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218 – Ice tombstone


The complexion of the Five poisons gongzi rapidly changed.

He did not imagine that Ye Qingyu would be too lazy to even feign the slightest bit of civility. The moment he opened his mouth, he exhibited the most naked killing intent.

He suddenly felt that his judgement and evaluation of Ye Qingyu was somewhat not right.

“Marquis Ye why force things into a corner. We just came here to add our strength to the great plan to fight back against the demons…….” The Five poison gongzi smiled faintly. He was about to say something more and delay things a little longer.


“So many useless words. Your death will be the greatest way in which you can contribute to the plan to resist against the demons.”

Ye Qingyu’s hand suddenly moved like lightning, striking at the coarse jar of alcohol in front of him.

The wine jar spun and flew out, shooting directly towards the Five poison gongzi.

“Gongzi, lets attack him.”

“What are we afraid of him for?

[Painting fan] and [Golden jade] roared with rage as they charged forward. [Painting fan] used the fan in his hands while the other blocked in front of the Five poison Gongzi, wanting to repel the incoming jar of wine backwards.



As the hands of the two contacted this jar of wine, with a boom, this jar of wine suddenly exploded.

Within the strong alcohol, there was the extreme cold yuan qi contained within. The alcohol was instantly frozen within the air, transforming into sharp ice protrusions that wwew like steel blades or razor sharp swords that flew in a deadly fashion throughout the air. With sounds like the release of arrows, it was as if there were millions of arrows that formed a rainstorm shooting down at the rear courtyard. This sharp whistling sound, unendingly sounded in one’s ears.

Both [Painting fan] and [Golden jade] had not estimated that such a thing would occur.

Due to their unpreparedness, both of them was instantly stabbed and pierced through, transforming into two gigantic ice crystal hedgehogs………


Both of the tragically screamed.


The complexion of the Five poison Gongzi fiercely changed.

He quickly retreated, using the cloak at his back to block the incoming projectiles. His yuan power was activated to the extreme, and it surged fully into the cloak. In this panicked activation, the cloak was like a black steel shield that blocked in front of him. There was the continuous sounds of clang after clang as there were constantly sharp ice crystal swords that struck on the cloak. This humongous power, made the arm of the Five poison gongzi go numb, forced to take step after step backwards and leaving clear and distinct footprints on the ground……….

“How is this possible?”

The heart of the Five poison Gongzi was fiercely shaken.

Just how was it possible for Ye Qingyu’s strength to be so terrifying.

Was it not said that his strength, even at its very greatest — according to the battle with the head of the Supply department Zhang San, was it not only at the forty Spirit springs? He with the fifty Spirit springs of cultivation was fiercely suppressed by him, and he was showing signs that he could not withstand this fierce onslaught anymore.


The four beautiful female servants behind him had a very quick reaction speed. All of them unsheathed the swords at their waist, their swords dancing in the air to block the ice crystal projectiles.

The strength of these four girls, was not at all any weaker than the [Painting fan] and the [Golden jade]. The majority of the ice crystals made from alcohol were sent flying back. But there were a minority that passed through their sword screen, slicing apart their skin. On their white dresses, fresh blood seeped out……..

Ye Qingyu’s explosive attack had a frightening penetrative attacking power.

“Go, kill him.”

Five poison Gongzi waved his hand.

The four injured female servants madly activated their yuan power, rushing towards Ye Qingyu situated at the roof of the building.

“Hahaha……not even knowing your own strength. [Banner of Heaven and Earth]!”

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly, a silver spear suddenly appearing in his hands. With a swipe and a flash, it disappeared from his hands, and at the same time, another silver spear appeared. His wrist flicked out, the light of the spear like a torrential rainstorm. With a leap, his figure leapt out like a ferocious dragon, like a bolt of lightning, directly descending rapidly towards the courtyard.

“Fierce dragon pierce!”

The two spears attracted each other, and Ye Qingyu directly flew through the air and struck the bodies of the four female servants.

It was as if a mountain had struck a grass plain.



The four servant girls were struck flying, the swords in their hand shattering into inch sized pieces. Fresh blood jetted out from their mouths, falling to the ground and fainting.

At this time, Five poison gongzi felt a chill. His body involuntarily leant to one side, and nearly at the same time, the silver spear that had left Ye Qingyu’s hands, descended from the skies, like divine punishment from a deity. It embedded next to him, and the chilling cold pierced into their bones, causing half of his body to go numb……..

Ye Qingyu’s atmosphere was like a Fiendgod descending. After knocking the four servant girls away, he went directly towards him and was already before him.

This entire process, was like lightning flashing. It was so fast one could not react.

The four consecutive moves of the golden armoured king.

Today, when these four moves were performed in Ye Qingyu’s hands, it was many many times more powerful than in the past. Once the air fluctuation was formed, it was like the surge of a long river, was like the destruction of the stars. It utterly did not give anyone any time to breath.

The power of the five poison gongzi was not low, and his battle experience was also extremely rich. But at this moment, his spirit was fiercely shaken, he could not raise any will to resist. It was as if his soul had been destroyed by this strike. Rapidly using a secret escaping technique, he wanted to depart from here. The next instant, he appeared twenty metres away from his original location.

He wanted to widen the distance, and use his poison arts.

However, Ye Qingyu would not give him the time at all.

“Heaven rends and Earth destroys!”

Ye Qingyu shouted, his figure suddenly rising. In a flash, he had already reached hundreds of metres in the air, then his figure quivered. Shooting down like a bolt of lighting, he was like a falling meteor. Sparks were occurring around his body and the glow of fire encircling around him. His qi had locked onto the five poison gongzi, striking at him.

