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241 – Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger!

Chapter 241: Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger!


Li Muyang sprang to his feet and cried out, his face flushed with anger: “Master Kong, why did you humiliate me? I want to be a disciple of Master Kong because I admire Master’s character, I want to become like Master Kong, a great man completely devoted to enlightening people to have good virtue and serves the world as his duty. Secondly, I admire Master Kong’s remarkable ability, I have long heard that Master Kong is one of the strongest in Starry Sky Academy. Although I had never see Master Kong display your ability, but I know Master Kong is very powerful. When I was standing outside the door and heard Master Kong’s chanting, I instantly felt purified, as it penetrated my mind. It cleared away all my exhaustion and I felt my body full of positive energy.”

“These are the only reasons, there are absolutely no other thoughts. In Master Kong’s opinion, I, Li Muyang, am I such a greedy and despicable person?”

Kong Li looked at Li Muyang sideways out of the narrow corner of his eyes. “I did not mean that, I just thought that Xiahou Qianbai can give you ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’, how can I, the official master be so stingy and not have any gifts for you? If words about this gets out Xiahou Qianbai would laugh and mock me. You mustn’t misunderstand.”

“Master Xiahou treats his disciple very kindly and generously, so he gave me his own handwritten ‘Authentic scripture of Pervading Mystery’. Disciple is deeply grateful, and is determined to diligently practice, in order to comprehend one of the Taoist secrets. I have never asked Master Xiahou for any gifts. Please understand Master Kong.”

“I do. I do.” Kong Li felt defeated by this boy. “You think I don’t know what kind of person you are? So you should directly tell me what kind of gifts you like? So master can prescribe the right remedy, in case you don’t like the gift. Wouldn’t that be a waste?”


“I know you’re gifted and also very diligent, master believes that one day you will conquer the world and soar above the Starry Sky. If Master could add lustre to you, that is also something I’d like to see.”

Li Muyang rubbed his cheek, not expecting to encounter such an upright middle-aged man.

What present you want to give me just give me it directly, I’m not a picky person?

Do you think I would decline it? What kind of person do you think I am?

However, since he had mentioned it, it became an inopportune moment for Li Muyang to be evasive.

So, he looked at Kong Li sincerely. “I heard that Master Kong has the ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ this exquisite and refine technique. Once understood one can ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger’. Master Kong also know that my major is Dragon Slayer, and my dream had always been to be able to slay a real dragon——So, I would like to ask Master Kong to lend it to me, and  help disciple complete my dream. I would be eternally grateful.”

Kong Li stared at Li Muyang, his expression wooden. “How do you know I have ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’?”

“This book is famous all over the world.” Li Muyang explained with a smile.

“I’ve only had it for a very short period of time, a few days ago I begged one of my elders to borrow it and only a few colleagues in Starry Sky Academy knew——Xiahou Qianbai told you? Or Yang Xiaohu?” Kong Li was not an idiot; he was obviously not easily tricked by a few words of Li Muyang.

“Disciple dare not say.” Li Muyang bowed his head.

“Must be Xiahou Qianbai.” Kong Li repeated coldly. “He gave away his ‘Authentic scripture of pervading mystery’, so he also want me to give away ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’. Isn’t that right?”

“Hehe——” Li Muyang chuckled, a simple and foolish grin on his face.

He indeed came to know of the existence of ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger manta’ from Xiahou Qianbai. After the ‘atrocious conduct’ of Kong Li forcibly taking him as disciple, Li Muyang naturally had to complain to Xiahou Qianbai and ask for help. He thought that since this matter could not be hidden from Xiaohou Qianbai and he would sooner or not later know, then he might as well directly tell him.

Surprisingly, Xiahou Qianbai was very open-minded and only faintly said, ‘I knew this will happen, I just did not Kong Li would be so slow——but he has always been a slowcoach. You’ll understand when you get to know each other. A man of old age cannot keep up the pace.’

Li Muyang fell to his knees, patted his chest and, to express his loyalty, cried, ‘I Li Muyang is a man of high moral principles and integrity, and since I have been accepted as Master Xiaohou’s disciple, born a disciple of Master Xiahou, I will die as a disciple of Master Xiahou. I wholeheartedly devote my heart and soul that no matter how powerful is Kong Li’s background, how remarkable his ability and how much he makes things difficult for me from time to time I will definitely, surely and certainly refuse him——

Xiahou Qianbai indifferently shot a glance at Li Muyang. “There’s no need. Furthermore, you also won’t refuse him.”

Li Muyang had felt as though a sword pierced right through his heart, he thought that ever since he entered Starry Sky Academy he had frequently been insulted.

These people made him find back the familiar feeling of his childhood.

“‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’” is pretty good. You can see if you can borrow it to read.” Xiahou Qianbai ordered, without the slightest regard of Li Muyang’s feelings.

“Do I need to return it?” Li Muyang asked.

