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220 – Flowing Shadow Kill


“The holy child of the Deer cauldron sect?”

There was a meaningful expression on Ye Qingyu’s face.

In an inn several miles away, through the images provided by the [Sentry guard], he could clearly observe everything that occurred within the rubble of the inn. This was due to after he had killed Five Poison Gongzi, he had not only left an ice tombstone behind but he had also taken out a [Sentry guard] from the [Titled Fiendgod chart]. This was used to observe everything that would occur afterwards on the wasteland.

Today he had killed near a hundred people from the Jianghu. This was partly to force those martial artists who did bad deeds as they pleased into line. The other reason, was that he did this to scout ahead.

This was only the beginning.

Ye Qingyu wanted to figure out the reactions of all the different forces.

This morning, Mister Liu had handed a jade scroll to him. Ye Qingyu realised that the Pass Lord’s residence was supporting him, because the day before he had already said he wanted information regarding all the sects. It was abundantly clear what he wanted and what he was going to do. The fact that Mister Liu was willing to give him such information, demonstrated that he was not against Ye Qingyu’s actions.

There were many times, that the Pass Lord’s residence would not openly demonstrate their support. They would use some hidden actions, that clever people would very naturally understand.

Ye Qingyu unquestionably was that kind of clever person.

But as to whether this kind of support had gone through Lu Zhaoge’s approval was unclear to Ye Qingyu right now.

The reason he had left a [Sentry guard] behind in the destroyed guesthouse, was because Ye Qingyu knew after Five Poison Gongzi had died, it would definitely alarm the true experts of the sects leading them to investigate. Although the five poison sect was not within the three sects and three schools, it was still exceedingly famous. It was much stronger than the Xuan sect that he had casually destroyed.

Ye Qingyu wanted to see, just what kind of people would care about this matter.

Furthermore, according to some information Mister Liu had provided, he could vaguely conclude that the Five Poison sect was related to the official with the greatest power in the Empire, the Right Minister. The Right Minister was surnamed Lin, and so was the Five Poison Gongzi. The relationship between them was even more intricate. Once Five Poison Gongzi was killed, the reaction of the sects would turn even more acute.

From the current situation, Ye Qingyu’s guess was right.

The Deer Cauldron sect was one of the top six sects. And the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect was one of the famous geniuses within these top sects. He was one of the strongest of the newest generation, and was not weaker in the least when compared to Li Qiushui of the Crepe Myrtle sect. His appearance, already indicated too many problems.

This was the first time Ye Qingyu had seen a top genius of the three sects and three schools.

“Very strong.”

Ye Qingyu quickly made an evaluation in his heart.

Even if it was through the [Sentry guard], and there were several kilometres between him and the holy child, Ye Qingyu still felt a pressure from the images in his consciousness. After a slight comparison, Ye Qingyu knew, that the he today, was not the opponent of this person. Even though he had many hidden cards up his sleeve, but as the holy child of a top level sect, there were definitely more hidden cards up the sleeve of Wang Yifeng. One must never underestimate the resources a top level sect possessed.

“It seems like there is still a considerable difference between me and the super geniuses of the true top sects.”

Ye Qingyu’s heart became wary.




There was suddenly a puzzled expression on the face of the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect.

The elder Yan and the others were nonplussed. They did not know what had occurred, and did not dare voice their questions out loud.

“Do you sense, that we seem to under the surveillance of something?” The gaze of the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect was like lightning. He swept inch by inch over his surroundings, his expression becoming increasingly strange. “There is some item that is observing our every move and action.”

“Ah?” Elder Yan was shocked, then quickly replied. “This…is not possible. This piece of broken land has already been checked over by me. There are no the traces of any formations left behind, could it be that there is an expert hiding and observing us?”

“No, no it’s not.” The holy child sensed for another period of time, becoming increasingly sure on his judgement. “This is not a surveillance formation, it is some other item……..It should be Ye Qingyu who has left it behind. The Leaf of Youyan is somewhat capable. However…..”

As he spoke to here, both his eyes opened. Suddenly his hand lifted, a little cauldron struck out along with his fist.


