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239 – Tremors


The white face middle aged man, as one of the elders with real power in the Dragon Tiger sect, was once a famous genius of the martial path in Jianghu fifty or sixty years ago. Although he was shocked, he still reacted. Before Ye Qingyu had completely retreated, he attacked.

[Roar of Tigers in the Mountain].

A very crude name, but this was one of the [Twelves Great Techniques of the Dragon Tiger sect].

During several hundreds years in Heaven Wasteland domain, those experts who died under this move, [The roar of tigers in the mountain] must just be under ten thousand.

And this sort of killing technique, when performed in the hands of an elder of the Dragon tiger sect, was even more frightening than usual. A tiger’s roar shook the heaven, and the figure of the middle aged man blurred, as if he was transforming into a giant saber toothed tiger. A ferocious aura shot to the heavens and this surge of ancient atmosphere completely filled the surroundings, causing one’s soul to quake with fear.

The fierce tiger was like the reaper, both his claws held against the back of Ye Qingyu.


The middle aged man roared, yuan qi exploding.

Since matters had progressed to such a state, there was no longer any way they could resolve it peacefully.

He could be said to have made his resolution to slaughter Ye Qingyu.

Even thought this would anger the Empire, but top level sects had its own resolve and power. Furthermore, this time it was not only the people of the sects who were acting against Ye Qingyu. Even if they were captured right now, they would definitely be able to escape from their crimes in the future and they would definitely be compensated in the future.

Therefore he decided to kill.

And he had acted just when Ye Qingyu was finishing off the other middle aged man.

When the power of the tigers’ roars contacted Ye Qingyu’s back, there was a sinister smile appearing on his face.

The potential of [The Leaf of Youyan] was really unlimited, but it ended here.

To kill a genius, was really something that made someone feel both excited and regret.

“Haha, old bastard, wait for your turn.” Ye Qingyu let out a bellow of rage, the white horse armour appearing.

As one of the important heirlooms of the White Horse tower, the White Horse battle armour that was at the spirit weapon class, was normally nourishing within the Spirit springs in Ye Qingyu’s dantian. At this time, it was already connected to Ye Qingyu’s will and heart. He only needed to will it to instantly summon it, and this white coloured armour instantly protected his entire body

At the same time—

““Protection of Heaven and Earth!”

In this clear shout, a golden coloured light barrier began exploding from around Ye Qingyu’s body that advanced towards all direction. And nearly at the same time, the surrounding air currents solidified. Within Ye Qingyu’s body, a powerful tremor exploded, and this yellow coloured light was like a barrier that protected Ye Qingyu from within.

This was the only defensive technique from the four moves of the Golden armoured king.


The power of the roar of tigers in the mountain, finally descended on Ye Qingyu’s body.

But the face of the white faced middle aged man, did not have the slightest hint of triumph. Instead, he had a shocked expression, the explosive powers of both the tiger’s claw seemed to have struck cotton floss, giving him a feeling that power had been transferred nowhere. What followed after was a rebounding force that made both his wrists snap……

This absolutely was not a normal reaction.

On Ye Qingyu’s back, a white coloured Pegasus wings unfolded. The glimmering white was so bright one could not stare at it directly.

When the wings unfolded, his figure was like flowing light that ejected the force of the roar of tigers. There was a trace of blood at the corner of this lips, and also a claw shaped indent on the back of the armoured and fracture, but the power of the roar of tigers had been largely eliminated. His internal organs were only slightly shaken, and could not be counted as a serious injury.

The [Protection of Heaven and Earth], the White Horse battle armour plus eliminating the force through the movement of his body, ultimately had withstood this killing technique.

Everything was within Ye Qingyu’s calculation.

To want to capture these three high class Spirit spring experts, even if his strength had doubled, he also needed to pay a little price.

After all, in terms of true cultivation, Ye Qingyu could not be compared to any of the three.

“How is this possible?” The white face middle aged man had his eyes widened. There had never been anyone who had used such a bizarre method to withstand his [Roar of the tigers in the mountain]. This type of battle method was different from suicide, was this Ye Qingyu a lunatic?

At this time, the Little Shang sword in Ye Qingyu’s hand was already embedded in the ground near his feet.

White coloured armour, black coloured long hair.

Autumn water like long sword, his face like jade, sword like eyebrows and star like eyes!

At this instant, Ye Qingyu had a type of glimmering beauty, like an immortal under the moonlight.

The middle aged man was taken aback , looking at the long sword in Ye Qingyu’s hand. He was about to say something, when the colour of his face changed.

He suddenly lifted his head.

in the skies, under the silver moon.

The grey clouds was broken apart, and a sword rapidly descended.

This humongous silver coloured sword was like the punishment of the god of the silver moon. It broke through the layers of clouds in the skies, descending from above the Ninth Heaven. The instant this comet like sword appeared, it had already descended and landed on the top of the middle aged man’s head, not allowing anyone to react. It transformed into a giant sword tens of metres long, and its strike was like the rumble of thunder.

The middle aged man, once again tried to perform a dragon tiger battle technique in his panic.

But the huge claws of the tiger had just formed, when the silver coloured sword exploded.


The earth quivered.

An invisible turbulence surged everywhere, causing every ice sculpture in the camp to turn into dust.

