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226 – As suspected!

Chapter 226: As suspected!


Having been refused by Lu Qiji, Li Muyang was very upset. A Dragon and a Phoenix, even the name is enough to make people think a major event will soon happen.

But Li Muyang was also acting from some selfish motives. If they could work together, and Lu Qiji kept her Fire Phoenix state, and he, dressed in a confident, flowing white outfit, stood atop her as they flew past large cities with streets of people. He would look much more impressive and dazzling than those rich young masters sitting in luxury carriages.

They rode horses, hummingbirds, while his mount was a Phoenix——

“Darling, can I ask you to go for a spin in the sky?”

He should be successful every time he went to pick up girls?

Sigh, sigh, sigh, of course, he needed Lu Qiji’s consent. If he wants to be a pretentious prick, Li Muyang thought that he could also ask Senior Wuyou to lend him Xiaobai——

However, now that he was able to confirm that his parents and sister were safe, he was already very happy.

Only when they are well, could Li Muyang keep his mind on studying and cultivating in Starry Sky. Otherwise, everything he does would have been meaningless.

In the darkest and weakest days of his life, he had read many martial arts novels concerning chivalric characters. The protagonist in the novel always lost both his parents, his whole family being killed, and he had escaped alone. Then he would accidentally fall into a cave or river, and coincidentally discover a dead body or a sacred book of martial arts. Those martial skills name would be also very grand: ‘Nine Yin Scriptures’ or ‘The Heaven and Earth Great Shift’. If he only obtained a ‘Black Tiger Heart’ or ‘Bull and two amputating blade’ after encountering such a catastrophe and his entire family were all dead, the male protagonist would definitely be so depressed he would want to commit suicide—-

What Li Muyang wanted to say was, even if the hero in the end killed his enemies and avenged his family, what was the point? His loved ones were gone.

Li Muyang was a person who attaches great importance to family; he would rather spend his life in mediocrity, rather than wish for his parents and sister to appear in any dangerous situation.

But there was a problem that brought distress to Li Muyang, now that his family were living in the Lu family’s house, received the Lu family’s protection and care, if Lu Qiji wanted to kill him, would  he be allowed to fight back and kill her——

“It’s not fair to me.” Li Muyang cried to Lu Qiji. “I still think we should work together.”

“Impossible.” Lu Qiji coldly replied.

Li Muyang stroked his slightly hairy chin. He had not notice that he had begun to grow a beard. It should be said that, he used to be insulted as an ‘underdeveloped’ trash.

“Let’s not talk about this for now.” Li Muyang said. “Let’s talk about our family. Did you just say my mother used to be your mother’s maid and my father was your mother’s cart driver?”

“That’s right,” Lu Qiji said, expressionless.

“I’ve never heard them talk about it before.”

“That’s your problem.”

“If my family really had such a strong backer in Tiandu, or if my parents had ever worked in such a respectable family, they have no reason to be so secretive about it——Moreover, they’ve never said they’ve been to Tiandu before. So there must be some secret——”

“You really don’t know anything?” Lu Qiji asked, staring at Li Muyang with a ruminative gaze.

Li Muyang shook his head. “What should I know?”

Lu Qiji thought to herself: ‘I have fought with that fellow for tens of thousands of years. Our physical body were broken into parts, and we became spirits. Ultimately, we attracted a calamity of the ninth sky. We both perished when we were mutually destroyed.’

‘I retained the Heart of the Phoenix, but was also directly integrated with a newborn, so I still possess the memory of previous lives. The spirit of the old dragon perished, and he compressed all his knowledge and cultivation of his life into a drop of tear, or rather his soul. A dragon’s soul is too overbearing, not only did it fail to merge with newborn Li Muyang, but it almost burned him to death.’

The tear had been attached to the surface of his skin all along, but he could not completely merge with it. Although Li Muyang has been affected by the Tear of the Dragon King, most of the time it was a bad influence.

It wasn’t until his body became stronger, or perhaps it was prompted by the old dragon’s spirit that, till he gradually began to absorb the essence of the Tear of the Dragon King. It wasn’t until he was trapped by The Curse of Subduing Dragon in the Dragon Slaying Canyon that the soul of the old dragon was awakened, and then forced Li Muyang to fuse with the Tear of the Dragon King——

Obviously, many things were missing.

At least too many memories of previous lives were gone.

She took over the body of Lu Qiji, and regarded her as the origin of her own existence in this world.

But Li Muyang merged with the Tear of the Dragon King. The old dragon completely disappeared, and Li Muyang became the main body of the world.

Li Muyang had become the new Dragon King!

“You already know what you should know.” Lu Qiji said. She had no obligation to explain everything to Li Muyang. However, if he knew of the origin of himself and his background, with his current temper, he certainly would feel deeply hurt? At that time, he would be more disappointed with the human race than he is currently.

“I have a little speculation, I don’t know whether it’s right or not——” Li Muyang looked at Lu Qiji and continued: “Could it be——your Lu family owed my father and mother back then? Otherwise, why have they never mentioned the Lu family after they left Tiandu or their Lady?”

Lu Qiji threw a rather flabbergasted glance at Li Muyang, while thinking to herself that this guy’s thinking is very sharp. His guess did not differ much from the truth. Just that the truth was even more brutal and complicated than his conjecture.

“Why don’t you go back and ask your parents and family?” Lu Qiji said aloud. Hearing Li Muyang wrongly accuse her mother, Lu Qiji looked displeased. Although she retained her memories, Gongsun Yu and her still has a mother-daughter relationship. And out of the guilt Gongsun Yu felt towards her biological mother Luo Qi, Gongsun Yu took good care of her in every ways possible, like she was her own daughter. “If mother feels guilty towards your family, why is it that at the time of your crisis, she personally traveled thousands of miles to Jiangnan and brought your family back to Tiandu?”

“Your mother personally went to collect them?” Li Muyang was stunned. From what he understands, the Lu family of Tiandu was a very strong family, so the mother of Lu Qiji, the Lady of the family, should also be a very powerful figure. She went to Jiangnan to collect a maid of her——just what kind of secrets were hidden behind such an action?

“Of course.” Lu Qiji said. “You will know when you ask.”

“Then could it be——” Li Muyang lowered his voice to its lowest minimum pitch, whispering: “Did your father do something to my mother back then, my parents fought back and escaped overnight——a lot of masters of large families has also done such a thing to their servants——”

Lu Qiji stared at Li Muyang like looking at an idiot, thinking that she really did not need to say anything nice for her father, nodded and replied: “It is possible——”

“As I suspected.” Li Muyang uttered, gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.


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  1. That’s cool qiji, don’t tell him anything and make your dad out to be a scumbag. That’s not going to complicate things at all. For a defender of humanity you kinda suck at your job.

  2. Thank you for the new chapter 🙂

  3. Seems you doesn’t know truth either. Wait till the day the find out they swapped lives.

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