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217 – Royal family is heartless!

Chapter 217: Royal family is heartless!


Chu Xun opened his mouth to speak, but the words he wanted to say were immediately bitten back by him.

Li Muyang already beat him. So, if they wanted go to find him, whether they would be beaten by Li Muyang or beat up Li Muyang, were both outcomes that Chu Xun wished to see——

“Brother, please don’t be impulsive.” Chu Tuo tried to persuade him. “Li Muyang is arrogant, his attacks are vicious and he simply does not respect our royal family of West Wind, we obviously have to make sure justice is served. But we also need to know why they were in conflict, why Li Muyang was so ruthless on Chu Xun——This is Starry Sky Academy, we must pay attention to reason first. Right?”

Chu Kai nodded and smiled understandingly at Chu Tuo: “Seeing my brother being bullied, under such fury, I was confused and lost my reasoning. Fortunately third younger brother reminded me, otherwise we would have recklessly looked for him, which would get us into trouble instead. If the academy punished us as a result of this, Li Muyang and other people would watch and laugh.”

“Big brother cherishes his siblings, he is a good example for us to learn from.” Chu Tuo said touchingly. “

The two brothers flattered each other incessantly.

Chu Kai turned to Chu Xun.“Then, Chu Xun tell us, what was the reason for you to fight with that Li Muyang. Tell me the truth; if you are in the right, I will surely get justice for you. Even if I can’t stay at Starry Sky Academy anymore, I’ll still take care of it for you.”

“Yes, we will follow big brother.”

“Support First Prince.”

“Peel the skin of that Li Muyang.”——

Chu Xun’s mouth moved, clearing his throat as if to speak, but words refused to come out as he did know what to say.

He was really tired of these siblings; they said they would get him justice if he did the right thing; what if the reason is not on his side, would they ignore him and not care at all?

As though they understood the dilemma of Chu Xun, Zhan Qingxing said in a gentle and low voice: “I heard that Chu Xun and Li Muyang competed in a martial arts competition——”

“A competition and he had to break his bones? Why is he so ruthless?” Chu Kai turned and looked at Lu Qiji, asking with a smile: “Qiji, you and Chu Xun are classmate, were you at the scene when Chu Xun was injured?”

“Yes.” Lu Qiji said, expressionless.

“I understand your relationship with Chu Xun. In your opinion, who is responsible for this matter?”

Lu Qiji thought for a brief moment, before she replied: “Both doesn’t owe each other anything.”

Chu looked her over with a ruminative glance, asking in an uncertain tone: “You say both doesn’t owe each other?”

“In a fair competition, there is winning and losing. No one owes anyone.” Lu Qiji said.

“Was Li Muyang also injured?”

“Chu Xun stabbed him on the chest with his sword.” Lu Qiji said. After saying that she felt a little confused, she wanted to kill Li Muyang, she wanted to stop Li Muyang from turning into another black dragon. But why did she speak for him? Let these people go and kill him——isn’t that what she was supposed to do?

“I see.” Chu Kai nodded. “If that is the case, we can’t do much. Otherwise, it would disturb the Academy and people would think the royal family of West Wind are bullies.”

“Big brother is right.” Chu Tuo added.

“However, Li Muyang is a dangerous person, we must be cautious. The fact that he could even kill Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family, proves that this person has no view of right and wrong. If we encounter him we must try to avoid head-on conflict with him. If there’s anything let us know first, don’t let him take advantage.”

“Understood.” Everyone responded at the same time.

Chu Kai shifted his sight back to Chu Xun. “Victory and defeat is a common occurrence, do not mind. Take a good rest and wait until your body is well rested before you bravely catch up to him. Just bring him down another day.”

“——” Chu Xun almost vomited out blood. Originally, he did not give it much thought, but after what he said, he couldn’t help but think. Back then, he felt that he was fighting a one-side battle, and the poor performance of Li Muyang before had proven his thoughts to be true.

But what was that sudden punch from behind?

“Just how the hell did I lose?” Chu Xun roared inwardly.

Without waiting for Chu Xun’s answer, Chu Kai’s gaze already shifted to Lu Qiji. He was much more interested in Lu Qiji than his own cousin.

“Qiji, we should find time to get together these two days. “Xiaoxing and Mu En should also come. We are all people of West Wind Kingdom, we must help each other and stick together.”

Lu Qiji nodded, answering, “fine.”

So, Chu Kai left with his large group of people.

As Chu Ning left, she shot an arrogant sideways glance at Lu Qiji. She disliked the Three Bright Moons of the Kingdom——because she was not added to this group, she thought that they must be some cheap goods that are not even good enough to be presented on stage.

Lu Qiji completely ignored her, as if she didn’t notice her glare.

Seeing Lu Qiji’s icy attitude, a touch of jealousy surfaced onto Chu Ning’s face.

Following what happened, Lu Qiji, on the contrary, felt like it was inappropriate for her to leave.

After Mu En walked the First Prince and the group of people out, he tightly closed and locked the door.

Lu Qiji walked over to Chu Xun and said softly: “Are you all right?”

“I’m sorry to let you see that joke.” Chu Xun said in a miserable voice. “This is the relationship between the brothers of the royal family. No caring, no affection and no taking care of each other. Underneath the polite and gentle faces, the real intention is revealed: fight to the death. The royal family has been so heartless since ancient times.”

“The royal family is like that, are normal families not the same?” Lu Qiji sighed.

“Your family?” Chu Xun was taken back. He had never heard of something like that happening in the Lu family. Lu family’s father was strict, sons are obedient, daughter-in-laws gentle and mature and from a good family, and grandsons and granddaughters are adept with both the pen and the sword. The Lu family had always been the family that countless people secretly envied and admired in the capital, could it be the family was also as cold-blooded and ruthless?

“I’m referring to the situation of the Lu family that they are currently in.” Lu Qiji added. “For them to treat their own brother like that, to outsiders like the Lu family——Wouldn’t they be even more ruthless?”

Chu Xun was silent for a long moment as he thought about his reply: “I will write to my father, and ask him to take care of the Lu family. Though he is a idle prince,  he most likely can’t do much.”

“It’s better than nothing.” Lu Qiji said. Her eyes flashed with danger. “Whoever hurts the Lu Family, will have to bear the consequences.”

On her mind suddenly emerged the scene of Li Muyang sending Chu Xun flying with one punch. If the Royal Family of West Wind really did something to the Lu Family, would Li Muyang simply stand by and watch?

While the several young man and woman in the house were full of worries, outside, a humanoid monster was climbing up a cliff, its eyes raised, quietly listening to the voices inside.

His eyes scarlet red, and his two brown claws with scales deeply inserted into the rocks of the cliff.

Mountain wind whistled, whipping his black hair into a dishevelled mass.

Behind him was the red, boundless Nujiang, as bright as blood.


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