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232 – Torture

These two figures had evidently just experienced an unimaginably cruel torture.

There arms and legs were firmly bound in piercing steel chains onto the rack, their limbs outstretched to its furthest. They had no way to move in the least. Their skins had already been peeled back and they were like two yellow fish that were hanging in the air. No, not a yellow fish, but a fish covered in blood.

Right now, apart from their faces, there already was not a single inch of intact skin left. Every part of their body could be used as teaching examples on how to interrogatee – blade wounds, burns, whip scars, and the places where needles pierced into his body completely covered their entire bodies.

The flesh and blood was like a dragon spouting water, that constantly surged out from these lacerated skin. On their toes, there already was a small puddle of blood around a metre wide. This acrid bloody smell completely filled the entire room. If not for the fact that the two people were martial artist cultivators, and had strong and sturdy bodies, they would most likely long have died!

Just what kind of people were they, that they would suffer such cruel and merciless torture?

Ye Qingyu’s gaze moved to the faces of the two.

This was the only place that was left intact on both of them.

But once he saw, it was like lightning had struck the fires of the earth.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was.

His body, because of a gigantic indescribable rage, caused him to faintly shiver.

For it to be ……these two!

Why had they been captured here?

Ye Qingyu recognised both of them.

The young man on the rack on the left, was completely covered with blood and wounds, but still had a clear and fair face. But Ye Qingyu had a deep impression of him. It was the person that had provided aid to the people affected after Song Xiaojun had invaded Youyan Pass, that young military officer. The person that no matter remained patient and calm, even when facing the difficulties of the Violet Seven Stars sect. He had a endurance that far exceeded a normal person.

Ye Qingyu remembered this young military officer well.

The other person hanging on the right, also possessed a very young face. Ye Qingyu also knew very well who he was. He was one of the trusted soldiers that served beside the military warfare officer Liu Zongyuan, of the Vanguard Camp. On that day, during the battle at the Breeze and Drizzle building, he had also fought. With a sword stroke, he had cut off the staff of Huang Ran. With a fierce personality and powerful strength, he was regarded extremely highly by Liu Zongyuan. Liu Zongyuan had always mentioned this young talent called Sang Fusheng in front of Ye Qingyu and praised him, calling him one of the future people who would become a military warfare officer.

Ye Qingyu had never imagined that these two people would be captured.

Why was it these two?

The young little officer had average strength so he was easily captured. But Sang Fusheng’s power was extremely strong, and had an extremely cautious and alert attitude. He also possessed a wealth of battle experience. More importantly ,both of them were military officers of the Youyan army. For someone to dare act against them, were they disregarding all the laws that governed this place?

From the perspective of this situation, those who had interrogated him, must possess a great enmity for these two people. They completely madly tortured these two without any mercy whatsoever, all sorts of torturous implements having been utilised on the two young boys.

Previously, after the buffoonery of Little Nine, the rage had died down a little within Ye Qingyu. But as of this instant, it once again crazily burning within Ye Qingyu’s heart.

At this time, there was cold laughter coming from nearby.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to look.

At the centre of the interrogation room, there was a large table completely filled with meat and alcohol.

There were tens of Jianghu people that were busy eating and drinking as they gathered around the table.

The fragrance of the alcohol and the meat, seemed exceedingly bizarre in this bloody and cruel interrogation room.

These Jianghu people were different from the people pretending to be Youyan soldiers on the outside. They did not wear military uniforms, and was exceedingly casual about what they wore. They did not conceal their identity at all. There were some people with completely bare upper arms, exposing the black hair on their bodies that was like a wild beast. There were sounds of laughter as they surrounding this table, gulping down food and alcohol. There was a completely bustling atmosphere and vibe about the place.

They had not detected Ye Qingyu’s entrance at all.

There would occasionally be a glance at the bloody figures next to them, that caused their smiles to grow even more satisfied. It was as if they had just completed an amazing artistic work. The depravity had gone to the the very limits!

Ye Qingyu’s pupils constricted.

In this group of Jianghu people, he saw another familiar figure.

Qi Yong, of the breaking intestines palm.

The Violet Seven stars sect disciple who had one of his arm chopped off by him at that Hundred herb hall.

Who would have thought that this scum would also be here.

This represented that within this group of people, there must be other disciples of the Violet Seven stars sect.

“Hahaha, come come come, senior brother Qi Yong, I raise a cup to you!” There was a Violet Seven Stars sect disciple who rose and lifted his cup in a toast. “Haha, senior brother Qi Yong is so amazing, for him to present such a plan that was so quickly approved by the higher ups. We’ve managed to capture these two pigs so quickly, as long as they manage to make them confess, I think that we will definitely be able to cause trouble for Ye Qingyu, that dog who interferes in our plans.”

