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219 – This is Youyan Pass

On the ice tombstone, there were words, that was like as if it was etched using a steel hook. Every stroke of the characters had an ominous killing intent that shot out.

The experts of the military that had rushed here had relaxed expressions after being taken aback at reading the characters on the ice tombstone.

They originally thought it was the people of the sects causing trouble here and that it would be troublesome for them to maintain order. But they had not thought it was the Marquis Ye that was all the rage who had acted. After connecting this incident with all the information this morning, it seemed like that Ye Qingyu really wanted to act against the people of the sects with the force of thunder.

Although the experts of the army had never heard of the Five poison gongzi before, but to have been targeted by Marquis Ye , it was most likely that he was not a good person anyway. He most likely deserved his death.

These days there were many people that had arrived from the sects. They said that had came to provide aid, but had caused the entire Youyan Pass to fall into chaos. There were many military officers who could not bear to watch this, but as a result of the strict military order ,they had no way of retaliating.

After hearing about the actions of Marquis Ye today, and how he had slaughtered the people of the Jianghu in rage, countless soldiers and officers had jumped up with excitement.

Everyone felt, that the way Marquis Ye did things was thunderous and great. No wonder he came from the military.

This was the true style of a soldier.

Disregarding whether he was right or wrong in this matter, the large majority of the army stood on the side of Marquis Ye. From the perspective of their emotions, they entirely supported Ye Qingyu.

But the complexions of the experts of the sects that came here after hearing the news completely changed after seeing this tombstone.

“What Five poison gongzi has died?”

“Even the five poison gongzi has been killed?”“

“This…..according to the rumours, does the Five poison Gongzi not have a significant background, and is someone of the Empire? How could… could he be killed by Ye Qingyu.

“In this half a day, Ye Qingyu has already killed near a hundred people from the sects. He is completely a killing demon….this is too exaggerated….in these days, the five poison gongzi has not done anything in Youyan Pass. Why has even he suffered under the cruel hands of Ye Qingyu?”

“Quickly return and report this back to senior brother Qiushui……”

The people that had first arrived were the experts of the sects. Their strengths were not low, and they could be counted as significant people. After their shock, they felt wave after wave of anger. As the saying goes, where they were seated determined what their attitude would be. Today, near a hundred Jianghu people had died. As someone belonging to this group, they naturally felt distress.

“The military will have to give an accounting for this matter.” An elder that came from the Deer cauldron sect said furiously. In front of all the officers, he pointed at the ice tombstone. “This murderous demon Ye Qingyu, in just half a day, have slaughered near a hundred people of the Jianghu. His cruel methods, utterly causes one to shiver. The military will have to give an explanation for his actions.”

“That’s right. This cannot go on any longer. Will he only give up once have killed everyone from Jianghu?”

“For such a butcher, just what merits does he have that he is able to gain such a heroic military position?”

“For such a butcher to rise to the position of Marquis, is this a joke of the army?”

The experts of the sects, all began adding to the resentment.

On the side of the military, the complexion of everyone changed.

The person with the highest military rank was a middle aged military warfare officer. Hearing these words, he gave a glance and a cold smile to the people of the JIanghu. “This is Youyan Pass. This is the frontier that the Empire has constructed one tile and one brick at the time on the icy mountains. This is not the mountains of your sects. In this place, the Youyan army only has answer and account themselves to the Empire. To give an accounting to you people? Everyone, I think you may have overestimated yourselves. Even if your patriarch themselves came, even they do not have the requirements to make the Youyan army give an accounting of themselves!”


The elder of the Deer cauldron sect was frozen wit rage.

The other experts of the sects were also burning with anger.

No one thought that the stance of the army would be so hard.

The middle aged officer had disdain and contempt on his face.

“As for the matter of Marquis Ye’s title, this is the bestowalment that came from the imperial court as well as the military department. For you to dare qeustion this is a great crime. Not knowing how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is, you came here to speak nonsense. Marquis Ye has the position of the patrolling sword envoy of the Youyan Pass with a special authority. EVen if he killed the officers of the Empire, this is within his remit. Only thorugh the permission of the Pass Lord’s resience can he be punished in any way. You bunch of people, to come here and ask for an explanation, and to even call Marquis Ye a murderous demon? In light that this is your first offence, I will not not hold you accountable. But if you continue, we will arrest you, and send you to the military prisons and make your patriarchs personally come and collect you people.”

This speech, was final as steel. HIs position was as hard and as resolute as could be.

The anger of the experts of the sects was like a raging thunderstorm, but there was nothing they could say.

The face of the elder of the Deer cauldron sect was like a pig’s liver, but he did not dare say anything.

Apart from feeling rage, these people could not help but feel trepidation. Who would have thought that the position of Ye Qingyu in the army would be so much greater than their imagination. Further, what made them both fearful and angry, was once the stance of the army turned hard, for the people of the sects that had always thought they were above other people, they possessed no way of retaliating against their opponent.

“Everyone, remember my words today. I don’t want to repeat it a second time.” After the middle aged officer had finished, he spoke to the comrades next to him. “Let’s go. Accompany the chefs and servers of the inn for medical aid and for them to report this case. Disperse the crowds outside. Right now the issue that the Youyan army is most concerned with is the Springtime offence, and fighting back against the demon race. We cannot make a big deal out of nothing.”

