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218 – Criticise publicly!

Chapter 218: Criticise publicly!


The signs of autumn were getting stronger and Nujiang was getting redder.

Besides the bright red of Nujiang, autumn maple leaves turned Broken Mountain into a vivid red. If you were standing on the tallest Suspended Temple of Broken Mountain and gazed at the distant autumn maple leaves waving in the distance, it would looked like an undulating red sea.

Beautiful and spectacular!

Li Muyang liked the red of autumn maple leaves, because this red evoked a beauty of fantasy within him. It made him lament that with the passage of time everything in this world will change, not to mention small and insignificant humans. Moreover this kind of red made him feel like sunlight and the warmth, but the red of Nujiang only brought him endless sadness and an angry rage.

Since his last battle, Chu Xun had never gone to class. Teacher Yang said he asked for leave to rest. Li Muyang knew very well that his punch was quite terrifying and he should be in bed for some time.

Lu Qiji, as usual attended class every day, but never once exchanged words with anyone else. Occasionally she would cast a glance at Li Muyang, her eyes carrying a deep understanding, a deep puzzlement, but more of a hesitating intent to kill him.

Li Muyang could feel it. He also knew what she was thinking at that moment.

She was troubled by his existence, but was he not also troubled by hers?

Besides Chu Xun and Lu Qiji, Li Muyang became friends with all the other students in the class. Ever since he sent Chu Xun flying with his punch, Tie Muxin felt that he helped vent his anger, and respected Li Muyang more greatly and always followed him like a bum beetle. Except from the time spent sleeping, most of the time he was with Li Muyang. Even Cai Pa, who Li Muyang suspected he was in a relationship with, was also tossed aside.

Lin Canghai and Qiandu from the outset showed kindness to Li Muyang; Li Muyang could tell from Qiandu’s eyes that she cared about him and that she was happy to see him, although this puzzled Li Muyang. Could it be that girl fell in love with him at first sight?

Although he is very handsome, but she did not seem like a woman that would be easily moved by such things. Just what kind of secret is hidden in her, Li Muyang would have to wait to find out.

Cai Pa was still not friendly to anyone, nor alienated. Everyday she came and went alone but was one of the most diligent students in class and practice.

Li Muyang was very busy recently; the battle with Chu Xun made him realise once again the gap between him and a real high-level master.

No, not only a high-level master, even a low level opponent like Chu Xun——He hoped that Chu Xun does not know his thoughts at this moment. Before he could comprehend the method of how to use the Frighten Dragon Fist, he was powerless——

Li Muyang’s foundation was too weak. In martial arts, he was simply an idiot novice.

He had spent more than ten years of being a useless person, but then possessed such superhuman ability overnight. At that time, he did not know the source of the power, nor aware of what this power could do. With a feeling of apprehension and fear he touched and applied this power.

If he had not met Xiahou Qianbai, most likely he would have taken a long time to learn the basics and step into the Empty Valley Realm, right?

Time waits for no one, he must chase the star and catch the moon.

Sticking to his habits, the first thing Li Muyang did every day he got up was practice ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ several times, and then throw out a series of punches.

In the past, Li Muyang could only throw out two Broken Fists, and the second one with great difficulty.

After reaching the Empty Valley Realm, Li Muyang could clearly feel the state of his body had improved tremendously. Coupled with daily training, he could throw out three Broken Fists.

With ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’, Li Muyang’s strength improved greatly.

In addition to following Yang Xiaohu’s compulsory curriculum daily, Li Muyang spent one hour of time everyday to study the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’. ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ was one of the three major Taoist classics, which contained countless mysterious principles and profound theories. It was a body of supreme knowledge that enlightened the mind and understanding of the world.

The fact that Xiahou Qianbai was willing to give this sacred book as a gift, proved that he indeed possessed a very high status in Taoism——How would a common person have this kind of sacred treasure not passed onto outsiders?

During this period of learning and analysis, as well as assimilating against the memories on his mind, Li Muyang benefited immensely. He felt enlightened in many areas all of a sudden.

A lot of times his mind flashed with a flicker of light, as though a beautiful shooting star streaked across the sky.

But when the moment came where he clasped his hands together to make a wish, the trailing tail of the shooting star had already disappeared.

Li Muyang knew that this was the reason that the time was not right yet.

When the time is ripe, that would be the day he is enlightened and broke to the next cultivation stage.

Every time in the still of the night, Li Muyang began to practice [Summoning Rain and Travelling across Clouds]. After his first two experiments, he had gained valuable experience: Whenever he practiced this technique, his body would turn abnormal, growing scales and magical claws, becoming a monster that was half man and half dragon. Something he could not change with his willpower.

Daytime practice was easily caught, so Li Muyang moved his practice time to the night.

Li Muyang seriously thought that perhaps he could give up on learning the skills of the dragon; however, as the successor to the Dragon Clan, successor to the high and mighty Dragon King, if he did not know even a little dragon-related skills, is that not a disgrace to his identity?

Moreover, not learning the skills of the Dragon race, was tantamount to giving up the Tear of the Dragon King. It was equal to abandoning this peerless divine weapon, the same as giving up on rare and sacred techniques as abundant as stars in the sky. This loss would really be too heartbreaking.

Moreover, he doesn’t have the opportunity to slack.

After several painstaking years of studying at Starry Sky Academy, would he be killed by people hired by the Cui family after he graduated? Was this his future fate?

Li Muyang was absolutely unwilling to accept it.

Just as Li Muyang, Lin Canghai, Qiandu and others left Starry Sky library on their way to eat dinner and agreed that Lin Canghai would be paying for paying, Starry Sky Teacher Kong Li stormed over to their side dressed in a huge robe with wide sleeves and a tall hat.

Li Muyang bowed with both hands in front, respectfully greeting him: “Hello Teacher Kong.”

Lin Canghai and Qiandu also knew Kong Li, at the same time bowed respectfully as they said: “Hello Teacher Kong.”

Kong Li answered them with a wave of his hand, as though he had no intention of talking to Lin Canghai and Qiandu.

He looked with fierce piercing eyes at Li Muyang, yelling: “Li Muyang, how dare you humiliate me?”

“——” Li Muyang’s mouth widened into a soundless shocked ‘O’. In all honesty, no matter whether it was Yang Xiaohu, Xiahou Qianbai or Kong Li in front of him, all three were the big thighs he needed to hug tightly onto, Li Muyang showed great respect and politeness. How would he dare to insult them?

“Teacher Kong, are you——mistaking me for someone else?” Li Muyang asked quizzically.

Did someone offend Teacher Kong,  and placed all the blame onto him, so he stomped over here to criticise him publicly?


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