There was a swathe of land ten metres away that was already in a wasteland like state. Through this strike, a gigantic crater was explosively created.

But apart from the crushed rocks and ground, there was nothing else that had appeared.

But the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect continued to use his senses.

“This is right, that type of sensation has disappeared!”

The holy child said thoughtfully, his figure flashing. He disappeared from where he was.

Elder Yan and the others, stayed where they were with shock on their faces. They stared at each other, speechless.



“I’ve been discovered?”

The scenes in his consciousness disappeared, turning black.

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

The last scene was of the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect punching out.

The place where he struck, was namely the location where Ye Qingyu had left behind the [Sentry guard].

The [Sentry guard] was one of the bizarre abilities of the ancient bronze book. It was incomparably mysterious, and after it was put into place, it would maintain a peculiar invisible state. Apart from Ye Qingyu, there was no one who could detect its existence. This was well tested, but this time, not only could the holy child detect the presence of the [Sentry guard], he could also detect its approximate location. He even used strong yuan qi, to directly destroy it…..

Very frightening senses.

“It seems like I cannot underestimate this group of Jianghu people.

Ye Qingyu’s heart shivered slightly.

To want to suppress the people of the Jianghu, was absolutely not a simple matter.

He instantly realised, the great meeting between the sects of the Jianghu a month later, would become the true focal point.

There was still a month of time for Ye Qingyu to train.

To really want to suppress these arrogant and daring Jianghu people, and to control the situation, he would need to show himself on the true battlefield – the meeting of the sects. Only through this stage, could a decisive change be made. As long as he trampled the so called geniuses of the sects that were so high up beneath his feet, only then could he truly suppress the spirit of the Jianghu people.

With Ye Qingyu’s bloody methods right now, it could only at the most make those fellows lower their heads.

For the genius of the Crepe Myrtle sect, Li Qiushui, to give him an invitation was namely a good opportunity. At first Ye Qignyu was somewhat hesitant, but from the situation right now, he must go.

If he did not attend, then the situation and aura he had painstakingly crafted would most likely instantly collapse. The threat that he was to those Jianghu people, would disperse like smoke and clouds, everything wasted. Even the Youyan army would most likely withdraw their support of Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu knew very clearly that he was walking on a steel wire.

Only by maintaining his dominant position onwards, could he truly pierce the situation with his sword.

“Damn, I wasted so much time and effort and took so many inhuman risks. And in the end, I did it for the Youyan army and the Empire. Do you think I have an illness, to place myself in such a dangerous situation.”

Ye Qingyu cursed at himself in his heart.

But the reason he did this, was to give himself more pressure.

A martial expert, could only rapidly increase in power through huge external pressure. Only by obtaining a greater strength, and a deeper cultivation, could he truly provide aid to Song Xiaojun. Only through this could he obtain the chance to enter the Sacrificial altar of the Empire, and uncover the mystery his father had left behind before dying.


Returning to White Horse tower.

Bai Yuanxing had already brought Jin Ling’er back, finishing their affairs in the military camp.

As for the evaluation of the little fellow’s talent and potential, the results were already out.

After Ye Qingyu had seen the scroll of evaluation from the Vanguard, he was slightly taken aback.

“Upper class foundation, Asura martial killing heart, innate shadow talent? Recommended to raise as a kamikaze warrior…..” Ye Qingyu carefully read over and over again this evaluation scroll. He could not help but turn his head to glance at this little child, feeling extremely surprised. Who would have thought that this little child, would have such a rare attribute as his talent.”

This world had the five elements as its foundation. Apart from the five elements, other elements were all rare attributes.

Normally speaking, the five elements formed over eighty percent of the energies of this word. Therefore the energies highest in concentration in this world were the five elements. As a result, the fact that lifeforms in this world would possess attributes of the five elements was something very commonly seen. Even the ice attribute of Ye Qingyu, in reality belonged to a mutation of the Water element.

But for attributes like lightning, space, light and shadow, they belonged to the truly rare attributes outside of the five elements.

