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229 – An opportunity

Ye Qingyu lifted his head slightly to give a look to Shopkeeper Sui.

From his impression, Shopkeeper Sui was an extremely calm and collected person, with a shrewdness about him. Right now he was loudly exclaiming, as if he had been provoked and incited by something. This was not fitting with his personality. Could it be that he had said something wrong?

“A pill that has no aftereffects and increase one’s inner yuan?” Shopkeeper Sui deeply breathed in, then said: “Friend, perhaps you have encountered some trouble and are lacking for money. The Hundred Herb Hall can provide some assistance, but don’t come here to scam us. I am not that experienced, but even I have some understanding towards pills. The pill that you just described, it is impossible for it to exist in this world.”

Saying this, his gaze was like lightning as he scrutinised Ye Qingyu’s reaction.

Ye Qingyu hesitated, not saying anything.

When Shopkeeper Sui thought he had pierced through the scam of this mysterious person, when that voice like metal grating together once again sounded: “Whether it’s real or not, one test can determine this.”

Shopkeeper Sui was taken aback.

His conviction was immediately slightly shakened.

The white robed mysterious person in front of him had an aura as deep as an abyss, and towering like a mountain peak. Evidently he had carefully concealed his yuan qi fluctuations, but Shopkeeper Sui could still sense that the strength of this person was not normal at all. He had originally thought that he was an expert trying to obtain some money, but he did not imagine that he would be so calm……could he have wrongly accused him?

Deeply breathing in, Shopkeeper Sui confirmed once again. “Do you mean, that the effects of your Mysterious Heaven Pellet, is that not only can it increase a thirty Spirit Spring expert cultivation by half a year, but it also does not have any after effects? Is it like so?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

“Do you know, just how against the heavens such a pill is? Even the pill known as number one for increasing one yuan’s qi, the [Seizing Heaven Pill] that is held in secrecy in the Crepe Myrtle sect, doesn’t have such a terrifying property. Although after ingesting it, your yuan qi will indeed increase, but the yuan qi is impure and muddled. One needs three months to completely get rid of all the impurities. One [Seizing Heaven Pill] is already an extremely valuable treasure…..” Shopkeeper Sui continued on in disbelief…….

Ye Qingyu suddenly stood up.

“Other people cannot create it, but this does not represent that my master cannot create it.” Under the hood, he said: “I don’t want to waste my breath. Whether you will take it or not, give me an answer.”

Shopkeeper Sui’s argument abruptly halted.

He looked towards Ye Qingyu, sensing the strong confidence he had. His stubborn conviction was shaken.

“Fine…….” He took a step back. “Then the pill that you mentioned……did you bring it?”

Ye Qingyu uncovered his hand, a flicker of light flashing on his hand.

Two pills like the size of a Longan that was jade green appeared in his palm. It was the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].

To prevent the medicinal properties from escaping, Ye Qingyu had already used the method outlined in the [Sole Will of the Cauldron] to seal the fragrance of the pills. Under a thin layer of green, there was a faint light shimmering causing the two pills to possess an aura of mysteriousness. From its appearance, it was definitely convincing.

Shopkeeper Sui’s gaze once again gathered on the two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets].

Without knowing why, the moment he saw those two jade green pills, his heart could not help but beat quickly.

“Two pills. One is for you to sell here, one is for you to test the properties of the pill.” Ye Qingyu used his inner yuan, placing the two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] before Shopkeeper Sui. “The starting price is a hundred thousand gold, the higher the better. Hundred Herb Hall can get five percent as commission. I will leave it here for sale for three days, if there are no buyers in three days, I will go to another place……I don’t need a deposit.”

Shopkeeper Sui instinctively stowed away the two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets], then asked: “If it is sold, how can I contact you?”

Ye Qingyu had already reached the doorway. Hearing these words, he did not turn around. “I will come back in three days.” When these words were said, his figure had already disappeared from the doorway. Shopkeeper Sui was stunned, and by the time he reached the doorway, this mysterious figure had already disappeared.

He really was a strange person.

But these two pills…..

Shopkeeper Sui inspected the pills carefully in his palm.

Only until now, did he realise, there was no medicinal fragrance at all.

“There are three types of pills. They are Medicine Pills, Spirit Pills and Dao Pills. Medicine Pills have a fragrance, but both Spirit Pills and Dao Pills are scentless. Could it be that these two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] are those legendary Spirit Pills?”

As he thought of this, Shopkeeper Sui lost his composure and chuckled.

How could that be possible.

Spirit Pills and Dao Pills were precious, and rarely found in the world. How could it be discovered so easily by him.

As for the validity of these pills?

If it really was like that person described, it was impossible to estimate the worth of these [Mysterious Heaven Pellets]. Once news of it spread out, it was enough to cause countless people to bleed as they fought over it. Even the Imperial family of the Empire as well as the large sects, would be attracted to this. This absolutely was an opportunity for the position of the Hundred Herb Hall to ascend rapidly……but most likely, everything was fake.