“Haha, that’s right, Qi Yong senior brother really is famed for his intelligent and wit. Hehe, we can’t act against Ye Qingyu at this time, but what about if we act on the people next to him? This Liu Zongyuan was also looking to die, to dare go against us. This time, we’ll take care of one of his most trusted helpers, the next time, we’ll finish him.” Another disciple of the sects said loudly with a smile.


Why did it seemed that this matter had something to do with hm?

Ye Qingyu was bewildered.

A thought occurred to him. He did not act just yet, just retreating slightly and hid himself by the side of the stone door, continuing to listen on.

Perhaps he could obtain even more information.

At that time, one of the two on the racks on a befuddled state – that young officer suddenly moved. A mouthful of blood was spat out, and light sounds of hoarse panting could be heard from his mouth.

“Eh, one has awaken.“

A seven stars sect disciple turned his head to look, a sinister smiled on his face.

He placed his wine cup down, and walked next to the young officer amidst the unbridled calm laughter of the others.

“Haha, this little kid woke up early, this means that we have a toy yet again. Haha, when they faint like dead wood, it isn’t fun at all. Only when they resist is it interesting. This really can make us all happy, I’ll get more alcohol for everyone!”


“This little kid still has a hard mouth, we have to take proper care of him…..”

This crowd of Jianghu people shouted their approval and laughter, like a herd of vicious wild beasts.

“First comes the appetiser!”


A whipping sound!

A Violet Seven stars sect took out an iron piercing whip from the torture implements rack nearby.

With a flick of his wrist, the whip filled with thorns was like a bloody streak of lighting under the control of this disciple. It viciously landed on the body of the young officer, instantly stabbing into his bloody body. When the part was lifted away, a piece of blood skin was ripped out by the whip.


A low hiss emitted from the mouth of the officer, and vein after vein throbbed on his temple.

But this young officer had a proudness about him. Even after withstanding such huge abnormal pain, te did not even emitted a single scream of anguish.

“Hehe, you ate so much meat but youre still so motherfucking weak!” Did you not see that he has not even enjoyed himself yet?”

Qi Yong’s sinister smile became even greater after seeing the determination of the little military officer.

The him who had lost an arm, had gone completely psychotic. His face was filled with viciousness as he loudly urged and ordered that disciple to use even more cruel methods to torture that young officer.

“Yes, yes , yes! Senior brother Qi Yong, just have a look!”

This disciple lackey nodded his head, reaching into a black coloured box and taking something out. From inside, he took out a black truncheon embedded with a blue crystal. There was a faint glimmer of fire from this blue crystal, that instantly shone a tragic blue green colour over all of the interrogation room.

“This Nether Spirit rod is the new goods that arrived today. It was created using formations, and are one of the tools and instruments from the Heavenly Works. It is said that it can directly burn one’s soul, and has pain ten thousands time greater than a typical steel rod. Hehe, today we can finally see its effects!”


Hurry the hell up!

Everyone began smiling and laughing in anticipation.

The disciples of the sects right now, were absolutely like beasts wearing human skins. Facing such torture, everyone had expressions of anticipation and longer, looking at this terrifying Nether Spirit rod as it pressed against the head of any young military officer.



A terrifying burning noise could be heard.


The rack the young officer was bound to began madly quivering under the struggle.。

All the blood on the young officer’s body was sent flying everywhere as he struggled. But even if so, he still grimly clutched his teeth, steel nearly being crushed apart in his teeth. He still did not let out a scream of pain, but there was still the rough painting of an injured wild beast coming from his moth.

Burning his soul!

Hearing the effects of this implement was enough for one’s bones and head to go numb.

But the animals in front of him really used it against a soldier from Youyan Pass.

Heaven’s would not allow their actions, they deserved to die over ten thousands time.

After enduring for a short while, the young officer fainted again.

The Little Nine on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder right now, could clearly hear his own teeth clicking and clacking as he grinded it against each other. If not for the fact that Ye Qingyu did not give the order, he would most likely have rushed forward to tear apart the throats of these people. But Ye Qingyu had told him to stay put….

The silly dog turned around to look at Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

Crap, too terrifying!

Little Nine had seen Ye Qingyu be angry before.

But the coldness of Ye Qingyu’s face was enough to make him freeze ten thousands time over. This was the first time he had laid his eyes on such an expression.

This bunch of people……would definitely die miserably.

Little Nine let out a cold shiver.

He did not know why Ye Qingyu had still not acted at this moment, but he must have some sort of special reason.


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