hard to even take a step forward……

Ye Qingyu’s figure was as if lightning flashed by his original position. In an instant, he appeared above the head of the needle bearded man, his palm striking out.

“To want to kill me, haha. Your strength is only at the twenty Spirit springs. To ambush and launch a sneak attack on my master, I will avenge him today……. The burning heaven fist of the Xuan ——kill!” The needle bearded muscle man laughed ferociously with rage and sinisterness. The long blade in his hand shot out. The accumulated force, in an instant, was like an avalanche.

Ye Qingyu’s palm, slapped on the back of the blade. His figure was like a flying crane, returning to his original seat.

“Hahaha, little thief Ye, come here and do battle again.” The bearded man seeing his strike had succeeded, his impulsiveness shot up greatly.

In the instant Ye Qingyu returned to his original seat, the ice crystal storm all around retreated. Like a whale sucking in water, it all flew back, the snow in the air instantly entering into his body. It was as if nothing had occurred whatsoever.

He sat before the table. Lifting the coarse jar of alcohol, he poured himself a bowl of alcohol on the pottery.

“Fight again?” Ye Qingyu lifted the bowl of alcohol, his sword shaped eyebrows lifting up into his hair. With a faint smile, he finished the alcohol in his bowl.


The needle bearded muscle man suddenly let out a gasp of shock, as if he had encountered something incomprehensible.

On the back of his long blade, a frost imprint of a palm could clearly be seen. Ray after ray of cold ice patterns, with this palm print at the centre, constantly spreading out throughout all directions. In the blink of an eye, this huge shaped cutting blade was enveloped by ice. Even the hands of the burly man were frozen. By the time he had let out a gasp, this cold ice had already crept up to his shoulder and arms……..

“What is happening….demonic technique….. you………..” The muscle man let out a sharp scream as if he had saw a ghost.

At this time, he discovered, without knowing when, the bodies of his brothers had already been covered by a thick layer of snow and ice. Every one of them maintained their stances of charging forward with swords held, as if they had been fossilised. They were frozen where they were, as if every single one of them was a snowman, and they had long lost any signs of life……

The explosive snow storm just now……. so it was that terrifying.

A frightening killing technique.

In a moment, it completely enveloped everything.

Why was this??

This Ye Qingyu, was it not said that he was at the twenty Spirit springs level of cultivation?

Was it not that old man Xuanzi was ambushed by him?


He had fallen for it, he should not have believed in those fellows.

He was used by someone like a spear?

Too cruel.

Countless thoughts and desires flashed by the heart of the muscular man in an instant. The next instant, cold qi completely froze his heart, transforming him into an ice sculpture that sealed him where he was. His life was completely gone.

Silence was all around.

Ye Qingyu placed the bowl of alcohol back onto the table. With a flick of his finger, a snow dragon mirage roared out. Like lightning, it soared past the ice sculptures of the tens of people in the hall. With a rumble, these ice sculptures were directly shattered into minute smithereens, collapsing to the floor. Very quickly, they began to melt, turning into a faint red water……

Drinking alcohol.

Killing enemies.

When the dragon roared out, there was not even a corpse remaining.

This entire process, was like an illusion or shadow. In but two or three breaths time, before anyone could react, the tens of experts of the Xuan sect including the forty Spirit spring bearded man, disappeared from the world.

The white robed figure, was graceful like jade.

He killed people as he faintly smiled.

Everyone could not believe what they had just witnessed.

This cold as ice water, fierce and ferocious Marquis Ye, was he really the white robed youth that had rolled up his sleeves standing on the table along with those rough men from the armed escort company five minutes ago?

The differing images of Ye Qingyu, constantly struck against each other in everyone’s mind.

The female proprietor was completely tongue tied. She felt that the world seemed to be not quite right.

Originally she had thought this battle was unavoidable. Her little liquor house was most likely going to be collateral damage. As long as some broken furniture remained, this was already going to be a good outcome. Who would have thought that this battle came and left so quickly. These experts of the sects that were like wolves and tigers. They were so strong that they could not be struck back by normal people. But in front of this handsome young man, they were like clay chickens and porcelain dogs; they could not even withstand a strike.

The losses of the liquor house, was only the several tables and chairs broken apart by the kicks.

“If I spread that the Marquis Ye came here to kill, perhaps the business of the liquor house would instantly explode to be ten times greater…..”

The female owner began to dream.

Ye Qingyu smiled lightly, knowing that he could no longer continue here. Standing up to clasp his hand, he acted as if nothing had occurred. “Everyone, I had great fun drinking today. The matters just now have disturbed everyone. I will still come here to compete in drinking alcohol later, I hope that everyone will not have any reservations and at that time, there will still be people willing to compete with me…….. I’ll say my partings.”

As he finished, he threw the female owner a piece of silver, turning to leave from the Common Liquor house.

A short while later, there was the large shout of the female owner from behind him, “Marquis Ye, come back here often.”

The originally deathly quiet liquor house, exploded with noise. Everyone began madly exclaiming and discussing. They would not even imagine in their dreams, the youth that had continuously came to the liquor house these two days, really was the deity like Ye Qingyu from out of legends. Those who bragged and had drank with Ye Qingyu beforehand, their faces were completely red.

This short period of time was determined to become a legend.

It would become a memory that many people could recount and form a fantastic tale.

Of course, for some other people, this was only the beginning of the story.

And when Ye Qingyu had not left long from the common Liquor house, two young men wearing long robes walked out from a tea house opposite. Looking at each other with a smile, there was the satisfaction of a plan working.



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