Of course, this was not testament to the fact of how powerful they were. It could only prove that they were rare.

No matter what the power, as long as one cultivated to the extreme, one could nearly become like a god.

“Out of the rare martial attributes, shadow is even more uncommon. It must be one out of a million. Who would have thought, Jin Ling’er would be this type of attribute.” Ye Qingyu could not help but give several more glances at Jin Ling’er.

However people possessing rare attributes were not easily raised, because cultivation techniques for these sorts of attributes were far too few.

Normally, the military would not spend too great an effort in raising and nourishing these types of martial experts. The first reason was because their effectiveness was hard to determine, and they would perhaps be useless in direct battle. Of course, apart from the special troops, there were some rare and mysterious sects, that specially cultivated such experts. But right now, Jin Ling’er possessed nothing. If he wanted to obtain the teachings of these sects, it was near an impossible matter. However…….

Ye Qingyu’s heart suddenly thought of something.

He thought of several days before, when he broken through the twenty five spirit springs and what he had obtained. After the repayment of the ancient bronze book, there were new pages that could be read. Within the [Titled Fiendgod chart], he had seen another cultivation technique.

This was a cultivation technique specially for people with Shadow attributes, called the [Flowing Shadow Kill]. This was suitable for Jin Ling’er to cultivation in.

Originally when Ye Qingyu had saw this cultivation technique, he was slightly disappointed.原

Because this was purely a cultivation technique for an assassin. The contents of this technique were strange and twisted. Some of the methods used in training, were no different from the evil ways. It was not the righteous martial path after all. This type of cultivation technique had a shocking killing power, but it was hard to truly reach the pinnacle with it.

Therefore Ye Qingyu had memorised this cultivation technique, and would occasionally mull it over, but he did not specially train in it.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu was not of the Shadow attribute. He had never thought to use this cultivation technique, as his main cultivation method.

Who would have thought, several days later, there would be someone with the Shadow attribute appearing before him.

According to theory, Jin Ling’er should be the most suited person to train in the [Flowing Shadow Kill].

“Shadow attribute, upper class talent, and he is also of the Asura Killing Heart. The evaluation of the Vanguard is not wrong. For such a talent, he should be raised as a kamikaze warrior. But I do not need a kamikaze warrior by my side. If I raise Jin Ling’er as an assassin, perhaps this would not be too bad of a choice. But the cultivation technique [Floating Shadow kill], is somewhat evil……”

Ye Qingyu was somewhat hesitant as he looked at the little fellow who was still four or five years old.

Even when Bai Yuanxing brought the little fellow to the rear courtyard to perform basic training exercises for the body, Ye Qingyu could not make his final decision.

He first must observe Jin Ling’er for a period of time, then go and find Ling’er’s mother Huang Zhen to discuss this. Only then could he make his decision.

After all this decision, would very likely affect the martial path of Ling’er for the rest of his life.

As for Bai Yuanxing….…

Looking at the back of Bai Yuanxing, Ye Qingyu fell into deep thought.

For such a stubbornly loyal young man, Ye Qingyu wanted to raise him well. But, the problem was, Bai Yuanxing’s martial talent was not as great as his ancestor and on the contrary was somewhat average. It was even somewhat below a normal person, making his cultivation speed slow. This meant that the achievements of his future would be limited.

This placed Ye Qingyu in a somewhat difficult position.

Until now, apart from the for moves of the unmatched warrior, the four moves of the golden armoured king, the Limitless Divine Way, Flowing Shadow Kill, and Heavenly Plants, there was not any other cultivation technique that had appeared. And these cultivation techniques were not suitable for Bai Yuangxing at all. At this moment, Ye Qingyu did not know how to raise this White Horse sword slave.

“I think I can only wait. I can only hope, that there will be a martial manual that is able to change someone’s potential that will appear in the [Titled Fiendgod chart].”
Ye Qingyu let out a sigh.

He returned to the quiet room of the fourth floor, continuing to cultivate.

But he had only just sat down, when there was once again acute pain appearing in his left palm.

That mysterious drop of blood, acted up once again.


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