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230 – New recruit training camp

In the moonlit night, the cold air was chilling.

Under the desolate moonlight, the black figures of one man and one beast was secretly traversing throughout Youyan Pass.

The place they were heading to was evidently to the Northwest of Youyan Pass.

At night time, the security of Youyan Pass was the strictest. In these days, even if it were some military officers, they would not be allowed to traverse through the seats without military seals. Although Ye Qingyu was a newly appointed Marquis, but even his seal could not be of any use at this time. If he was found by the patrols, even he would be sent back to where he came from.

But Ye Qingyu’s body movement technique was like lightning. Using the Limitless Divine Way, his white clothed figure was like an illusion under the moonlight. Normal people’s eyesight could not even discern him from the darkness.


This illusive figure flitted past above the architectures on the street.

A patrol passed by could only feel a blur across their eyes, as if someone had passed by or as if nothing had happened.

“Just now……could it be that there’s something wrong with my eyes?” The leading soldier rubbed his eyes, confused and concern.

Under close observation, there was nothing under the moonlight.

Apart from them, there were no one else.

“Perhaps there really is something wrong with our eyes.” The leader of the soldiers knew his own strength clearly. Although it was not at the top level, it was still impossible for someone to pass by and for them not to spot them. They therefore did not pay too much thought to this.

At the same time.

Several thousand metres away.

“Woof……slow, slow down…….I’m dizzy.”

The silly dog Little Nine tightly clenched onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to see the glutton Little Nine grasping at his shoulder desperately, his folds of fatness turning into wrinkles through the extreme speed he was running at. But even so, it could not prevent in anyway his proud and pleased expression.

“Woof, turn left at the next intersection. After turning left, you can see it! Master, for you this time, I have entered deep into the tiger’s den, and was nearly turned into dog stew. Don’t you think you should……”

Ye Qingyu completely ignored Little Nine’s trademark ‘glutton’ request.

Within White Horse tower, after hearing Little Nine’s description, there was a fire burning in his chest.

After advancing several miles forward.

“We’re here, it’s in this place. In this period of time, the people captured by those people, apart from those already killed, are all held in this place.” Little Nine suddenly opened his mouth and said.

In a corner, Ye Qingyu suddenly stopped, hiding his figure.

He turned to look in question at the unreliable glutton at his shoulder.

“Are you really sure that the place you’re bringing me to is this location?”

Ye Qingyu pointed in front of him. It was not the prison of the supply department that he had imagined, but was namely a new recruit training camp that Youyan Pass had just created.

On that day in the Common Liquor house, Ye Qingyu had seen very clearly that the sword scarred military officer was wearing the uniform of the military department.

He had guessed that this matter had something to do with Zhang San. However, he did not imagine, that the location Little Nine would bring him would not be the prison of the Supply department but here instead.

At the start, Ye Qingyu had not been trained in the new recruits training camp. However he had some faint impressions and had also heard about it before, so when he saw the rough layout of it he had some faint impressions. It was only that he could not understand, why those Jianghu people, pretending to be the Youyan army, would capture and bring people here?

“Woof! You can question my personality, but you absolutely cannot question my intelligence. This Youyan Pass is about as large as my bottom, how could I get lost?”

Little Nine rarely had such confidence. Although Ye Qingyu believed him, but the confusion in his heart strengthened.

He hid his aura, hiding in the night air like a ghost that slowly advanced forwards.

This new recruit training camp, due to reasons of isolation and security, were chosen to be located in the mountains and cliffs near the west of Youyan Pass. Apart from black camps, there were towering black mountain peaks that looked like sinister black huge mountain beasts from far away. Just how much filth and darkness was hidden within was unknown.

There was an average strength formation around the outside of the new recruit training camp, which shrouded the situation inside from the outside.

From far away, there were two distracted sentries that stood guard, their uniforms in disarray. Using a numb rhythm, they moved their bodies, patrolling about and standing guard to the entrance of the training camp.

Such a scene made Ye Qingyu’s brow furrow even more.

This training camp was already at the safest location in Youyan Pass, why was there still a defensive formation active?

Adding to this the two improper guards with attitudes not like real soldiers at all. There was no difference whether they wore uniform at all. Just what had the new recruit training camp so painstaking built turned into?

There was a suppressed rage that flickered through his eyes.

On the bodies of these new recruits, Ye Qingyu was able to sense the same arua as that sword scarred military officer.