“Yes, superior.”

“That’s right, our time is so valuable. How can we waste our time on such tiny matters…..”


The military officers replied, all laughing. They deliberately said such words to anger the people of the sects who were not providing assistance in any way at all.

These people directly left. The soldiers in patrol at the outside to protect the scene, also left as soon as possible.

The five or six experts of the sects left behind, was so angry that they nearly ascended to the heavens. Flames nearly began spitting out from their noses.

Especially the elder of the Deer cauldron sect. His status was high and noble, and he was always respected when he travelled through the JIanghu. He had been accustomed to being high up and respected. To think that he would be scolded by a military officer he did not regard as important at all.He was about to be driven crazy with fury!

“Hmph, this bunch of damn military brutes.” With a wave of his hand, a surge of yuan qi exploded against the ground, causing rocks and boulders to crumble. Looking at the backs of the crowd of military people, he snarled fiercely: “I will remember this bunch of people that don’t know death. To dare mock the people of the sects like so, don’t let me find an opportunity. Otherwise, I will definitely make them taste my methods.”

Before had finished.

“Elder Yan, calm yourself and watch what you say.”

A calm and authoritative voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone only felt a blur across a vision,when a young man with bronze skin appeared ten metres away. This young man had a yellow coloured short hair, approximately two fingers long. He wore tight fitting clothes, nearly two metres high, muscles bulging .It was as if he was smelted from metral, the frightening strength in his body, made everyone feel a dreadful power.

“Holy child!”

The elder of the Deer cauldron sect was shocked, then quickly rushed to pay his respects.

The complexion of the other people of the sects, also turned respectful.

This young man with muscles like that of a raging dragon, was the holy child, Wang Yifeng, of the Deer cauldron sect.

The Deer cauldron sect was one of the top six sects in the Snow Empire,. They had deep foundations, and were exceptional powerful. Their history had already existed for thousands of years, even longer than the Snow Empire. There had once been extreme experts that had come out from this sect. In these hundred of years, they had acted in a concealed manner but their strength could not be disregarded at all. This young man called Wang Yifeng, ever since appearing ten years ago, was known as a little martial lunatic. He had challenged over a thousand experts of the small and large sects in the Snow Empire, and had never suffered a defeat. He was publicly acknowledged as one of the ten hidden dragons in Heaven Wasteland domain. He was recognised by the elders of the martial world as one of the people with the possibility of becoming an extreme level expert.

Elder Yan was the elder of the Deer cauldron sect, possessing a certain level of power. But facing a genius that had been recognized internally as the future patriarch of the Deer cauldron sect, he did not dare show the slightest of disrespect. He had the attitude of a complete subordinate, his manner exceedingly respectful.

“Who would have thought holy child you would come personally. It’s a pity that the Five poison gongzi is already dead, and the murderer Ye Qingyu has also left.”

Elder Yan said with regret.

The holy child of the Deer Cauldron waved his hand, not saying anything. Coming before the ice tomb, he extended his hand to lightly touch the ice tombstone, as if sensing something. Coming to the centre of te previous battle, he crouched down, pressing his palm against the ground with his eyes faintly closed, sensing something……..

“A direct and explosive battle style!”

There was a trace of surprise on the face of the holy child. He rose and walked several more steps surveying the traces from the battle in the surroundings.

His expression was relaxed at the start.

But as he observed more and more, he began to grow more and more surprised.

Then his expression turned more and more serious.

The heart of the Elder Yan seeing this scene was shocked.

A short while later.

The holy child waves his hands, his gaze sweeping across the figures of Elder Ya and the others. “This Ye Qingyu is not simple. The battle techniques he used has the might of the Fiendgods contained within. It is not martial arts belonging to humans. Powerful and strange……En, what is the strength of the Five poison Gongzi?”

“The cultivation strength of the Five poison Gongzi is roughly at the fifty spirit springs level. He can be counted as a powrful expert. But his most fearsome atribute, is that he knows how to use poison. His poison arts could be counted as divine, one cannot defend aginst it. Even experts at the sixty or sevntry Spiritsprings level have been affected by his poison before. This person is not easy to handle. ” A person of the sects explained about the Five poison Gongzi in detail, respectfully answering the question.

“Poison arts belong to the minor way. But it is comparatively hard to handle.In this battle, he did not have any chance to use his poison arts from start to finish. He was directly killed……Haha, a direct battle. To make a person famous for his poison arts to not even have the chance to use poison…….this Ye Qingyu.” The holy child thought for a while, saying “Elder Yan, you people are not the opponent of this person. In the future, do not confront him directly.

“But according to the rumours, the power of this Ye Qingyu is only at the forty Spirit springs. I…….” Elder Yan said subconsciously.

The holy child of the Deer cauldron sect gave him a glance.

Elder Yan instantly realised he had misspoken, his heart beginning to thump. Rushing to lower his head and give his apologies, “Thank you for the reminder. Your subordinate I will definitely remember this.”


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