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236 – Shower of spring sunshine!

Chapter 236: Shower of spring sunshine!


Li Muyang was very confused!

He had thought he was ready, but after Lin Canghai said he wasn’t ready when he took a glimpse of his painting——he began to doubt his own skill, had doubts about the professional abilities of Lin Canghai and was unsure whether or not he was ready.

He knew that he was only half a monk, oh, still not a monk, he had not had the time to shave his hair yet [TN Note: chinese expression meaning that was not yet fully qualified.].He had not learnt the basics of painting yet. While Lin Canghai was born from a rich family and seemed to understand the way of painting. In his professional view, his painting was unbearable to look at?

Otherwise, why did he look like he saw a ghost when he just took a glimpse at it, and with an expression of panic blocked in front with his body stopping others to appreciate and assess his painting?

As he thought that, Li Muyang thought he had to criticize the acting of Lin Canghai.

At this crucial time, shouldn’t he elegantly and calmly walked over to cover the painting, and then with a smiling face say, ‘Li Muyang just have one last brushstroke until he’s finish, the finishing brush’, and then casually help him modify the painting——

You know you looked like you just had a nightmare? Even an idiot would know what had happened. Were you trying to help me cover up or was telling someone that ‘this guy is a lousy artist’?

However, he had clearly drawn according to the techniques of the white figure surfacing on his mind.

Could it be, that the old dragon’s painting skills are only third class and were nothing compared to the humans that are experts in painting——Li Muyang had began to regret accepting the challenge of Chu Ning.

He had staked all his hopes on the old dragon. In his opinion, the old dragon had lived up to such an age and usually liked to write and draw, so as long as he could reproduce one of his pieces of proud work and throw it out for everyone to see, they would have been stunned at his breathtaking art and called him a genius.

The situation did not look good!

Li Muyang’s answer had frustrated Gu Huangwu, his brows furrowed as he demanded: “Are you ready or not? What do you mean, ‘should be ready’?”

Li Muyang looked over at Lin Canghai, who was desperately shaking his head.

Li Muyang’s heart sank again. “Er, I’ll make some more changes?”

Chu Ning could not see Li Muyang’s painting, but Lin Canghai’s reaction had already told her the answer.

She went over to Gu Huangwu, saying: “Teacher Gu, time is up——”

“Yes. If you keep insisting you’re not ready, who has the patience to wait?” The crowd became agitated.

“If you agree to bet you must accept losing, there is no need to hide——”

Gu Huangwu nodded in agreement, looked at Li Muyang and said: “Since the painting is done, let us assess it. Whether you win or lose, the final conclusion has been reached. It cannot be changed.”

With no other choice, Li Muyang helplessly pulled Lin Canghai away and repeatedly bowed to the crowd with his hands held in front. “It is my first time painting, it’s inevitable that I’m unfamiliar with techniques. Teacher Gu and all students please be kind on me.”

Gu Huangwu waved his hand, indicating Li Muyang to get out of the way. “If it’s good, it’s good; if it’s bad, it’s bad. How do we be kind on you?”

Li Muyang smiled wryly, moving to one side, and made an inviting gesture with his hand. “Please go ahead.”

Many students crowded around, gazing at the painting of Li Muyang.

Astonishment, silence and then loud laughter.

“Li Muyang, what were you painting? Heavens, don’t make me laugh——”

“Childish, it’s really childish, if I didn’t know I would have thought a child drew this——”

“The most well drawn is the dog, which really looks like a dog——hahaha——”

In contrast to Chu Ning’s treatment, everyone who had saw the picture attacked it without restraint and laughed loudly. As if they had just saw the most absurd painting in the world.

Also couldn’t blame them for their jokes, because Li Muyang’s painting really did look——full of rustic flavor.

To the side of the peaceful stream, were some solid tree roots outlined with thick, rough lines. The tree roots stretched out along the edge of the stream and extended deeply into the river, as if connected with the stream.

The stream is crystal clear, one petal, two petals, three petals, countless petals drifting in the wind, falling in profusion, extremely beautiful.

A huge dog lies under the tree, sticking out its tongue. As though it is taking a nap and resting and thinking about the past. A black butterfly landing perfectly on the tip of the dog’s nose, as though making a short stay after a tiring journey.

In the stream were the shadows cast by the huge dog and the butterfly, as well as the reflections of peach blossoms above.

There was not a complete peach tree across the painting, only the thick roots and neck of the peach trees.

A tree full of peach blossom could not be seen, only pink petals drifting from the flowering trees and eventually falling down to the stream.

There were no people, only a huge dog sitting there in a daze and a butterfly landing on the dog.

The whole painting looked simple, plain and unsophisticated; it lacked atmosphere, artistic mood and structure. It seemed like a beginner forced a couple of otherwise unconnected scenes together and produced a strange painting.

A painting like that, compared with Chu Ning’s, which one is the better painting, everyone already had an answer.