“No need.” Xiahou Qianbai answered.

“I will listen to Master.” Li Muyang said, giving a humble nod.

So, the two of them had decided to establish ownership of ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger’.

Li Muyang had knew that Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai sharply opposed each other, like diamond cutting diamond, and it would be best to not help speak for either one of them at this time.

Otherwise, it might be like drawing water from a bamboo basket, he might end up getting nothing.

Kong Li paused for a moment before he stated: “’Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ is a Buddhist scripture, which contains remarkable powers. Those able to understand this mantra, would possess the unyielding ability to Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger.”

“Thank you Master for lending me the book.” Li Muyang bowed his gratitude.

“Who said I’m going to lend it to you?”

Li Muyang was a little taken aback, but remained calm, saying: “Master Xiahou also said ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ is a treasure of Buddhism that is not easily lent out to outsiders. It’s only right that Master Kong doesn’t want to lend it to me. Disciple perfectly understands.”

“Xiahou Qianbai——” Kong Li’s eyes were cold when he uttered, “You two set this trap for me?”

“Disciple does not dare.” Li Muyang hastily apologised. “Disciple just repeated Master Xiahou’s words. He also expressed understanding of Master Kong’s behaviour.”

“Lift open the praying mat you just knelt down on.” Kong Li instructed.

“Yes, Master Kong.” Li Muyang endured the excitement and knelt down to lift up the mat, where a yellow ancient book was. Precisely the ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ that Master Xiahou had mentioned.

“Master Kong——” Li Muyang looked stunned at the ancient book, almost in a ‘trance’, a ‘trance of disbelief’.

Kong Li waved his hand dismissively. “Okay, okay, you don’t need to act anymore. We are both smart people, you wanted it, and I’m willing to give it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“——” Li Muyang’s face was red, as he said in a slightly embarrassed tone: “Master Kong wisdom is as vast as the sea, nothing can be hidden from your discerning eyes.”

But what I’m going to tell you is that this book was supposed to be a gift to you. Not because of some people’s trap or provoke——Li Muyang, it’s because I value you, care about you, so I gave this book to you. Right, the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ you accepted is the manuscript?”

“It’s Master Xiahou’s hand written manuscript.”

“Oh, this ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ is the original, personally written by Shande arhat.” Kong Li stated calmly and indifferently.


“Originally Buddhism only has 18 arhats, Shande arhat is called the 19th arhat of Buddhism. For tens of thousands of years, the only that could attain that class of arhat, was Master Shande arhat alone. ‘Only one can save sentient beings from their suffering but everyone can strive for arhatship’. Everyone should be themselves, everyone can become an arhat. Master Shande thought that other people are too difficult, too bitter, and too unfair, as long as everyone maintains a kind-heart and sense of morality, all things in the world can get along well. There wouldn’t be fighting and dispute? ”

“Shande arhat not only has profound insight about Buddhist doctrine and philosophy, but possesses remarkable powers. He could single-handedly catch a dragon and punch dozens of tigers. He can be called the first among the hundreds of thousands of Buddhist disciples. This ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ was used when he took the dragon, and later he wrote the mantra into a book——”

Li Muyang gazed at the thin booklet. “Master, this gift is too valuable——”

“It’s obviously valuable. So I’m giving it to you.” Kong Li said, smiling. “Buddhism has over 3000 sacred texts and scriptures, and tens of thousands of techniques. I’ve already told you before that, as long as you become a Buddhist disciple, there are countless traditional techniques for you to learn to practice——You were blinded by that Yang Xiaohu and went off to study that absurd dragon slayer. Just where are the dragons to be slaughtered in this world?”

Li Muyang, agreeing with this point of view, repeatedly nodded. “The world indeed has no dragon.”

“However, Yang Xiaohu’s ability is still pretty good. In general, those able to realise the Dao through philosophic theory or through reading are very powerful——These people are perverted. For example, Li Qiubei and Du Ruofu. Martial artists were completely inhibited by them, that the whole era belonged to them. Follow Yang Xiaohu and study well, you can also learn some good things.”

“Yes. Disciple will work hard and certainly strive to live up to the expectations of Master Kong.”

Kong Li nodded. “This ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ is for you, take it back and thoroughly study it. A moment of enlightenment overnight, then it may also be possible for you to achieve the name Strong Person of Starry Sky.”

“Yes.” Li Muyang again respectfully answered and bowed his head.

When Kong Li raised the teacup in front of him, Li Muyang tactfully got up to leave.

“What is the hurry?” Kong Li complained.

“I thought master raised your teacup to ask visitors to leave——” Li Muyang explained with an honest and simple smile, looking extremely embarrassed.

“I was trying to tell you that I talked too much, you have to add more tea and water for me——” Kong Li grumbled. “I even gave you ‘Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger mantra’, but as a disciple you still had not served master a cup of tea, is that reasonable? People would think that I’m begging to be your master—— ”


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