Shopkeeper Sui, was also a half trained pill enthusiast.

After thinking it over, this matter was not small at all. He could not make a decision by himself.

“It seems like I have to contact headquarters, and ask them to send a Pill Master to inspect them.” After that thought, Shopkeeper Sui decided that even if he had to take some risks, he should try. After all, if it was real, his destiny would quickly ascend to the heavens.

He carefully stowed the two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] into the interspatial ring, then took out an arrow shaped plate sculpted from the root of an ancient tree. On the front of it, there was three large ancient characters, called the [Hundred Herb plate] and the other side was completely blank. Shopkeeper Sui used his finger tip as a brush to write some formation code that only higher ups of the Hundred Herb Hall could understand, then he used his inner yuan to activate the [Hundred Herb plate]. He sent the information that he had just obtained out.

“The Pill Master from headquarters will arrive by tomorrow evening by the latest. At that time, everything will be made clear.“

After he finished everything, he was still conflicted. He did not know whether what he did was correct or not.

With a light sigh, Shopkeeper Sui turned and left through the doorway.



Two hours later.

White Horse tower.

Ye Qingyu awoke from his meditative state.

Even since returning from the Hundred Herb Hall an hour ago, Ye Qingyu had already finished in his Heart Sutra training. Only then did he calm his heart, and mull over the conversation between him and Shopkeeper Sui just now.

If this manager of the herbal store had not lied to him, then this represented that he had obtained an important piece of information.

The preciousness of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] had far exceeded his initial imagination.

He had originally thought that pills used to increase a martial artists yuan qi cultivation was very commonly seen. After all, when the Pill art began, there were only two main uses – to treat illnesses and increase one’s cultivation. Since ancient times, there were countless talented Pill Masters who created endless Pill formulas. However the most common pills were largely divided into these two categories.

In Ye Qingyu’s estimation, the effects of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was decent, but it could only be counted as middle class out of all the effects of allo these other Pills.

But for Shopkeeper Sui’s reaction to be so frantic…….

“Could it be that I really have underestimated the value of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]?”

Ye Qingyu did not fully understand this.

After all, he did not have any training or teaching in Pill refining, he had relied on only himself to figure out the way. Everything he knew came from the [Pill Mantra] as well as that ancient pill formula. Apart from this, he was not too clear on the Pill Masters within the Empire as well as the effects of the various other pills commonly seen. Apart from the [Azure Phoenix Pill King] Chen Moyun who he had killed, Ye Qingyu had not interacted with any other Pill Masters.

Today, Ye Qingyu was forced to place the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] for sale at the Hundred Herb Hall.

The ingredients and spirit herbs he had previously acquired, could only at the most create approximately a hundred [Mysterious Heaven Pellets]. Furthermore, this was on the basis that he had a hundred percent success rate in pill creation. For such a number of [Mysterious Heaven Pellet], it could at the most sustain his cultivation for half a month. To want to refine and create more pills, he must acquire more ingredients and herbs. But the problem was, Ye Qingyu’s entire wealth including the reward when he was made marquis, had been completely spent.

After some consideration, he could only rely on the sale of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] to obtain more money.

If this way worked, then it could temporarily sustain Ye Qingyu’s cultivation needs.

To prevent any unnecessary troubles, he did not want to expose that he was refining the pills. Therefore he had shrouded his face, and concealed his real identity.

“From ancient times, people from the poor find it hard to rise. Apart from the lack of opportunities, it is because commoners are far too poor. They cannot sustain the huge cultivation resources they require. When one is at the Ordinary martial level or the Spirit Spring stage, one may not notice this. But once a martial artist reaches above the fifty Spirit Springs, it is unknown just how many cultivation resources they need. I can be counted to be lucky, having so many fortuitous encounters. But even I am worrying over the lack of money, what about those other people with less luck than me?”

Ye Qignyu shook his head and sighed.

His position was marquis, but the amount of gold he received every month, was by far not enough.

Cultivation, was originally an act that defied the heavens. To want to succeed, wealth, companions, status and the laws were four important factors. If you even lacked one, it would be hard for you to truly succeed.

Today, Ye Qingyu had finally got to experience this for himself.

“If this [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] is really as valuable as described by Shopkeeper Sui, then it should sell really well? The price I set, a hundred thousand gold, could it be too cheap…..”

Demon King Ye was somewhat conflicted.

At that time—-

Chi! Chi! Chi!

There was a strange sound of a claw scratching on the window of the quiet room.

“Master, woof, woof, open the window, I’ve returned……”

It was the noise of the silly dog Little Nine that came from the outside.

He had finally returned.

Ye Qingyu’s shook himself, placing the matters regarding the pills to one side. He went over to dispel the defensive formations of the quiet room, and the stone window slowly rose.

One could see Little Nine sneakily climbing over the windowsill, like a thief. After the window was opened, he looked behind him, then leapt inside in one swift motion, landing on the prayer mat opposite of Ye Qingyu.

“Woof, you will not believe what I have seen.”“

The silly dog could not wait to divulge what he saw.


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