Chapter 223: Lie on the bed!


From how Lu Qiji treated Li Muyang and her constant attitude to him, Li Muyang could justifiably take no action to save her.

But watching thick smoke coming out from Lu Qiji’s house and that no one answered the door, Li Muyang felt he must go in and see——

After all, he had something he wanted to ask her.

Li Muyang pressed his palm against the door, gathering a tremendous energy in his sea of qi of the dantian region.

A blue glow surged forth from the palm of his hand, and like a lightning, penetrated through the wooden door and attacked from the inside.


The wooden door was undamaged, but the lock broke into two pieces.

Li Muyang pushed open the door into the courtyard where a small cluster of bamboo was seen burning in the northeastern corner of the courtyard.

“Something happened.” Li Muyang did not have time to care for the bamboo, and instead went straight into the house to find Lu Qiji.

The table and chairs in the living room were also discharging smoke, but looked like they wouldn’t burn for now. Rather seemed like a basin of boiling water was poured onto them and were distributing the heat of the boiling water.

Li Muyang dashed right over to Lu Qiji’s room and pushed the door. Just when he entered, a piece of long red material wrapped around his body.

“What is she playing at?”


Just at the moment as Li Muyang stared wide-eyed and stood astonished, the long silk cloth already spun round his body, like weaving a huge bright red basket.

“Lu Qiji——what are you doing?” Li Muyang yelled.

Before his voice died away, his body was dragged into the air, flung across the room. Any higher, and his head would slam against the roof.

Dressed in a white-shirt, Lu Qiji, gripping one end of the red silk, looked beautiful and alluring, like a fairy treading on clouds, as if she was about to throw herself into Li Muyang’s arms.

Li Muyang’s body flew into the embrace of Lu Qiji.

Or rather, his throat fell into the hand of Lu Qiji.

Their body twirled and spun around in circle in the air, the scene looked beautiful, but the atmosphere was not like intimate lovers.

They eyed each other fiercely, concealing fearful motives.

Lu Qiji one hand clutched the end of the red silk that tied Li Muyang while the other hand held up Li Muyang’s body, her eyes biting cold and full of murderous intent as she stared at him and said coldly: “outrageously bold in your lust, you dare to break into my house and peep at me bathing, I’m going to snap your neck——”

To Lu Qiji, this was the best chance to kill Li Muyang.

She simply needed to wring his neck and her life mission would be done.

Then she could choose a celestial area and cultivate into a permanent immortal body.

This was the reason why she heard Li Muyang shouting outside, but deliberately let him in.

“If you wish to incriminate someone, you will meet no difficulty in finding a pretext?” Li Muyang said, forcing a smile. “Your courtyard door was closed and I did break your door lock and entered. But which pervert would be so unprofessional and made such a huge noise? I caused such noisy disturbance yet could still sneak in and peep at you in the bath? Do you think the teachers in this school are all idiots?”

“You peeped at me bathing is a fact, you still dare to talk your way out of it?”

It wasn’t until Lu Qiji’s reminder, that Li Muyang carefully examined the appearance and clothing of Lu Qiji.

Lu Qiji’s face was rosy red, more charming than before. Her hair still dripping with water, like she just leapt up from the pool.

Because there was no time to dress properly, the white robe on her was somewhat loose, and seemed like she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

Although Li Muyang’s hands and feet were wrapped in red silk and unable to move, his eyes were still free.

Li Muyang was slightly higher than Lu Qiji, and standing at his angle, he only need to cast his eyes downward, to see her fair soft skin.

“This girl looks tall and thin, surprisingly her chest is quite impressive.” Li Muyang said in his mind.

Lu Qiji followed along Li Muyang’s line of sight down, realising her chest area was exposed.

She was not flustered or hurried to tighten the front of her robe. Instead, she shot a ferocious stare at Li Muyang. “Do you believe me when I’m going to dig out your eyes?”

“You’re almost breaking my neck, do you think I would be afraid of you digging out my eyes?” Li Muyang said helplessly. “We’re classmate, why do you always want to fight and kill?”

“——You think I don’t dare to kill you?”

“You have not yet done so, so it proves your heart is kind. You don’t have the intention of killing me, or rather you didn’t think about killing me——You have to carry me like this in mid-air, you’re tired and I’m also tired. If there’s something you want to say, why don’t we lie on the bed and talk?”

“I’ll slap a pervert like you to death.” Lu Qiji said boiling with rage.

She raised her hand and was about to slap the top of Li Muyang’s head.

She only just stirred her essential qi, but felt an upward gust of heat and her entire body burning.

She coughed and blood spewed from her open mouth.


Lu Qiji’s eyes fluttered and she slipped into unconsciousness, her body softly fell onto Li Muyang.


They dropped at a rapid speed, and then heavily knocked into Lu Qiji’s bed.

Li Muyang, with his face covered with blood, laid on the bed and lightly sighed: “I’ve already said, if there’s something you want to say, why don’t we lie on the bed and talk?”——Are we not lying on the bed talking now?”

Heat waves emitted from Lu Qiji’s body, and though separated by several layers of gauze, Li Muyang felt as if he was scalded.

A cloud of steam rising above her head, like a pretty stove was burning.

In the blink of an eye, heat permeated her skin and soaked her body, drenching her clothes, like she just bathed.

Li Muyang felt the wetness.

Also the intense heat.

He also felt a mild and soft fragrance, a scent like the fragrance of orchids hitting his nose, like some precious spices were burning——

Oh, this was the body fragrance of Lu Qiji.

“Lu Qiji——” Li Muyang shouted.

Lu Qiji’s eyes were tightly closed and there was no answer.

“Li Muyang——” Li Muyang said again unsurely. “You’re not deliberately pretending, right? As soon as I touch you, you will say I molested you and slap me——”

Lu Qiji still gave no response.

Li Muyang waited for a while, and it wasn’t until he felt his body about to set into flames by Lu Qiji, that he decided Lu Qiji was not pretending, but there really was a problem.

He shouldered Lu Qiji to one side, and then rolled away until he was completely free of the red silk fabric that wrapped around him.

Once his hands and feet regained freedom, Li Muyang leapt to his feet and dashed to the outside.

This woman was very strange and dangerous, better to leave as far as possible, as soon as possible——

“She wanted to kill me, but I didn’t kill her——I just didn’t save her——” Li Muyang found himself an extremely valid reason to leave.

As he came to the courtyard, his footsteps finally came to a standstill.

He hesitated repeatedly, until he slapped himself across the face.

“Why are you so handsome and kind?” He scolded himself.

Then he abruptly turned and headed towards Lu Qiji.


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