“What is…..this battle technique?”

The Five poison Gongzi suddenly felt the storm like winds blowing at him, as if a mountain was pressing him down. His body was locked down by qi, as if his body was immobilised by a curse. He could not move at all. And before he could react, with a boom, like lightning crashing onto the ground, the earth violently shook and screamed. Dust rose to the skies, and the earth was broken apart, layer after layer cracking upwards. It was as if even the underground lava, was about to explode.

This guesthouse, instantly transformed into rubble.

A crater tens of metres large, instantly appeared.

The terrifying yuan qi air fluctuations that was like a gale was fluctuating, forming a nearly sealed killing space.

“Pok……” Af jet of blood spurted from the mouth of the Five poison Gongzi.

This strike made him feel as if all the organs in his chest had turned into meat mince. A hard to describe fear completely filled his heart.

Just what kind of move was this?

Just what sort of battle technique was this?

This was not a power that should belong to a human.

This Ye Qingyu was completely like a battle beast.


In an instant, his will to fight was broken. He performed his escaping technique, wanting to leave.

But the surrounding yuan qi airu currents, knocked him back.

Not only the terrain had changed, he was also imprisoned by energy.


Ye Qingyu’s voice, sounded in the Five poison Gongzi’s ears.

In his hand, the light of the sword appear again.

The silver spear that he had casually taken from the martial stores of the White Horse tower had long broken apart, not able to withstand the power of the last strike of the four moves of the golden armoured king. The Little Shang sword appeared at the centre of his hand, his yuan power activating. His inner yuan flowed according to a strange rhythm, the sword held in both hands, fluctuating with white light. The Little Shang sword fiercely pierced towards the ground.


The last move of the Unmatched peerless warrior.

A gigantic silver sword, as if it was summoned by Ye Qingyu, appeared from the heavens.

This terrifying sword light destroyed all in its path. Bringing with it an aura of a deity giving final judgement to al lifeform, a holy and pure sword qi emanated throughout the air. Before the Five poison Gongzi could react, this sword light tens of metres long entered into his temple, piercing into his body and striking onto the Earth!

A short period of silence.

This mysterious energy was still fluctuating, then the air fiercely constricted.

The instant it constructed, there was a humongous bang. A silver light circle, with the sword of light at the centre, began spreading towards all directions. Dust shooting to the air, even the walls of the other architecture of the inn was transformed into powder……

Ye Qingyu’s black hair flutted in the air, his white robes flapping. Holding the Little Shang sword, he stood alone.

This terrifying force annihilated everything between heaven and Earth.

The dust danced, like flowing fire, as if it was sighing at the loss of life.


The five poison Ghongzi used yuan power to silently stand, terror and despair on his face.

On his entire body, there was only blood at the corner of his mouth, without any injuries at all. It seemed as if he was entire unharmed.

But a gust of wind came over.


As if it was extinguishing a fire, his figure, suddenly shattered with a explosion. It transformed into countless tiny dust and ashes, floating into the surrounding earth.

The surroundings were already a mess.

The terrifying destructive power of the [Heaven rends and Earth destroys] as well as the judgment of the sword, had completely transformed the guesthouse that occupied ten acres of land, into a wasteland.

But the land outside the guesthouse as well as the other architectures, was not harmed in the slightess..

Within the rear courtyard, there was a peach tree that was still growing in this wasteland. It was not affected by by the destructive power of this battle.

This was Ye Qingyu’s intention.

He came to under this peach tree. Thinking for a bit, ice cold qi came from his palm, ice crystal forming in an instant. A half a metre wide, five or six metre tall ice pillar was born in three or four breaths time. It was like a ice crystal tombstone had formed to stand beside this peach tree.

The Little Shang sword in Ye Qingyu’s left hand was like a pen. With scratching sounds, he left characters etched onto the ice crystal tombstone.

“The punishment is death for disturbing Youyan! Thus Ye Qingyu has killed the Five poison Gongzi here.”

After finishing inscribing these words, Ye Qingyu smiled lightly. Stowing away the autumn water like sword, he turned and left.

Away from the guesthouse.

The female and male that seemed like cooks, were shivering within the wasteland. Terror caused them to feel unrest.

If they had not received the prior notification of the white robed youth, and escaped from the guesthouse, they would have long transformed into meat paste within the wasteland of this inn. Heavens, just what level of experts had done battle, this was far too terrifying.

Twenty breaths later.

Numerous figures, broke through the air. Rushing from far away, they came outside the guesthouse.

What followed after was the surrounding patrols of the Youyan army.

“What has occurred?”

The people surrounding from far away, looked curiously at this destructive rubble.

After such a fierce battle, the attention of all sorts of forces had been attracted.

There were experts from the top sects, the officers from the army. These people had all been shaken by the bizarre and powerful fluctuations from this battle. They came here to investigate. For such a large scale battle, it was the first time this had occurred within Youyan Pass. The scraps of yuan qi still remaining in the air, was still enough to make one feel fear.

“Could it be that there is someone from the Jianghu still inciting trouble?”

“Someone has been killed, who is it ?”

“Quickly look, there is an ice tombstone here.”

Several figures appeared at the center of the wasteland. A five or six metre tall ice tombstone, stood alone.

On the tombstone, characters could clearly be seen. Like a mighty dragon dancing. A ominous killing intent, was as if it was about to escape from this tombstone.

Seeing this, the complexion of everyone changed.


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