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241 – You are not a good soldier

On the bow of the leading flagship, a fatty with a round figure stood at the forefront. He wore a scarlet red long robe, a blood red cape and his right palm was slightly raised. The two steel balls in his hands were rotating. Even from far away, it was as if one could hear the movement of these steel balls.

[The Butcher of Youyan], Liu Siufeng.

For him to come personally?

Ye Qingyu was greatly surprised.

He had told Sang Fusheng to go back and hoped that he would be able to bring back Liu Zongyuan or perhaps Wen Wan along with ten or so soldiers to record everything that had happened here and release the imprisoned people. They would record the evidence down until the opportune moment had come for these evidence to be revealed. He had not expected that Liu Siufeng, this huge figure in the army, would come personally by himself.

The airships broke apart the sky without a sound.

It was like warriors descending from the heavens.

A ray of dawn that came from the boundaries of the skies, passing through thousands of mountains and rivers.

The high up flagship and the scattered clouds were illuminated by this ray of dawn, dyeing everything a scarlet red. It caused there to be an atmosphere of hard to conceal killing intent being formed.

Ye Qingyu suddenly smiled.

For he was able to see that Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan were on the left and right of Liu Siufeng.

And Sang Fusheng who had changed into new battle armour stood behind them.

The appearance of these figures made Ye Qingyu more relaxed.

Especially since a huge figure like Liu Siufeng had appeared. It made Ye Qingyu, suddenly feel that fighting alone finally had reaped its rewards. There was finally a significant comrade appearing next to him, that could stand shoulder to shoulder, and help support him against the raging hidden torrents.

In the situation where Lu Zhaoge’s condition was sealed off from the external world and his conditions unknown, there were naturally some people who abandoned themselves. If there were a person among the commanders of the four great camps that could reverse the tides, and was truly worthy of trust, then Ye Qingyu firmly believed that person must be Liu Siufeng.

Right now, he had finally appeared.

He was on the flagship like a primordial beast, breaking apart space as he arrived.

The formation airships of the Right camp formed a passageway, allowing the scarlet flagship to arrive.

Liu Siufeng possessed great respect within the army, not just constrained within the Vanguard. If in the hearts of the soldiers of Youyan, Lu Zhaoge was a high and almighty deity, than Liu Siufeng was the sharpest spear in the hands of the war god. There was nothing he could not destroy, he carried the desire for victory and glory of countless soldiers.

The flagship slowly descended.

Finally, the scarlet red ship, like an ancient beast, halted hundreds of metres above the training camp.

The glimmer of light from formations flickered. A silver light shone down from the flagship, illuminating the ground below.

Fifty armoured soldiers disappeared and reappeared in the light; the formation array transporting them to the ground.

The leading soldier was namely Sang Fusheng.

Although he had been tortured in the interrogation room for several days and had sustained significant injuries, he still seemed to be in his prime when he once again donned his armour. In large strides he came over to Ye Qingyu, paying his respects and saying respectfully: “Marquis, the Commander has come personally. Because this is the district of the Right Camp, there were some hidden resistance, so we were delayed for a little bit and only arrived now……”

Ye Qingyu smiled: “It doesn’t matter, it’s good that you have come. You are responsible for the matters that follow.”

“Rest assured Marquis.” Sang Fusheng gave a military salute, then the soldiers under his command began their business.

Sang Fusheng had followed beside Liu Zongyuan for numerous years, and had a wealth of experience. Firstly he took over the control of the new recruit training camp from the hands of Gao Yun in the Right camp. Then he directed people to begin searching and collecting from difference places of the training camp. He ordered another group to enter the mountain passageway, to release those innocent imprisoned commoners. Lastly, he himself brought several trusted subordinates to the interrogation room, wanting to collect every piece of evidence there personally.

Ye Qingyu assisted Ye Congyun up, his figure flashing through the air, directly heading upwards towards the flagship.

The young officer could only feel a tightness on his shoulder and a blur across his vision. When everything had stabilised, he was already at the forefront of the flagship.

The dawn wind fluttered, and the shine of the morning sun was like blood.

The steel armoured soldiers stood as straight as spear, every one of them like deities of killing, their blood red cloaks fluttering in the wind. These were elite and loyal soldiers of the Vanguard, everyone of them carrying an aura of blood and blades, causing Ye Congyun’s heart to palpitate for a moment. There was a feeling of being emotionally moved; this was truly the military environment he desired.

At this time, Ye Congyun felt that he had truly become one of these people.

But his damnable weak constitution…

Under the dawn sun.

“Ye Qingyu pays his respect to the Commander!”

Ye Qingyu clasped his hand in greeting.

“Haha, Marquis Ye, your bravery is really not little in the slightest……” Liu Siufeng chuckled loudly, a smile appearing on his chubby face and his eyes crinkling. He had the atmosphere of being extremely amiable: “It seems like this time, you have hit a giant hornet’s nest.”

