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220 – Teacher’s Gift!

Chapter 220: Teacher’s Gift!


Li Muyang was not a casual person, even more not a casual disciple.

He had been accepted as a disciple of Xiahou Qianbai, he should be faithful to Master Xiahou Qianbai. Kong Li was Xiahou Qianbai’s good friend and archenemy, how could he casually let him accept him as his disciple?

A man must have principles!

So, he did not immediately agree to his request to take him as disciple, but patiently waited——


Lin Canghai looked shocked, whispering to Qiandu standing next to him: “Who accepts disciple like that? What is so good about Li Muyang? Why does everyone fight over him? When I came out, I received some internal training, they said that the teachers of Starry Sky Academy are arrogant and we must never rashly offend them——Where are their pride? They do not have a little bit of pride? They are nothing more than the hawkers begging passers-by to buy their steamed buns and white cabbage——”

Qiandu replied with a smile: “I also have received that kind of training before, maybe they think Li Muyang is outstanding——”

“Just what is outstanding?” Lin Canghai grumbled. A similarly arrogant and proud young man obviously likes to compare himself with others. In his opinion, Li Muyang was far worse than himself. Based on background, cultivation, sword skills, appearance and manners, what is he better than him?

“Why don’t those famous teachers fight over me?” Lin Canghai thought. “Am I too low-profile? Do I need to find a person to provoke and then knock them down with my sword——Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse, genius also needs to perform.”

Kong Li fumbled in his bosom for a good while, but took out his empty hand in the end.

He said irritably: “I was in a hurry when I left, I don’t have much treasured objects with me.”

Li Muyang’s face changed greatly. “Teacher Kong, what are you doing? Although I, Li Muyang is only a junior of Starry Sky, but I have dignity and pride. If Teacher Kong was thinking to bribe me, is an insult to my character and integrity, and I would never accept that——”

“That’s it.” Kong Li interrupted Li Muyang. “Tomorrow come to my house to find me, I will specially prepare two gifts for you that you would value greatly——accepting a disciple is a big thing, not a trifling matter.”

“What time tomorrow?”

“At seven.”

“Thank you, Master Kong.” Li Muyang bowed respectfully as he replied.

Kong Li patted Li Muyang on the shoulder. “Work hard, I think highly of you.”

“Yes. I will not be unworthy of Kong Li’s teachings and care.”

“Well. Go ahead.” Kong Li gave a wave of his hand, beckoning Li Muyang to go do his own thing.

After Li Muyang left, triangular-eyed Yang Xiaohu suddenly stood with his hands resting in his sleeve right behind Kong

“Teacher Kong, do you value Li Muyang so much——Is this really a good thing for him?” Yang Xiaohu said in a low voice.

Kong Li shot Yang Xiaohua a glance and said with discontent: “Bookworm, you’ve been peeping in on us for a while?”

“When you stopped Li Muyang, I already knew what you were trying to do. I waited at the side to see if my guess was right and also to see if Li Muyang would refuse——That guy has no integrity. He refuses nobody, takes everything, and put his loyalties where his interests lie.” Yang Xiaohu seemed very dissatisfied with Li Muyang.

Brat, you obviously majored in Dragon Slayer, you are my Yang Xiaohu’s person; how can you acknowledge everyone as your master everywhere? Am I not your teacher?

Even if you want to acknowledge someone as your master, you should acknowledge me Yang Xiaohu first——I wander around you everyday, has your big eyes ever noticed me?

“Don’t make it sound so bad.” Kong Li sneered. “For me to come find him now is already considered quite late. Look at you, you were the first to know the Dean’s intention and used unscrupulous means to tempt Li Muyang to study your Dragon Slayer. You’ve lived so long, have you ever seen a real dragon? You have taught students for so many years; have your students ever succeeded in slaughtering any dragons?”

“It doesn’t mean there isn’t any——”

“All right all right, don’t argue with me. I’m too lazy to talk to you. You haven’t seen one, and there isn’t any——From the start, you pulled Li Muyang to your unpopular course that was about to be removed. Xiahou Qianbai is even more shameless, secretly using unscrupulous means and furtively took Li Muyang as his formal disciple. In order to please the Dean, you two are absolutely desperate.”

“Did you hear it just now? Helped him build his foundation and also gave him ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’——He might have gifted him his personal manuscript of ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’. Ah, I wanted to borrow it to read but he wouldn’t let me. He is so stingy to his colleagues, but generous to a novice who had only been his disciple for a few days——You tell me what is on his mind?”

“——” Yang Xiaohu looked speechless for a moment at Kong Li, thinking to himself: a Buddhist expert asked to borrow Taoist sacred book, obviously he was not willing to lend it to you. If Teacher Xiahou came to borrow your ‘Tripitaka’, you also won’t be happy too, right?

Don’t be a Li Muyang!

“If Kong Li also interferes, do you not think Li Muyang will receive too much attention? Li Muyang is indeed the student the Dean enrolled himself, but we do not know of the true intention of the Dean. Perhaps just because of a sudden impulse, or he owes someone a favour, or——”

“If so, why do you all care so much about him?”

“We did not pay particular interest to him——”

“You did not pay particular interest to him, why did you pull him into your Dragon Slayer course? If Xiahou Qianbai did not pay particular interest to him, why did he accept him as a disciple?”

“I just think he’s a good student.”

“I also think the same——”


Thus, the atmosphere turned a bit awkward and silent.

After a long moment of silence Yang Xiaohu finally said in a low voice: “Teacher Kong, when several of us join forces to teach him, do you not fear of cultivating a monster?”

Kong Li finally lowered his eyes that was fixed on the sky all along, giving an arrogant glance at Yang Xiaohu as he asked: “Are you guys afraid?”


“The Dean is not afraid, you Yang Xiaohu is not afraid, Xiahou Qianbai is not afraid, you come to ask if I, Kong Li, is afraid——Are you trying to scare me off?”

“Teacher Kong, whatever I do, I obey the way of heaven, and everything is from the heart.”

“Coincidence. We Buddhists believe in karma. What a man sows, is what he will reap. I feel close with Li Muyang, I feel this boy and I are predestined——”


Kong Li waved him away with an impatient gesture. “I’ve decided, no need to waste your breath. I will not take back my decision. If you can make the Dean himself stop me, then I have nothing to say——”

“Teacher Kong——”

“What else do you want to say?”

“What are you going to give to Li Muyang as a present of becoming your disciple?” Yang Xiaohu’s triangular-shaped eyes gleamed with anticipation as he stared at Kong Li and asked.


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