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221 – Burning with worry!

Chapter 221: Burning with worry!


Kong Li threw into a rage, scolding until Yang Xiaohu left in panic.

That guy has a simple and honest face, but is in fact, a bad person beneath the surface. He could think of any crooked ideas.

“You actually think that I came here to inquire about the situation, do you think I’m an idiot?” Kong Li shouted at Yang Xiaohu from behind: “Why should I tell you what I’m going to give him? What if you copy me? Then my gift wouldn’t show any sincerity?”

After a brief pause he continued: “They say that people who read a lot are inwardly sinister, it seems it really is true. Even a bookworm like Yang Xiaohu knows to lie and deceive people——”

While Kong Li mumbled angrily to himself, he headed to the courtyard where he lived. It seemed the main reason he came to Starry Sky Library, was to catch Li Muyang.

Li Muyang’s days were also not too good, he was subjected to Qiandu and Lin Canghai’s interrogation.

“Li Muyang, why does Teacher Kong want to accept you as his disciple?”

“Maybe he is psychologically unbalanced.” Li Muyang gave a shy smile, as he continued: “Teacher Kong and Teacher Xiahou do not get along with each other. If Teacher Xiahou said the moon is round, he would say it is curved. If Teacher Xiahou said the flowers are red, he would say they’re purple. If Teacher Xiahou said to go east, he would say to go west. What Teacher Xiahou has, he must also have as well. Teacher Xiahou took me as a disciple, so he also wants to take me as his disciple.”

Lin Canghai nodded understandingly as he replied: “I see.”

“If, as you said, Teacher Kong and Teacher Xiahou do not get along, and whatever Teacher Xiahou supports, Teacher Kong would oppose——Then since Teacher Xiahou acknowledged you as his disciple then he should be disgusted with you. Why did he want to be like Teacher Xiahou? Walking behind Teacher Xiahou, isn’t he worried that Teacher Xiahou would say he’s copying him?”

Lin Canghai slapped himself on the forehead. “Yes, why did I not think of that? I was almost deceived by you. Li Muyang, tell me the truth——I think you have too many secrets in your possession. Aren’t you tired?”

“Tired.” Li Muyang said.


“I said I’m tired of hiding too many secrets”

“You still haven’t answered my previous questions. Why did Teacher Kong accept you as a disciple?”

“If it’s not to fight over the same man as Teacher Xiahou, then there is another reason——”

“What reason?”

“He couldn’t overlook my excellence.”


Qiandu giggled sweetly out loud: “Canghai don’t ask anymore, Li Muyang also isn’t a mind reader?”

Li Muyang looked deep into Qiandu’s eyes, sensing that this girl knows some secrets that even he does not know.

Lin Canghai grumbled: “So many people want to acknowledge him as disciple, how would he not know?”

Qiandu simply smiled, as though did not take Lin Canghai childish sulking to heart, looked at Li Muyang and asked: “Li Muyang, you really want to become a disciple of Teacher Kong?”

Li Muyang nodded. “When I just started this school I said I want to become a man that cultivates both Buddhism and Taoism. Now there is such a good opportunity for me, how can I abandon it?”

“But you should be aware that the man who studies both Buddhism and Taoism will eventually become idiotic in both Buddha and Taoism, the brilliant genius of the moment reduced to a nobody. Life is no more than hundred years, you may regret it later.” Qiandu sincerely tried to persuade him.

Li Muyang could feel how much Qiandu cared for him, nodded and replied: “I know. Both Teacher Xiahou and Teacher Kong have reminded me, but I still want to——maybe I’m not like them?”

Li Muyang wanted to give it a try, as long as it was an opportunity to make him stronger he would not let go.

He also must give it a try because he was deeply concerned about his identity. If his identity was exposed, he would become an enemy of the entire human race and countless strong people of Starry Sky would come to slaughter him——

The mastery of the techniques and skills of dragon slayers was crucial to his ability to survive.

To know one’s own strength and that of the enemy was the surest path to victory.

Qiandu pondered briefly, when a sweet smile curved her lips again. Her smile was very shallow, but very enthusiastic, and very contagious. “Well then. I wish you who is not like them walk a different path as them——to study both Buddhism and Taoism, even the thought of it is exciting enough.”

Lin Canghai curled his lips, saying sulkily: “If someone else thought like him, you would have already decided that they are idiotic, arrogant egomaniacs. But when Li Muyang said it you think he’s different——”

Qiandu blushed slightly and said sternly: “Canghai, don’t talk nonsense.”

Li Muyang’s lips curved into an honest smile, evaluating the relationship between these two people.

“On the surface they are classmates, but they seemed more like siblings——Also, they both like me.” Li Muyang secretly analysed to himself.

“Li Muyang——” A familiar voice called behind them.

The three of them at the same time turned toward the voice and realised that it was Xie Wuyou, dressed in a white robe with huge sleeves, walking over at a quick pace.