“This……this……this is……what is this technique…….” The middle aged man’s body was covered in scarlet red, his skin breaking apart in a flash. The flesh on both his arms was in a pulp. He stared in disbelief at Ye Qingyu, with both fear and shock. he could not dare to believe, that there would be this sort of divine technique contained within the martial path of the military.

But before he could finish his words, silver colour frost emanated from within his wounds, freezing his entire person.

This sword not only broke apart his defense, it also caused the power of the cold qi to enter into his body.

Under such a heavy injury, he could not manage to erase any of this cold qi.

He was instantly turned into a frozen wounded person.

Ye Qingyu laughed.

He flicked his hand, and the Little Shang sword disappeared into the night with a flicker of light. He had placed it back into the Spirit springs in his dantian to nourish. Rubbing away the trace of blood at the corner of his lips, Ye Qingyu was exceedingly satisfied in his heart.

The experts of the sects ,was only just so.

White browed Yu possessed great fame in Jianghu. He was many times greater when compared to people like the Five poison Gongzi, but was still defeated by him. The two middle aged man, should be famous experts in the Jianghu, but was still frozen by him.

The intimidation that would result from this battle, was definitely greater than when he had killed the Five poison Gongzi.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu knew that this was only the beginning.

His fingertips lightly touched the indent and fracture in the White Horse battle armour, causing his heart to feel pain. Thankfully the White Horse battle armour could be counted as a Spirit tool, and the formations on it had not been broken. As long as he continued to nourish it within the Spirit springs, then it could recover to become just like new.

After experiencing such a battle, the time that had passed were only tens of breaths but it had already nearly completely expended all the inner yuan in Ye Qingyu’s body.

The battle techniques from the ancient bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart] had terrifying power, but the amount of yuan qi it expended, was also exceedingly terrifying.

Ye Qingyu recovered his breath for a few moment, stabilising his inner yuan, then returned to the entrance to the cave.

He did not even give a glance to the Zhao Ruyun that was like a frozen corpse.

He had already lost all of his courage, not even daring to breath in case it drew Ye Qingyu’s notice. This Zhao Ruyun who had interacted with Ye Qingyu at a very early stage, knew very clearly just what was Ye Qingyu’s personality like compared to the other three. He was absolutely willing to do anything.

At the entrance to the cave.

Under the moonlight.

Ye Congyun stared in worship at Ye Qingyu, like a mortal gazing at an immortal.

This was the first time the young officer had seen a battle at such a level.

In the battle just now, although Ye Qingyu had ordered him to retreat from the centre, but the force emitting from the clash of four experts, still shocked him to the core.

This sort of shock was even greater than the battle between Lu Zhaoge, Song Xiaojun and Yan Buhui.

After all, the battle between these three powers, every move was like the Way. They had the power to turn the ordinary to the extraordinary, and their control of yuan power was near perfect. There would not be any waste of energy that leaked out, so a normal person would not even sense the intricacies within. But right now the battle between Ye Qingyu and the three, explosive powers of different attributes had clashed. The destructive power of fire and ice, was exhibited fully.

In the eyes of the young officer, this was not a power that should belong to humans.

He had never imagined, that there would be someone who could emit such a great degree of strength.

Especially Ye Qingyu’s ice yuan qi that seemed invincible. At the centre of this ice qi, Ye Qingyu seemed as if he was a deity that ruled this piece of land. He completely crushed the three experts of the sects, and that final scene of the sword that descended from the heavens like the punishment of the gods, was still firmly reverberating within Ye Congyun’s heart.

In that instant, the invincible power of Ye Qingyu, was already firmly engraved into the heart of the young officer, deeply etched within his soul.

He had been heavily injured when he was young, causing him to have a weak blood constitution. It was hard for him to have any achievements when practising martial arts. Ye Congyun had experienced all sorts of hardships, and gradually his heart to train in the martial path had whittled away. It had trained his heart, causing him to have a patience and determination that could not be imagined by normal people. On the surface, he did not seem to have any ambitions towards the martial path, but after this scene, his inner heart, once again fiercely beaten.

In that instant, an unprecedented desire towards power and the martial path, acutely multiplied within his heart.

Although his powerful control and composure suppressed this desire, but Ye Qingyu was able to notice the glimmer deep within his eyes.

Ye Qingyu nodded his heart thoughtfully.

And at the same time, there were glimmers of strange lights that appeared that constantly neared. What followed after was the beating of the military drums. Under the moonlight, there was formation airship after formation airship that broke apart the clouds, like huge beast swimming in the arc of heavens and rapidly nearly. At a glance,there were tens of airships……

And on the ground far off, there was the rumble of thunder and the movement of dust.

A battle banner fluttered in the night’s air, like a black steel dripping with blood, filled with a metallic feel.

This was the cavalry of the military.

There were finally people arriving.

Seeing such an aura and atmosphere, Ye Qingyu was able to discern that this was the true Youyan army.

But it seemed like, that it was not the reinforcement Sang Fusheng had called for. No matter whether it was the formation airships in the sky or the cavalry on the ground, the banner that were exposed did not belong to the Vanguard.

Could it also be, that there were other people involved in this matter within the Youyan army?

Ye Qingyu’s eyes narrowed.


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