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236 – Ice sculpture


Ye Qingyu had not even imagined in his dreams that this scholarly little officer was the little brother Ye Congyun of the armoured sentry that he had been painstakingly search for. Ever since arriving in Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu had relied on many people to search for Ye Congyun. After becoming familiar with Liu Zongyuan, he had also asked this military warfare officer to look out for him. Previously there were some rough news, but because of the demon race invading Youyan Pass, they had not met each other…..

Who would have guessed while he went everywhere in search for him, he was just in front of him.

Did this mean that he had already seen the person he was searching for, and even brushed shoulder with him?”

“Superior…’ve heard of my name before.” Seeing Ye Qingyu’s reaction, the little officer Ye Congyun was somewhat startled.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, not knowing what to say.

Guilt was brimming within his hearts.

In that snowstorm night on the Hundred Broken Mountain, those sentries had protected him with their lives. One after another, they had died horribly under the cruel methods of Liu Yuancheng and Chen Moyun. Before the armoured sentry had died, he had asked for Ye Qingyu to take care of his brother Ye Congyun…… the last moments of his life, he had trusted the person he loved the most in the entire world to Ye Qingyu, but…..

Looking at the injuries on Ye Congyun’s body, he could not help but feel guilty.

He had failed the duty the armoured sentry left him.

Thankfully that day he had told the silly dog Little Nine to investigate these matters in the Common Liquor house, and he had rushed here at the most crucial moment. If he was slightly later, than it was most likely that Ye Congyun as well as Qi Yong would have been tortured to their deaths. At that time, he could not even make any reparations.

“Right now what position are you within the Vanguard?” Ye Qingyu changed the subject, asking lightly.

“I am a minor captain, under the command of general Pei Wei.” Although Ye Congyun did not know why Ye Qingyu asked this question, but he still replied really seriously.

“Do you want to continue staying in the Vanguard, or come to my White Horse tower?” Ye Qingyu came to the entrance of the cave, staring down at the chaotic scene of the camp.

There was a trace of shock flashing by Ye Congyun’s face. For the him that was always calm and stable, this already was a very exaggerated expression.

This young officer looked at the hero of the Youyan army and thought about this proposal seriously. “To server under Marquis Ye, is the honour of countless soldiers in the Vanguard. But…..Superior Pei Wei has treated me well, I…..

Ye Qingyu smiled, saying: “Fine, it’s a fine choice even if you stay in the Vanguard.”

As he spoke to him, Ye Qingyu changed the topic yet again. “I see that your potential is decent. However your blood qi is weak, you should have some sort of injury within your body, otherwise your strength should be slightly higher than it is right now. What happened?”

“When I was small, I was heavily wounded once and it affected my foundation. Although I managed to survive, the doctors diagnosed me with a condition saying I will have weaknesses in my blood.” Ye Congyun calmly replied: “I don’t have enough blood qi naturally, so my cultivation will always remain within the ordinary martial level, and I have no way to sense yuan qi.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

So it was like this..

It seems like Ye Congyun had really suffered something severe when he was small and escaped the clutches of death.

No wonder the armoured sentry would still be concerned about his little brother even at the moment of his death.

“You rest here for a while. I’ll clean up the surrounding trash.” Ye Qingyu assisted the young officer to a flat boulder at the entrance of the cave, then slowly headed toward the camp down below.“


The hidden warning array at the entrance of the cave was instantly activated.

A strong energy fluctuation spread everywhere.

The earth shuddered, shattered rock roaring and breaking apart.。

Ye Qingyu’s footsteps did not stop, his left palm grabbing lightly through air. Six snow dragon mirages roared out from his yuan qi, coiling and swirling within the air, roaring with a dragon’s might. It met with the energy of the hidden array and the air suddenly froze. The originally frightening power of the array was frozen solid in the air, along with shattered rocks and grass….

This was a strange scene.

Everything that was moving within the air, was abruptly frozen.

Ye Qingyu walked amongst the frozen and scattered objects in the air, like a white clothed saint striding amidst a chaotic world.

The moment he walked past them, it was as if everything around him lost its momentum, falling powerlessly to the ground.

On the places where he stepped, there were silver coloured frost like footsteps that appeared and disappeared. Every silver dragon was like it was real, coiling around him. Under the shine of the silver moon in the night’s sky, he was like a dragon god walking amongst a warring world. Frost and coldness moved and emanated everywhere.

“Who is it?”

“Someone has intruded in…..”

“Quickly go find senior brother…..”

“Surround him!

“Who is it that’s looking to die, quickly halt him.”

In the chaotic and clamouring camp below, those Jianghu people donning military uniform in disarray, finally discovered Ye Qingyu’s existence. The hidden formation activated, with the powerful yuan qi fluctuations alerting them instantly. The scene was like a beehive that was struck with a stick, countless bellows came sounding out.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Countless weapons like the rain pierced through the air towards Ye Qingyu.

And the far away figures flickered. Accompanied by the movement of yuan qi, numerous figures turned into light that headed towards and surrounded Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu’s palm lightly pushed out.