“Therefore I need to thank you Commander for giving me support by coming here.” Ye Qingyu replied smilingly.“

“I didn’t come here to give you support, I only came here casually to have a look.” The steel balls in Liu Siufeng hands creaked and squeaked as he grinned, looking at the ground. “When you’ve had a shit, you should wipe your own shit. Don’t look towards me, I don’t want to get stinky.”

The tone of Liu Siufeng’s voice was exceedingly casual, as if he was discussing this matter with equal friends.

Ye Qingyu had a minute smile, not saying anything.

He knew, that although this was what Liu Siufeng said, but for him to come today was already a type of support for himself. As long as the flagship of the commander of the Vanguard stopped here for a brief period, then anyone who wanted to make trouble would have to evaluate their own power as well.

Furthermore, Sang Fusheng as one of the futures stars of the Vanguard, had already brought his subordinates to take control of the interrogation room. He had already announced to the world, that the Vanguard was officially interfering in this battle.

“You little brat…..” Wen Wan came over to give Ye Qingyu a punch. “Why are you at the heart of every matter? You really can cause trouble.”

Ye Qingyu rolled his eyes at him “You have the nerve to say such words. I’ve done so many things for Youyan Pass but you, a military warfare officer, holding the duty entrusted by the Empire, had gone to who knows where these days. This bunch of ridiculous Jianghu people had caused complete chaos in Youyan Pass, but I don’t even see you doing anything.”

Wen Wan opened his mouth but did not say anything.

His expression was conflicted, because even if Ye Qingyu accused him, he had nothing to refute this with. In these past days, because of military orders, he was training soldiers far away, and he really had not done anything to stop this.

Seeing that mad tiger Wen had been taken down a peg or two, Ye Qingyu chuckled.

“Haha, Marquis really is on the warpath. You’ve not only slapped Old Wen’s face, you’ve also slapped the Commander and my face.” Liu Zongyuan chuckled, hinting at something “But we also have no choice. It is natural for a soldier to listen to orders. Without the order from the Pass Lord’s Residence, we cannot act as we please. Even the commander himself, cannot go against orders. The Vanguard is responsible for external battles, and as for the maintenance of order within Youyan Pass, the internal security is responsible for that. Perhaps you’ve also heard about it, but the head of internal security is the Zhang San of the supply department.”

Liu Siufeng stood by one side holding the steel balls with a smile, saying: “That’s right, people of the Jianghu can act according to their desires, but soldiers cannot. Everything has to be done according to military command and everyone is assigned a particular responsibility. Even though I also do not wish to see such matters, but this issue is not within the remit of my command so I cannot interfere. Otherwise, if everyone acts as they pleases the situation in the Pass will become even more chaotic.”

Marquis Ye’s face reddened a little.

Just now he had reprimanded Wen Wan, but in reality, he had also hiddenly chidde Liu Siufeng and the others. However, right now, the words that Liu Zongyuan and Liu Siufeng said did make sense. A soldier had a special position; if they just did things according to their likes and dislikes and disregarded military orders, there would be no difference between the military and the people of the Jianghu.

Liu Siufeng gave him a glance, and said teasingly: “How about it, do you feel that your actions in these days are a little rash?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, then shook his head. “It really is somewhat rash, but if I don’t do anything I won’t feel right. I don’t know what War God Lu is waiting for, but my vision is in the short term. If I feel angry, then I will release my anger I cannot endure for such a long period of time…..” As he spoke to here, Ye Qingyu looked towards Liu Siufeng with a shred of hesitation, then asked: “Is it that in some times, for the greater good, that we have to sacrifice the lives of those so called little people?”

Liu Siufeng was taken aback.

This butcher whose fame resounded throughout the entire Youyan Pass, whose name alone was enough to cause countless demons to quive in terror, had a strange light flash across his hands. At this moment, when he smiled, he was no longer like a wealthy chubby businessman. The line on his face suddenly became grave and sharp, and a strange pressure began emitting from him, causing Ye Qingyu to suffocate. It was as if an invisible gigantic hand was pressing against his throat.

But Ye Qingyu did not take a step back.

It seemed to have lasted a long time, yet also lasted but a brief moment.. The lines on Liu Siufeng’s face once again become gentle, and he let out a chuckle: “Do you know such words were once also said by a person in front of me…..”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

But he could already largely guess, just who had said such words.

“You are not a good soldier. Or perhaps, you are not suitable to be a soldier.” Liu Siufeng stared down at the vast ground below, looking down as more and more people gathered at the new recruit training camp below. “Your martial path is not the martial path of the military. Your martial heart is not suitable for the military. Perhaps even you have not discovered yourself, but the way you do things is even more Jianghu then the Jianghu people.”

Ye Qingyu fell silent.


But he did not feel there was anything wrong with that.

“The military way, uses soldiers like mud. When one should sacrifice, one should sacrifice.Without sacrifice, nothing can be gained; those who command soldiers must be emotionless……The things you have done these days, although it has disrupted the plans of the military, do you know why everyone has allowed you to continue doing so?” Liu Siufeng smiled. The everyone in his words was obviously referring to the true higher-ups of the military. “Because some people feel that what you did was correct. There are also some people who feel that with your interference, the matter will become even more interesting….”



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