After some consideration, he silently went to the most isolated corner of the camp. This was the place that the defensive formation was comparatively the weakest. With Ye Qingyu’s strength today, after the activation of the Limitless Divine Way, his strength would multiply. He could absolutely enter into the training camp without alerting anyone.

Adding to this, the defensive formation surrounding the camp was not intricate at all.

After he had traversed through the formation, the scenes in front of him caused his face to turn shade after shade darker and darker.

Just how was this a training camp for new recruits?

This absolutely was a bustling evening party!

In front of him, on the expansive training grounds of the new recruit camp, there was not a single soldier currently training. Instead, there were four or five high towering bonfires that dyed the training grounds completely red.

There were several hundred people wearing soldier uniforms that were having fun noisily as they pleased next to the bonfires surging to the heavens. There was not a single similarity to the people of the Empire, but was instead filled with an aura of the common Jianghu people Evidently, they were Jianghu people who had donned military uniforms.

There were beef and lamb that had originated from somewhere that was currently slowly rotating above the bonfires. The meat were already glistening with the glimmer of oil, its fragrance surging to one nose. There were over a hundred jars of upper class wine that was being wildly drunk as if it was water that did not cost money. And some people, because of the alcohol, began fighting and swearing. When the noises all mixed together, a proper training camp completely became a noisy, murky and chaotic place.

But, this incomparably ridiculous scene, was completely hidden away by the formation on the outside. People from the exterior had no ways of seeing such an explicable scene.


Ye Qingyu coldly snorted, and instantly the foot of saliva dripping from the mouth of Little Nine on his shoulder was scared back.

This little glutton was still able to discern that his master was currently in an extremely poor mood. He only needed to obediently say nothing, and then claim his contribution for leading the way..

The people of the Empire summoned the Jianghu people,in order to raise the battle power of the Youyan army. But it seems like there really has been a mistake. In this period of time, Ye Qingyu had heard that some Jianghu people had chosen to enter in the army and were sent to the new recruits training camp. Originally Ye Qingyu still held some expectations, but seeing the scene before him, all his expectations were popped like a bubble.

If all the new recruit training camp were really like the scene before him, then Youyan army was completely finished.

A steel army that could shake the world, should have military discipline as strict as a mountain. But the so called new recruits, had no difference from a gang of hoodlums.

They have to rely on such people to fight against the Snow Ground Demon race in a world of ice and snow for their survival?

That was completely a dream.

The military discipline of the Youyan army, had always been strict.。

The identity of these new recruits was definitely suspicious.

But just what kind of person, would be so daring that they would change the identities of the new recruits and their training?

In the Youyan army, there were less than ten people who had the power and status to do such a thing.

There were countless thoughts flowing though Ye Qingyu’s mind.

But remembering the matter Little Nine had mentioned, he knew that he could not delay any longer. Silently remembering these ridiculous scenes, he continued to advance towards the mountain walls at the back of the training camp under the direction of Little Nine.

On the way, he also carefully sensed the strength of these JIanghu people wearing military uniform.

Ye Qingyu discovered, that the person with the highest strength in this group did not exceed twenty Spirit Springs. The large majority were martial artists below ten Spirt Springs, and from their conversations, they all originated from different sects. There were some loose cultivators without sects at all, vagabond experts, all sorts of people mixed within. It completely was a rabble, and there were comparatively little disciples of true sects mixed within.

With the strength of these people, they naturally had no way of discovering Ye Qingyu’s figure.

Ye Qingyu brought Little Nine, deep within the training camp.

After fifteen minutes, both man and dog had successfully infiltrated to the deepest part of the new recruit training camp, at the foot of the mountain.

“Woof, it’s just in front. The inner part of the mountain has been excavated and there is a prison within. In these days, the people who have been captured and are still alive, are all within…….” Little Nine said, and seeming to sense that Ye Qingyu’s mood was not currently great, saying in a reminding fashion: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The smell coming from the passageway is hard to withstand, there is also some rotten corpses. And there are some people who are still alive, that are no difference from being dead……”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He did not say anything.

This entire matter seemed like a mystery. He was not clear, who was behind the sword scarred military officer, and why they would capture so many tiny characters to this place

Turning his head to look.

There was a five metre wide cave on the walls of the mountain, like the gaping huge mouth of a beast wanting to devour all.

It was pitch black in the mouth of the cave, sinister wind was blowing out. One could barely discern a path deep into mountain that split into numerous little paths. One could discern that the interior of the mountain was most likely already excavated completely, and became a place where it was used to hide and cover up secrets.

Ye Qingyu took step by step closer to the entrance of the cave.

Suddenly, his footsteps halted.

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