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221 – Forcefully refining the blood


Ye Qingyu knew, that within this strange blood, there were different kinds of energy that were ‘fighting’ once again.

In this period of time, this drop of blood would act up every day. The strange white power inside, the flame of darkness and another vast power would fight between the three of them constantly. All of them wanted to swallow and devour the other two. Every time they fought, they would cause great destruction to Ye Qingyu’s palm.

If not for the divine [Supreme Ice flame] suppressing these powers, Ye Qingyu would have long been completely annihilated by these three terrifying forces.

By relying on the [Supreme Ice Flame], Ye Qingyu constantly grinded these three forces down, wanting to drive them outside his body.

And after his painstaking efforts these days, the three powers contained within that droplet of blood were constantly weakened. Compared to what it once was, it was now slightly weaker.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu deepened his understanding of the [Supreme Ice flame].

Right now, he was already many times more familiar with controlling the [Supreme Ice Flame].

With a will of his heart, a spark of silver coloured fire appeared above the palm of his hand, encircling and burning around that droplet of blood.

Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative position, deep in thought.

“In these days, this droplet of blood is acting up more and more frequently. And it seems like every time, it is that vast energy that first instigates the battle…..” Ye Qingyu had already began to notice some patterns in these days.

This huge vast power, should be the original power of this drop of blood.

And the strange white power as well as the flames of darkness, were external powers that had arrived.

Right now, Ye Qingyu had already managed to guess at something.

In the battle that day, there were not many people who possessed such a level of power. After some thought, he could nearly confirm who the owner of this drop of blood was.

If Ye Qingyu’s guess was not wrong, this drop of blood should have come from the War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge.

Only in the blood of Lu Zhaoge, would there be such a vast and powerful martial energy held within.

That day, he had fallen into the trap of Yan Buhui and Song Xiaojun. He was first injured with the white bone dagger of Yan Buhui, then he was burnt by the flames of darkness of Song Xiaojun. It was very possible that his body would contain the power of that bone dagger as well as the power of the flames of darkness. That was exactly three types of power.

From the circumstantial information, this seems to fully confirm his guesses.

Although that drop of blood had left the body of Lu Zhaoge, but it still contained his martial cultivation and power. Therefore, it should possess some connection with Lu Zhaoge’s body. The reason that this drop of blood was acting more and more frequently and acutely these days, should be because that Lu Zhaoge was attempting to use his own power to erase the external energies within his body.

But through Ye Qingyu’s observation of this droplet of blood, it seemed that the process of Lu Zhaoge’s recovery was not going so well.

“The reason Lu Zhaoge is rushing to treat his wounds is because of the springtime offensive of the Youyan army is like a drawn back arrow. It must be let loose. The time is nearer and nearer till the offensive. If his injuries do not heal by then, then the plan of the Youyan army will be destroyed by half. There will be no way for the springtime offensive to have its intended effect…”

Ye Qingyu stared outside through the window.

The direction of the Pass Lord’s residence was covered by a swathe of darkness.

After the battle that day, Lu Zhaoge had never appeared again.

The military had deliberately suppressed the rumours, but all sorts of rumours regarding Lu Zhaoge’s injuries had already begun to spread.

If this continued on, this would be a heavy strike on the morale of the soldiers of the Youyan army.

In these years, Lu Zhaoge was a deity that was worshipped by the Youyan army. His words were like the law. It was namely that fact that there was a deity like instance, that the Youyan army could function in such unity and efficiency, like a steel plate. This was the power of his charisma and respect. But on some perspective, this was a double edged sword.

The previous Lu Zhaoge had a power that was near invincible. Therefore this double edged sword only hurt opponents and not himself.

But this time, Lu Zhaoge suffered an injury unexpectedly. And the other side of the double edged sword, finally showed itself.

Without exaggerating in the slightest, once Lu Zhaoge fell, the power of the Youyan army would fall by half at least.

The moonlight like water, shone from outside the window.

Ye Qingyu’s concentrated, sitting on top of the prayer mat. The moonlight shone on his body, making it as if he was covered by a layer of white fabric.

He began to focus his entire attention on activating his yuan qi, activating the [Supreme Ice Flame] to once again forcefully use the Supreme Ice Flame to burn the strange powers contained within the drop of blood. Ye Qingyu wanted to do an experiment. If he was able to exterminate the strange powers in that drop of blood, then perhaps he had a method to help Lu Zhaoge recover from his injuries—–at the very least, he could provide a second opinion on what to do.

Lu Zhaoge was the Battle God that stood and guarded the Northern borders of the Empire.

If he really fell, then the [Southern Incline legion] of the Snow ground demon court could really do what they had wished to do for generations. They would leave their dwellings towards the south, claiming the lands of the Snow Empire. At that time, there would be countless citizens that would fall into an Asura hell.

Time passed minute by second.

The silver [Supreme Ice Flame] began to crazily jump up and down on Ye Qingyu’s palm.

Even its colour began to change. From a pale silver, it completely began to emit a dense radiance, as if it was a surging ball of quicksilver, releasing a dazzling splendour. It completely surrounded his palm.

And that strange droplet of blood, was agitated by the power of the [Supreme Ice Flame]. It formed into a three coloured ball of light, that also rose from Ye Qingyu’s palm, beginning to rotate.

