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224 (1) – Bad drunk!


The female proprietor with a figure like a water bucket was the first one to see Ye Qingyu enter.

The instant she saw Ye Qingyu, the gaze of the female owner was like a tiger that had been starved for tens of days finally seeing a high class pork tenderloin. There was a shine to her gaze, and she was nearly so excited she leapt up.

She was about to shout something, but Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head at her with a smile

The female proprietor smartly closed her mouth, ordering the server to prepare good alcohol for Ye Qingyu — of course, the best alcohol in the store, was only Sorghum alcohol in a slender jar. Even in slightly higher class liquor houses and restaurants, there would be no one who would drink such a beverage.

Ever since Ye Qingyu had slaughtered the bunch of Xuan sect people here. the business for the Common Liquor house shot up. It was nearly completely occupied for several days, causing the female owner to smile even in her sleep.

But good things did not last long. After Ye Qingyu did not appear for the next few days, there were some Jianghu guests who came one after another to this place, investigating something. What followed after was an armed escort company opposite was found out to have relations to the demon race. The old head of the armed escort company and his entire family was captured, as well as many of the guards.

Since the armed escort company had closed down, there were no guards who came here to drink and eat. Naturally, revenue had dropped significantly.

A couple of days before, there were even some people who were arrested while they were drinking here. It caused the explosive business of the Common Liquor house abruptly nose dive.

Adding to this, was the fact that Youyan Pass was somewhat chaotic in these days. It was not only the Common Liquor house, but there were many restaurants and liquor houses that had also been affected. There were stores on the streets that were in complete depression. It was said that for some stores, business was so bad, that the owners had shut it down.

Therefore, although it was noon, and business should be at its highest peak, there were not many guests in the liquor house at all.

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s reappearance, it was as if the female owner has seen a life saving herb.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze swept across the store, discovering that there was no other familiar people.

Song Xiaojun sat on the seat next to the window, her white jade like fingers lightly supporting her chin. It was unknown what she was thinking, her gaze somewhat blank. Her little toy bear was on the table, and the little girl Xiaoxian had disappeared somewhere unknown.

Ye Qingyu took a deep breath, trying to act as calm and collected as possible.

He walked lightly over, standing next to the the table. Pointing at the empty seat opposite Song Xiaojun, with the most sincere expression, he smiled: “Please, can I sit there?”

Song Xiaojun’s thoughts were interrupted. She subconsciously frowned, lifting her head to see who it was. In her beautiful pupils, there was a trace of perplexity, her full lips opening and closing, but she ultimately said nothing.

Since she had not declined, this should mean she had accepted.

Ye Qingyu knew, with the personality of Song Xiaojun today, this kind of attitude was already hard to come by.

He lightly sat opposite her.

But the moment he sat down, he saw there was a silver flash next to the little toy bear. Investigating closely, he was abruptly stunned.

It was Little Silver.

For the little silver dragon to be here.

“Yiya Yiya……..nice drink, good alcohol…….” This fellow mumbled something, his words not clear at all.

A faint smell of alcohol could be found on the breath of this fellow. Half of his body was bathed in the porcelain alcohol bowl, his beautiful and intricately perfect body waving about in the strong alcohol. Closing his eyes as if he was in sweet sleep, there would occasionally be light snoring noises emitted. His dainty dragon’s tassels would casually move, seeming to be in a sincerely drunken state.

He was drunk?

Why was the little silver dragon drunk here?

Why was he bathing in the bowl of alcohol?

Heavens, what was this little bastard doing here?

Ye Qingyu covered his face, restraining the impulse to grab the little silver dragon from the bowl and throw him into the gutters.

There was constantly a faint chill emitting from the body of the little silver dragon, that nearly completely froze the alcohol. Instantly the little loli Song Xiaojun would place her white fingertips and lightly tap it on the bowl, a faint power of flames releasing. The alcohol that was about the be frozen would melt. Evidently the little silver dragon was very used to this change, he was still currently sweetly sleeping.

At this instant, Ye Qingyu suddenly realised, that he was far too lenient on his battle pets.

This dragon and dog had been left idle in Youyan Pass for far too long, doing too many ridiculous matters.

Oh….that’s right, where was that glutton like dog?

Ye Qingyu subconsciously looked at his surroundings.

This LIttle Silver dragon and that dumb little dog Little Nine had always been partners in crime. Why was it today that he had seen the silver dragon but not Little Nine?

Just where had that glutton gone to fill his belly this time!

Ye Qingyu was somewhat afraid of that stupid dog.

“You’re called Ye Qingyu?” At this time, the Song Xiaojun who did not speak, suddenly opened her mouth. Her gaze was calm, still with a coldness that did not allow anyone to close. There was no other information that could be discerned from her beautiful and dainty face.

Ye Qingyu quickly nodded his head.

She remembered his name?

That was a good sign.

At least this represented, he was not just a passerby in the heart of the Little Loli.

But very quickly, Song Xiaojun returned to the state of not speaking.

After she said these words, she looked to the window outside. Her aura was calm like a jade beauty, evidently not having any plans to have any further conversation with Ye Qingyu.

There was a light wind coming from outside the window.

A faint fragrance entered into Ye Qingyu’s nostrils.

This was the body fragrance of a girl.