Li Muyang apologised to Qiandu and Lin Canghai with a smile: “The person coming over is a Starry Sky senior who helped me before, why don’t you guys go to dinner first——”

Lin Canghai said rather enviously: “Li Muyang, you’re too busy. Then we won’t wait for you, we shall eat first, you take care of dinner by yourself.”

Li Muyang said with a guilt-ridden face: “I’m really sorry.”

After Qiandu said goodbye to Li Muyang, she headed to the canteen with Lin Canghai.

As Xie Wuyou came towards Li Muyang, the huge crane called Xiaobai followed closely behind, like a proud little servant.

Xiaobai seemed to recognise Li Muyang, the moment it saw Li Muyang, it came forward and pulled his clothes, showing its affection.

When Li Muyang tried to touch its head, it reacted angrily, pecking at Li Muyang’s hand with its long beak.

Xie Wuyou looked affectionately at Xiaobai, explaining: “Xiaobai don’t like people touching its head.”

Li Muyang gave an embarrassed smile. “All children have this habit.”

Xie Wuyou nodded, surprisingly accepted such a statement, then looked at Li Muyang and said: “I’m taking Xiaobai for a walk after a meal to digest and saw you in front of us, so I shouted your name——Is everything well in Starry Sky?”

“Very good.” Li Muyang said, smiling. He felt extremely close to Xie Wuyou, because Xie Wuyou was not only the first schoolmate he met in Starry Sky, but an older brother who repeatedly helped relieve his crisis.

He respects him, is grateful to him and is fond of him.

‘That’s good.” Xie Wuyou nodded. “Diligently learn and work hard, when you’re powerful, you can go everywhere in this huge world. At that time, there would be no need to worry about your family’s safety, you can go straight back to visit them.”

Li Muyang deeply bowed to Xie Wuyou. “Thank you Brother Wuyou. I’ve been thinking of looking for you, I wanted to say thank you to you directly——your kindness, Muyang will always remember.”

“I troubled Senior Wuyou because of my family matter, I will certainly practice hard, and hope that I learn as soon as possible, and then immediately head down the mountain to protect them. This should have been my responsibility, but I had to entrust it to senior, I’m——very sad and also helpless.”

Xie Wuyou dismissively waved a hand: “This is a trivial matter, no need to mention it. But your family have all gone to Tiandu, they are under the Lu family’s protection now, presumably you already know about this?”

“What?” Li Muyang was stunned for a moment, before he asked anxiously: “My family all went to Tiandu? My father and mother have gone to Tiandu, what for? And my sister——did she go too? What family is the Lu family? Why are they protecting us?”

Xie Wuyou quizzically looked at Li Muyang, asking strangely: “Don’t you know this already?”

Xie Wuyou had asked people to protect the family of Li Muyang, and also joined forces with others to kill water ghosts in Sunset Lake.

After the Lu family rushed over, took away Li Muyang’s parents and sister, his people also separated and returned. There were many skilled masters in the Lu family’s team, if they followed them closely, it would only cause a number of unnecessary misunderstanding and clashing.

Xie Wuyou had long ago received such information, although he did not take it to heart. He just promised to help Li Muyang to protect his family, since Li Muyang’s family was safe, his responsibility was also done.

Since news have already spread to his ears, then Li Muyang also should have received the news as well. How would Li Muyang’s family and the Lu family not contact Li Muyang at all?

But judging by Li Muyang’s reaction, he knew nothing of this.

“I don’t know.” Li Muyang shook his head, asking anxiously: “Senior Wuyou, which family is the Lu family? What do they do? Do you know why they would protect my family?”

Xie Wuyou looked at Li Muyang and said: “The Lu family is a prestigious family of the West Wind Kingdom, a military pillar, also the cornerstone of the Kingdom. Some people describe the Lu family as the ‘family of hundred generals’, which already shows the strength of the Lu family——”

“As to why the Lu family is protecting your family, that I don’t know. But don’t worry, I received the message that the Lu family has been very courteous to your family, they presumably do not have any bad intention. With the Lu family protecting your family, those who want to hurt your family would naturally have to think twice.”

Li Muyang nodded, but still could not put down the worry in his heart.

After all the trouble he had caused, he hid in Starry Sky Academy and dumped a rotten debt and a variety of troubles to his parents and sister. Every time he thought of this, his heart ached with sharp pain.

He was more desperate than others, more hard working, hoping that he could be stronger as soon as possible and leave earlier to protect his family from any harm.

But how did they go to the distant and unknowable Tiandu?

Tiandu is the territory of the Cui family, would they be safe there? And the Lu Family that inexplicably jumped out, are they sincerely helping them block the Cui Family’s open spear thrusts and arrows in the dark?

It is said that officials are very sinister and cunning, they might exchange his parents for some personal gains. The Cui family hates his guts, if they are willing to give some benefit to the Lu family——

Li Muyang was burning with worry!


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