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226 – Refining a pill in the quiet room

That afternoon , the silly dog Little Nine had not yet returned.

Ye Qingyu was not that worried.

After all, this little dog was even able to enter as he pleased from the Pass Lord’s residence. His ability to escape was absolutely top tier in the world. Even if he was captured, he only needed to find a suitable opportunity, then he could easily escape. Furthermore, this dumb little dog really was capable. He was even able to devour a huge Snow ground dragon ape cleanly, not to mention those Jianghu people with average strength.

After finishing his cultivation training, there was an acute pain in his palm.

That drop of blood was once again acting up.

The three coloured blood had turned into two. The strange white power had already been erased completely by Ye Qingyu, and what was left was the original power of the drop of blood as well as the flames of darkness. When it acted up, it was weaker than what it used to be. As long as Ye Qingyu continued to use the [Supreme ice flame], everything was basically all under his control.

After an hour later, he could already faintly suppress the power within the blood.

“If this continues on, in two or three days, I can completely refine down this drop of blood.”

Ye Qingyu heart became more at ease.

Right now, this drop of blood no longer held such a huge threat to him. Therefore he was not in that much of a rush to extinguish it; he wanted to wear it down bit by bit. At least then he could grasp some technique or experience in erasing strange powers. If by the time he had completely refined down the energies within the blood, and the War God of Youyan Pass Lu Zhaoge had not yet healed, Ye Qingyu felt perhaps he would be of use if he went to the Pass Lord’s Residence.

It was only until deep into the night, did Ye Qingyu awaken from his trance like cultivation state.

The yuan qi in his body was surging like a great river. Ye Qingyu had already began to grasp this new vast energy, and could command it now. Furthermore, his control over the [Supreme ice flame] had risen to a new level. His battle power were three or four times greater than before.

The moonlight glow, fell on Ye Qingyu’s body.

His white clothes were like jade.

His entire body shimmered with a pure, holy radiance.

“With my strength right now, even if I faced Zhang San, I don’t need to activate the first limit of the [Limitless divine way] , to directly fight him. If I activate the [Limitless divine way], my battle strength will double. With that, I should be able to equal Zhang San easily.” On Ye Qingyu’s handsome face, there was a shred of a smile.

But he instantly thought of the holy child of the Deer cauldron sect that he saw through the visions of the [Sentry guard].

After a slight comparison, Ye Qingyu shook his head: “That’s not right, if I face the holy child of the Deer cauldron sect, I am still far from enough. The first limit of the [Limitless divine way] plus the [Supreme ice flame] can at the most guarantee my life. If I want to defeat the holy child of the Deer Cauldron sect, this is by far not enough.”

Ye Qingyu constantly compared his battle strength with others.

“There is still around half a month’s time till the meeting of the secs. I must quickly raise my strength, victory and defeat depends on this. The fame of the Deer cauldron sect is not any greater than Li Qiushiu and the people of Crepe Myrtle sect. In other words, Li Qiushiu could possibly be even stronger than the holy child. Right now, I can’t even defeat the holy child of the Deer cauldron sect, to want to defeat the idols of the three sects and three schools like Li Qiushiu is completely the dream of a madman.”

As he realised this, Ye Qingyu’s heart became more and more agitated.

But if he wanted to rapidly raise his strength, he could not do this just by meditation and cultivating by sitting there.

Only with an endless supply of energy like from an Origin crystal could he breakthrough quickly.

But Origin crystals were far too rare, Ye Qingyu had no way of obtaining one.

After deliberation, he could only begin by refining the substitute, [Mysterious Heaven pellet].

“Today I will begin refining the pill……Since I have to do it sooner or later, let’s give it a try first.”“

Ye Qingyu made his up his mind to finally begin creating the pill.

After careful thought, he summoned Bai Yuanxing and ordered that he would be in isolation training. No matter who was it that came, he would not see them.

Bai Yuanxing received this order and left.

Ye Qingyu was still not satisfied. After some thought, he personally arranged a formation array outside the quiet room, placed a Sentry guard, as well as activating the defensive formations in the quiet room on the walls around. After shutting all the windows of the quiet room, to prevent any possible incident, he then began finally preparing the pill.

Right now, Ye Qingyu did not wish for others to know that he was able to refine pills.

Returning to the quiet room and sitting down, he placed the medicinal ingredients that he had sorted and portioned already in front of him. His memories went over the key instructions of the [Pill Mantra]. Ye Qingyu slowly entered into his state, his inner yuan fluctuating around his body in a great cycle. When his body was at its most optimal state, he used the mantra and activated the [Cloud top cauldron] submerged within the spring of his dantian world, summoning it.

The cauldron flickered.

A strange energy fluctuation began activating.

The [Cloud top cauldron] the size of the fist swirled and rotated above Ye Qingyu’s palm.

Ever since receiving this Acordance treasure, this was Ye Qingyu’s first time summonigng it outside.

The ancient bronze aura swirled around the outside of the cauldron. It was as if there was a light haze around it. There were intricate and lively patterns fluctuating with golden light all around the exterior. After being submerged for the large part of the year in Ye Qingyu’s dantian, the [Cloud top cauldron] became like a translucent artistic piece of work. It emitted a charming radiance, a dream like colour, and brought with it the warmth of a gentle jade.

