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224 (2) – Killer weapon against the female species


Song Xiaojun’s eyebrows curved up, her eyes forming crescent moons.

Xian’er stood next to her, with her eyes wide open in disbelief.

In her memory, this was the first time ever since sister Xiaojun had controlled the Unmoving city of Darkness, that she had showed such a happy expression. Even when she sat on the throne of darkness of the Unmoving City of Darkness, there would be no emotions on her face at all. Her expression would remain calm and icy.

Kacha! Kacha!

The sounds of the ice cracking could be heard.

As piece after piece of ice fell to the floor, Ye Qingyu’s body finally pierced through the layer of ice. He stood there gasping for breath.

If not for the fact that his body had the [Supreme ice flame] that countered the ice power of Little Silver, then Marquis Ye really would be frozen alive like Wen Wan within the ice. At that time, he could only patiently wait for Little Silver to save him.

“Where’s Little Silver?” Ye Qingyu grinded his teeth.

Xian’er grinned as she pointed: “In the bowl.”

Ye Qingyu instantly realised, that Little Silver was seriously pretending to be dead. He had even used his ice power to freeze himself stiff, sinking to the bottom of the bowl, not moving in the slightest. Originally Ye Qingyu was not that angry, and after seeing this scene, he could only shake his head ruefully.

He extended his hand to pincer this fellow up, and after rubbing away the alcohol on his body, he then placed Little Silver in his hair like a hairpin.

Little Silver did not move, obediently becoming Ye Qingyu’s ornament.

“Wa, this little snake can be used like this. It’s such a beautiful silver dragon hairpin. How can I not have this idea earlier?” Xian’er shouted in an exaggerated fashion, her eyes brightening up as she stared at the little silver dragon eagerly.

Ye Qingyu pretended as if he did not see this.

Opposite, Song Xiaojun’s face became much more expressive.

It was the first time she did not have a chilling expression that rejected all those who got near. There was even a faint shadow of the Song Xiaojun when she was at the White Deer academy. Such a small change could not be detected by other people, but Ye Qingyu was easily able to discern this.

He was overjoyed in his heart.

This already was a very good sign.

There was countless topics of conversation flitting through Ye Qingyu’s mind, but when he opened his mouth, for some reason the words he said were: “It’s about lunch, have you…..eaten?”

Instantly, Xian’er glared at him with disdain.

To want to flirt with my sister, please could you not use such useless words.

Who would have guessed that Song Xiaojun would give a serious reply, although it was only a single simple reply. “We haven’t.”

Ye Qingyu was about to ask whether he could invite them for lunch, when Song Xiaojun directly stood up. Without saying anything, she brought her toy bear outside, evidently wanting to depart. Xian’er happily made a face at Ye Qingyu, sticking her tongue out, then quickly followed behind Song Xiaojun, the pair of girls leaving just like that.

They’ve left?

Ye Qingyu was slightly disappointed.

“At least I…..said hello.” Ye Qingyu shook his head, but his mood was still good.

After this simple meeting, all the negative emotions in Ye Qingyu’s heart was swept away, becoming excited once again.

He lifted his hand, grabbing the silly dog Little Nine from the jar of wine and threw him on the table. “Hey, stop pretending to be dead. You just said I was treacherous and sinister, then I’ll be treacherous and sinister like you said.”

The dog whose limbs were frozen instantly leapt up, a expression of trying to please Ye Qingyu on his face. “Woof, woof, I just said that casually to con those two girls……” As he said this, he instantly smiled like a thief, his eyebrows moving up and down. Suppressing his voice, “Master, why do I feel that little girl wearing the golden mask, seems like someone.”

“Eh?” Ye Qingyu casually said. “Who are they like?”

“Woof!” Little Nine let out a bark, saying: “Master could you be a little more serious, I am being serious here. That little girl is really like the Song Xiaojun of the White Deer academy, that little girl who liked to follow behind you all them time. Could you have forgotten about her already?”

“It’s none of your business.” Ye Qingyu naturally would not admit it.

This stupid dog was not only a glutton, but he was also famous for his big mouth. He would spread and talk about everything. If he knew the truth, it was hard to say whether he would spread it about. At that time, the safety of Song Xiaojun, would be placed under threat.

The silly dog Little Nine barked in dissatisfaction. “Hmph, for you master, I sacrificed my body, and was pinched at by that pony tailed girl. For me to only get so little information, hmph. Since Master doesn’t want to know about that matter, then I’ll keep my mouth shut.”


Hearing these words, Ye Qingyu’s eyes brightened, instantly his attitude turning soft. “Speak.”

The silly dog Little Nine wagged his tail, licking his lips and began laughing.

“I’ll tell mother Wu to make you Roast dog for you to eat.” Ye Qingyu threw out his bribe.“

Little Nine originally wanted to say, I don’t want to eat dog meat. But he instantly recalled, the bowl of dog stew that mother Wu made that day, the flavour really was…..good, and was really enticing. Whatever, let’s not care whether it was dog or not, after all , he wasn’t really a true dog.

Without any integrity at all, he nodded his head. “It’s a deal.”