Those clustered weapon that shot through the air suddenly halted, then sharply whisted shooting back to where they had originated from with an even more terrifying force and speed. They tore through the air, causing sparks to form through the friction with the air. They were like shooting stars arcing through the air, one after another that exploded onto the oncoming crowd.


“No, my hand…..”

Tragic cries and screams broke out in the night.

And one after another vulture like figures that seemed as if they were hunting prey, was struck abruptly. Snowflakes fluttered amongst the air, and suddenly they fell to the ground like kites that had its string cut loose.

The killing was about to begin.

The Ye Congyun resting his breath on the boulder had wide open eyes.

The words Ye Qingyu, countless soldiers with Youyan Pass, could be described as thunder to their ears. Many people knew that this young Marquis had a powerful strength and did not show the slightest of mercy when he acted. There were all sorts of rumours flying around, but after all, these were still rumours. Right now, personally seeing Ye Qingyu acting, and seeing these killing methods that were glorious to the extreme, Ye Congyun was deeply shaken.

The imagined scene of blood flying everywhere, hacked off limbs did not appear.

The silver mirages of the snow dragons tore through the air, piercing through the body of all the Jianghu people. One could then see those fellows with sinister expressions, transforming in a translucent silver statue. Under the shine of the moonlight, they let out the splendour of jade as they fell through the air. Upon landing on the ground, they were shattered into ice scraps….

Countless silver snow dragons surged out from the white clothed figure on the mountain ledge, tearing through the sky.

There was no blood, no bones.

Everything was turned into ice scraps.

Those thirty of forty experts of the Jianghu, did not even manage to last ten breaths. They all plummeted to the ground, becoming shattered ice. It was as if after the snow dragon had pierced through their body, all the blood and flesh had disappeared, and left only with ice.

There was not any blood at the scene of these killings.

A terrifying ice yuan qi.

Within the air, frost and chill spread throughout.

Even a retard, in such a crushing scene, would feel trepidation.

Those experts of the Jianghu that originally rushed furiously, stared tongue tied as they saw this killing scene that was like art. They could not muster any more courage, scrambling backwards in fear, the muscles in their legs about to cramp up.

The sounds of dragon roars pierced through the air.

The silver snow dragons danced everywhere under the heavens. Under the moonlight, it was like the work of a deity.

Everywhere the snow dragons passed, the chill showed no mercy. It constantly reaped their lives away.


Someone let out a cry, turning and running

“I am the disciple of the Deer Cauldron sect. Who is it?” There was someone who reported their name and sect, wanting to remind Ye Qingyu that he was a disciple of a large sect and Ye Qingyu best not kill him.“

“No…..we’ve already joined the Youyan army, we’re someone belonging to the Empire. You can’t kill us….” there were some people who did not belong to famous sects, so subconsciously threw out the banner of the Youyan army.“
“As a human, why would you killed your own comrades?” There were even people who tried to take the moral high ground shooting out.“


Ye Qingyu’s expression, did not change at all.

His yuan qi was activated to the extreme.Thirty yuan qi silver dragons constantly formed everywhere around him. This was the might of a martial expert, the completely suppression of a martial cultivation realm. The experts of the Jianghu in front of him were at the most at the twenty Spirit springs level. In the eyes of normal people, they were almighty experts, but to the Ye Qingyu today, they held no difference from toddlers.

Even if there were fifty or sixty people in front of him.

The large difference in realm caused all numbers to be pointless.

The killing did not stop in the least.

There was once the sinister laugh of these people sounding out within the streets of Youyan Pass. Seeing the tragic scenes of the persons, and witnessing the experience of Sang Fusheng and Ye Congyun, seeing the ugliness of Qi Yong and the others, Ye Qingyu’s impression of the Jianghu people were already the worst it could ever be. Even if there were good people within the sects, everyone that appeared tonight in the camp here would die.

He killed the people of the Xuan sect, he killed the Painting Fan and Golden Jade, he killing the Five Poison Gongzi…..

After killing so many trash and clowns, the awaited peace still had not descended to Youyan Pass. There were still people who refused to act honestly.

Ye Qingyu felt it must be that he had not still beaten fear and pain into them yet.

Since it was like so, then let’s go again.

Humans would after all fear death.

The madder the ambition and the more tempting the desire, in front of the threat of death, everyone would become logical.。

Since they were not willing to take a step back, then what awaited them was the judgement of death.

This was Ye Qingyu’s principle.

At this time, he would absolutely not stop.

The roars of dragons sounded.

The ground was filled with the scraps of ice.

There were one after another figures of people running madly or begging for mercy. The snow dragon illusions still pierced their bodies. Then they transformed into ice statues with expression of terror and desperations, maintaining their fleeing stances, like statues of perfect art. At this time, they seemed like pitiful, sorrowful and hateful clowns all at the same time…..



In the chaotic camp, there were countless ice statues.

It was as if an extreme cold had arrived.

Ye Qingyu walked past this chaotic and shattered camp.
Coming to the entrance of the large camp, he finally halted.

There were still some people who had escaped.

This was for the best. If he had killed everyone, who would be left to be to tell the people who were planning and plotting in the background?

Ye Qingyu stood where he was with a smile.

He was still waiting.

Waiting until those true experts holding real power would appear.


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