“It really is a good treasure. If not for the fact that Chen Moyun stuffed me into the cauldron, I would probably never discover the secret of this Cauldron.” Ye Qingyu could not help but sigh in praise. “This [Pill King of Azure Phonenix] Chen Moyun had such a treasure mountain but he did not know. He has wasted it for tens of yers. If he went inside the interior of the cauldron to have a look, then the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] would not have been possessed by me. It seems like to truly grasp the secret of this cauldron, all relies on fate!“

His thought moved. Ye Qingyu activated the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron’].


The [Cloud top cauldron] shivered, expanding.

In the blink of an eye, it was the size of a water jar. The cauldron fell to the ground with a boom, all the radiance retreating. A hard to describe using language ancientness radiated from it, causing someone to be somewhat bewildered by its aura. Ye Qingyu could not help but let out a sigh. It was as if he was looking at an saintly item that had leapt through time and space from the ancient primordial ages to come here.

Ye Qingyu focused his heart.

“To refine a pill, one needs fire. My yuan qi attribute is ice, but I can control the [Supreme ice flame]. With a treasure like the [Cloud top cauldron] it should be able to withstand the power of my [Supreme ice flame]. Ice flame is Ice fire. According to the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron ] even the most extreme ice fire can refine a pill, so I might as well use the [Supreme ice flame] to give it a try. The classification of the [Supreme ice flame] is much better than strange fires or true fire!”

Ye Qingyu hands formed seal, the heart mantra activating.

The [Supreme ice flame] formed from above his palm, forming into a silver flame that burned fiercely.

The first step of refining a pill, was warming the cauldron.

After using a gentle fire to roast the cauldron, this was then the right time to add the medicinal ingredients.


With a grunt, the [Supreme ice flame] shot out as if it was alive. It namely fell on the bottom of the three handled [Cloud top cauldron] and began burning, fiercely roasting it.

A strange radiance appeared on the pill cauldron.

This [Cloud top cauldron] did not make Ye Qingyu disappointed. After a brief flickering of light, it entirely accepted the power of the [Supreme ice flame] and was not harmed in the slightest.

To warm the cauldron, it needed at least a hour.

Ye Qingyu did not dare rush. After three great cycles, the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] became more and more familiar to him.

This ancient heart sutra composed of a hundred and eight characters that had come from the interior of the [Cloud top cauldron] was a specific mantra used to refine pills as well as control this cauldron. Ye Qingyu had only understood the first six characters but this was already more than enough to control this pill cauldron. Under this heart sutra, the control of the [Supreme ice flame] became more and more easy.

One hour, quickly passed by.

The [Cloud top cauldron] had a silver radiance flickering at the bottom.

Warming the cauldron had been completed.

“It’s time..”

There was a delighted expression flitting through Ye Qingyu’s brows, his hand seals changing.

“Open the cauldron!”

The lid of the cauldron buzzed, floating in the air by itself as it rotated silently.

Ye Qingyu beckoned with his arm, and a bunch of spirit herbs flew into the cauldron.


There was a faint explosion in the air, then a surge of medicinal fragrance spat out form the pill.

Refining a pill was a process that cared very much about the order in which the Spirit herbs entered into the cauldron. The control of the fire of the cauldron could also not be wrong in the least. A good cauldron and good classification of fire used, could greatly increase the probability of successfully creating a pill. But the experience and skill level of the Pill Master was also very important. This entire process was like dancing on a hair – if there was any minute mistake, this would lead to serious consequences.

The least serious consequence was that the herbs were ruined, the most serious that the cauldron would explode.

There were some pill masters that because of a tiny error in the process of refining a pill, caused the cauldron to explode and had to pay for it with their lives in the end.

Although Ye Qingyu knew very clearly that for such a treasure like the [Cloud top cauldron] the cauldron would definitely not explode in the process of refining a type of pill like the [Mysterious Heaven pellet]. But he did not dare relax in the slightest. After all, to purchase these herbs, he had nearly spent all his wealth. If he really wasted these materials, it was most likely that he would not be able to purchase a second.

Thankfully he had an unforgettable memory. In those days, he constantly practiced the process of refining a pill in his brain, it had nearly become instinct. His imagery and his actions joined together tightly, without a single error happening.

Time passed by.

Ye Qingyu constantly grabbed at herbs through the air and placed it into the[Cloud top cauldron].

The fragrance of the medicinal herbs in the quiet room, constantly changed.

A Pill Master with experience could judge just from the fragrance alone whether the creation of the pill was successful or not. But this was Ye Qingyu’s first time in refining a pill, he could not do this. Thankfully from the signs from the cauldron, it seems he did not fail?

Two hours, passed by in a flash.

Tens of herbs had already been placed according to the order outlined in the pill formula.

Ye Qingyu’s forehead beaded with drop after drop of sweat.

Refining pill did not only expend one’s yuan qi, but also one’s concentration and focus.

It was time.


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