Then he mysteriously flicked his head looking at the surroundings, jumping like a thief to Ye Qingyu’s shoulders. Coming close to Ye Qingyu’s ears, he said. “Master, the background of these two girls is really suspicious. I suspect they are the spies of the demon race, they have always been targeting the Pass Lords residence. I hear they are searching for something called the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon]. Just now, I sneakily accompanied that ponytailed girl to the Pass Lord’s residence…..”

[Lotus Fire of the Black Moon]?

What was that ?

Ye Qingyu rubbed his temples. In truth, when Little Silver had frozen him solid, he was still able to hear sounds from the outside. Xian’er had mentioned the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] but at that time, Ye Qingyu did not pay too much attention.

Right now, he finally understood somewhat.

The reason that Song Xiaojun was still risking it by staying in Youyan Pass for so long, was because she was searching for the so called [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon]. For this she was willing to be in such great danger, this meant that this must be something very important to her.

Wait a moment, the silly dog brought her inside the Pass Lord’s residence?”

Ye Qingyu turned his head to regard him, suddenly realising something. “What did you just say? You accompanied Xian’er to sneakily enter the Pass Lord’s residence? Are you very familiar with the Pass Lord’s residence? Why is it that she needed you to accompany her?”

“Woof…….” Little Nine’s words instantly stuttered, then wagged his tail and barked. “Don’t concern yourself over the unimportant little details. The important thing is these two girls are suspicious. Should we notify madman Wen of the Vanguard, and to capture these two and interrogate them?”

“I think the person who should be interrogated is you.” Ye Qingyu stared at Little NIne with a sinister smile. Grabbing his neck, he brought him up to his eyes, and said in a dark voice. “Speak truthfully, what have you done? Did you enter the Pass Lord’s residence?“

Little Nine seeing he could not conceal any longer, instantly his body becoming listless. Four of his paws fell down powerlessly. “I went, I went many times….since it was so tightly guarded, I thought there would be many delicious things to eat. Who would have thought that I completely searched every corner of the Pass Lord’s residence, but I couldn’t even find any treasure. This really makes woof too disappointed?”

“You trespassed on the Pass Lord’s residence?” Ye Qingyu was extremely shaken. “You searched every corner? You must be exaggerating?”

If there was a place in Youyan pass where the security was comparable to the Imperial palace, then it was absolutely the Pass Lord’s residence. Even with Ye Qingyu’s current strength, he did not have the confidence to sneakily enter into the Residence and take a walk around. But this silly dog said he had completely searched every corner of the Pass Lord’s residence.

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s expression, Little NIne bared his little teeth, saying in disdain. “What’s so great about that. In this Youyan Pass, there is nowhere I cannot enter.”

Seeing the expression of the silly dog, he did not seem to be lying.

Could it really have such an ability?

He could enter any place undetected?

Even the Pass Lord’s residence, where the War God of Youyan Pass could not detect him at all?

Did that mean….this silly dog was finally showing some value?

Ye Qingyu felt, that in these days, he really had been far too focused on his cultivation, and had neglected to interact with his two battle pets. In such a long period of time, it was completely unknown just what kind of ability they had or what they did……


Ye Qingyu thoughtfully nodded his head.
It seems like he had to find a time to develop the abilities of the two.

“Then did you know the two girls before?” Ye Qingyu lightly placed Little Nine on the table, and began scratching his belly as a reward while asking questions.

Little Nine saw his masters expression, and knew the storm had already past. The dog instantly became much more relaxed.

Moaning comfortably, he lay on his back, exposing his furry belly for Ye Qingyu to scratch. Panting excitedly. “One day, me and Little Silver came to gander …..I mean, patrol around. Then we saw these two girls acting suspiciously, so we came to have a look. Hehe, master, you should know that I am so beautiful and cute, and is completely a killer weapon against any female species. As expected, when the ponytailed girl saw me, her eyes brightened and said I was a cute little dog demon. Using a little plan, I made her spit out her objective in being here, woof, woof, hehe…..”

Ye Qingyu had black lines running across his head.

The ditzy Xian’er and this unreliable white dog….

One could not help but admit, such personalities could easily fit together well.

As they were speaking, there was a ruckus coming from outside the Liquor house. What followed after was a swathe of hurried footsteps, as if someone was madly rushing to escape, but was caught up by the people behind. They were directly struck down to the floor, then captured with steel shackles and brought far away, with sounds of curses and cries floating over……

On the counter.

The female owner who was eating pumpkin seeds in boredom, the colour of her face changed.

She quickly ran to close the doors of the store. But before she could run to it, the wooden door was kicked open with a crash. Several soldiers wearing armour from the supply department, rushed in like wolves or tigers.

“You want to close the doors? Could it be that you are guilty of something?” The soldier in the lead armour was in disarray, and his face was ferocious. There was a sword scar on his face like that of a centipede. He sneered coldly at the female owner.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. Sir, I only operate a small business here. In these days, you have come tens of time. Our little Liquor house nearly cannot withstand it any longer, please stop, show some mercy…..” The female owner was about to cry—-“


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