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217 – It’s time for them to be tidied up


“He really is a brash person. It seems like the worries of Gongzi[1] and the others, really were needless.” The young man with a fan in his hand said. He wore a scholarly long robe and seemed to be around twenty four or five years old. His facial features seemed righteous, but there was a maliciousness concealed between his eyebrows. He looked at Ye Qingyu’s retreating figure, exposing a faint smile.

The other young man wore a brocaded robe, with gold fabric tying back his hair. He possessed a forehead that was like white jade. Both his hands were clasped behind his back, his fingers long and slender, as if he was a girl. There was powder dusted on his complexion, making his face seemed extremely pale and wan, as if he was a person coming back from the grave.

This person let out a sinister smile. “Your Gongzi to have come to do great things in Youyan Pass. Only by muddying the waters will there be an opportunity for him to do so. Originally, there was already someone aiding from behind the scenes within the Youyan army, but there has not been any places to break through. Haha, this Ye Qingyu really does not understand the importance of the situation. Jumping out so ferociously, he has fallen perfectly into the plans of our gongzi……this can be counted as his misfortune.”

The young man holding a fan smiled and nodded his friend. “The retards of the Xuan sect, to really run to their deaths after a few words of encouragement. For these types of trash, them dying in greater numbers will cause our mission to be completed quicker and quicker……The next few days, I’ll find more cannon fodder for Ye Qingyu that stupid dog to happily kill. Our aim will have been achieved by then.”

The white faced young man nodded his head in agreement, then grinned in satisfaction. “They are after all military brutes. Their brains are as simple as their muscles. To want to compete in manipulation and strategy with the people of the Jianghu, they are lacking by far. Our gongzi is known as ‘Planner without flaws’. To make a fools of these fellows, is this not something that is achievable just by a wave of his hands. This Ye Qingyu has been exaggerated as unique in Heaven and Earth, but from the current situation, this is just a great joke.”

Both the grins on the two persons face was extremely self satisfied, their arrogance extremely evident.

It was only that the two did not see, in the teahouse behind them, there was a young girl wearing a golden laced mask behind them. Her cold and indifferent gaze fell on the two. The words just now fell into her ears without fail. But the two experts of the Jianghu failed to detect her presence at all.

“Sister, these two fellows are mumbling so much. I think they are not good people at all, why don’t we just go and kill them?” The ponytailed girl came to her side and said in a light voice, the little intricate dagger in her hand constantly being swung around.

Song Xiaojun turned her head to give the ponytailed Xian’er a glance, but did not say anything; her gaze once again returning to the table. Her expression quickly recovered to her lazy and mindless state.

“Ah, ah, ah……sister you are doing it again.” Xian’er sighed in exasperation. “These days why are your thoughts so uncollected, you are disinterested in everything. Why are we still remaining within this city, why don’t we return. Those old fellows are always waiting to pluck the thorn at their sides at every moment.“

Song Xiaojun did not say anything in response.

The two of them sat in the tea house, silently sitting without saying anything.

The two young men outside left at some unknown time.



Four miles away from the military supply department.

In the rear courtyard of a guest house.

Ten days before, this guest house had been completely booked by a mysterious and wealthy hand.

Apart from the cooks and the female servant, everyone else such as the guests and the owners had left. The mysterious guest had booked ten guesthouses just like this. Therefore the owner happily and joyfully brought his entire family to live in a rented place faraway from this place.

Twenty Jianghu experts entered into the guesthouse.

The person in the lead was a scholar with a facial complexion like jade. The large majority of the time he was tasting tea under the plum blossom tree. There were four beautiful female servants next to him, dancing, playing the flute or zither. He had a complete disposition of a wealthy noble son coming here to ravel and play around, a bored and lazy attitude evident in his actions.

But the experts of the Jianghu people beside him had extremely fearsome appearances. The large majority of them had an ferocious aura, with an odour of blood around their blades. From one glance, one could discern they were killers with blood stained swords.

Noon passed.

The noble gongzi lay under the tree reclining on the chair, contentedly dozing off. The four pretty servants helped him knead and massage his legs and feet. The entire scene was extremely peaceful, unhurried and leisurely.

The sound of footsteps came.

“Gongzi, [Painting Fan] and [Golden Jade], the two of them have returned. They have something to report to Gongzi you,” There was someone that carefully notified the young master of their arrival from far away.

The noble young master eye’s faintly squinted, waving his hand. “Allow them to enter.”

Before long.

The fan wielding young man as well as the person with a white face like jade that had appeared at the Common Liquor house respectfully entered. The halted their steps three metres away from the chair, then paid their respects. “Gongzi, we have returned.”

“How is the situation?”

The voice of this noble young master was dainty, as if it was a stretched out steel wire. There was a strange feeling to it that was very hard to describe.

The young man holding the fan that was known as the [Painting fan] respectfully replied: “Reporting back to Gongzi, everything is as you age calculated. Ye Qingyu really is a person who only knows how to be brash and ferocious. This morning, he really acted to kill sixty or more of the experts of the Jianghu. His methods were extremely vicious…..According to your instructions, we have also hiddenly lit a significant number of flames for him. I believe that in the coming days, Ye Qingyu will be overwhelmingly attacked by many Jianghu experts. At that point, perhaps we can implicate more higher ups of the Youyan army. The situation will become more and more chaotic.”