The Song Xiaojun whose memory had been devoured by the bloodline of darkness, had gifted her with a powerful strength. It changed her life. But on the body of the little body, there were still far too many signs of her past life. Such as this faint fragrance, he had once smelled it when she was the little loli that followed happily behind Ye Qingyu like a little tail.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze carefully swept over the face of the Little loli.

Perhaps it was a mistaken impression, but that instant, he could clearly see, deep within the pure pupils of Song Xiaojun, there was a slight ill at ease feeling that swept by.

Even though she had a frightening power, and a cold, ice like personality, but she was still a girl.

Ye Qingyu smiled. For a topic of conversation, he decided to sacrifice his battle bet. Using two fingers to pick up the little silver dragon in the bowl of alcohol, he said: “I raised this little fellow……it seems like he has drank a lot of alcohol.”

“En.” Song Xiaojun nodded her head slightly.“

She had already sat there for half the day dumbly in this little liquor house.

In reality, these days she would always spend some time to sit in this somewhat chaotic little liquor house. She did not like the atmosphere here, but even she did not know, why she would always come here. It was as if it was an instinct of her body, as if she was waiting for something. As long as she sat here for a while, her mood would turn for the better.

What was even more strange, was that many people’s aura caused her to have an adverse reaction in her heart. But the person in front of her called Ye Qingyu, he did not have a smile any different to other people, so why did he feel so familiar to her?

If it was someone else that sat in front of her and said such things with a smile, they would have long turned into a pile of ashes under the flames of darkness.

“Who would have thought this little fellow, is an alcoholic.” Ye Qingyu sighed, his left hand lightly tapping on the horns of the little dragon.

The slumbering Little Silver dragon, suddenly went berserk.

“Who? Who? Who is it that hit me?” The Little Silver dragon madly moved, twisting his body, roaring in rage. “Yiya Yiya……to dare hit the almighty Little Silver dragon, you are dead for sure. There is no one in the world that can save you now…..I want to fight one on one with you! Come, lets fight!”

A ray of silver light, spat out from his mouth.

It landed on the face of Ye Qingyu who was not prepared in the slightest.


There was the sound of ice freezing.

Layer after layer of ice appeared on Ye Qingyu’s body, causing him to be frozen like an ice sculpture. His stunned expression was also frozen.

Song Xiaojun looked at the Little Silver dragon in surprise, then looked at the ice sculpture.

Only then did the Little Silver dragon finally open his eyes.

His pupils swirled around, evaluating his surroundings. Finally his gaze landed on that somewhat familiar ice sculpture. Instantly, his pupils constricted into a little black dot. His extremely madly confused expression, was like a mouse spotting a cat.

He finally saw what he had drunkenly done.

“Ao……..” The Little Silver dragon let out a cry of fear, his two claws holding his face. Then with a crash, he buried himself in the bowl of alcohol, the entire dragon submerged into the alcohol. Like a water snake hiding in ambush, he lay there not even moving in the slightest like he was dead.

After a short while, his head popped out and looked at Song Xiaojun. “Little Silver was drunk just now, I don’t know anything……”

Then with a gurgle, he drank another large gulp, returning to pretend to be dead in the alcohol.

A smile that was quickly wiped away, flashed by in the ice cold and clear eyes of Song Xiaojun.

Her mood suddenly unprecedentedly turned for the better.

At this time, there the voice of the ponytailed little girl Xiaoxian coming from the outside. “Sister, I’ve returned. This little white dog demon was not wrong, the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon] really is not there. We’ve guessed wrong……”

“Woof woof, I never lie to anyone.” Little Nine’s proud voice barked out.

One could see Xian’er bringing the big headed dog, coming from the outside.

The two came to beside the table, and Xian’er discovered that there was some change compared to when she had left. She abruptly stared at the ice sculpture opposite her in astonishment, curiously asking. “Eh, what is this? Sister, you were bored so you started playing with a snowman? Where did such an ugly snowman came from… it’s slightly familiar.”

“Hmm, it looks somewhat like my very treacherous and sinister master.” The big headed dumb dog jumped onto the table, shaking his head as he said these words. Then he looked at his surroundings, curiously asking. “Eh? Where’s little silver? Where has he gone?”

The white little finger of Song Xiaojun pointed at the bowl of wine.

“He’s drunk?” The big headed dog was shocked. “This little fellow cannot drink at all, and his actions after drinking is so poor. Everytime he gets drunk, he wants to get into a fight with me, nearly killing me. Today he’s drunk again? Woof, that damn little, I should never have let him drank……eh, that’s not right, this fellow didn’t go into a drunken frenzy this time, why is he lying in the bowl pretending to be dead? What’s happening?”

There was a light swirling in Song Xiaojun’s eyes, as her white little finger pointed at the ice sculpture opposite her.

Little Nine was perplexed, then he looked carefully at the ice sculpture, finding it somewhat familiar. Leaping right in front of it, he stared at it for a while, suddenly realising something. Looking at the Little Silver pretending to be dead in the bowl of wine, he immediately understood. His body could not help but let out an involuntary tremble, shooting three feet high with one jump in fright.

His throat let out a gasping sound, and like his bottom was on fire, he jumped into a large jar of wine nearby, turning into a sunken corpse himself.


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