Chu Ning was incomparably complacent about her work, but maintained her composure. She walked over to Li Muyang’s side and patted his arm. “Li Muyang, what were you trying to draw? Does this painting have a name?”

“This painting is called ‘Shower of Spring Sunshine’.” Li Muyang’s face was blushing, answering with an embarrassed smile.

This was not a name he chose, but the name that the old dragon chose. When he was drawing the picture, his mind appeared images of a man in white splashing ink and painting calmly. With little effort, this painting was presented on paper.

The man in white used semi-cursive script to title the top with four characters ‘Shower of Spring Sunshine’.

Then he stamped the painting with his seal, nodded in smiling appreciation for a long time, before storing it into his trove of valuables.

When the images surfaced on Li Muyang’s mind, he could feel the old dragon’s proud expression and conceited feelings.

“My paintings are the best in the world, and humans’ paintings are rubbish.” He really thought so.

Does that mean the old dragon was just amusing himself?

Li Muyang felt miserable. He felt cheated by this thousand years old dragon.

“‘Shower of Spring Sunshine’? The name is good, but this painting——” Chu Ning looked at Li Muyang and said in a mocking tone, “is extremely clumsy.”

“It seems that this contest Chu Ning has won.” Song Tinyun’s lips curved into faint smile, looking at Li Muyang and saying: “I remember the loser was going to give the winner a prize?”

Lin Canghai patted Li Muyang on the shoulder to comfort him, now that it had developed to this point, he also could not help him.

Qiandu revealed a thoughtful expression on her face, as she came closer and more carefully appreciated Li Muyang’s ‘Shower of Spring Sunshine.’

The only one with the same reaction as her, was Gu Huangwu. Even until now, he had not made any comments on Li Muyang’s work.

But he did not look like he disliked it, but instead adopted a rather puzzled and pondering expression on his face as he examined his piece of work.

Like seeing something you don’t understand, but you think it’s something good.

The words that attacked Li Muyang’s came to a stop and the whole audience fell silent.

Because everyone knows that, according to the personality of Gu Huangwu, what is not pleasing to his eyes he would have scolded out in public and areas that is flawed he would also speak out without hesitation. Even if she was the Princess of West Wind Princess Chu Ning, he had also said that the boy’s eyes she painted are not vivid and lively, not realistic enough——If Li Muyang really drew a bad picture, he had no reason to hold back

But what does his expression mean?

Is it that difficult to understand Li Muyang’s paintings?

“Teacher Gu, you also say a few words?” Chu Ning unconfidently cast a glance at Li Muyang, softly reminding Gu Huangwu who was inspecting the painting.

Gu Huangwu raised his gourd of alcohol to his mouth, only to find that it was already empty, the alcohol had been finished.

“Get some alcohol here.” Gu Huangwu yelled.

The boy, who was serving him, ran out and very soon came back with a gourd of alcohol.

Gu Huangwu took the gourd of alcohol and poured right into his mouth, filling it with a gurgling noise, before he pointed to Li Muyang’s ‘Shower of Spring Sunshine’ and questioned him. “This is your painting?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang replied with a nod, feeling a spark of hope in his heart. Could it be this painting is not as unbearable as they said?

“You said this is your first time painting?” Gu Huangwu asked again.

“Yes——” Li Muyang answered again. “I’ve seen paintings before, but I’ve never done one myself. So——there may be some flaws.”

“Not just a flaw, there are many flaws.” Gu Huangwu shouted.

“——” Li Muyang’s heart sank again. As he thought, the drunkard had been bribed by the royal family of West Wind and was now beginning to attack his work.

“The brushwork is rough, the ink is uneven and the lines are crooked. It’s simply unsightly, if I said it’s like a beginner recklessly smearing ink everywhere is too kind to you——” Gu Huangwu said loudly, taking another big mouthful of alcohol.

Chu Ning’s eyes glowed with joy, like a huge rock in her heart had been dropped.

Li Muyang bowed repeatedly. “Yes, yes, yes teacher Gu’s stern criticism is right——”

“Stern criticism? Just how am I qualified to criticize you?” Gu Huangwu growled.

“Teacher Gu——” Li Muyang’s heart sank straight down. Even if he painted that badly, you did not need to be so oversensitive and arrogant? He just wanted to learn a few painting techniques from you, you have no need to say——ironic remark to ridicule him?

“I’ve studied painting for ten years, but I’m not as good a beginner. It’s driving me mad——is there really a genius in this world? Am I not that genius in this world?” Gu Huangwu grew more furious with each word, again lifted his alcohol gourd, gulping down mouthfuls of wine. “Shower of Spring Sunshine, emerged a pool of spring sunshine——”


The crowd stood stunned with disbelief.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Gu Huangwu, who was drinking madly and behaving in a crazy manner like a lunatic, finding it hard to believe every word he just said.


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