This did not represent, that this droplet of blood had been ejected from his body.

Previously when this apparition had appeared, Ye Qingyu also thought he had succeeded. But the instant he extinguished the [Supreme Iice Flame], this droplet of blood would once again enter back into Ye Qingyu’s palm with no way of blocking its passage.

Ye Qingyu bit his teeth, concentrating the entirety of the [Supreme Ice Flame] into the centre of his left palm.

A radiance like quicksilver, countless rays of white light were like mad tentacles. It gave off a sensation of extreme evil and madness.

These white light were many and clustered, like an ominous dragon that was pushed to the brink. It spread out towards the surroundings, as if it wanted to grab hold of something, or perhaps it wanted to destroy something. Every strand of light was as if it had a life, emitting sinisterness, poison, decay, rotten, putrid aura and smell. One look was enough to cause one to have feelings of despair…..

“This should be the white coloured power. Extremely evil.”

Ye Qingyu looked at it with his eyes, activating the [Supreme Ice Flame] to burn these white strands of light.

There were constantly white strands of light being burned, but there were more and more white strands of light that that split from that drop of blood. It was as if there would never be an end…..

Activating the [Supreme Ice Flame], expended a lot of inner yuan.

Every time, Ye Quingyu would be in a state where he had completely expended all his inner yuan, and could not help but abandon taking things further.

But this time, Ye Qingyu used his full efforts.

From the [Cloud Pop cauldron] immersed within his Spirit Springs in his dantian, he took out a jade bottle. Opening it, he took a gulp, a drop of blue liquid falling into his mouth. The instant it entered into his throat, it turned into a vast yuan qi that entered throughout his body. It quickly replenished the expended inner yuan in Ye Qingyu’s body.。

This was the blood of the [Yuan Qi Giant.

This was one of the treasures that Ye Qingyu had obtained when he was still at White Deer academy in the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

The [Yuan Qi Giant] was a lifeform that had been be born from the gathering of the yuan qi in the boundary canyon battlefield. Its blood was the purest form of liquid yuan qi in the world. Once he drank a drop, it could unendingly replenish him with the purest inner yuan. Right now, Ye Qingyu was at the twenty five Spirit Springs cultivation level. He only needed one drop, to instantly transform his body deprived of yuan qi into a body filled and stuff with yuan qi.

Yuan qi once again surged and flowed through Ye Qingyu’s body.

Ye Qingyu bit his teeth, once again activating the [Supreme Ice Flame] to extinguish these strands of silver light.

There were three terrifying powers within that mysterious drop of blood.

These three types of energy devoured and fought each other , not allowing coexistence.

This time Ye Qingyu abandoned the idea of restraining the other two types of power, focusing solely on the strange white power. The [Supreme Ice Flame] was activated to its fullest, so much so that even Ye Qingyu could feel a coldness that seeped into his bones. But he bit his teeth, bitterly enduring it.

His inner yuan was madly being expended.

In but fifteen minutes time, his inner yuan was once again nearly expended.

Ye Qingyu did not hesitate in the slightest, drinking another drop of the [Yuan Qi Giant] blood.

His inner yuan was once again replenished.

This continued on like so.

Cycle after cycle.

Time passed minute by second.

The [Supreme Ice Flame] constantly extinguished those white strands, and there would constantly be new strands of white light born.

This was a very long and arduous fight.

Within the jade bottle, there was already very little blood of the [Yuan Qi Giant] left inside.

Ye Qingyu was also just about to reach his limits. He was able to sense an extreme fatigue, a sensation that he was about to faint. His temples ached, and his spirit was showing signs of breaking. To have continuously activated his inner yuan like so, expended a great deal of his concentration. His meridians and pressure points around his body were also somewhat swollen and painful. This long process of powerful surging inner yuan caused very evident after effects.

After ingesting the last drop of blue blood in the jade bottle inside him, Ye Qingyu made the final attempt.

It was also at this time, when suddenly an unexpected change occurred.

The white coloured light that came from the droplet of blood suddenly disappeared.

The originally multitude of white strands that were expanding endlessly disappeared in this instant. A white colour point of light was forced out from the droplet of blood, flickering with a bizarre radiance. And as for all those negative emotions, despair, decay, and putridness, these auras had completely disappeared. The white coloured light flickered with a dream like pureness and brilliance.

“En? What has happened?”

This was a change completely out of Ye Qingyu’s expectations.

The droplet of blood turned from three colours into two.

The white had already disappeared.

But the white ball of light that had been forced out, just what was it?

If the strange white coloured power had been completely smothered, then should it not have disappeared entirely? Why was its aura and radiance completely different from before?

The aura of this white colour light was pure and holy, as if it was the purest unclaimed energy.

But Ye Qingyu did not dare to really absorb it.

Because previously the white coloured power had demonstrated that it was far too vicious and cunning.

Thinking for a bit, Ye Qingyu finally used the [Supreme Ice Flame] to envelop this ball of light.

This time he did not encounter the slightest shred of resistance. This ball of light completely immersed into the [Supreme Ice Flame].


A silver flame, began exploding from Ye Qingyu’s left palm.


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