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233 – Frost


The young officer had just awoken when fainted yet again to this horrifying torture. His entire body fell limp, the sweat and blood mixing together, his hands spasming unconsciously. He was left on his last, weak breaths.

This Nether Soul rod’s power was far too frightening.

“Hahaha! Good!”

“It seems like this little kid is finally satisfied with this.”

The crowd laughed uproariously.

Qi Yong had drank slightly too much.

He stood up unstably, covered with the smell of alcohol. Bringing a bowl of alcohol, he signalled for the Violet Seven stars sect to go to the side.


This alcohol completely drenched the young officer who did not even have a piece of intact skin left on his body.

The acute pain that followed after completely awoke the officer yet again. Qi Yong grinned viciously, grabbing the hair of the young officer, and yanked up his already powerless body up. Consecutively slapping him twenty or thirty times loudly, he tuned the only untouched part of the young officer’s body swollen and bruised.

“You trash that don’t have eyes, you are only a tiny little officer, but you dare not even tell the doctor to treat your father, I. This time you have fallen in to my clutches, so I can do whatever I like to you as I pleases. Hehe, so what if you are part of the Youyan army? If I play with you to your death here, no one will know.”

Qi Yong chuckled sinisterly.

After his limb had been cut off, this was equal to all his martial future being cut off.

He could evidently sense, the disdain and disinterest his senior brothers had towards him these days.

There was no one that feared him and showed him respect any more. Everyone’s gaze had a hint of pity as they looked towards him. Those elders and great people of the sect that placed great importance to him previously, were evidently preparing themselves to abandon him. Qi Yong was plunged into a deep and dark despair, nearly to the boundary of his breaking point. He was like a wild beast that had gone berserk, wanting to destroy everything that he saw in his eyes.


Qi Yong released the rage in his heart, his hand not even stopping to resting, continuing to slap.

What he wished to do the most, was to cut the Ye Qingyu who had chopped off his arms into a thousand pieces.

But he knew, this was impossible.

In front of Ye Qingyu, he was just like an ant or worm. A finger of his, was enough to kill him.

But when he was within his despair, he had suddenly heard news that there were some higher ups who wanted to act against Ye Qingyu. Joining forces with a significant number of Jianghu people, they prepared to do something in secret.

Qi Yong hence offered his services.

When the hidden forces joined together and decided to act on the people beside Ye Qingyu, and do something, Qi Yong realised his opportunity had arrived.

At the first instance, he had spoken about the existence of the young officer.

Many people did not realise there was a faint connection between the young officer and Ye Qingyu.

Qi Yong himself was not too sure.

But this did not matter too much.

Qi Yong did this, was for the people higher up to realise his value, and also for revenge. Since there would not be any loss to him whatsoever if mistakenly dragged anyone in, and this young officer was someone that Ye Qingyu knew, then it did not matter if they killed him. After all, this world was not fair for a long time, so being innocent had nothing to do with anything.

After all, right now Qi Yong needed an outlet to release his anger.

If he was able to make Ye Qingyu feel regret, if he was able to make Ye Qingyu suffer, then he would be willing to do anything.

“Haha! Did you not want to speak yesterday? Right now, I can do whatever I want to you as if you are a dead pig…..”

Qi Yong chuckled sinisterly.

He grabbed the throat of the young officer. bringing the swollen face of the officer in front of him.

“Speak! What relationship do you have with Ye Qingyu! Have you secretly made any pacts with the demon race. As long as you confess and explain everything clearly, I can give you a quick death……”

The young officer whose consciousness was already befuddled after such torture opened his eyes slightly.

He locked his brows slightly, his eyes seeming not to contain too great a rage.\

But he opened his mouth, and gave an answer to the Qi Yong currently burning with fury:

“I don’t know Marquis Ye.””


You are looking to die!

After torturing him like a dog, this little kid only said such a phrase.

Qi Yong was so angry that his eyes were about to explode.

A surge of rage shot up to his head. Qi Yong could no longer control his own anger, he directly grabbed at the Nether Soul Rod and press it again fiercely on the forehead of the young officer!


The pain of your soul burning was completely indescribable using words.

The body of the young officer once again madly struggling, the shackles nearly being pull apart and the entire rack madly shaking.

“Senior brother Qi Yong, calm your rage. Make sure not to kill him, we still haven’t gotten any confession.”

The Violet Seven Stars sect disciple came to pursue him.

“Brother Qi, sit by one side and don’t get tired. Let me take care of the other one, I guarantee that he will confess everything.”

