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227 – Introduce yourself

Chapter 227: Introduce yourself


All living things were still, the sky was dim.

Except for the roaring waves of Nujiang and waves of crimson red that occasionally surged fiercely into the sky, the whole world was in a deep sleep.

Li Muyang still maintained his daily routine in Jiangnan: get up early, walk eighteen laps following his own set of steps of ‘The Art of Breaking Body’, and then sat at a table admiring some calligraphy works of predecessors.

There was much to be learned from the works of Zhang Xu, Huai Su, Li Si, Zhang Zi, Zhong Yao and the second king, and his favourite was the running script of the great calligraphy master Wang Xizhi. He was fond of the very natural and flowing style of calligraphy and the beautiful writing appearing as a vivid image.

Li Muyang knows that this may be because of the influence of the elder, because the basic skills of the dragon clan that he had learned was ‘Travel through clouds and summon rain’. Both of these skills are particular about ‘natural and flowing’.

Back then, Li Muyang’s handwriting was ugly and he did not like to write. He became more and more fond of writing ever since he noticed his handwriting was becoming more and more attractive.

This was the same reason as to why ugly people do not like to look in the mirror!

After he imitated the writing of ‘Leyi theory’, Li Muyang took a bath, changed into clean clothes, and sat on a stone in the courtyard reading the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’.

Sometimes he recited aloud, sometimes stayed silent, but much more of the time he sat staring blankly.

Buddhism pays particular attention to destiny and enlightenment, Taoism pays particular attention to following the natural order.

In other words, effort is not necessarily useful, it may be possible to reach the climax in a daze.

No, become a master.

Li Muyang liked the feeling of training and learning because he realised that he has a lot of things he needs to do.

The most important thing was that he had a strong desire to grow stronger and stronger in his mind.

Knock knock knock—-

There was a knock at the door.

Li Muyang stowed the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ in his bosom, before went to open the courtyard door.

Dressed in a white cloud robe and looking outstandingly handsome, Lin Canghai stood on the steps, and said with a smile: “Qiandu and I are planning to go to the Institute of Art, they say that the double master of calligraphy and painting Gu Huangwu is lecturing today. I came to see if you’re interested?”

“Gu Huangwu?” Li Muyang exclaimed.

Gu Huangwu was a well-known scholar of the divine continent, his calligraphy as well as painting can be rated as superb works of art. Every word or painting of his is worth tens of thousands of gold, and are valuable works that the royal family and noble family as well as wealthy businessmen fight over for their collection.

Before Li Muyang entered Starry Sky Academy, he had already heard of his famous name. But at that time he felt that he was far away from Gu Huangwu, and he might never meet him in person in this life. Therefore, he only knew of the famous name of Gu Huangwu, but not his origin and background.

Unexpectedly, he also came from Starry Sky Academy, and was a teacher of the Institution of Art of Starry Sky Academy.

If he had known this, Li Muyang would have minored in calligraphy and painting as well.

After all, people who write beautiful writing and draw beautiful pictures are also good at picking up girls——most of the time girls come up to them.

With this thought in mind, Li Muyang nodded excitedly up and down. “Great, Master Gu is teaching, I must go observe and learn. Wait for me to tidy up, then we can go.”

Lin Canghai nodded, saying: “No need to hurry, it’s still early.”

Li Muyang went back in to get dressed, when Lin Canghai turned around and said to Qiandu standing next to him: “Your guess is really accurate, you knew that Li Muyang would be interested——”

Qiandu gave a shallow smile, replying: “Master Gu’s reputation spreads far and wide, Li Muyang has obviously heard about him.”

Lin Canghai shook his head. “That definitely is not the reason. Wait for me to interrogate him properly. I always feel like there’s a secret between you two.”

Qiandu replied in a helpless manner: “You’re too nosy.”

Very quickly, Li Muyang came out dressed in Starry Sky’s cloud robe, closed the door behind him and followed Qiandu and Lin Canghai toward the location of the Institute of Art.

As soon as the three of them left, a grey-robed man dashed over, pushed open the door of Li Muyang’s courtyard, and entered the courtyard in the blink of an eye.




The Institution of Art was at the East side of the peach blossom wall of Broken Mountain, where mountains were green, water crystal clear and beautiful gardens all around. On both sides were the misty view of the endless cliff, and in front was the magnificent landscape of Flower Language Plains.

The whole garden was grown with peach trees. It was not the time of the peach blossom season, but several other unknown wild flowers were showcasing their beauty, blooming beautifully everywhere, like a fairyland.

It was the first time Li Muyang had came to the Institute of Art, seeing the beauty scene before his eyes, he said to Qiandu: “If I knew earlier that the Institute of Art is so beautiful, I would have come more often.”

Qiandu nodded, saying: “Come here more often in the future. The Institute of Art is a place that does not care about rules, come when you want, leave when you want, eat when you want and sleep whenever. It is said that when Master Gu studied in Starry Sky under famous teacher Wu Daozi, every time he attended class he brought a big pot of peach blossom wine. While Master Wu was lecturing, he would lie down and drink. Finally, Master Wu could not stand it any longer, went to his side and said: ‘Don’t drink so much, give me a little.’ The whole room was roaring with laughter. A teacher asked a student to drink wine in class, was a story that was circulated with approval. Both of them are the most famous painters in the divine continent. Wu Daozi was respectfully named as the sage of painting, and Gu Huangwu called ‘The double wall of calligraphy and painting’——Also, he is still young, his future is unpredictable. It’s not impossible for him to surpass his master.”

Li Muyang greatly enjoyed the feeling and setting of the story. He smiled as he said: “If I knew about this earlier, I would have went to the canteen and brought a bowl of red-braised pork over. While Teacher is lecturing about painting skills, I would sit down below gulping down big mouthfuls of it. Smelling the meaty aroma, would teacher Gu teacher give me special treatment, and come to me for meat?”

“The future of Master Gu. It’s still not too late for you to go to the canteen now.” Amused by the words of Li Muyang, Qiandu joked around.

“Idiot.” A mocking voice echoed from behind.

The three of them simultaneously turned around to where a beautiful woman in a purple dress was standing, looking scornfully at Li Muyang who said he would eat red braised pork here.

Li Muyang did not recognise the beautiful woman, but she knew Song Tinyun standing next to her. In Teacher Xiahou’s class, Li Muyang took the initiative to befriend him, but Song Tinyun heartlessly refused. Li Muyang felt deeply hurt back then. He didn’t expect to meet him again today.

Smiling, Li Muyang made a bow with hands folded in front to the woman in silk clothing, saying: “Hello Miss idiot, I’m Li Muyang.”

Flushing with fury, the woman in silk yelled: “Li Muyang, I said you’re an idiot. Don’t you understand the language of West Wind?”

“Huh?” Li Muyang eyes widened. “I’m really sorry. I thought it was the first time we met, so you were introducing yourself——I was just thinking, how could parents give their daughter such a name. Too irresponsible, how much would the daughter hate her parents when she grows up.”

“Li Muyang——” The eyes of the woman in luxury silk clothing could almost kill just by gaze alone.

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