“No matter whether the army wants to protect Ye Qingyu or sacrifice him to quell the rage of the sects, this is a huge strike against the Yoyan army. Then our actions will become much more convenient.” The person known as the [Golden jade] lowered his head respectfully and said, “Gongzi has missed nothing in his plans. The manipulative power of the Jianghu, is not something the brutes of the army can guess at………Young master, your strategy really is profound.”

The lip of the noble young master reclining back curled back.

“This is still not enough. The muddier the waters the better, the more chaotic the situation, the better.” His hand moved, and a piece of white paper floated before the two people. “Bring some people to take action against the experts of the sects on this list. Espcially the little sects known to be righteous sects. I hear that they are preparing to follow Ye Qingyu’s rules. Haha, if their disciples were killed by Ye Qingyu, would those stubborn old fellows still act so obediently?”

[Painting fan] received the piece of paper. Looking at the names of the people of several secs as well as some solitary experts, he was faintly shocked.

Young master wanted to take action against some of these people?

Although they were not people of the three sects and three schools, the top six sects, but they were still a significant force……It seems like young master was really going to act without restraint. However they were not directly confronting with these people. If they took action in secret, the problem was not great.

The [Golden jade], listening, seemed to have suddenly thought of something. He could not help but open his mouth, “Reporting back to Gongzi, the females disciples of the immortal voice valley has already arrived to Youyan Pass. Haha, these pure virgin and conceited female experts can sell for a high price on the black market. It is unknown just how many people wants to take their virginity, and unknown how many people admire and want to pursue them. If they were sullied, and there are traces of Ye Qingyu left at the scene of the crime, this little Marquis would not be able to talk his way out of this no matter how many mouths he has…..”

On the chair.

The eyes of the noble young master opened wide, a flash of bright light flitting past.

[Golden Jade] was shocked by this.

But there was a faint smile on the face of the noble young master. Nodding his head he spoke, “Very good, this proposal is very good……that’s right, love, just how perfect it is. I hear it can make people do ridiculous actions…….go and do it, it is also good if the immortal voice valley is destroyed. Hahaha!”

The two person hearing this were instantly overjoyed.

To take action against the immortal voice valley was definitely a mission they could benefit from. Thinking of the beauty of the female experts of the immortal voice valley, and that they could play with them as they please…..the bones of the two were about to go soft.

A gust of wind blew past.

The plum pink blossoms on the tree of the courtyard fell and scattered on the ground.

The [Painting fan] instinctively reached out to grabbed at a swathe of plum blossoms. But the moment it entered into his hand, there was a chill in his hands. Then these plum blossoms disappeared without any signs from his palm.

“These are not plum blossoms? It is……snowflakes?”

His heart was faintly shocked.

There were zero clouds in the skies. The season had already passed, why would there still be snow?

At this time, the noble young master lazily reclining on the chair, his complexion abruptly changed. He immediately stood up, swiping his long sleeve through the air. A burst of strong wind surged, blowing away the pink and white flowers out. The originally lazy atmosphere completely disappeared, his entire person becoming sharp. His eyes like blades, he coldly said: “There is an expert……Just what venerable expert has arrived, why have you not notified me in advance so I can properly receive you?”

The hearts of the [Painting fan] and [Golden jade] fiercely thumped.

There was an expert that had arrived.

For them not to have sense the slightest trace of his presence.

They could only hear a voice sound out within the courtyard.

“A bunch of flies that plots and scheme, staying here to plan how to act against other. Shameless…….Haha, receive my arrival? Are you fit to do so?”

As they followed along to the voice’s origin

[Painting fan] and [Golden jade] had a look, and instantly were indescribably shocked.

They could see someone sitting above the roof of the guesthouse. There was a jar of coarse alcohol in front of him. Properly, he slapped away the mud used to seal the jar, opening the lid and drank a gulp of alcohol. Like an emperor attending the morning court, he looked down from an high position at everyone on the rear courtyard.

Ye Qingyu?

For it to be Ye Qingyu!

Both the [Painting fan] as well as the [Golden jade] could not believe in their eyes?!

This… could he be here?

How did he discover this place?
The hearts of the two instantly went icy cold.

“You are….Marquis Ye?” After the noble young master was slightly shocked , a smile appeared on his face. “Marquis Ye’s great name, is like thunder piercing the ears. I had never imagined I would experience your prescence toda, the rumours indeed do your justice. I am the [Five Poison Gongzi] of the Five poison school, I pay my espects to Marquis Ye. The wind is chilly on the top of the building, how about Marquis Ye comes down and meets with me?”

“Is there meaning in saying such fart like words?” Ye Qingyu said mockingly. “Furthermore, you type of maggots that live in the dark and gloom, just what right do you have to have a meeting with me? I think that the five poison sect doesn’t want to exist anymore. A dog fart like third class school, to dare interfere with the great business of the Empire, not knowing your own strength. I really wonder where does your pitiful strength comes from? A group of ants really dare of plot and subvert matters of the Empire. It seems the sects of the Empire has really been left with nothing to do for far too long. It’s time for them to be tidied up. For such a poisonous weed like you, it should be plucked out as soon as possible!”
[1] a son of privilege; an old-fashioned term for the son of a wealthy person, a polite expression when referring to someone’s else’s son.



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