Qi Yong coldly snorted, only then did he sat down

At the same time, the fat sect disciple next to him, completely filled with black hair like a large bear, stood up with a malicious grin. “There’s two. After we’ve done playing with one, we can still play with the other. We can’t treat them unfairly after all, hahaha…..”

He chuckled loudly, and there was a person beside him that completely drenched the other young soldier Sang Fusheng with a bucket of cold alcohol hanging on the rack.

Ah…….Pok……….Huff, huff……..

This young soldier was abruptly awakened by this cold liquid..

A series of acute coughs sounded. At the same time, a significant volume of blood spurted out. One could tell, that his injuries were not light.

Cold alcohol entering into one’s wound, was the same as rubbing salt into the injuries. The pain was incomparable.

“Oh……too comfortable…..haha, I opened my eyes and I see a herd of animals yet again. You guys are still alive, this makes me too happy!”

The soldier opened his eyes, a sharp grin showing on his face.

His personality was many times fiercer than the young officer. When he awoke and saw the Violet Seven Stars sect disciples, he only coldly smiled. Every one of his words was like metal rubbing together , containing a hatred that caused one to shiver in fear.

“What, you want to take revenge? We are still fine, but it’s a pity you won’t live long…..haha, if you want vengeance, you can only wait till you next life.”

There were completely mocking laughters on the faces of all disciples of the sects.

The young soldier Sang Fusheng only coldly sneered, not wasting his energy on words.

The black bear moved his body in front of this soldier.

“Little trash, listen well. Today your grandfather I will give you your last chance. If you are willing to point out that your superior Liu Zongyuan is dealing with the demon race, and admit that Ye Qingyu is also implicated within this secret, then I can release you right now. Good alcohol, good meat, beauties, wealth, everything can be gain. But if you continue to be stubborn, then look at the trash next to you. Your consequences will be over ten times as great!”

The silhouette of the conspiracy was slowly drawn out by the words of these Seven Star sect disciples.
The Ye Qingyu who was outside the door, already largely understood the vague story.

So it was like so.

So it was like so.

So the plot of these people, was like this.

“Hehe……haha……..hahaha!” The young soldier Sang Fusheng seemed as if he had heard the greatest joke in the world. He incredibly began chickling: “You want to do it with you people? You bunch of trash in the gutters, you filthy dregs, to really act against Marquis Ye? You are so retarded it’s laughable…….pitiful, you don’t even know what you are doing. An ant trying to shake a big tree, hahahaahaha……”

This laughter was like the metallic thunder of a powerful army.

A power and aura that made one’s expression change exploded out from the weak laughter of Sang Fusheng who was near his breaking point.

Within the interrogation room, everyone’s faces paled.

“Motherfucker! You want to take the hard path! Who said you could say so many useless words!” The black bear was so embarrassed that he was enraged, grinning maliciously: “Even a piece of metal, if it falls into the hands of the living Asura, Xiong Jiu, then it will spit out a piece of meat. You want to endure longer, ten as you pleased, hehe, I’ll make you experience pain that makes you beg for death. Lets just see how long you can endure!”

Before he finished.

He casually picked up a steel flower by his side, and with a flick of his wrist, it flew like lightning towards the face of the young soldier.

“Then come and try.” There was a smile of disdain on the face of the young soldier, not even blinking. “Let your grandfather I see, I really want to experience how you make metal spit out a piece of meat.”

“I’ll cripple half your face, and dig out one of your eyeballs. Let’s see if you are still as stubborn then!”

The black bear smiled maliciously, the metal implement heading straight for the face of the young soldier.

But when the metal instrument was about to lacerate skin, it suddenly stopped.。

It could not advance any further.

The ‘black bear’ was stunned, then attempted to move again.

But he still could not move in the slightest, as if his body was sealed.

He knew something was wrong his expression filled with shock.

He had no way of understanding, why his arm no longer listened to his command. Why had it suddenly hardened, why had it lost all feeling. Only until he discovered in fright, that without knowing when, a layer of faint frost had already extended around his arm.

“What is this? I…..” The black bear was incomparably stunned.

The moment he lowered his head, he was terrified to discover, that it was not only his arms. Half of his body, from the neck below, had already been covered a thin layer of frost. Apart from his neck being able to move slightly, all his other parts could not even move an inch. This layer of thin frost, was like that strongest shackles in this world that completely sealed him away.

He stared in befuddlement at the other people.

On the floor, it was unknown when it had been completely covered by silver frost.

White Jade like ice was flowing all around the room without sound. The Qi Yong and the others not that far away also had a face of confusion and fright. As the white jade like frost travelled over, the frost were like poisonous snakes crawling up their legs. It grew and grew upwards from their legs, then covered the large majority of their bodies………


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